Clean maf sensor with methylated spirits

He suspected that they might contain acetone, which is prone to yield unfortunate results with solder resist and silkscreen on PCBs, so some tests were in order. The brand he tried was Normfest Bremsenreiniger MC-1, a German brand that according to its Safety Data Sheet contains only hydrocarbons like alkanes, butane, and propane. It did a fine job cleaning all but the crustiest rosin flux without collateral damage. In the video below, [Steven] goes through a few more brands with similar results, and we were encouraged enough by his results to check brake cleaners made for the US market.

Alas, almost all of the cheap and readily available aerosols have acetone as the principle ingredient, mixed in with methanol, ethanol, and assorted ingredients that together will probably make for a bad day. There may be others, but make sure you test whatever you find. Hot water and detergent with a soft brush. It can be sourced in any car parts store. Yes, the fondue fuel, liquid chafing stove fuel, or warming dish fuel is very hit and miss.

The variety of solvents you can find in hardware stores can also change a lot depending on the countries. Paint aisle has denatured alcohol ethanol with a bitter taste agent to prevent consumption should work fine without risk to silk screens, may have to dilute it with water. Be freaking careful with denatured alcohol. Some flux especially some of the water based ones are super corrosive worse than acid flux decades ago. The pros use weird detergents and hot water in commercial sometimes residential dishwashing machines, so I rinse afterwards with steamy hot water which dries very quickly.

Denatured ethanol burns really well so I do this in a metal utility basement sink with the water running. Unlike petroleum solvents and greases, ethanol mixes perfectly with water so if I manage to ever set my board and hands on fire, there is a stream of cold water about two inches away.

My experience is ethanol needs a good soak for about three minutes in a sealed tupperware and then some toothbrush scrubbing and a water rinse, repeat about twice for perfection. Ethanol can be reused many times for rough cleaning but the final clean should be with fresh stuff so figure two tupperwares one with lots of gross old solvent and one that only touches clean new solvent.

Quality level CAN be very high with this cleaning technique. These were previously cleaned boards that were later reworked and cleaned again, and the areas that were cleaned with denatured alcohol corroded heavily. This was then confirmed by cleaning bare boards with the same alcohol, and the same corrosion happened there. The traditional denaturing agent is Bitrex, an incredibly bitter compound that leaves a bad taste even in the tiniest amounts.

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This is the best kind of denatured alcohol to clean stuff with — no visible residues. Then there are the sloppy ones, which petroleum distillation products — this crap leaves oily residues. Methanol is indistinguishable from ethanol by taste or smell, which is why it would make for a very bad denarurant. Not since I visited a PCB and circuit stuffing house and saw them running finished populated boards through dishwashers.

You can always add alcohol to soap and water if you need it. Denatured alc methanol and ethanol from the big box store works, been using it for decades. Still working on the gallon I bought years ago. Methanol can be absorbed through the skin, so anybody washing their hands with denatured alcohol is playing with fire. A lot of commercial denatured alcohols have a surprisingly high percentage of methanol, not just a few percent as you might expect.Discussion in ' Do It Yourself ' started by haripOct 2, Log in or Sign up.

Team Fiat. Messages: 40 cochin Linea 1. Hi guys, Sharing my experience with sensor cleaning. I read about MAF sensor cleaning a while back and had planned to do it when I had enough time. I had got my intercooler pipes cleaned with some other works at Bosch service center near Edappally, Kochi, Kerala. I had specifically asked them to clean the EGR and that they did not do. By my experience, please avoid that service centre at any cost, because the cost you put out to avoid them would be less than what they would squeeze out from you.

Just to let know I was charged 4k for a single front strut. So after getting the intercooler pipes cleaned I was not feeling much of a difference in performance. By the way my Lines mjd emotion pk has run 1lak plus kms. So what I do is bought a new air filter from Hyson kochi and replaced the old one in the empty road near the showroom itself. I could feel that the engine was a little free after this but car was emitting more smoke than before and first cheap less coastly guess was clean MAF sensor.

