Aaron lilly and hannah palmer

An appeals court ruled the family of Lauren Agee has airtel dongle right to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against three people who were among the last to see the year-old alive, WTVF reports.

A picturesque vacation getaway in beautiful Tennessee. But some say amid the rippling water and jagged rock cliffs lies a tragic mystery.

It was supposed to be a fun camping trip with friends to a popular three-day wakeboarding event -- but sadly Lauren Agee wouldn't make it through the weekend.

The beautiful year-old and three of her friends canoeing in the dark toward a remote Tennessee campsite, 90 feet straight up.

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Lauren never made it back down alive. Lauren Agee was the one every girl wanted to know and every boy wanted to date. Brains, beauty and a personality you couldn't help but notice. Lauren was in her second year of college studying criminal science and she had met the guy she called "the one. Hundreds of fans cheer on professional wakeboarders during the day, party all night and camp out on houseboats and cabins around the local marina.

Where are you staying? Lauren and Hannah were primed and ready to party, documenting their car trip on social media. WakeFest lived up to the hype, and Lauren lived up to her reputation of being the life of the party. She was having a good time," said Kassi. Christopher and Aaron were known thrill-seekers, spending the day wakeboarding on the lake. But Sherry was shocked to find out her daughter tried something far more dangerous: cliff-jumping.

The cliffs at Center Hill Lake are terrifyingly steep, and the water below is filled with hidden rocks. Despite the scare, Kassi says Lauren seemed fine later that night at a bar in the marina. Hannah, Aaron, Lauren and Christopher hang out at the bar most of the night. Kassi says Lauren made it crystal-clear she was not romantically interested in Christopher Stout that night. Around 2 o'clock in the morning the four head out -- it's bedtime. But instead of sleeping on one of the houseboats or in a cabin, Lauren learns there are new sleeping accommodations: Up on a narrow cliff filled with danger.

And who can blame her? The cliff is a stomach-churning 90 feet above the lake on one side, and a foot drop down on the other. And the most terrifying part is where to sleep once up there: In a hammock tied loosely between two trees, dangling right out over the water. Once at the base of the camp, it's a brutal, steep foot trek straight up using a thin rope. At the cliff-top campsite, there's more partying. Around 3 a. Aaron and Hannah head toward the only tent, while Christopher and Lauren bunk down together in the hammock.Apr 16, at pm by Michelle Willard.

Lauren Agee thought her weekend would be filled with wakeboarding, cliff diving and partying. But it ended with her floating facedown in Center Hill Lake. Read the full story on Middle Tennessee Mysteries. Michelle Willard is a freelance journalist who fills her days with social media marketing, politics, true crime, and taking complaints. You can complain to her on Twitter MichWillard or by email michelle at murfreesborovoice.

Or you can find more Middle Tennessee Mysteries here. Sections News. Local Events. Life Hacks. Murfreesboro FAQ. Most Viewed. Most Commented. Login Register. What happened to Lauren Agee?

On the morning of July 26,she was found dead in the lake. Tags: Middle Tennessee Mysteries. Login or Register to post a comment. Related Articles Family seeks answers to loved one's death. Who is the John Doe found in La Vergne in ? Convicted murder Moses Bess loses appeal. Did Terry Sullivan's wife have him killed for life insurance? Top Reads. Murfreesboro Man Charged with Death of Girlfriend. Terms of Service.This is the main content. Discus Throw 4 lbs. Hammer Throw ' 0" Academy St. Edwards Academy Prudhomme Broad Jump 20' 3.

Edwards Academy One Mile Relay Kirksey Yard Low Hurdles Edwards Academy Buchanan Yard Run Giles 12 lb. Youree Discus Throw 4 lbs. Baird Yard Dash Holt Yard Dash Edwards Academy Dabney Yard Dash Weir Yard Dash Frazier Yard Low Hurdles McCluney Discus Throw 4 opentrack ets2. Thomas Yard Dash Walton 50 Yard Dash 5.

Clary One Mile Run Draper Yard Dash Bagwell Yard Run Draper Yard Dash 9. Petty Discus Throw 3 lbs. Black Yard Dash McClinton Yard Low Hurdles Bush Yard Run Daniel Yard High Hurdles Barnard Yard High Hurdles Corley Yard Dash Guidroz Broad Jump 22' 3. Jennings High Jump 6' 2" Yoakum D.The unanimous decision by the three-judge-panel overturned a DeKalb County Court ruling that had dismissed Hannah Palmer from the case and excluded vital testimony from former police officers, current police officers, private detectives, a forensic specialist as well as Sherry herself.

