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Barneys farm seeds 3 pack (auto)

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Shipping Restrictions. Please check if this product is legal in your country All ordered products must be legal in the country of the receiver. Related Products. Contact Write us a message. All Rights Reserved.The result is a unique marriage of classic and modern strains. SKU: … Frozen Margy is a Hybrid Strain that was created for the true cannasseur who enjoys a heavy-hitting and gassy strain that will give you a satisfying and lasting high.

Bruce Banner. December Plants will have large sphere shaped flowers and a touch of purple in many phenotypes. According to consumers, the Frozen Margy euphoria settles in slowly, and appears to affect the body just as much as the mind.

Barney's Farm Purple Punch Feminised Seeds

Indoor Premium Flower. Not all flower is worthy of an ounce, thompson 1928 Big Bag.

Purple Kosher Strain. Get fast delivery anywhere in US, Canada or Europe within 48 hours. Reviews 0 Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.

Breaking science and technology news from around the world. There may be health risks associated with the consumption of this product. This exclusive and rare indica-dominant strain has dense buds with purple and green leaves and yellow pistils. Buy Marijuana Online Weed Store. This strain has pepper, lime, and citrus flavors that combine with intense gassy terps that come together to taste like a Margarita Sativa dominant Hybrid.

White widow.

Barney’s Farm Purple Punch Auto

P Then, pour the liquid through a coffee filter to strain out any small, left-over plant matter. Pretty well conserved! Packed in October Uplifting yet more cerebral, not overwhelming, makes you feel good! The tan color pistils fade into the buds. Description 10 Regular Seeds per pack. Flowering time: days. Rocky Mountain High » Himalaya Gold.

This sweet little hybrid produces gorgeous, verdant green buds blanketed in trichomes that are sure to put a twinkle in your eye.I first tried Purple Punch about a year ago. I am a fan of any purple strains generally, mainly due to aesthetic beauty, but I also find they tend to taste good.

I was impressed when I first tried this one, and I was still impressed when I tried this very batch a couple of months ago. Nice bud structure and moderately dense buds, but this sample compresses when squeezed. Vibrant pistils and lots of trichomes give this a high-end feel. Lots of colours — very strong complexity, with an OK trim job, but some leaf bases remaining.

Oh, and the purple! Particularly visible inside the buds, nice purple hue and vibrant purple parts see below :. For example, this smells purple — like the GDP — ie. Breaking open the bud and grinding up a sample gives rise to more of the same.

Also notable slight Mother of Berries-like aroma from Purple Punch. Smoking this gives a clean expression of the berry grape flavour. Nice smoking experience again reminiscent of purple mother of berries purple buckeye x moab. This is a very strong indica strain.


You must be logged in to post a comment. This week we are looking at Purple Punch. This indica cross of Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG is a must for those seeking fruity flavours and relaxation. Join us as we delve a little deeper into this cannabis strain… I first tried Purple Punch about a year ago.

Appearance Nice bud structure and moderately dense buds, but this sample compresses when squeezed. Taste Smoking this gives a clean expression of the berry grape flavour. Nice smoking experience again reminiscent of purple mother of berries purple buckeye x moab Lovely vape taste, more of the same but tastes better than smoking.

Effects This is a very strong indica strain. Hits strong and hard, leading with sleepy and relaxed effects.

Tyler Green Latest posts. Show comments Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Crumpet Cup Go to Top.As the name suggests you should expect some wonderful colours and purple hues as well as a knockout indica strength! This strain has been relatively hard to come by outside of California and the USA but now Barney's Farm have made them available as feminised seeds for everyone to enjoy!

This plant has a serious genetic steroid issue!!! It will flower in days, reach 1. Cart 0. All the product descriptions used on this site have come directly from the breeders who operate in a legal climate very different to that within the United Kingdom. Our seeds are sold purely for souvenirs and should be treated as a novelty or collector's item and should never be germinated.

Natural Selection sells cannabis seeds as adult souvenirs only. Natural Selection does not condone nor encourage its customers to break the law and will refuse sale to anyone we suspect of planning to do so.

Natural Selection accepts no liability for customers purchasing these seeds for any other purpose. All information provided on this website and product packaging is intended for educational and product differentiation purposes only.Today, we are reviewing Purple Punch, which offers incredible medicinal benefits while remaining a super heady flower. Both euphoric and relaxed, grounding yet stimulating, Purple Punch is a must-try strain! Originally brought to us by Supernova Gardens, Purple Punch is the indica-dominant hybrid boasting an ratio of indica to sativa.

Despite its overwhelming lean towards the indica side, this plant offers a beneficial level of focus and functioning that lends itself to a wealth of activities and conditions.

Having been bred from the one and only Granddaddy Purple and crossed with Larry OG, fans of either of these big-name buds will be over the moon with the by-product of smart breeding.

Purple Punch offers much of the body melting physical effects associated with Larry OG, with all of the flavors of GDP to make one hell of a bud! Thanks to its balanced effects, Purple Punch can be enjoyed by a wealth of people, particularly as an after-dinner treat. This dessert strain is a true purp offering complex flavors with an overwhelmingly sweet theme, a vibrant hue of purpleand a perfectly dank smell that will keep you coming back for more.

