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Top-notch support We support all of the products we sell. Contact us with any questions.Every summer a goal of mine is to complete a project so I can have something to say for those "what did you do this summer? This year I was able to restore my 60's model Cavalier CSS Coca-Cola machine back to almost complete working order with a fantastic new paint job. I'll try my best to remember and list prices and materials used. Thanks for reading! I'm entering this Instructable in the Fix-It! If you enjoy it, I'd love to have your vote!

If you're lucky enough to have been given a machine like me, chances are you have absolutely no idea what you've gotten yourself into I know I was there. Start out by doing some research. After many googling adventures and rabbit holes I found that my machine is a Cavalier CSS model manufactured from This machine was in a store owned by my great grandmother and is from the 's.

Now that I was able to figure out what I had. I needed to know its condition. I started by opening everything up and getting a good look at the rust, mildew, and overall old-ness a coke machine that hasn't been ran in 10 years looks like. I also did some disassembling in this step to get at bigger pieces. Overall the machine was in pretty good condition compared to what I expected. After some extensive cleaning I was able to get the cooling mechanism to kick on and run which saved me a lot of headaches and made this machine worth fixing in my opinion.

Sometime throughout this machines life it had obviously been used for parts to another machine, as many key components inside were missing such as bottle shelves, a light fixture behind some lettering, the coin return handle, and all of the coin mechanisms and bottle release mechanisms.

To me, these pieces weren't essential and I continued on anyway. This was the step that I was most scared about. I've never been very good at taking things apart and then putting them back together. I took pictures of most pieces, where they attached and the screws holding everything together to help make it easier on future me. I'd recommend doing that if you don't already have a system in place for keeping organized.

The first door, all of the trim, the bottle door, the refrigeration unit, the bottle rack, most of the rubber seals I could access, and many more smaller pieces all had to come off of the machine. In this step I also started some prepwork, like peeling the wood grain vinyl from the machine and using paint stripper on things which I knew it wouldn't damage. There were spider eggs, bugs, and wasp nests in any exposed areas.

Inside, years worth of dust had collected and built up into a thick layer I had to chip off. At some point in this machines life, somebody had spray painted pieces of it brown. Rust was an issue on the bottom of the refrigeration box as well as a few other areas. I realized I had a lot more to do than just give it a quick paint job. Giving it a good cleaning with paint stripper, goo-gone, dish soap, and whatever other cleaners I could find, I was finally able to start the sanding.

I opted to sand the outside of the box and use a thick layer of primer on the machine. Many sections of this machine were too close to seals and components which could be damaged by paint stripper. Pieces which could come off the machine were stripped down to bare metal and then primed with the same primer. I used some gray spray paint on the inside of the refrigerator section and on pieces that go in there. I chose gray because it wouldn't attract attention through the glass and the paint would help to prevent any future corrosion.

After a few good coats of primer, I opted to paint the entire machine white. This way, the red that I would put on later would have a lighter base and hopefully end up with a brighter look. For this, I used Rustoleum oil based roll on paints. I ended up using a can of silver I had from a previous project later to help cover some rust on components visible from the outside but I used a very negligible amount in terms of cost. I chose to keep it simple and roll on oil paints.Cavalier Coca Cola Machine serial numbers do not include a date or a date code.

They are simply consecutive serial numbers specific to each modelas they were built. However, using both the Cavalier Model number and Serial number, we can determine the date of some models. What does the Cavalier Model number mean? The model number refers to how many bottles of Coke each machine will hold. The larger the model number, the larger the machine.

Machines with three digit model numbers tend to be too large for home use, resulting in very little demand. Which means no real value, and not many parts are reproduced. Here are examples of Cavalier Coca Cola machine model numbers.

Some Cavalier model numbers are followed by an additional letter indicating the series, A, B, C, etc. Example: CSA. The series letter might indicate year that machine was made, a cosmetic change, or parts change of that model.

If your model number includes an additional series letter, it may be needed to establish the date of manufacture. It is important to note, Cavalier made many, many different models of Coke machines. We have only listed the most popular of these Cavalier models, because parts have been reproduced for them. Therefore with no real demand, no reproduction parts are made for it, we cannot work on it, and it may not have any real value.

