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Each gas spring is pressurized with nitrogen gas and contains a small amount of lubricating oil with the cylinder. Report item. Nissan Hatch Struts are manufactured in various dimensions; it's necessary to learn its length as the hatch is fully open prior to purchasing a replacement strut. Add to Compare. Gas strut components. These steps are explained in detail below. So if you have a door that is mm in height a mm long gas strut would be about right. Dampers are used to control the speed of moving masses.

Choose with confidence using our dozens of Buying Guides … A Nissan Hatch Strut holds the hatch safely each time it's open, keeping it from closing upon your shoulders when exiting the interior. F weight is the mass in What does a Gas Strut do?

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Gas struts are very simple in design, like a shock absorber with only 2 mounting points, one at each end. Step 5. Just ask! Choose from our selection of lift struts, including gas springs, add-a-fitting gas springs, and more. All photos: Doug Logan. Ensure you have the correct strut by comparing it to the original. Opening your vehicle's hatch or checking under the hood shouldn't be a high-risk activity.

Raise the lid to extend the spring, which props the lid open— an internal cable keeps the spring from overextending. These are aftermarket struts, and they are as close as you can get to original. Seller To learn more, visit Gas struts can be very dangerous, believe it or not, there was a workplace death involving a faulty gas strut. There is no wiring included. Gas charged lift supports are energy storage devices that create energy by compressing gas inside a cylinder.Pop top roofs, high top roofs and vertical elevating roofs for campervans Pop top roofs with sleeping space, fixed high roof shells and vertical elevating roofs - Reimo has 40 years of experience as manufacturer with campervan pop top roofs.

Whether pop top roof, fixes high roof or vertical elevating roof, all our roofs are Made in Germany.

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Reimo offers an extensive range with a large variety of variants for buses, panel vans, estate cars, Multivan, Caravelle and other luxury buses.

With the extra space that a Reimo roof offers, your van becomes a real campervan. It not only creates extra sleeping space, but also increases the headspace makes your stay in the camper more comfortable.

The high headroom means you can move upright in the camper. With a pop top roof: As long as you do not use the roof, your vehicle is only slightly higher than in its original condition. The compact campervan for almost any garage or underground car park. The pop top roof or also called sleeping roof is very practical. When the extra space is not needed and the roof remains folded, the commercial vehicle equipped with a pop top roof maintains almost its normal height.

So you always have a compact van that fits into almost any garage or underground car park. Pop top roofs are available in the variants "front-opening", so that you sleep in the direction of travel, or "rear-opening" which is advantageous for the use of a rear kitchen. The rear-opening roof is the ideal sleeping roof for the Reimo MultiStyle camper van, for example, as there is sufficient headroom in front of the rear kitchen. At Reimo, the pop top roof is traditionally called the "sleeping roof", to distinguish it from the pop top roof, which is not intended for sleeping.

Easy-Fit pop top roofs have an integrated reinforcing frame. They are therefore particularly quick and easy to assemble. Vertical Elevating Roofs: The pop top roof is a vertically-positioned roof with a surface area of approx. With a vertical elevating roof, cooking can be done comfortably in the kitchen area while standing.

Fixes High Top Roof: A solid high top roof offers a lot of space, is easy to insulate, has room for storage cupboards and additional sleeping space and is therefore suitable for longer journeys or colder regions.

The high top roof, which is always fixed, offers more living space in the vehicle. In addition, it provides better insulation as well as more storage space, luggage space and more headroom. The solid high top roof is therefore ideal for longer trips with more luggage or for trips to colder regions or during colder seasons.

Reimo offers roofs for a wide range of camping buses and vans. Countless VW vans have been equipped with a Reimo pop top roof, vertical elevating roof or solid high top roof.Forums New posts. What's new New posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors.

Log in. New posts. Exterior Electronic pop top lifter? Thread starter Dobbie Start date Dec 31, Install the app. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Dobbie Well-Known Qt html viewer. Jun 18, 3, 5, Hi all.

I've been doing a bit of dreaming about the ideal pop top set up as I wait on a caravan build and got to thinking about possible weight issues with lifting a pop top in my old age Pop tops with extra solar panels and roof aircons will obviously be heavier to lift and to drop so I'm wondering about 12v lifters and came across a linear actuator. I'm no engineer and have no experience in this area at all.

Has anyone any thoughts on this? I'm now quite interested if what I have read has a current application for pop tops. This may be another piece of information that's passed me by but I'd be interested in any comments. Reactions: bigcol. Scrounger Active Member. Oct 7, 65 33 Shoalhaven. My wife did her back lifting the roof on her Goldstream van when she went around the block on her own in so I looked into these, never went any further than looking at the web but I kept the link.

Reactions: sunnyozbigcol and Dobbie. Sep 26, 5, 7, 82 Gold Coast Hinterland. I have a mate with airlifters and he swears by them. Surely Dobbie you have many good years left in you, I can still lift our roof with air con and solar panel on it and I have "old fart" status. Reactions: crackacoldiebigcol and dagree.Early in our Viscount Vogue Pop Top caravan we call Josephine had small signs the pop top roof leaking and needed to be repaired or replaced.

