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Rectangular hollow section ERW 2" Blackbutt Battens. Provans is currently open to Trade Only Customers, as at 6th August Prices include GST. Grown primarily in Australia, Southeast Asia, and East Africa, this wood stoutly resists both rot and insects effectively. Produced from clear finger jointed pine to create a premium length, straight and stable board.

Porta's Dressed All Round timber provides the foundation and structure for many renovation, carpentry and DIY projects. You can screw an extension but this will be wobbly and ultimately fail. All other stores are open under Level 2 restrictions and continue to have a comprehensive range of measures in place to keep team members and customers safe ll bit size.

Ask a question. The Bunnings Workshop community can help with your home improvement projects. I'm a keen woodworker and love longboarding so it was natural I make one. Spotted Gum Battens — 30 x 30mm. Skirting board - Laminated floor - Bamboo floor - Raw timber - Engineered timber. It is naturally resistant to attacks by insects and has a high resistance to decay and fungal activity. Bunnings link for 42mm x 18mm DAR. If you're competent with a power saw, use a saw guide and clamp the arc on upright, or sitting on edge, rip 10mm down the length, flip the arc face down and repeat process.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave us a message by filling out the form below: FSC Certified. Because we make your ideas work, we recommend applications where you need 9.

Please feel free to contact our office should you require assistance in selecting which treated timber is best suited for your usage and to discuss your order requirements. So for a 2. The standard height of doors is mm. The table is designed to be used with the Gifkins jig and the Triton router.

Take a look at our gallery to see a few of the projects made with our H3 treated pine and timber. Leaving it unfinished is not recommended.

Suggested products. Use a masonry drill bit to drill pilot holes through the wood and into the grout at eye level. The problem for furniture makers is that the only timber you can easily buy that is DAR is either pine or tassie oak. Drill pilot holes through your support beam and into the grout on your masonry. SKU: Sydney-wide Delivery. There are many styles and profiles of timber that you can use to create a feature wall.

Wainscoting panels were originally used to provide insulation, to protect walls from damage, and disguise rising damp from the moisture in the floor. Set lengths available. Produced from predominantly Queensland grown Eucalypt species, some of the hardest and most durable timbers in the world.

Apply glue to the ends of the two shorter pieces and then clamp them between the longer pieces. Spotted Gum 30 x 30 mm Timber Battens are generally used to create a light cladding or screen that has a contemporary feel. Use the off cut and cap the end on the inside by measuring and cutting the end to fit snug. Some customers prefer to use one above nick jr videos wikia one below the rafters.

Be the first to review this product.Australia's 1 Composite Decking. Nationally available through Bunnings Warehouse. Unsure how much decking you need for your next project? Our handy calculator makes it easy to crunch the numbers. With Ekodeck you get the beauty of timber without the upkeep. Oiling, painting, or sealing your deck will be a thing of the past. Ekodeck is manufactured in straight and consistent lengths, it doesn't twist, cup or have knots normally associated with timber.

Need a low maintenance screening solution? Ekodeck Screening can be used in a range of applications. Ekodeck Screening Panels are a quick and easy to install screening solution — made with both DIY and builders in mind they are a great way to freshen up your home! Are you an architect or specifier?

Looking at using Ekodeck for a commercial project? Contact us to find out how we can tailor Ekodeck to suit your needs. Engineered to look and feel like natural timber decking, Ekodeck is more durable and long-lasting and requires much less maintenance than timber and is environmentally friendly. Specifically engineered to withstand the harsh Aussie climate, Ekodeck composite decking material is perfect for a wide range of domestic and commercial applications.

Ekodeck is the perfect alternative to traditional timber deckingwithout the ongoing maintenance that timber decks need. Available in a range of natural-looking timber tones with variable grains, our Composite Boards are UV resistant and will never fade to grey like timber decking. Available at Bunnings stores nation-wide, Ekodeck decking and screening is easy to install for either professionals or DIY enthusiasts. Our products are engineered to look and feel like natural timber, without the adverse environmental impact.

