Can aloe vera increase sperm count

Background: In medicine, plants considered the main resource for drugs. However, there are a few studies related to the effects of Aloe vera on the reproductive system. Aim of study: The main objective of this study is to investigatethe effect of perinatal and postnatal exposure to Aloe vera gel extract on the histological status of male mice epididymis at puberty.

Materials and Method: Forty mature female Swiss Webster mice were divided intoexperimental and control groups. These female mice were mating with fertile males.

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The female mice in the control group were given normal saline only by the same dose and route. Around puberty aged six weeks the male births were sacrificed then an incision was made in the pelvic region to get their testes. The epididymis was grasping gently, fixed, and then histological sections with a thickness of 5 microns were prepared.

Results: Histological observation of male mice epididymis prenatal exposure to a low dose of Aloe vera gel extract and continuous through weaning time till puberty showed a normal structural pattern with a great number of sperms in caput headcorpus body and caudal tail epididymis. The lumen of the cauda epididymis contains a larger density of sperm cells. Conclusions: Using a low dose of Aloe vera gel extract revealed a normal structural pattern of the epididymis, and it leads to enhancing the sperm amounts inside the epididymal lumen.

Aloe Barbadensis Miller is a perennial succulent herb, mostly referred to as Aloe vera. It is one of the over species of Aloe, belongto family Asphodelaceae.

Aloe vera has been used medicinally for centuries and is frequently used in herbal medicine [1]. In fact, because they are generally safer than synthetic drugs, many users of chemical drugs prefer to use herbal drugs [2]. However, chemistry of Aloe vera revealedmore than different materials which are biologically active substances such as: anthraquinones or phenolic compound, saponins, lignin and salicylic acid, in addition to vitamins, sugars and minerals [3].

It also contains amino acids, lipids, sterols tannin and enzyme [4], polysaccharides, steroids, organic acids, antibiotic agents [5]. Aloe vera considered as an important pharmaceutical plant because of its many medicinal properties [6].

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In fact, the presence of the antioxidant polyphenols, indoles, and alkaloids, in the Aloe vera leaf gel shows antioxidant capacity [7].

However, Researches has been confirmed the linked of antioxidants present in the Aloe vera extractwith lower blood lipids in hyperlipidaemic patients [8]. Aloe vera also possesses hypoglycaemic, hypotensive, hepatoprotective, blood purifying properties [9]. It alsoused in patients complain from ulcerative colitis to reduce inflammation [10]. However, the bioactive compounds from Aloe vera are very effective in treatments of various diseases, such as allergic reactions, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, skin diseases, dysentery, diarrhoea, piles.

Aloe vera could be effective in treatments in other condition such as inflammatory of the digestive system, a blood purifier, diuretic, uterine tonic and fever reliever [11].

Most of the health benefits associated with Aloe vera can be becausethe presence of polysaccharidesin the gel of the leaf [12]. Low fertility of male has been attributed toinability to produce sperm and ejaculation, premature ejaculation and decreased libido [14].

Therefore, men have a significant proportionin relation with infertility. Meanwhile, damage in the spermatogenesis ismain causes of infertility in men [15]. However, medicinal plants extracts arealso curing infertility and low fertility. Previous studiesimproved that Aloe veracould enhance spermatogenesis because of itsantioxidative effects. In fact, this miracle plant could improve the testosterone hormone level and has a positive effect on histological features of the testis [16].

Many medicinal plants have been used to treat infertility including male infertility problems [17]. The epididymisare a pair comma-shaped structure Figure 1covered by the visceral tunica vaginalis [18,19]. These irregular, long tubules 4- 5 meterslied on the dorsal surface of testes, are lined by a pseudostratified columnar epithelium with many cell typesincluding: tallcells principal cells with stereocilia and small cells basal cellsin addition to cells are thought to be intraepithelial lymphocytes called small halo cells with dark rounded nuclei and pale cytoplasm [18].

Another population ofcells found in the head region named apical cells, while clear cells predominantly found in the tail region. Epididymal cells form ablood-epididymis barrier,protects the antigenic sperm from the host immune system [20].

However, epididymis, a highly coiled tube, which mature sperm move from the testis to the vas deferensis surrounded by smooth muscle and embedded within a loose, vascular stroma. Each epididymis divided into a caput head regioncorpus body and cauda tail region Figure 2. The primary storage site for mature sperm is cauda tail region of the epididymiswhich continuous with a highly muscular duct, the ductus deferens were sperm undergo final maturation in which it acquires motility andability to fertilize an egg [20].