To do this would mean removing the roof completely to repair the caravan roof leak, repair the roof lining and replace the ceiling. We also decided to do pop top canvas replacement which was old and dated, at the same time. Sounds easy enough? How much does it cost to repair a pop top caravan roof doing it yourself? I will walk you through the process of how I did and the costs in this article.

It is necessary to note that this article is a run down or the story of the process I used to successfully repair our caravan pop top roof leak. This is not an article with technical instructions. Luckily we have a friend Pete, who builds trailers and alike yell out if you need anything with a three bay shed large enough to facilitate the job of repairing a pop top caravan roof.

Pete, as luck would have it also had most of the tools and equipment that needed to do the job. If you plan to do a pop top roof repair or replacement yourself it is necessary to have adequate undercover space and the tools necessary to do the job. First we released the bottom edge of the pop top skirt which was a piece of cake. The electricals were also disconnected including from the solar panel.

The roof was then still attached to the caravan by the scissor lifts and struts. Having only one block n tackle we used it to hang the roof from the rafters at the front end of the caravan and manually handled the rear end. In order to do that we ran a four metre long box section of steel through the rear end of the caravan and clamped it at the roofs full height to a shed upright on either side. With the rear of the roof resting on the steel and the front supported with the block n tackle we removed the gas struts by undoing the clip on each ball end bottom and then removed the scissor lifts from each end.

It was then time to tow Josephine out from under the roof which we did. A pop top caravan without a roof is quite the sight. Having pulled Josephine out of the way, next we needed to get the roof down from the rafters in order to work on it.

I should point out that whilst our method may not have met all WHS standards, the job was completed both damage and injury free. The weight of the roof panel was pretty bloody heavy and this meant lowering it by hand was out of the question so we came up with an en genius plan to lower it.

We found another shorter length of steel tube and positioned it in the centre of steel holding up the roof in the shape of a T. The bottom of the steel tub was then placed now this is the dodgy bit on a fully extended floor jack.

Having backed off the clamps on either side just enough to allow the roof to move we lowered the roof down inch by inch using the jack, then tighten the clamps up again. The front end was lowered at the same speed using the the block and tackle. The roof was still nearly 2 metres off the ground so we cut the upright part of our T down and again used the floor jack and block and broughton hospital death until the roof was about metre off the ground and lowered the roof on positioned saw horses.

The next step with the roof down was to flip it so the ceiling was exposed facing up. Once flipped the roof was placed again on saw horses.

Next another day this time working solo due to Pete having to return to work I set about removing anything and everything fixing the roof panel such as light fittings and the aluminium frame extrusion.

Turns out its a hell of a lot of screws holding the roof panel and extrusion frame together.The 3 stage arm means it has 3 metal sections and is used in the larger camper trailers. Features These include the nylon In Stock. These spring loaded scissor type roof lifters are made of solid flat steel.

These are extra large. Features Each lifter will hold up 35kg of roof, with the standard spring included.

The bottom bracket measures mm long, and it can lift labaran dadi a maximum height of mm. They are 5. Features Each lifter will hold up 40kg of roof, with the standard spring included The bottom bracket measures mm long, and it can lift to a maximum height of mm When replacing, it is best to replace opposite lifters at the same When replacing, it is best to replace opposite lifters at the same time, to prevent undue stress Elastic is sold separately, see related product below.

These are used to ensure the the vinyl or canvas bow in when the roof is lowered. These simple curved nylon bows fit into most pop-top vinyl sleeves to assist in making the vinyl or canvas bow in when the roof is lowered. These spring loaded scissor type roof lifters are made of tubular steel.

Features Each lifter will hold up 30kg of roof, with the standard spring included. Also early Viscounts and Millards are best replaced with the Breha style that is slimmer and Fits into many popular pop-top roof aluminium edging, to provide a soft seal and contact point when pop-top roof is lowered The top edge is 10mm wide.

This will not suit all brands. Immerse in a hot water to allow it to reshape after being rolled up. Suits mm Plastic Tensioner. Suit mm wide. Keep spring strengths even on opposite sides of pop-top roof. We do not have a strength rating, but they are very strong. When these are new they are mm from centre to centre, the outside dia is 15mm. Awnings, Annexes etc. They are used to take the strain off the arms and prevent the roof bowing and buckling.

When these are new they are mm from centre to centre, the outside diameter is 15mm We do not have a strength rating, but they are very strong. Size: Log In. Clearance Deleted Items. No Sub Group. Pet Accessories. Chairs Ladders Storage Tables. Add to Cart.Powder coated white to suit your caravan or wind up, this is a strong reliable product that is designed and made in Australia.

Longer lasting UV stabalised white powder coated hard structural aluminium tube. It has unique grip lines to make the patented twist lock mechanism easy to lock and unlock.

The soft rubber ends protect your van while maintaining grip. We are based halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast in Yatala Queensland and manufacture a wide range of 4WD awnings specifically targeted for our Australian conditions. This range includes side awnings, rear awnings, degree awnings and wing awnings. Supa-RV is a subsidiary of Supa-Peg Australia allowing us to utilize an extensive range of quality componentry for our awnings including poles, pegs and ropes. We offer an awesome range of quality 4WD awnings at a great price.