Palmer along with her boyfriend Aaron Lilly, 25 and friends Chris Stout, 26, and Brixner Gambrell was camping with Lauren on a cliff overlooking the lake the night she died.

Speaking out, she reasoned, was more likely to lead her to the answers she so desperately sought. Last year, in an explosive interview with DailyMail. Now the appellate court decision has offered Sherry her first ray of hope as the case will proceed to a jury trial. In an explosive interview with DailyMailTV, Lauren's mother Sherry Smith, 51, has shared the shocking details she has uncovered about the botched investigation. And Sherry has revealed her certainty that she is on the cusp of uncovering the truth of what happened to her beautiful, vivacious 'spitfire' of a daughter.

Speaking to DailyMailTV, Sherry said: 'I have been portrayed as a crazy, hysterical mom who won't go away and can't accept it was an accident. Sherry said: 'I believe my daughter was murdered and I believe DeKalb County [investigators] did nothing. Their attitude was to get it done as quickly as possible and get on with their lives. But it was not an accident and I will not go away and be quiet. She admitted: 'It's been three years and there is always the hope in the back of my mind that somebody is going to tell the truth, somebody is going to have a conscience [and] do the right thing.

All Sherry ever wanted, she said, is for her daughter's death to have been properly investigated. Instead, when deposed under oath lead investigator, Jeremy Taylor, was forced to admit he had done 'nothing. The crime scene was trampled and unprocessed, key texts were erased from Lauren's phone, audio was lost, notes were not taken, recordings were never made of interviews with witnesses and not a single DNA test was conducted.

Sherry had never heard of WakeFest until the day in July of when her daughter told her she was planning to attend - a weekend of wake boarding and partying on the lake at Pates Ford Marina some 80 miles southeast of Nashville. Lauren told her mother she was going with a group including her friend Hannah Palmer - a girl who lived two blocks away and whom she had known for a decade.

Sherry admitted she had misgivings. She didn't view Hannah as a friend who had her daughter's best interests at heart.

She said: 'But Lauren was 21 years old and she could make her own decisions. So I said, ''Okay'' against my better judgment. Lauren had been sleeping in a hammock alongside Chris Stout abovewho claimed he hadn't felt her get up but she must have done so, drunkenly perhaps, needing to pee and fallen from the cliff and into the water below.

Lauren's friend Hannah Palmer above told a police officer that she had become concerned because Lauren's shoes, cellphone and purse were all still at the camp but there had been no sign of Lauren.

The group of friends told police they were all drunk when they returned to the campsite and Agee fell asleep in a hammock above close to the cliff edge with one of her male friends. Lauren only intended to stay for one night, driving out to the lake on Friday, July 24th and returning to her home in Hendersonville the next day when she had plans with her boyfriend, Chase.

Realtor Sherry came home that Friday just in time to cross paths with her daughter leaving. She recalled: 'We kind of stopped side-by-side and Lauren gets out and runs over and she gives me this giant bear hug.

I said, ''Oh honey, be safe, have fun.Hendersonville, TN. Aaron Lilly is 28 years old.

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He lives in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Aaron Joshua Lilly Search Report. Aaron W Lilly, age 34 Search Report. Aaron J Lilly Search Report. Aaron Lilly. We Found Aaron Lilly. Aaron Lilly - aaron.

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Village villages Virginia voters W. Nile St. Filter by date?Lauren Agee, a year-old criminal science major from Hendersonville, Tennessee, was attending WakeFest, an annual grassroots wakeboarding tournament in Smithfield, Tennessee, with some friends in July when her body was discovered in Center Hill Lake.

She has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against them. Frustrated by the response she was getting from authorities, Smith enlisted the help of private investigator Sheila Wysocki. Now she helps other families with mysterious death crowd ooh sound effect free download. He said he saw Agee and her three friends leave the bar around 2 a. On the outcropping, there is a foot drop down to the lake on one side and a foot drop to the lake on the other and it can only be reached by boat.

The next afternoon, on July 26,local resident Lynn Blair and his son Dylan were fishing on the lake from their boat. When they got close to the cliffs near the outcropping, Blair said he spotted hot pink shorts. When they arrived, another office told them Agee was dead. Palmer, Stout and Lilly all told police that they were intoxicated when they walked back to the campsite. Palmer claimed that Agee was in the hammock with Stout but when they woke up, she was gone.