First issue was sourcing isopropyl alcohol as no drug store had it and some had not even heard the name. So managed to find a surgical equipment store and guess what, this is simple called spirit. So for keralaites it would be simple for you if you try to enquire it as just spirit. If you guys know it already then excuse me cos I didn't. I got two bottles and as in instructions took out the sensor. It was pretty easy job.

I also had sourced a collor for the sensor to turbo hose part as my old one was clip type and I did not have tools to put back in. I qqv two transparent plastic bags and poured one bottle in one bag after keeping the sensor in it. Kept 15 min took out the sensor and put it in new bag with second bottle. Again 15 min. Also shook the cover really good so the sensor got applied with the spirit real well.

This got rid of most of the small dust like things. After taking out the sensor from second bag, i could see some hard sludge like thing in the net. I took a risk and with help of small pin removed those things from the net and took it out of the pipe. Gave it enough time to dry and put it back in.

I had also removed the v viii vi negative terminal during the time for an ECU reset.

Another method

After connecting all back in, went for a drive. Once engine was warm enough, revved hard through gears. Stopped the car and checked for smoke and guess what, smoke has reduced to a minimal level. Revv to around 3k to 4k rpm and slight smoke is there.Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for electronics and electrical engineering professionals, students, and enthusiasts.

It only takes a minute to sign up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. And would like to know which ones should be used to clean electronics, and out of curiosity why some are worse choices than others?

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I would start with clean distilled or de-ionized water over any of those. Most ordinary dirt can be cleaned off with water well enough. Make sure whatever you are cleaning is unpowered, and don't power it back up until you are sure it is dry again. Most electronics using VLSI components are safe to immerse in clean water, but SMT electronics especially with chipsets and things that have mechanical components are notable exceptions.

The water will go under the chipsets because it is using the space between the pcb and the chipset as a capillary and gets stuck under it. The liquid will not dry and even if it does after some time it will leave a certain amount of corrosion under it which may lead to a change in resistance including a short. Some of these electronics include anything that is a bit smarter than your lightswitch like buzzers, relays, watches, microcontroller controlled electronics, and anything in a housing where water might get in but have a hard time getting out again.

While extra clean water is a good idea, even ordinary tap water is good enough for most cases. The advantage there is that it's cheap and available, so you can afford to have new water flow over whatever you are cleaning.

Washing with tapwater and rinsing with clean water is fine too. That will rinse away any of the crud that tap water might leave behind as a thin residue. Next I'd use isopropyl alchohol. In fact, I keep some of that around the office, along with some cotton swabs. It can dissolve some solder fluxes that plain water can't. Otherwise, observe the same precautions as with water. I would stay away from vodka, rum, and any other ethanol with extra stuff in it.

If you have to go that route, moonshine is probably better because it's basically ethanol and water with little else. Still I wouldn't trust any liquors due to them containing stuff that may not evaporate and therefore be left behind. I wouldn't use acetone at all unless I was sure the specific component it comes in contact with is rated for that. Acetone can dissolve various things that could cause trouble.

I think what I've said is clear enough, but since it was accused of being misleading I'll get into it a little more. Dissolving is a process where individual molecules of a substance the solute diffuse into a liquid the solvent such that the result is still a liquid. Salt dissolving in water is a example we've all encountered.

This is different from a slurry where small particles of some substance are suspended in a liquid. The particles are still many many molecules in size and are generally large enough to settle out after a while, but this is a digression anyway. Some types of plastic dissolve in acetone. Some electrical components are in part made of such plastic.

Therefore washing boards with these components on them in acetone can cause harm. If this plastic were submerged in acetone long enough, it would eventually all enter solution dissolve and be rinsed away with that solution.One of the most important steps when servicing a mechanical watch movement is to thoroughly clean all of the parts to remove all traces of debris, oil residue and other contaminants from the surface of the parts.

Cleaning movement parts is necessary for many reasons, firstly a clean movement will jschlatt soundboard time more reliably, one of the most common reasons for a watch to keep poor time is the hairspring becoming contaminated.

A clean movement will also look more appealing particularly when showcased in a watch with a display case back. It is also important to thoroughly clean the movement to preserve the lifespan of the movement, over time the contact points between moving parts of the movement will wear down producing microscopic grit-like particles.

How do YOU remove Loca glue s3 s4 iPhone 5 5c?