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So, if you are f650 parts an Australian Made awning for your 4WD, a 2-year Australian warranty and continual product support from the manufacture, then take a look at our range.

Great price awnings, camping equipment and supplies at the best quality you will find around. We have the best cost benefit in the rv camping industry. Durable and strong awnings with good price and local Australian Support. We can also custom make for you where we can to suit your vehicle or trailer. We also manufacture custom caravan annexes and can supply and install caravan awnings.

Supa-RV Australia also has a range of caravan de-flapper and anti-flap kits, curved awning rafters, white caravan poles, bed flys, and a range of caravan accessories. If you have any questions with regarding fitting your vehicle, camper trailer or caravan with a 4x4 awning or caravan with an annex, give our friendly team a call for our expert opinion. Our awnings and annexes are durable and strong and come with local Australian support.

Have a browse through the full range on our website. Added to cart successfully! You have successfully subscribed!Earlier this year, Avida produced a surprise by unveiling its Wave range of electric pop-top caravans. When most people think about pop-top vans, they also think about the hassle of the process which, apart 8th hindi notes 2018 a few notable exceptions, involves lifting the pop-top roof by undoing the corner clips and exerting a bit of muscle on the lift mechanism, sometimes by clambering on the bed!.

But not so with the Wave. Lifting the roof involves nothing more than the press of an electric button. There are several models in the Wave range but, for this review, we chose the smallest, the PT, which comes with both an island bed and a full-width rear bathroom.

The Wave clocks in with a Tare of kg and an ATM of kg, giving it a very respectable payload diochan kg — often tandem-axle vans are less than that. One of the benefits of having a shorter van when negotiating bush tracks is that they are much easier to manoeuvre around and I did, on one instance, find it necessary to turn my rig around in a fairly small area, something I accomplished without too much stress thanks to the Wave's small stature.

Despite being 5. A relatively small van equals a relatively small kitchen. However, it's large enough to have all the essentials, like the four-burner cooker and grill, stainless steel sink and drainer, L fridge and Camec microwave oven. Stay tuned for the full review coming next month in Caravan World Subscribe today for the latest caravan reviews and news every month! RV Parts Express ship RV pop-top components throughout all of Australia.

Breha Canopy Lift Mechanism Standard Tension Spring mm. mm TUBULAR CARAVAN ROOF CANOPY LIFTER STEEL MECHANISM POP TOP 4 product ratings. Hi all. I've been doing a bit of dreaming about the ideal pop top set up as I wait on a caravan build and got to thinking about possible.

This flat “scissor” style canopy lifter works to raise the roof on your campervan or pop top. The mechanism is made up of a steel track on the top and bottom.

Spring loaded scissor-type canopy lifter · Suitable for large pop-top roofs · Spring Tension standard · Allows for roof lift up to mm · Length of lifter – mm.

Coast to Coast is one of Australia's largest wholesale/retail suppliers of RV caravan and leisure products. We've got the Country covered for all your RV. mm BREHA CARAVAN ROOF CANOPY LIFTER FLAT STEEL MECHANISM POP TOP USED ON JAYCO, REGAL, REGENT, VISCOUNT, MILLARD, ROADSTAR AND MANY OTHER BRANDS.

Is your pop top roof not lifting as it should? Maybe it's time you replaced the canopy lift mechanisms. At My Caravan Parts we stock a wide range of Canopy. pop top caravan roof lifter - Google Search Foam Roofing, includes a few innovative features such as a fold out room and a simple roof-lift mechanism.

Your letter reminds me that those horrible 'H' bars used to lift up one pop-top caravan being towed with the roof lifting at the front. Features & Specifications Canopy lifters BREHA. These spring loaded scissor type roof lifters are made of solid flat steel. Features Each lifter will hold up. A range of roof hardware is often required by RVs, particularly in the case of pop tops where you need to physically raise and lower the roof in order to.

Complete Range of Genuine Pop-Top Roof Parts + Spare Parts Diagrams & Repair Manuals. Australias Favourite Online Shop for Caravan. Pop-top caravans remain popular but they're not always the best option. challenging lifting mechanisms and offer less cupboard storage. Once the roof is raised, these lifters include a latch mechanism to keep the roof in place and the lifter from coming undone and swinging back down.

'Easy lift'. The front and rear of the pop-top have what appears to be a "scissors" type of spring loaded mechanism which should help with the lifting. RV Roof Air Lifter Systems supply air lifter kits which will revolutionise the way you lift the roof of your Pop-Top Caravan, Campervan or Motorhome.

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Actuators will also hold the roof up. The scissor springs only assist with the lift, and the internal mechanism is needed to hold the roof up. Has anyone been. Really feel for you, the first Caravan we bought was a Pop Top, Ok some brands do have a lifting mechanism by way of over centre bars. Canopy Lift Mechanism Mm.: A flat?scissor? style canopy lifter which raises the roof on a pop-top caravan or campervan.

It is made of a steel track on.