Our decking boards are made from reclaimed timber and recycled plastic. This means that it requires less potentially harmful, fossil-fuel-based chemicals for cleaning and maintenance, which is great for the environment. Ekodeck represents the future of decking. Our state-of-the-art deck flooring is specially designed to stand up to the tough Aussie climate, offering a range of benefits that place it head and shoulders above the competition:.

Find out more! Find out more. Learn more. How much do I need? Request a sample Want to get a feel for Ekodeck? Ekodeck has been designed specifically with the Australian climate in mind.

No oiling, painting or sealing. Looks and feels like timber. Highly durable and ages extremely well. Excellent Value for money vs timber.

Ekodeck has a unique year warranty. Family Safe. Easier and faster installation. Nationally distributed through Bunnings. Environmentally friendly.Finlayson's carry a comprehensive range of structural timbers in stock with larger job lots cut specially to order. Phone Us Those new to using pine must understand that H3 and H4 undergo different types of treatments and work for different purposes.

Other species can be sourced as required. We encourage builders to order as far in advance as possibleorder stud lengths rather than longs and use F5 where possible for plates, noggins etc. Radiata Pine has a low moisture content which helps in stabilising the timber and minimises distortion and STS Timber Wholesale is a privately owned Australian Company.

Builders Pack — 90mm x 45mm. Nordic timbers is importing timbers from Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. Decking is supplied in reeded profiles one side. Milling Available at Additional Cost. In many cases, 75 mm bugle head screws are used on both 35 mm and 45 mm thick battens.

Nordic Timbers, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

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Class 1 structural timber durable in and above ground. I want it to be a solid deck with no bounce, but I don't want to over engineer it if it isn't needed. Adding to your cart. Timber decks are a popular feature in Australian homes, used under pergolas and around swimming pools. Worldwide Timber Traders structural Pine is manufactured from kiln dried radiata pine which is a strong and dimensionally stable timber species.

For trade and retail enquiries, contact us to locate your nearest stockist. H2 means it is for interior, above ground framing applications only. Australian hardwood. All Products Loaded. Shop the biggest brands online and in-store at everyday low prices. Get started. Please note Christmas closure dates: No deliveries will occur on or between Thursday 23th Dec and Monday 10th Jan Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community kennyw8.

Visit your local store for the widest range of products. Kiln-Dried for Stability. Laminated Merbau. The biggest flooring display in Newcastle. They age quite well but overtime can be subject to a range of issues. Floor joist x bracing. Dandenong South Contact. We carry a range of Victorian Ash F17 hardwood which can be plated to order. All available online. Scotia Mould - 19mm, 32mm Standard timber lengths are 2. These radiata pine studs are stamped 'MGP10' to signify their grade.

Unit Please select lineal metre stick. For all trade and retail enquiries, we … Checkout. Hardwood and Softwood.A beautiful hardwood timber species deriving from a few locations around the world, merbau comes from the Kwila tree. The species is found in tropical climates in locations such as Queensland, Australia and Indo Pacific islands like Fiji, and Samoa, as well as Tanzania, India, and Madagascar.

Merbau is used mainly for flooring, decking, marine construction, outdoor furniture, music instruments, and more. This hardwood is popular for its unique beauty, often compared to that of jarrah. The best way to decide on deck boards is by weighing the pros and cons; here is a list of the good, the bad and the ugly that come when decking with merbau. Decking experts and carpenters choose merbau for a variety of reasons; the main reasons being its unique beauty, resilience compared to other timber decking, and the variety of uses of merbau, along with its comparatively high resistance to termites and weathering.

Merbau timber is known for its enticing orange golden-brown colour and contrasting sapwood in a soft yellow to ivory white, which can be lightened or darkened with oils based on user preference.

There are 2 types of oils in the market: water-based and oil-based. Since merbau contains natural oils, it is recommended to use a water-based oil to protect the function and aesthetics of your timber deck. Oil-based decking products are traditionally used for their penetrative qualities, as they seep into the wood and give it a polished look.

These oils are best used on naturally dry wood. The colour selection for the oils can depend on the colour of your merbau and your desired look; merbau is very easy to lighten or darken based on your preference. Merbau is durable, easy to work with and resistant to insect infestations. Merbau grows in the rainforest and has a high tannin or oil content. This is something to consider when choosing a decking timber — any materials paving, walls, concrete near your deck might be stained if or when!