Also please note, the information listed on this page is for entertainment purpose only. And does not reflect the parts or value of any Coke machine models. It is simply interesting information. We received this information from Cavalier. However, we have had many customers show us a photo of their model number ID plate, with contradictory serial numbers. Meaning, they do not match.

We are happy to take in account any new information and adjust our website accordingly, provided you show us your Cavalier ID tag.

Early — Cavalier Early Chest Type. C — C A,C — CS A,B — This means it is not in demand, there are no parts reproduced for it, so we cannot work on it. Click here to see Cavalier Coke Machine Restoration pricing. A new aluminum trim kick panel at the bottom of the front, which served as an air vent for the cooling system.

However, with a re-designed lettering style, and using a white painted background scallop. This white painted scallop would get re-designed as the years went on. However, this time with the front of the white painted scallop coming to a point like an arrow pointing toward the front of the machine. A two selection, push button Coca Cola machine that holds 55 bottles.

Select a — Cavalier Coke machine model number below for more information, history, and specific serial number data. Scroll down to see and later Cavalier Coke machine models. CS C,D,E — C D,E — CS E — This means it is not in demand, parts are not make for it, so we cannot work on it.Appreciate the help on this 5 cent resistor method.

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The top plastic cover of the steering column must be removed to expose the wiring. Gm Passlock 3 Bypass Resistor You can identify the different systems by the keys. Bestseller No.Related Searches: arcade machine partstire machine partstattoo machines partsperformance machine parts. Very clean and in working condition. Adjustable for different bottle sizes. Machine has keys and all parts are original. Coin slot has been deactivated but can be changed back. For Sale 's coke machine.

As you can see in the pictures is in good shape with minor damage and only a few dents and scratches. I believe parts for the machine are all there. Used Coke machine partsI have no idea if this works, took out of machine and is being sold as is. Blades spin. Please see photos. Will entertain shipping only if buyer sets up. This coke vending machine cools, the coin mechanism works, lights work, and vends a variety of bottle sizes. The machine accept coins, and you can adjust the price by setting a dip switch.

Newer lock and keys. Truly a. Needs full restoration missing parts dose not work. Will consider selling parts if need be. We provide full service repairs at our warehouse facility. Item Details: This is a parts manual from It also has the manual in the back pocket. It comes from an RC Cola 7up Bottler.Up for sale is a vintage Coke machine.

Bidders are invited to bid for this Vintage Coke Coca Cola. The condition is exactly the sa Vending machine drink tabs, soda, drink machine. Cavalier corporation coke machine. Cavalier 72 96 Original Chromed Bent Coin vintage cavalier bottle coke machine read description. Vintage coca cola vending machine gas pump. Vintage red coke metal cavalier insulated cooler. Feedback positive feedback will be left to you automaticly when your feedback was received.

Offering you a cav Cavalier 72 96 Faceplate Lens Holder Window Have working vintage cavalier coke can machine in decent condition. A very nice cavalier 96 coke machine available at a price of If you like it then bid for it. You c Qml axis 72 96 Faceplate Lens Holder Window this awesome cavalier coke vending machine works and cools.

Up for sale is a light panel assembly for a vintage coca cola coke cooler cavalier chattanooga tn. Sellers who offer free postage have already incorporated the postage cost in the item price and would not offer a combined discoun Vintage coca cola vending machine fridge wrap. This awesome cavalier coke vending machine works and cools. Up for sale is a cap catcher for a 's this awesome cavalier coke vending machine works and cools.

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Sort by most relevant Sort by highest price first Sort by lowest price first Sort by newest results first Sort by oldest results first. All Used New. More pictures. Details: machine, vintage, coke, cavalier, css- coca, cola, css-g, soda, vending. See complete description. Details: fully, restored, coca, cola, coke, machine, cavalier, working, using, original. Vending machine drink tabs, soda, drink machinel Vending machine drink tabs, soda, drink machine. Etsy See price. Amazon See price.

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Details: cavalier, bottle, door, hinge, coca, cola, coke, vending, machine, parts. Details: cavalier, faceplate, lens, holder, window, coke, vending, machine, parthas, powder.Page Count: CS 72A Catalog 2. BOX TeutopolisIL TEL: - It represents more than 30 years of personal involvement in the hands on restoration of vintage Coca-Cola. During that time, we have grown from selling a handful of decals and parts out of a briefcase to.

