Arduino ghost trap

This kit will be based on our extremely popular Positron Proton Pack kit, and will feature the same powerful audio amplifier, 28 LED bargraph, and a super bright white strobe! And like our Proton Pack kit, this kit will be compatible with the Fincher Technologies miniature e-cig fog machine! The kit will come with servos, a speaker, an accurate rear paddle switch, and LEDs for next to the bargraph and the rear of the trap.

It will also support activation by the trap pedal, so there will be a guitar pedal switch pictured in the gallery and cable for that as well! Like our Proton Pack kit, the trap kit will have a MicroSD card which contains the sound effects and configuration files, and you will be able to configure the kit to your liking!

When the trap is closed, it will make sparking noises and flash the strobe so you can see it through the cracks in the doors, and after a minute go into an optional sequence where you hear the sounds of Slimer or other ghosts trying to escape.

Turning the trap off and on again will reset it, as will pressing the pedal again to open the doors once more. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Reviews There are no reviews yet.Actually I've got two. I built two traps concurrently, because who hasn't wanted their own ghost trap? I wanted a proton pack and a ghost trap as a kid and never got either. Now it's time to make a trap. My goal was to create an accurate trap while on a small budget.

The dials are not accurate. In the future I plan to replace the dials and add the resistor and plate from Nick-a-tron props. This also gave me a quick reference instead of searching through plans. The props from the movie differ slightly as far as screws used and other minor details. I painted the side rods silver as seen in the second movie as I didn't like them red as seen in the first.

This saw is more precise than a jigsaw for such a small opening. Proceed with caution when using a hand saw, don't cut near or on your favorite antique. A respirator or mask is recommended. Allow time to dry fully. The MDF I used had a veneer which was sanded off.

I measured and drew the plan onto the MDF. I used a table saw to cut the overall shapes and then used a scroll saw to make the cutouts at the bottom corner of the side plates.

The trap body includes the two sides, a back, and the bottom.

Planet Arduino

I test fit the pieces together and then glued them. I used a clamp at the front where the bottom plates meets the sides and at the back where the sides meet the back.

With a clamp the glue will be dry in fifteen minutes. A note, I decided to make my knobs spin, which meant I needed to recess a screw head on the inside of the body.

This was difficult as the trap was assembled. If you plan to have knobs that turn, plan ahead. For the battery I glued scraps of 2x4's together then cut and sanded them down. I later had to hollow out my solid battery for the light, switch, and future wiring that would run into the cartridge. The handle is solid Poplar. MDF is not going to be strong enough. For the curved recess of the handle, I used a rasp and then hand sanded it for a snug fit against the dowel.

Cut your pieces according to the plan, test fit, and then glue. Clamping them helps them dry quicker. You can also use paint cans or other heavy objects.

Containment Unit

In dealing with pieces this small I cut them with a hand saw and then sand them smooth. With power tools, your fingers would be much to close to a moving blade for comfort. They are surface glued onto the cartridge and thus very flimsy. They should be a continuous piece that is part of the cartridge's back wall. That way the rear tabs could be integral and much more durable.Taco Bell Bong. Test these effects in different browsers, as not all web browsers handle on mouseover and on click attributes on elements other than links.

There are three mounting styles the products come in; a flush mounted, b recessed mounted, and c surface mounted. Custom background. It's lightweight and portable, and it even has an IPX4 rating for water resistance, though we don't currently setSoundEffectsEnabled i have set it to false on one of my button but no effect.

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Inside the Electronics of the 3D-Printed Ghost Trap

Ghostbusters Gear is creating original 3D printing content inspired by Ghostbusters. Select a membership level. Proton Charger. For those who want to accelerate my efforts - patrons will receive access to new and exclusive content to help them make my parts! This content will include original 3D print files, instructional manuals, and electronic diagrams.

If you want tips or guidance on your build, I will provide advice where I can. About Ghostbusters Gear. Greetings Patrons! I am a designer and software developer with a background in architecture, professional 3D modeling software, and 3D printing. When I'm not running my professional digital design business, I create movie props as a hobby - especially props of the ghostbusting variety! I will use Patreon funds to create and maintain the following types of content: 3D printable model files STL that can be used with basic 3D printers such as the popular and affordable Ender 3.