After an investigation, the DeKalb County Sheriff's Department said it found no evidence of foul play and believed that Agee accidentally slipped off the cliff.

But Dr. As Wysocki continued her investigation, she interviewed Palmer after the police had questioned her. And you know, I figured she would find us.

During their depositions, all three invoked their Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate themselves.

On March 24,a judge ruled that there was not enough evidence for the wrongful death case against Palmer to proceed. Smith said she plans to appeal and her civil suits against Stout and Lilly are still pending. In a statement to ABC News, Palmer said, "The profound sadness I experienced when learning of the death of my best friend, Lauren Agee, has only been approached by the painful allegations I somehow contributed to her demise.

I would like to thank all those who have stood by and believed in me during this time, as I have placed my faith in God and the judicial system for a just resolution. A day will not go by, however, when I do not think about her and the terrible tragedy that occurred. I will never stop praying for my beautiful friend Lauren, her family, and all who mourn her loss as I do.

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But for Smith, she said she is never going to stop fighting to find out what happened to her daughter. I'm never going to give up, ever. We'll notify you here with news about. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? What happened to Annie McCann: Runaway teen's death remains a mystery. How this Georgia man almost got away with wife's murder and why her death remains a mystery.

Comments 0. Top Stories. Majority of Americans think Jan. As Trump weighs bid, top Republican calls him 'clearly unfit for future office' Jan 02, AM.

Congressman recalls Jan. Aaron Lilly, Hannah Palmer and Christopher Stout were camping with year-old Lauren Agee at a cliffside campsite on Center Hill Lake in. Palmer along with her boyfriend Aaron Lilly, 25 and friends Chris Stout Lauren's friend Hannah Palmer (above) told a police officer that.

men at the campsite — Aaron Lilly, Christopher Stout, and Brixner Gambrell. And none of them — nor her actual friend Hannah Palmer. Aaron Lilly, Hannah Palmer and Christopher Stout were camping with year-old Lauren Agee at a cliffside campsite on Center Hill Lake in DeKalb County. According to reports, Lauren Agee and four of her friends — Hannah Palmer, Aaron Lilly, Chris Stout, and Brixner Gambrell — arrived in.

Lauren was with Christopher Stout (pictured above on the right), Hannah Palmer, and Hannah's new boyfriend Aaron Lilly. The group was camping at the. Lauren Agee's mother, Sherry Smith, brought a wrongful death action against Aaron Lilly, Brixner Gambrell, Hannah Palmer, Christopher Stout, and "John Does HOWEVER, here's my question(s): did Lauren and Hannah Palmer drive down on that Friday, and stay the night on their campsite of horror with Aaron Lilly and.

Hannah Palmer (now Hannah Lilly) -- "Friend" of Lauren Agee Now two new witnesses have come forward including Aaron Lilly's ex-girlfriend. with Christopher Stout (pictured above on the right), Hannah Palmer, and Hannah's new boyfriend Aaron Lilly (pictured together below). Lauren Agee, Hannah Palmer, Aaron Lilly, and Christopher Stout attended Wake Fest on July 26, They all stayed at a campsite, near a cliff side.

Aaron Lilly's ex-girlfriend. On July 25,Agee, her friend Hannah Palmer, Palmer's boyfriend Aaron Lilly, and his friend Chris Stout, whom Agee had just met for the. All three -- Aaron Lilly, Christopher Stout and Hannah Palmer -- are briefly questioned, then released.

"They think she fell in the middle of. Hear about her encounters with Hannah Palmer, Aaron Lilly, and Chris Stout. Lauren's father and step-father sit down with Detective Jeremy Taylor and. Lauren's friend Hannah Palmer invited Lauren to attend a festival now claims that the young man he saw that night was Aaron Lilly. Episode 10 Who is Hannah Palmer Birthday Edition. 19 Aug · Without Warning. Listen later Listen later; Mark as played; Rate; Download.

Without Warning The Lauren Agee Case: Who is Hannah Palmer? Part tdceurope.eu Lauren and her childhood friend, Hannah Palmer.

Relatives of Aaron Lilly in Land O Lakes, FL · Charles Lilly · Charles Lilly · Daniel Lilly · Dinah Johnson · Everett Lilly · Hannah Palmer · Jared Hodge · Jennifer. Agee was camping with her friend Hannah Palmer, Palmer's boyfriend Aaron Lilly and his friend Christopher Stout at WakeFest on a bluff.