The ugly truth about Merbau timber, like other timbers, is that it causes deforestation of rainforests. This becomes especially problematic when the wood is imported from Asia and continents where the priority for sustainable logging practices is lower. Unsustainable logging practices over the years have made Merbau and other timbers expensive, on your wallet and on the environment.

Most composite decks are made of recyclable materials and do not destroy rainforests. This is made easy with brands like Trex, who are committed to sustainability, without sacrificing aesthetics or durability.

The hidden costs for merbau come from the maintenance cost; merbau requires staining on a 3 to 6-month basis forever. Decking Perth are your one stop shop for timber and composite decking in Perth and Western Australia. We offer decking services, include connecting you to a deck expert from our large database of experienced, pre-screened installers who can install the deck of your choice for your home. Want to know how much merbau decking in Perth will cost you?

Get 3 free quotes now! View Larger Image. Advantages of Merbau Timber Decking experts and carpenters choose merbau for a variety of reasons; the main reasons being its unique beauty, resilience compared to other timber decking, and the variety of uses of merbau, along with its comparatively high resistance to termites and weathering.When it comes to Merbau timber or Merbau woodyou will have many questions in mind, and we are here to answer most of your questions.

Merbau or additionally referred to as Kwila or Pacific Kwila is a tropical timber. MERBAU wood is a beautiful, warm, reddish-brown in colour and a gorgeous, natural colour variation, it is perfect for bringing depth and warmth to any setting.

Merbau timber is of course oily with a high tannic acid content, creating it extremely sturdy and immune to weathering, decay and termites. Its look may be a deep brownness with occasional flecks of yellow that enhance its visual charm. Merbau species can grow up to 40 metres in height, with a 0.

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The bushy tree, with distinctive local names, will often form a spreading canopy. Is Merbau timber sustainable? If we're talking about Merbau decking timber sustainability, then we have to say it's not. As a building material, Merbau is a contentious option, as its development is not sustainable.


In reality, estimates warn that the tree will be extinguished within the next years at the present logging pace. A main factor in this is the lengthy maturity rate of the tree, about years, and even in wealthy woodlands with merbau, individual trees are scarce and difficult to get through.

Therefore, logging merbau without harming the surrounding area is very hard. However, this does not pose a issue for accessibility; in the Australian marketplace merbau timber is still readily available. Forest Management. At ligneum we strive to import exotic hardwoods of the greatest quality from Indonesia.

When we buy our hardwood, we are highly careful about local forest management procedures and the sustainable forest techniques implemented. We take pride in importing only the best Merbau. This guarantees that our hardwoods are managed sustainably and legally harvested. So you only have the highest quality outdoor hardwoods available.

Our main responsibility is to work hand in hand with our suppliers to ensure the safety of their complex ecosystem while providing a continuous product flow. Natural regeneration is an important factor in the continuing growth of Indonesian rainforests. They are constantly finding creative ways to monitor and protect their rainforests. There are numerous associated organizations to help achieve the greatest standards and guidelines for sustainable forest practice.

SVLK Sistem Verificasi Legalitas Kayu is the acronym of Indonesia's domestic timber legality assurance scheme, a compulsory legality and sustainability certification scheme based on domestic consensus among multi-stakeholders.

SVLK assures our suppliers and clients that all our wood products from Indonesia are legally harvested wood products. Now, you might want to know how merbau decking is being manufactured? There are three main steps involved in the production of merbau timber decking. Modern sawmills, based on standard or custom dimensions, use a motorized saw to cut logs lengthwise to produce lengthy and cross-to-long parts.

KILN DRY — Kiln drying is a standard practice in wood production facilities and is used to efficiently decrease green lumber moisture to "workable" range levels — moisture content that will not end in the variety of problems that may be caused by excess server seed calculator concentrations in wood.

We make sure that we bring kiln dried merbau timber decking. Why is it important kiln dry timber? His effectiveness as a green lumber can be unpredictable due to the inevitable loss of moisture after the living tree is felled. As it dries, wood can twist, crack, warp, and shrink in its physical size, making it less than ideal for building, flooring, or woodworking. This is the way timber decking is shaped. A decorative function will be added and the final shape will be given prior to packaging.

