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Associate Director, Strategic Development Department (SDD) London, Programme Management


Mitsuhiro joined Takeda in 2006, having worked in the pharma industry for some 22 years. After graduating from Japan’s Utsunomiya University postgraduate school with an MSc in Biochemistry, he began his career as a Researcher in a cardiovascular drug discovery unit. Following five years of laboratory work, he moved to a clinical development division and worked as a Clinical Research Associate.

Since then, he has been working in development, initially as a Study Manager before establishing a clinical pharmacology team. Upon joining Takeda, he was initially in charge of a domestic Japanese development project, before moving to SDD. In January 2010, he moved to Takeda Development Centre Europe. London on a long-term secondment.

What made you want to join Takeda – and how have your expectations been met?

I really wanted to work at a Japanese global pharmaceutical company. Takeda is the biggest pharmaceutical company in Japan and it was trying to be a real global player. I liked the idea of contributing to the globalisation of Takeda – and I can work with enthusiastic colleagues who are excellent at what they do.

What skills and qualities would you say are important for people to have when joining the R&D team?

Since there are many kinds of jobs in the R&D field, many types of people can work in the team. I think someone who has an honest approach is very important. Especially in R&D, to have honesty in the scientific data we obtain is one of the most important qualities.

Can you tell us a bit about your function?

SDD is a Pharmaceutical Development Division HQ function and its major roles are planning and financial control along with the programme management of Takeda products and projects. SDD is also responsible for coordinating cross-functional activities. 

What are the biggest challenges that you face in your role?

Communication between different organisations and regions!

How would you describe the culture at Takeda, and specifically, as part of the London R&D team?

London R&D has very friendly culture. People do their work very carefully. Sometimes it seems like a more conservative approach than in other regions. However, I think since the regulatory and commercial situations of the pharmaceutical industry in Europe may be more complicated than other regions, a more careful approach can be necessary.

Can you tell us about a time when you worked as a collaborative team?

When I worked at our Japan Development Centre as a clinical scientist, I was in charge of the Fixed Dose Combination development of candesartan. Although we had very tough timeline, everyone in the team made an extra effort to achieve the goal. It was an excellent experience for me.

What’s been your proudest moment?

Getting approval for a product I was working on.

What support have you received to develop your career at Takeda?

This long-term secondment is one of the biggest opportunities for me. In TDC Europe, I could have many opportunities to participate in development training programmes.


We’ll be adding more profiles of people from our Takeda Development Centre Europe team over the coming weeks – so please check back again soon.


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