Epididymis tubules secrete an important substance thatmention the sperm survive and maturation [17].Like most websites we use cookies. This is to ensure that we give you the best experience possible. Continuing to use www. If you would like to, you can learn more about the cookies we use. Author s : Shahraki, A. Author Email : ali. ISSN : Publisher : Shamokal Publications. Location of publication : Dhaka. Country of publication : Bangladesh. Language of text : English.

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Universities and institutions all over the world have paid for subscriptions to CAB Direct, giving their students remote access to our resources. Close Find out more.Aloe vera is a perennial plant with yellow flowers and tough fleshy triangular or spear-like leaves that grow in a rosette configuration. Although historical records indicate that aloe may have originated in Egypt or the Middle East, it has been introduced and is naturalized in most of the tropics and warmer regions of the world including the Caribbean, the southern U.

Aloe vera's medicinal use can be traced to antiquity with Mesopotamian clay tablets dated as early as BC indicating that aloe vera was used for medicinal purposes. Aloe vera is still widely used in many traditional systems of medicine and has been adopted into the materia medicas of many cultures of the world. Both the leaves inner layer and the corrugated lining just below the outer layer are the sources of the constituents used medicinally.

The key constituents of aloe include anthraquinones, saccharides, prostanoids, and superoxide dismutases. The typical forms of aloe vera used include gel, gel concentrate and juice. It is used both orally and topically. Aloe vera's diverse pharmacological actions as a laxative, cathartic, immune potentiatior, antimicrobial and wound-healing agent provide a scientific basis for its wide ranging folk use and clinical applications.

In small doses, its anthroquinone aloin acts as a digestive system tonic, improving intestinal muscle tone while at higher dosages, it is a strong purgative, acting primarily freebitco in tips the large intestine where it increases colonic secretions and peristaltic contractions. Aloe vera gel has also been shown to inhibit excessive secretion of hydrochloric acid, promote improved protein digestion and reduce bacterial putrefaction.

Its immune-enhancing and antimicrobial activities include its antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Github vichan qualities in addition to its emollient characteristics support the beneficial topical effects that aloe vera has on wound healing.

Owing to its varied pharmacological actions, aloe vera is used for a variety of conditions including burns, frost bite, and other tissue damage; psoriasis; gastric ulcers; AIDS; asthma; diabetes; contraception; and cancer prevention. Side effects from orally ingested aloe vera may include abdominal pain and cramping, diarrhea, muscle weakness and potassium depletion. Owing to the irritating effects of its purgative components as well as its suggested potential to cause potassium depletion, aloe vera is contraindicated for those with various gastrointestinal conditions, hemorrhoids, heart disease and kidney disease.

Aloe-containing drug preparations i. Aloe vera may increase the risk of toxicity of a variety of drugs and botanicals used for diabetes and heart conditions while also potentially reducing the absorption of some drugs owing to its effect on gastrointestinal transit time.

Additionally, it may exacerbate potassium loss caused by other drugs and botanicals. Typical dosage varies depending upon the form being used and the health care application for which it is being used. Aloe vera contains numerous biologically active compounds, and unlike many botanical medicines, whose concentration of active principles can vary substantially depending upon where the plant is grown, commercial aloe's concentration of its major compounds, aloeresin-A, aloesin, and aloin is quite consistent.Curcumin is an active ingredient in turmeric, which commonly known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

We look into if Turmeric affects your fertility or trying to conceive. Recently we have found that the active ingredient curcumin in turmeric could be adverse for fertility. Curcumin reduces the growth of the cells in the lining of the uterus endometrial cells.

This is why it can be useful during treatment of endometriosis, if you're not trying to conceive. If you are trying to conceive, curcumin may be associated with thinning of the lining of the uterus wall and may therefore reduce embryo implantation.

If you are undertaking an IVF cycleavoiding curcumin may be wise. Learn more about how your lifestyle affects fertility and IVF treatment and 3 of the top fertility myths. If you want to learn more about how turmeric can affect your fertility, speak to your Care Fertility doctor. Back Trying to conceive Understand pregnancy How to improve fertility. Back Understanding infertility Female infertility Male infertility.

Back Getting help to fall pregnant When to seek fertility help Preparation for your first appt Your first appt. Turmeric and Fertility. How does turmeric or curcumin affect fertility? Connect with us. TO TOP.So, to maximise your chances of getting pregnant sooner rather than later, read about how to increase fertility by making simple changes.