Technical Information:.Due to its extreme durability, Merbau is commonly used for decking, flooring, staircases, boat building, and making outdoor furniture. Trees can grow up to 40 metres high, with a trunk diameter of around 60cm. When freshly cut, Merbau heartwood is a beautiful orange-brown colour, which reddens as it ages.

This in sharp contrast with the sapwood, which is usually white, buff or pale yellow in colour. You might also find small gold or yellow flecks throughout the wood, which can help to differentiate it from similar species such as Kapur. Its grain is usually interlocked or wavy. Merbau has a density rating of kg per cubic metre, which is exceptionally dense even among hardwoods.

Merbau is a favourite choice for decking projects because of its excellent durability. With a durability class of 2, you can expect your decking to last for 15 to 40 years without decay. The combination of its unusual density and strength make Merbau more durable than most other timber used to make outdoor decking and furniture. These attributes result in minimal shrinkage, resistance to rot and insect attacks, and great performance in extreme weather and even saltwater. Softwoods sell mm wide decking boards in Merbau, which are very popular with builders.

Merbau is also very versatile, and is relatively easy to work with using most carpentry tools. However, while the wood will cut cleanly, over time it may cause wear on the cutting edges of your tools. Tannin is a polyphenolic compound that when leeching from timber causes it to stain whatever surface it runs onto. If you are using Merbau on or near a surface that will stain, we recommend that you either give the wood time to season elsewhere, or you wash it repeatedly with a deck clean product containing oxalic acid.

The good news is that tannin only leeches from timber for a short time after it is harvested, so this is not a long term concern. Apart from decking, Merbau is also commonly used to make furniture, bench tops, counter tops turned objects, musical instruments, and tool handles. It is used to make marine jetties and staircases, boats and flooring.

It can also be used in large scale engineering and construction projects, and in infrastructure projects to create cross arms, piles, sleepers, posts, and in bridge building. Working with Merbau comes with the same considerations that accompany all other timbers. To avoid irritation of the skin, nose and eyes, safety goggles, gloves and a face mask should be used when sawing and sanding. So, why should you choose Merbau for your decking project? Inspiration About Us Contact. Merbau Decking, What you need to know.

Appearance When freshly cut, Merbau heartwood is a beautiful orange-brown colour, which reddens as it ages. Durability Merbau is a favourite choice for decking projects because of its excellent durability. Workability Merbau is also very versatile, and is relatively easy to work with using most carpentry tools. Common Uses Apart from decking, Merbau is also commonly used to make furniture, bench tops, counter tops turned objects, musical instruments, and tool handles.

Make your own deck.

Notes Working with Merbau comes with the same considerations that accompany all other timbers. Why choose Merbau?

Design it yourself. Contact us. Croydon Modbury Lonsdale.Here is a summary of just some of Www ihaveinsurance bankofamerica different types of decking we offer.

Please contact us for more options, we can source any timber upon request. Merbau Very popular board, highly durable reddish brown hardwood grown in the pacific rim region. It offers good value for money. Treated Pine A pressure treated softwood board that is suitable for all uses. This is the most economical decking board on the market. Can be fixed using stainless steel nails, it requires regular sealing or painting to get the longest life out of this board.

A very hard-wearing timber and an excellent all rounder. Australian Grey Ironbark This is the hardest toughest board out there, hence the name Ironbark! It not only looks amazing with its interlocked grain and beautiful mix of tones it will also outlast every other board on the market.

Pacific Red Ironbark An imported more economical alternative to Australian Grey Ironbark for those who want absolute longevity, it comes in various shades of a rich dark red and created a stunning looking deck. Tallowood A very unique colour and grain. Pale yellow in colour very similar to blackout but with a beautiful pronounced interlocked grain, australian grown it is extremely durable, this will really make your deck stand out.

Jarrah An extremely hard timber which is a beautiful rich red colour. Grown in western Australia, Jarrah offers a fantastic natural resistance to the elements. Tough, long lasting and incredible colours make this perfect if you are after a really unique look. Northern box This timber is imported and is very similar to Northern Brush box, its also sometime called Pelawan, this is an excellent board very economical and unlike merbau does not bleed which is a major advantage.

