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ContentId, java.First off, some basic information. There are three kinds of Adamant Weapons that you can craft: a dagger, a spear, and a club. By choosing either Assassin, Warrior, or Hunter, you can decide which of those types of damage the weapon will boost. The weapons also come with their own unique suite of Legendary Engravings that do things like make part ve7bqh your Assassin, Warrior, or Hunter stat bonuses increase all damage.

When you craft one of the weapons, you unlock all three variations of its Legendary engraving. Dimarzio set only do they look pretty damn cool, but the Adamant Weapons are also quite viable as end-game weapons.

You can add your own favourite engravings at the nearby Blacksmith to make them even better. As we mentioned before, each Adamant Weapon requires three Adamant Ingots.

Top 25 Best Weapons In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Ranked

We have a guide on where to find them all here. Or if you're short on Knowledge, here's where to find caches and codexes. Briefly, to get to all of them imagine Atlantis is a wheel, and the castle is the centre of the wheel.

The Insight of the Titan is to the North of the central castle, past the outer ring, on the other side of the water. Finally, the Insight of War is in a similar place too, but to the southwest of the central castle. Once inside the Insight chambers, the Adamant Ingots can be found in chests on the second floor in the main halls, above the doors where you come in.

Alternatively, you can get more Adamant Ingots from the various locations in the inner ring of Atlantis. Before you enter the dungeon, scan with Ikaros over the area, because you can't use him inside. If you need a new set of armour to go with your weapons, we also have a guide on where to find the Dikastes armour.

To create the weapons, you need to travel to the Forge of Atlantis. This is found just to the south of the main castle, right at the bottom level next to sea-level. If you're having trouble maxing out your Isu Knowledge bar, we have a separate page on where to find Caches and Codexes.

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Sons of Georgia: Directed by Stephen Littmann. III continue the rich tradition of personal service with honesty, integrity, and dignity.

Your transaction will be receipted for your records. For Masons who ride. Or send flowers directly to a service happening at Gregory B.Times have changed in Assassin's Creedand Odyssey made sure of that. Despite being the earliest time period in the Assassin's Creed timeline, it has the most powerful weapon ever known to the Assassin Brotherhood: bows.

Move over Ezio's hidden blade gun, because the bow in Odyssey is the key to stopping the Peloponnesian War. Of course, not just any bow is an overpowered mess in Assassin's Creed: Odyss ey. Some are better than others at ensuring that neither Spartan, Athenian, or Isu monster can get near Alexios or Kassandra alive. These 10 Legendary bows are the best of the best when it comes to going through the game like a breeze.

Petomai is all about focusing on the Hunter's strengths and buffing up what they're good at which is projectiles like machine guns. The Odysseus Bow is an optimal choice for pure Hunters who want to distribute their damage well among their abilitiesnormal attacks, and elemental attacks. That last one, however, comes with a drawback of percent Elemental buildup, meaning it's not that good for attrition damage setups.

Still, if players are willing to ignore that, then purchasing the Odysseus Pack is the way to get this bow. The Artemis' Bow focuses on enhancing one interesting godly ability for the Poster generator software the Predator Shot. It's the one that lets players control the arrow. If players find themselves using and abusing that ability, then this bow should be mandatory. Completing the lengthy "Daughters of Artemis" quest grants it as a reward.

The Paris' Bow is best used by Hunter-Assassin hybrids who love to sneak around and kill enemies without even entering garrisons.

That last one, in particular, is the key bonus as the Ghost Arrow of Artemis allows Assassin and Hunters to take out targets behind walls or even behind other enemies. Besides, that ability is one of the most comically busted ones in the game, buffing it makes it even more hilarious. The Vine Bow is all about maximizing damage output with arrows and sniping enemies with headshots all day. However, this final bonus comes with a drawback of percent armor. That doesn't matter much since it's for sniping anyway.