From diet to exercise, to understanding your ovulation cycleour guide on how to increase fertility provides useful information from fertility experts and nutritionists to help you get your mind and body in the best possible shape to conceive. Fertility is affected by many factors. These include age, lifestyle and biology. Many women have no idea what their normal menstrual cycle is, especially after years of regulated periods on the Pill. Contrary to popular belief that women have a 28 day cycle, some have a short one 25 days and others a longer one 35 days.

If you do have a regular 28 day cycle then ovulation occurs around day 14, but if you have a 25 day cycle ovulation occurs around day 11 and if you have a 35 day cycle then ovulation occurs around day Do women need to keep a menstrual diary? Reflexology is based on the idea that specific areas on your hands and feet link to different organs in your body. Putting pressure on those points may stimulate the energy flow to those organs. A basal thermometer is one way to track your most fertile days.

Your basal body temperature is a measure of your regular temperature upon waking, which rises as a result of the hormonal changes during ovulation. Many women now find ovulation tests easier and more precise. A test may also highlight potential problems with ovulation. Fertility expert Dr Arpita Ray from assisted conception clinic Bourn Hall estimates that about a third of women struggling with infertility have a hormone imbalance.

This can impact ovaries and prevent the release of one mature egg each month, reducing the chances of becoming pregnant. Stress can have an adverse effect on getting pregnant Credit: Getty.

Chronic stress can cause long-term exposure to flight-or-fight hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, which are bad for general health. Take some time for yourself and focus on winding down at the end of every day.

Give yourself half an hour each evening to relax your body and mind — have a warm bath, read a book, try breathing exercises to calm your mind. Gentle exercise such as yoga may help you conceive. Avoid scented tampons and vaginal sprays as they can cause a pH imbalance in your vagina.

Artificial lubricants, arousal oils and douches should also be avoided as these alter the normal acidity of the vagina, can cause pelvic inflammatory disease, and can affect the cervical mucus that transports the sperm.

While some regard it as folk legend, others think that lying down for a few minutes, or putting your legs up, will help the sperm on their journey towards the egg.

Alcohol intake may also affect fertility in men.Weight Control:. Lose weight if you need to, as body fat can produce estrogen, and too much dinan vs mhd can impair your ability to conceive.

Being too thin is another cause of infertility in women. Without enough body fat, you may not ovulate normally. Add more healthy ingredients to your diet — lean protein, whole grain foods and good fats such as olive oil. Royal Jelly is what the Queen Bee eat.

It is what makes her physically and reproductively different than the other bees. Royal Jelly helps to balance hormones, provides superior nutrition which can be helpful to improve the quality of the ovum eggs. Take supplements that contain Zinc, as this mineral boosts your testosterone level, increases your sperm count and helps to give sperm some extra oomph.

Studies suggest that men who take selenium daily for a three month period experienced a marked increase in sperm motility swimming abilitythus improving fertility in men.

Protect Your Sperm. Sperm cells can be protected with antioxidants such as Vitamin C twice a day. Antioxidant work by blocking the action of free radicals that cause cell damage throughout the body. Conception can happen only during the most fertile period of the ovulation cycle. Having regular ovulation as can be estimated based on previous menstruation periods can be helpful, as the couple can more easily time their sexual activity. Infertility in men and women may be linked to nutrient deficiency.

It is important to bear in mind that it takes at least 3 months for immature eggs in ovaries to mature enough to be released during ovulation. In men, it takes about 3 months for sperm cells to be fully mature. Besides having good meals, invest in a good quality supplements. Goodevening i am 39 years old my name is diana.

Trying to get pregnant? Select a lubricant that is most helpful for sperm

Thanks a lot forever living for every opportunity you provide for people all over the world, thanks mr Rex Maughan, thanks all forever living management team may God grant you a gift of happful life. Hallo, I have irregular menses and i experience pain during ovulation.The issue of infertility is increasingly popular nowadays, and it has become time-consuming to find a cure that is less difficult and inexpensive. Ayurvedic history on the importance of treatment of infertility is thoroughly discussed in ancient Atharvaveda literature.

Ayurvedic treatment for infertility helps you get good results. Infertility can be caused by male or female triggers. Infertility causes in women include ovarian factors, tubal factors, age-related factors, uterine disorders, PCOS, endometriosis, etc. The menstrual cycle can be impacted by many causes, such as diet, mental instability, unnecessary physical activity, lifestyle, and stress, which are liable for developing a Doshas imbalance control the activities of the body-Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Male infertility is typically caused by conditions that impair either sperm production or sperm transport, including varicocele, cancers, ejaculation problems, tumors, hormonal imbalances, tubular defects that transport sperm, etc. In Ayurveda, the primary cause of any improper function of the digestive system is agnimandya vitiation of the digestive fire of the body and tridosha dushti vitiation of three governing factors of the body.