Millboard We are experienced installers of Millboard composite decking, imported from the UK, the cutting edge technology used to manufacture the boards, extensive warranty along with the realistic timber finishes which no other composite board can offer makes this board one that will truly stand out and be admired.

This product is the last word in composite decking, unrivalled in looks or durability it looks amazing. We are proud to be certified, registered installers of Modwood decking. We are experts in building modwood decks and can offer an unrivalled expertise in installing this superb product at very competitive pricing.

Made in USA longest guarantee on the market! Completely wood free beautiful textures and grains with ultra white mm boards makes this product one of the worlds best brands extremely popular in USA and Canada. Types Of Decking We Offer.

Some types of decking are more suited to certain geographical locations. These boards come in widths of upto mm. Modwood We are proud to be certified, registered installers of Modwood decking.

Timbertech Made in USA longest guarantee on the market! Subscribe to our newsletter for backyard inspiration plus heaps of tips and tricks for making your outdoor space work for you! SpecRite's pre-oiled merbau decking is an extremely durable, long lasting, tannin rich hardwood. It has a consistent red-brown colour and is easy to work with. Merbau is an extremely durable, long lasting, tannin rich hardwood.

SpecRite's Pre-oiled Select Grade Merbau FJ Decking has a consistent red-brown colour and is. Perfect for all your decking, screening and fencing needs, Merbau is a popular choice that looks great and lasts provided it is properly maintained. Convenient. Find x 21mm m Decking Merbau SpecRite Pre Oiled FJ Grooved at Bunnings. Visit your local store for the widest range of products. Shop our range of Merbau Decking at warehouse prices from quality brands.

Order online for delivery or Click & Collect at your nearest Bunnings. mm L/M Decking Merbau SpecRite Pre Oiled KD Select. (1) · $9. Per 1 Linear Metre. Available in-store only. Compare. Product image. SpecRite. They are ideal for use in structures where the beauty of a rich red/brown hardwood is to be expressed or to match Kwila decking, beams or handrails. They can be. We carry Merbau timber decking, posts, mouldings & solid F Visit us today or shop online.

Merbau Decking Ripple ×19 Select. 0 out of 5. $ LM. Whats happening with 90 x 19 merbau decking. I just bought metres of x 19mm merbau, Bunnings had it listed as $ (Ouch!). What shape deck are you building? Triangle. Square. Rectangle. Please choose an option? NEXT. Get handy D.I.Y. advice · Bunnings logo.

Find merbau decking x 19 price ads in our Building Materials category. Buy and sell almost anything on Gumtree classifieds. Merbau FJ Side Joint Decking mm x 19mm x mm. Item No. Merbau FJ Side Joint Decking proof of purchase) to any Bunnings store (see www. Australian Hardwood Decking · Composite Decking · Decking Accessories · Hardiedeck · Merbau Decking · Specialty & Imported Decking · Treated Pine Decking. Product Description. Buy Merbau Decking ×19 in the Lengths you want!

We are one of only a few sellers of Merbau decking in Melbourne who supply our. Outdoor, entertaining, wooden, merbau, Bunnings, Masters, make your own deck.

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DECK SPACING GUAGE THAT SUITS MM, MM & MM DECKING BOARD. Deal: Merbau Decking 90x19mm $/Lm @ Bunnings, Store: Bunnings Warehouse, Category: Home & Garden. Due to its extreme durability, Merbau is commonly used for decking, flooring, Softwoods sell mm wide decking boards in Merbau, which are very popular.

Tried & Tested in Australia since with a proven history of performance.

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Find out why Ekodeck is #1. Available at Bunnings Warehouse. Dec 26, - SpecRite Merbau Decking x 19mm BUNNINGS TOTAL DECKING REQUIRED * LINEAR METRES. MERBAU DECKING MELBOURNE & MERBAU TIMBER MELBOURNE TRADE PRICE LIST (Please Check Price List) · DECKING X 19 KILN-DRIED · DECKING MERBAU 90 X 19 KILN DRIED.