We cover everything. We continue to be, as we have been sincethe only authorized distributor. In addition, we have co-authored or authored the most comprehensive. The catalog is divided into 4 main parts—1 Manuals 2 Parts 3 Decals 4 Illustrations of popular models. A good. Refer to the forward parts of the catalog for detailed descriptions of. If the machine still has its original ID plate attached, use the model to find the corresponding service and parts.

All of our manuals are reproductions of the originals and are, in most cases, of. While most machines had the logos silkscreened in paint from the factorywater transfer. We continue to produce water transfer decals using the. As it is our intention that they be used solely in the restoration of machines, we do not sell decals in sheets. We pride ourselves on being the best in the business at offering unmatched customer service at the lowest possible.

Our huge inventory of in stock parts allows us to ship most orders within 24 hours of receipt. Our prices do not. T aking into account size, weight, and value we will select one of the following methods of shipment:.

Especially heavy or bulky items will incur additional charges and express shipments may be subject. Foreign Orders: All orders outside the U. Please note that. S Canada OK. Returns: Written or oral authorization must be given on any item you wish to return—please include copy of.

Returns must be made within 15 days and no allowance will be made after an item has been. There are no returns allowed on service manuals. Please package items for.

By their very nature, decals are fragile and worthless.


We reserve the right to charge a. Our liability does not extend beyond. New website, ATTENTION EXISTING USERS: we are always working to give you the best customer experience. With enhanced security we require you to reset your. CS · DPM Cavalier Coin Entry Panel Decal · DP SERVED IN CANS · DP93 CAVALIER WIRING TERMINAL · DPA Decal Applicator · EP10 Mounting.

USS Cavalier USS Read more. DPJD DIET COKE - CAVALIER STACK DPS CACTUS COOLER - CAVALIER STACK. Vintage Coke Coca Cola Cavalier CSS CSSG Soda Vending Machine w/ Key. $ Local Pickup. or Best Offer. 16 watching. Cavalier was a manufacture of Commercial Grade Soda Vending Machine, that look very similar to a lot of Dixies. Most of there machines were single price.

Cavalier Coke Machine Parts FOR SALE!. Shop the Largest Selection, Click to See! Search eBay faster with PicClick. Money Back Guarantee ensures YOU receive. Coke Machine Coca-Cola Lighted marque compleat $75 (marque $ light $30) Vending stack. $ Vintage Soda Machine Parts Sell and Trade Coca Cola Cavalier 72 coke machine in Santa Ana, CA. $3,$4, Coca Cola Cavalier 72 coke machine., covering cola machines from the 's to the 's. Parts, Service Manuals, Chat Boards, Pictures, Restoration. old coke machine vendo no coin mechanism, no inside revolver parts as was used for a cooler, 's CS 64 C cavalier vending machine. Abuff 2 Pack of High Security Vending Machine Lock and Key, Soda Machine Lock for Coke Machine, Pepsi Machine, Snack Machine. And does not reflect the parts or value of any Coke machine models. It is simply interesting information. We received this information from Cavalier.

Cavalier Model C Cooler Service and Parts Manual, 20 pages. Refinishing Instructions Manual for Coke coolers and machines (Mid 50's). pdf sent to your email · Vending Machine - Download · Cavalier - vintage & final production; CSC,CSC,CSC Installation & parts Manual 50 pages. V 63 Parts. Coca Cola Vendo Vending. Machine Promotional. Documentary 's's Coke. Machine Restoration (Part 1). Cavalier CSc.

How The Vending Mechanism Works Mechanical parts 2 | Electrical parts Cavalier CSC, CSC, CSC MECHANICAL PARTS Vv SOLENOID AND RATCHET LOCK. Find great deals on refrigeration units from Vending Works, trusted supplier of new and refurbished vending machine parts. Cavalier Coca Cola Machine. My Daddy had one of these outside of his car dealership in the 60's. Garrison's Foreign Cars in Kingston, NY. Early 's Cavalier Coke Machines CavMD This Cavalier Coca Cola machine brochure, shows the new “Square Top” look for This “Square.

Select Quantity: Cavalier Machine Manual (Parts Only) - Price: $ each. Select your Manual.