Purple Punch comes with a distinct smell that is pretty unmistakable; blasting out rich notes of sweet grape, there is no denying that this fragrant flower is descendent of Granddaddy Purple. Much like the aroma, Purple Punch tastes deliciously sweet, with those berry and grape notes being the first to hit upon inhale, before slowly transforming into a dank and rich smoke which is almost tart and citrus in nature.

On exhale, the smooth is both incredibly smooth and ultra-sweet, reminiscent of sour skittles and sugared berries. This colorful flower is a beauty to behold, offering GDP purple hues and fumigation bomb vibrant green that boasts large, tightly packed furry nugs and a generous coating of frosty trichomes for a truly beautiful grow.

Despite its title, Purple Punch offers a range of shades from purple to green, triunfo del amor capitulo 170, and even orange pistils which balance the flower out perfectly.

Thanks to its fantastic array of anthocyaninsPurple Punch is undoubtedly a beautiful bud to cultivate. Widely considered to be a problematic strain to get hold of, those who do get the opportunity to cultivate Purple Punch for themselves should do so with care. Of medium difficulty, the need for some experience with this bud is likely as there are specific skills required to avoid mold and weak growth. Purple Punch thrives in a sunny, humid climate, and so those growing this bud indoors will be required to provide high powered lights and a powerful heating system.

Growers opting for outdoor cultivation will need a Mediterranean climate to get the best out of this bud, with harvest time being around mid-late October. This beauty of a bud has a pretty hearty resilience to mites thanks to its tough parentage, but growers should look out for things such as caterpillars which can bring about mold.

Additionally, the need for regular topping to avoid the larger leaves from blocking light and air is crucial for a healthy and robust yield. Purple Punch offers a moderate to high yield when appropriately grown, and those looking to bring out those purple hues will want to expose the plant to cooler temperatures around the flowering stage. When it comes to Purple Punch, the effects are the perfect combination between relaxing and functional, making it perfect for those looking for a tremendous high or medicinal relief.

Despite its indica roots, Purple Punch is not considered to be a couch-locking strain when taken in the correct dosage. Instead, the bud offers a mild sedative effect that is mostly considered to be relaxing and thoughtful, with a euphoric and focussed undercurrent.

Those patients suffering from anxiety, depression, stress or insomnia will benefit from the physical and mental melt that comes with this flower. Starting in the head, the high of Purple Punch creeps around the body into the core and then into your arms and legs as you feel tension and stress ease almost instantly. With a super potent high that takes hold quickly and lasts for hours, patients going through cancer treatment have found it a beneficial relief that can not only ease stress and worry but also helps with pain, nausea and appetite loss.

Purple Punch will not hamper your ability to get things done if taken correctly and can boost attention, mood, and ability to get through a task. For a good hit of well-being, overall blissfulness and a heady and potent relief for anxiety, this is a dreamy strain to try!

Like many cannabis strains, Purple Punch can induce heavy drowsiness and even couch-lock if taken in too high a dose. Whether you are a novice smoker or a veteran, we always suggest easing yourself in with any bud, to avoid any unwanted effects.

Other users have reported Purple Punch to invoke slight panic if an overdose is taken, so again, remember to enjoy the bud in moderation in a comfortable and safe setting. Users should expect dry eyes and mouth in some cases.Enter Now. This Amsterdam-based seed bank has had close to 30 years in the cannabis industry doing what it does best — creating new, innovative, premium, and ever-popular cannabis seeds. To help us make content for our readers, we use affiliate links to generate a small commission.

Although we receive a commission from your purchases, our reviews are always genuine and unbiased. For more information, click here. We try everything we review!

Our team of experts rigorously evaluates products across a number of different categories. Although its website and YouTube channel lack information about growing cannabis at homeeach strain for sale lists plenty of attributes. He spent years cross-breeding and growing cannabis in the rural regions of the Himalayas, then came back to the Netherlands to share his newly created seeds. Plus, shipping is fast and discreet, and payments are secure.

The primary seed types on offer include regular, feminized, auto-flowering, and high-CBD seeds. And this is only one way to search. For more specific results, you can select from all of these categories:.

Also included with the pictures are lots of specific details about each strain like its genetics, flowering time, aroma, grow difficulty, effects, and so much more. The prices of the seeds vary based on genetics, popularity, and a few other factors. The price ranges look like:. Delivery times vary depending on where you live and the shipping option you select.

You can reach them during normal business hours if you want to chat live over the phone, otherwise, you can send them an email. David ibiyeomie son sure I will buy here again. Best regards!

Speedy Gonzales delivery, amazing souvenirs… wow! I have used you guys for three or four years now and I must say every single seed has been a successful one. Customer service is outstanding, response time via email also outstanding. Even better, their shipping is ridiculously fast and discreet.

Definitely the number one shop on the net for seeds. Its focus, however, is not on volume but on the quality and uniqueness of seeds. It understands the varying growing experience of its customers, recreational and medical requirements, and taste preferences. Allie Murphy is a freelance writer, holistic nutritionist, certified yoga teacher, and EFT "tapping" Practitioner.