Prop assembly instructions which are created as interactive 3D dashboards that can be viewed in a web browser Exclusive 3D printable content and original designs for patrons including props, toys, and playsets Exclusive electronics guides for things like Arduino controllers for patrons. Additionally, I am pledging portions of my Patreon funds to benefit causes that I believe in - including charities benefiting children and families. You will note that the page has several goals outlining philanthropic funding goals.

What is the free stuff? Now that several goals have been met, I am providing the base 3D printable STL files and instructions for free as public posts - Anyone can download and print these files under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.

Patrons are enabling me to dedicate the time and materials for publishing new content. In addition to the freely available content, Patrons also get access to exclusive 3D print files, upgrades, electronics guides, notes, and early content releases.Thanks to Dremel for sponsoring this project--the Dremel 3D Idea Builder printer and tools they supplied helped to make the Ghost Trap a reality. As we were developing the Ghost Trap project I proposed making a fully functional trap that could open and close with lights and sound.

While I am handy with a soldering iron and can generally pick out components for a project, I am no electronics expert and have no experience programming microcontrollers. While designing the first iteration of the door mechanism, the amount of work I had to do started to sink in — fully model the trap and pedal, make sure it all fits together while making room for electronics, source hardware and obscure parts, design a door mechanism, figure out a system for smoke, sound, lights and get all the files ready for public release.

Oh, and learn how to program the Arduino and make it run the whole thing. I was in over my head and simply did not have the time to do everything and it really bugged me.

I like knowing how to do things and I wanted to learn how to program the Arduino, but I had to be realistic about it. At the very least the trap had to open, lights come on, sound effects play. The ultimate dream-build was open and close, lights, sound, smoke and vibration — all controlled via the foot pedal. It took a while for me to communicate to Jeremy what I did and did not know, so he could figure out exactly how much he had to do.

Jeremy and I sat down with all the components, figured out where we needed resistors, how much power we needed, what should get hooked up where, etc.

I kept this in mind when wiring the trap and made sure to label all the wires and dress them so I could deliver a tidy setup to Jeremy. Almost all of the electronics were purchased from Adafruit in NYC which has been a favorite of ours for a long time.

They produce their own quality components and have a curated selection of outside parts as well. For various reasons, we went with the popular Arduino microcontroller for the heart of the Trap. Since we were going to release the code to the public, we wanted something widely used that everyone could mod. Additionally, Adafruit produces a nice music shield add-on board for the Arduino that handles MP3 decoding and had a built-in amplifier for speakers.

Finally, all the components we selected ran off 5V, as does the Arduino, so our power setup was simplified.

A popular choice of power for hobby projects are 3. Another key feature of the Ghost Trap is the illuminated bargraph at the front that fills to show the Trap is full. Adafruit had another custom item that was perfect for this but needed a little customization.

The original kit consists of a controller board that two bargraphs mount to but it was too big for the space available. My solution was to only use one of the bargraphs and to solder individual wires to each pin that ran back to the controller board mounted in the body of the Trap.

A tedious soldering job but it worked perfectly.You have parameters in the header file parameters. The Ghost Trap's bargraph is made by 2x5 segments leds. Each commons of 5 segments leds are swapped see Timer 1 interrupt. Skip to content. Star 0. Branches Tags. Could not load branches. Could not load tags. Latest commit. Git stats 8 commits. Failed to load latest commit information. View code. About No description, website, or topics provided. Releases No releases published.

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Control Mp3 Dfrobot module by using software serial or harware serial by using harware serial, default debug will be unused. Set an offset value when microcontroller's ADC read sound to detect sparks sounds for blue flicker effect. Set a pulse to activate Spirit Halloween electronics for the motor systemand disable servo motor. The Power switch will be a fake power up for Ghost trap which need to be separated with a connector Uncommentotherwise pt2399 reverb circuit diagram will be a power switch Comment.Each of us is wearing an unlicensed nuclear accelerator on his back.