Sadly, it's only available in the Helix Store. Turns out Achilles was also a competent marksman. It pretty much makes his bow a must-have for those who like to pick fights against camp commanders and elites. The bonus CRIT chance also adds up to melee attacks, not just ranged. All players have to do to get this one is defeat a mercenary with the name suffix "the Marksman. Fire is a viable way of racking up DPS numbers in Odysseyeven in ranged combat.

When it comes to that, Hades' Bow is one of the best choices. That means it's more of a backup bow for Fire Warrior builds. Additionally, any basic arrow fire with the Hades Bow becomes a fire arrow for free, eliminating the need for an active fire ability. It's can be rare though as only a mercenary with a name suffix of "of the Ashen Wake" drops it.

For an alternative to a fire bow that's more geared towards mass destruction instead of a free fire ability, then the Cursed Bow of Hades is a strong competitor.

The exact numbers are randomized but the based bonuses are percentage additions to Warrior and Fire damage. The final thematic bonus is that burning applied by this arrow also spreads to nearby enemies, making it a beast against clumps of melee enemies charging at the player.

All players have to do for this bow is to defeat Agamemnon. One of the earliest bows players can acquire in the game is also one of the best. That would be the Fanged Bow.Sorry for my english and hope you have a solution for corenlp dependency parser example. But that could change with 11ax. I help create custom-made cloud-controlled Wi-Fi networks. Posted by 2 days ago. Netgear R Openwrt Performance.

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could anyone list all the sets that are NOT applicable to version We need all the item hash ID's like AC Origins (Not just Helix. › assassinscreedodyssey › mods.

For Odyssey, you can find the updated hash list in the Mediafire link. I would REALLY like to know the HASH ID of the notch (engraved). Item name, Pack, Type, Rarity, (Hash Id). 2. Kweh (G), A Gift from the Gods, Mount, Legendary, BA8EE 3. Ultima Blade (G), A Gift from the Gods.

ac:o ct perk list. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. if addressInt and perkInt and perkId and hashId and hashInt and label then. not sure what amanda jakle is smoking but if you're looking for hash-ids, just google it. There's plenty of docs with all of em.

odyssey; /; legendary-weapons. Legendary Weapons. ¶ Swords. Hash ID, Name, Type, Min. Level, DPS, Engraving 1, Engraving 2, Engraving 3. Inventory Editor (Assassin&#;s Creed: Odyssey) HashID field Value (Value), type the desired ID ID Sets Helix Hash List. Assassins Creed Odyssey - Inventory - Hash ID - Free download as Excel Spreadsheet .xls /.xlsx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for.

anyone got the Hash ID for Basim's outfit in Assassin's Creed Valhalla??? it's already in the game ac odyssey cheat engine not working. Paste HashId from Excel (This way, in Value, copy the required ID from Before us is a list of all the kits that can be bought on Helix.

+20 "HashId" 1 C0C0C0 8 Bytes +0 +10 "Ship Cosmetics" Auto Assembler Script [ENABLE] aobscanmodule(INJECT_ship_cosmetics,,48 B9. is the #1 Free Assassin's Creed Odyssey Content and Build Creator tool on the web! Feel free to browse our content and use our FREE Build.

15 votes, 28 comments. Please note: some of the items listed might be spoilers for certain quests or DLCs Background: I've been playing. Learn the different traits of the bow weapon class in Assassin's Creed Odyssey! Check out the DPS, Abilities, and more for different bows! Check out the stats & asme viii pdf to get the Legendary weapon - Sword of Damokles for Assassin's Creed Odyssey!!!

Weapon Category List. Assassin. Sword. AC Odyssey, screenshot of archery bow weapon.

Where to find Adamant Ingots

While Ubisoft kept the ideas of Fortunately, I have a list of the top weapons that your misthios can use. You think that Ubisoft would've played it safe with the final instalment of the Fate of Atlantis DLC, but they&rs. Judging by the hash lists being shared online, it's likely we'll see inventory editor was created for Assassin's Creed Odyssey in Spartan javelin, it can be brought from vendor, it's not a unique to mission, i think only keep golden weapon or gear would be the ideal.