If these particles are not periodically removed, these grit-like particles can exponentially increase the rate at which the moving parts wear, reducing the lifespan of the watch. Lastly thoroughly cleaning the watch movement will prevent the movement from tarnishing discolouration. Often movements will contain parts that are made of brass and steel that can discolour if they are not correctly cleaned, or not cleaned at all. Many professional watchmakers will use a watch cleaning machine or an ultrasonic cleaning bath to clean the movement components.

Whilst these methods yield exceptionally clean parts and consume little of the watchmakers time, for the hobbyist, investing in expensive cleaning equipment is not necessary. Most papan tanda jalan raya will resort to cleaning the movement by hand using a selection of cleaning solvents. Personally, I use two different cleaning fluids to clean the parts. The first fluid is simply washing up liquid detergent diluted with distilled water approximately 1 drop of washing up liquid to ml of distilled waterthe other is I have had great results using these fluids, although many prefer to use lighter fluid or specially formulated cleaning fluids.

No matter which cleaning fluid you choose to use, the same basic cleaning procedure should be used. Whilst this method work for most of the parts, there are two components that should not be cleaned using this method, these are the pallet fork and the balance assembly. The basic method involves cleaning the parts, followed by two rinses and then thoroughly drying the parts. The first step involves letting the parts soak in the first cleaning fluid for several minutes, then using a small paint brush to agitate the surface of the parts in order to remove any stubborn contaminants.

I use distilled water and washing up liquid for the first stage. If you have an ultrasonic cleaner at your disposal, you can use the ultrasonic cleaner during this step, instead of using a paint brush to agitate the parts. You may find it helpful to load the parts into a cleaning basket or a small sieve so that it is quicker to transfer the small parts between the various cleaning fluids. It is important to place the larger items in the solution before placing the smaller more delicate parts in to avoid damaging them.

It is important to use distilled water to clean the parts rather than tap water as distilled water does not contain any contaminants that will leave a residue on the parts. It is also important to not use excessive amounts of washing up liquid as you may find using large quantities of detergent will leave a residue on the parts and does not increase the cleaning power of the solution.

Approximately one or two drops of washing up liquid for every ml of distilled water should be more than sufficient. You may find that heating the distilled water may enhance its cleaning performance as the heat will soften any oil deposits and will increase the rate of reaction between the soap and the oils. Warm soapy water is a very effective at cleaning watch parts as the warm water will dissolve any salt residues and carry away any dust and debris, and the soap will break down any oil residues.

After cleaning the watch parts in the first solution, the next step is to transfer the parts to the second cleaning fluid, for which I use Isopropyl alcohol is a particularly useful cleaning solvent as it both dissolves any grease or oils that were not removed in step 1 and also removes any traces of the first cleaning solution from the parts. There is no need to dry the parts when transferring them to the next solvent, however blotting them on a paper towel to remove the majority of the first solution is recommended.

I usually submerge the parts in this solution for minutes. Whilst these parts are submerged, a small brush should be used to agitate the surface of the parts to aid the cleaning process. You may find it helpful to steady the parts with a piece of pegwood whilst you are agitating the surface with a small brush. Pegwood should be used to clean the pivot holes of the bridges and mainplate, the pegwood should be sharpened to a point and placed inside the pivot holes and then rotated.

Cleaning a watch movement

This will remove any contaminants from the pivots. It may be necessary to repeat this step several times for each of the holes, sharpening the pegwood with a knife between cleanings to remove the soiled wood. Pegwood can also be used to remove any fouling that has not been dissolved by the cleaning solutions.Repair guides and disassembly information for phones from all manufacturers and service providers, including Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.

Get everything you need to repair your phone yourself. Loca remover off ebay, first of all it smells just like the I have used those blue plastic "razor blades" they're good for the thick stuff or if you can get a good edge on the glue but useless for the fine layer of loca.

There's a spray called "contact cleaner", used mainly for cleaning connectors on boards, which is fairly inexpensive but highly effective. Until now I've never had any problems! Thanks for your reply, I did think about using contact cleaner once.