She has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, but after years of working in public accounting, she realized she was in the wrong career. An eye-opening, soul-nourishing, half-year trip to India helped to spark her true passions and bring them to life.

Upon returning to the U.Created by Supernova Gardens. It was originally propagated by Supernova Gardens out of Hawaii, though its popularity has spread it from the west coast to most dispensaries across the US.

Purple Punch is highly sought after for its ultra-uplifting mental effects that melt away stress and promote generous physical relaxation. Many medical patients reach for Purple Punch to manage conditions like depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, lack of appetite, and nausea.

Purple Punch is an uber-sweet strain with flavors reminiscent of grape candies and purple kool-aid. It offers a similarly sweet scent that reminds one of a basket of freshly baked blueberry muffins. All in all, this flavorful strain provides a host of health benefits and medical uses. Next time you see it at your favorite dispensarybe sure to give it a chance.

Purple margy strain

In the meantime, check out the more in-depth review below to learn more about the specifics of the Purple Punch strain. Purple Punch is a beautiful strain from the initial transplant all the way through the flower cycle and consequential dry and cure. When exposed to cooler temperatures at the end of the flower cycle, this eye-catching high-yielder displays beautiful purple and green hues like her Grandaddy Purple parent.

Under the right conditions, Purple Punch grows in typical indica fashion. It grows shorter and wider stems and produces dark green to purple water leaves that contrast nicely against the vibrant, tightly-packed flowers. Her flowers range in color from purple to green and are covered in orange and yellow pistils, making for a bright, alien-like flower. Each tight football-shaped nug is covered in a thick blanket of silvery-white THC-rich trichomes.

The surplus of resinous trichome heads makes Purple Punch an ideal strain for making into concentrates, as it tends to yield high. She thrives in a sunny, humid climate. Keep an eye out for mold, and be sure to train the plant whenever possible to avoid weak growth and keep her tendrils under control. The terpene profile of purple punch is very complex. Similar to the vibrant and sugary aroma, Purple Punch is on the sweet side. An inhale brings you bright notes of grapes and berries with earthy undertones that mellow into a rich, peppery smoke.

The smoke itself is tart and herbal in flavor but on the pepperier side and likely to make you cough. Purple Punch is one of the sweetest and most distinct cannabis smells out there. Its first impression includes a bright and sweet grape flavor that could be described as bakesale-esque.

I had to cut the main bud just about 4 or 5 days before the cut. Colors are wonderful, smell like forest fruit pot pourri, taste like cherry pie and relaxing. I'm vaping some as I write this and I'm enjoying every puff of it very much. The taste lingers on the tongue afterwards as I feel the effect starting to spread.

Put Purple Punch cannabis seeds in your garden. An incredible rollercoaster of flavours and effects will dazzle the sense - get yours today at Barney's. Grows with an amazing structure and it is extremely easy to train and trim the Libusb hid Punch.

I've grown a lot of strains and so far, this one. › Seedshop › Barney's Farm. Mesmerisingly beautiful, with an exquisite taste and oh-so incredibly relaxing; say hello to the one and only Purple Punch by Barney's Farm! Combining only the. Purple Punch is a mostly indica variety from Barneys Farm and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±58 days) and outdoors. What does Purple Punch taste like? Its taste is really excellent, a nice combination of apple pie, hints of cherries, cloves and blueberries.

Purple Punch™ Barney's Farm continues to bring you awe-inspiring genetics from around the globe with another USA west coast powerhouse of a strain Purple. We hear good things about Barneys Farm Grow Report for Purple Punch Cannabis Strain - Fast, Reliable, Easy to Grow Weed plants - % Feminized Stable.

Barneys Farm - Purple Punch. Be the first to review this product. flowering 55 - 60 days high Relaxed genetics Mostly Indica yield gr+ p.s.m. gender. Imagine the taste, incredible relaxing effects and potential yields from this mind blowing USA X Barneys Farm lineage! Granddaddy Purple x Larry OG x Big. Purple Punch lq4 engine diagram the sweet and sedating union of two indica-dominant classics.

By breeding Larry OG Overreviews on App Store and Google Play. With a high THC content of 25%, the weed of Purple Punch by Barneys Farm produces an extremely relaxing effect that comes with an exquisite aroma and taste that.

The aroma and taste of Purple Punch Auto, like its sister without the self-flowering genes, is reminiscent of a delicious freshly baked apple pie with notes of.

Purple Punch is a feminized photoperiod cannabis strain that's been a staple in North American dispensaries as a fruity, Indica-dominant cross between. Purple Punch Auto Feminized Seeds (Barney's Farm). 2 reviews | Add Your Review. Availability: Out of stock. Product Name. The smell is absolutely amazing! At first you get that intoxicatingly sweet fruit scent followed by a floral perfume finish.

Hints of blueberry and grape with. Purple Punch Feminised cannabis seeds from Barney's Farm is an Indica dominant strain created from two renowned USA heavyweights, Granddaddy Purple and. We Guarantee Purple Punch from Barneys Farm Seeds Direct to Your Door this December!

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