It focuses on the holistic treatment of infertility with a view to improving the general wellbeing and quality of life of the woman. Diet plays a crucial role in the prevention and treatment of illnesses and the preservation of good health. Dietary maintenance requires strict compliance and commitment to foods that enhance Ojus an intersection factor for the physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of the body responsible for general health, stamina and vitality and eliminate substances that decrease Ojas.

This is essential in the regulation of ovulation and improves fertilization. Consuming whole foods provides all nutrients for the wellbeing of the liver, in addition to the fibers that alter the hormone levels of the body. Foods such as added carbohydrates, excess sugar, antibiotics, and hormones laden with meat and milk and canned goods kill fertility.

Ojas produce foods such as milk, ghee, almonds, sesame seeds, dates, pumpkin seeds, honey, saffron and avocados, fresh organic fruits and vegetables, vegetable proteins such as beans and peas, sweet, whole grains, spices such as ajwain powder, turmeric improves contact between hormones and targeted tissuescumin purifies the uterus in women and the genitourinary tract in men and Diet should be free of trans-fat as it damages arteries, threatens fertility and affects the heart and blood circulation, and would also be free of trans-fat.

Foods comprising preservatives and other chemicals such as artificial sweeteners, Monosodium Glutamate MSGa diet high in calories and other artificial flavorings and coloring agents, excess alcohol and caffeine, cigarettes, soda, smoking, red meat, processed carbohydrates such as pasta, white bread, rice, etc.

The formation of ama toxins produced when food forms undigested in the stomach due to the imbalance in Agni the strength of digestion contributes to many diseases.

Therefore, the treatment of Ama must always include treatment of Agni, through the use of the digestive and carminative Ayurvedic formulas, the proper consumption of meals within the required timeframe. Ayurveda Panchakarma Therapy aims to remove Ama and thereby corrects Agni. Good Agni will lead to healthy Ojas as well.

In fact, one study on animals showed that aloe extract had the opposite effect: It reduced sperm quality and overall fertility. › health › aloe-vera-benefits-for-men.

Conclusion: Aloe vera adversely affected the spermiogram of bucks. The plant can reduce fertility in male animals and is therefore not recommended for. NAGPUR: Aloe vera has been long seen as a useful medicinal plant, used widely in cosmetics and herbal medicines. A significant increase in the amount of sperm in capute, corpus and cauda epididymis agreed with previous study of Mohammad Baqir, et al.

A study that looked at the effects of injecting aloe vera into mice found that it increased testosterone and sperm production. Dear fresh aloe vera is very healthy in general as well.

And yes it is also said to helps in increasing the fertility and sperm count naturally. Everything from heat to drugs to hormones to abuse during childhood can affect the number and health of sperm. Experts give tips on how to. The least effects were observed when the semen was mixed with aloe vera juice. This information can be used for the further development of natural barrier. The sperm number in the testis and daily sperm production showed an increase, and MDA levels decreased [63].

Some drugs can also induce reproductive toxicity in. hormone in the groups that treated with Aloe vera has increased remarkably spermatogenesis and can be a good candidate for manufacturing fertility drugs.

What can help increase sperm jimny obd2 · 1. Tuck into nuts Nuts contain omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, including vitamins C and E, selenium and zinc, plus. Aloe Vera also stimulates the production of sperm and rapid cell division, which helps in the production of testosterone, thereby improving the.

Aloe vera is a perennial plant of the Liliaceae family. The number and motility of sperms indicated a significant increase in all the experimental.

Australian researchers say lemon juice destroys sperm

Eat healthy food. Diet plays a major part in helping you conceive. Healthy eating throughout pregnancy will help you give birth to a healthy. Menstrual cycle can be affected by many factors, such as diet, the uterus in women and the genitourinary tract in men) and black cumin boost fertility.

stress conditions, which by increasing the production of free radicals trehalose in combination with 20 µg/ml of Aloe vera extract can. Can Aloe Vera Help You Get Pregnant? Reproductive Medicine Associates New York Clinic offers Infertility Fertility Treatment IVF - NYC. shown that Aloe vera extract can improve spermatogenesis and has positive effect reporting in vitro effects of Aloe vera leaf extract on sperm motility. But not all the research is positive. In a study with animals, topical aloe vera reduced sperm concentration and quality.

Similarly, a