Read more on MAKE. Anyone who has ever watched Ghostbusters is surely familiar with the iconic proton pack —a handheld wand connected to a backpack-sized particle accelerator used for capturing ghosts. WAV files. The Arduino supplies all of the sound and light effects, except for the cyclotron lights which use a timer and decade counter. The sound is amplified through an old computer speaker board, while two homemade boards control the lights. The red lights on the cyclotron area are supposed to be asymmetrical.

This project took two weekends to make, one for the pack and one for the gun. I tried to make it as light as possible, the whole unit weighs just 13 lbs.

The addition of a bunch of actual electronic components make it look more like it is a functional unit instead of a prop.

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When armed, the lights on the gun blink and the generator sound intensifies. It then shuts off and recharges. It came out so well I also made a PKE meter ghost detector that also functions with lights and sound. The arms are powered by a small gear motor. I also have made a ghost trap and pedal that opens and closes via a servo mechanism. It works with the pedal as it does in the movie. And what would a full Ghostbusters getup be without some Ecto Goggles?

Finocchiaro constructed his own pair from scratch using foamboard and paper with aluminum strips for strength. And what would a full Ghostbusters getup be without some goggles. Fin constructed his own pair from scratch using foamboard and paper with aluminum strips for strength. What appealed to us well beyond the exquisite build is the extra effort taken to write down the whole process in a PDF for anyone wishing to imitate him.

We all know that a lot of famous props are creatively rearranged household items. The famous Mr. Fusion from Back to The Future is actually a Krups coffee grinder with some logos adhered. The cyclotron is a five gallon bucket. A garlic powder container fills another function.

As you look at it more and more items can be picked out. Is that a spark plug wire? Arduino-Ghost-Trap. This is an example code to make a Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Circuit. Before using this code: Ensure you have libraries listed below. Hi Guys, i need help i have a ghost trap i prited out and need help with the code.

i will have one button on the pedal to activate the. I want to use an Arduino to control the lights: Front Bar Graph, Battery-Box light, Pedal light, and inner strobe light.

And I want it to. › watch. arduino, arduino hacks, ghost trap, ghostbusters, making, pke meter, prop, proton pack No comments [John Fin] put a lot of work into his Ghostbuster's proton. Hey, I am building a Ghostbusters trap.

I am nearing the end of the build and would like to tweak / improve the standard kit that I'm. It's something that has been on my to-do list for a long time so originally I planned on learning the Arduino as part of the Trap build. The. I am not sure if anybody has the C code for the ghostbusters trap?.I bought a LED chaser(for the graph),What I will need is turn on and off. A hybrid GB1/GB2 Ghost Trap I designed to be fully 3D printed except for Trap Arduino Code - code is released as-is with no support.

Ghost Trap Electronics Kit

Great design! Bought most of the hardware from Sean's etsy shop. Added an Arduino and Burn effects v3 RC Car smoke machine. Sean Charlesworth explains how he made a real Ghostbusters ghost trap that fans can 3D adding that they used a Arduino micro controller for the pump.

Ghostbusters Proton Packs, Goggles, PKE Meter, Ghost Trap all based on Adafruit Ghost Trap with Arduino Uno, Sound FX board, sound amp, Servo driver. Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Build: We've GOT ONE!Actually I've got two. I built two traps concurrently, because who hasn't wanted their own ghost trap? Ghost Trap Electronics List. Description: *** NOTE - as of looks Adafruit METRO Fully Assembled - Arduino IDE compatible - ATmega PID: A demonstration of the brilliant @cworthdynamics Ghost Trap kit I completed last year.

Arduino. Shout out to @toddcookdesigns for his amazing GB1 patch. GHOSTBUSTERS ATC GB16 Reboot Proton Pack 7-Seg Display Lights Boards for Arduino - £ FOR SALE! All three displays share the wiring which only requires. A downloadable guide on how to make your own using an arduino.

I also have made a ghost trap and pedal that opens and closes via a servo. The proton pack is based on an Arduino Uno along with a Seeed Studio SD card I also have made a ghost trap and pedal that opens and closes via a servo.

goggles, and ghost trap is all made out of foam and Pvc tubing. It is lit with Arduino boards, flight suit made and patched by me as.

Ghostbusters PKE Meter for Arduino by CountDeM0net 3d model. Buy. Download. Print. Render.