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A global pharmaceutical leader, Takeda has a rich heritage stretching back more than 230 years. Whilst the size and scope of our organisation have increased dramatically since we were founded in 1781, our pioneering spirit and commitment to patient health have been constant. Today, we’re a research-led business with an unwavering focus on the development of innovative medicines and a large, well-developed product pipeline. It’s why we’re looking for more R&D professionals to join our dedicated team in London – and to help shape our future. 

Takeda today
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Takeda today

The largest pharmaceutical company in Japan, Takeda is also one of the industry’s global leaders. We strive towards better health for patients worldwide through innovation in medicine. Our ethical drugs are marketed in approximately 90 countries worldwide and many are recognised as the leading brand in their field.

We focus our resources on therapeutic areas where there are both unmet medical needs and substantial potential for future growth. We’re most strongly established in the field of metabolic diseases, including diabetes and obesity. In fact, we’re a market leader in providing novel therapeutic options for the treatment and prevention of diabetes.

Oncology is a key area where we’re committed to achieving further growth – and we have our own, dedicated oncology centre of excellence. In the area of central nervous system disease, we’re expanding our drug development portfolio based on a combination of in-house drug discoveries, in-licensing activities, and collaborative research with various external institutions. We’re also looking for potential synergies between the immunology and inflammatory areas, and our oncology R&D programmes.

Takeda in the past

In 1781, Chobei Takeda I started a business selling traditional Japanese and Chinese medicines in Doshomachi, Osaka, the centre of the medicine trade in Japan.

Some 90 years later in 1871, Chobei Takeda IV led the way for other retailers in the region by turning his attention to western medicine.

Takeda began direct imports from England, the US, Germany, Spain and other countries in around 1895.

In 1907, we obtained exclusive sales rights in Japan for products from German company Bayer.

The business that had started out as a shop selling old-fashioned Japanese and Chinese remedies continued to steadily increase its selection of western medicines, before shifting its basic orientation to western medicine.

This was the beginning of today’s global business – you can find out more about our achievements and milestones by visiting the history pages on the website.


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