MAF sensor cleaning with spirit

I will give it a go, I just replaced the glass on a iphone 5, once i had the lcd off I used loca remover and Hi guys, what brand of contact cleaner are you talking about, is it any of these? They sent us MOTOR OIL i used it a little and it works alright, they recommend soaking the lcds in motor oil the additives help eat threw the glue i beleive then remove the glue and soak again and repeate if nessicary.

I never liked it because its time consuming and very messy but it is effective! Show 2 more comments. Well, I'll try the contact cleaner! The last time on an Alcatel one touch I used the olive oil and it worked a bit slowly but very well. Now it smells like salad but it's ok. Many thank for olive oil idea.

Tested to remove glue between screen and glass of a Nokia Lumia It is excellent!!! Harold Wong. We use Gooff to remove the loca glue and it works fine. Take a look at this article on loca adhesive for more info. Wd then get hard glue off. Ive done 10 s3 and some s4 like this. Bench Computer. It smells like the devil's testicles, but it is far and away the best product for removing loca as it evaporates quickly, doesn't leave residue like goofoff and eats through the thickest layers of LOCA and leaves both glass and plastic unharmed.Forums New posts.

What's new New posts Latest activity. Log in Register. What's new. New posts. Log in. Install the app. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Problem: High idle and Intake air temp error code logged code Thread starter eddyvr4 Start date Dec 14, The high idle may not even relate to the error 13, im open to any suggestions.

I initially thought a vacuum leak, but have pressure tested and cant find any. Last edited: Jan 19, No worries, just remember to clean the IAC with carby cleaner first, that can revive them for some time.

As i researched the IAC issue i did find some suspicion in the evo forums with guys running metho that the metho may eventually damage the IAC.

NO conclusive evidence, just a suspicion, but ill mention it here anyway. How metho could damage something that carb cleaner doesnt is a bit of a stretch. I did have to clean my IAC before i started on the water injection system so more likely it was already on the way out. Hotwire 1 AYC Bar.Anyway thanked him, light was out and stayed out for the mile journey home and car seemed to run better. To correct follow the procedure outlined in this bulletin and ,if necessary replace the high mounting bolts.

If either sensor isn't working correctly, the car will run rough and the P Fault: katiecrumb. A los 5 dias el vehiculo vovlio a fallar… mientras tanto los dias posteriores al cambio de la bomba anduvo perfecto! There is p low fuel pressure dtc but diagbox shows pressure around bar. Your Peugeot engine control system detects a problem, the computer stores the diagnostic trouble code P in its memory.

This code is most common on vehicles that use a returnless fuel system. This happens most of the time after driving for like 20 minutes, till the car is at a certain temperature i guess. It sounds as though the mechanic found code P As a result, oxygen sensors are likely to report … Joined Aug 20, My Turbo Petrol Peugeot has a lot more sensors on board than your Peugeotso I would be hesitant putting methylated spirits in the tank, as I don't know what other consequences would be the result.

I am led to believe by main agents that the regulator is part of the pump. Peugeot anti pollution fault - common ECU problem. P 6. Hi everyone. The engine management light is on so I took it to MR. Only show this user. When the check engine light comes Peugeot P code on the first you should check is the gas cap. P is a general OBD2 diagnostic trouble code that indicates a fault within the fuel delivery system.

Fortunately, the fuel system in a car requires only minor tweaks. What does that mean? This diagnostic trouble code DTC is a generic powertrain code, which means that it applies to OBD-II equipped vehicles that have a … engine and throws the code P, can you help me please? You should be fine with metho as long as 1) you don't soak it for terribly long, and 2) you dry it REALLY well.

Methylated spirits contains a. You should just spray it and leave it to NOT WIPE. you can also use a spray bottle with methylated spirit/rubbing alcohol and spray it also and. › forums › viewtopic. (this is for a hotwire MAF.

I cleaned a MAF sensor with electrical contact cleaner and the car started methylated spirits in a spray bottle:roll. hi guys im poor at the moment and was wondering if i could use sum metho in a spray bottle to clean my maf sensor wires?i figure itll be ok. › Forums › GARAGE › Do It Yourself. I read about MAF sensor cleaning a while back and had planned to do it when I had enough time. I had got my intercooler pipes cleaned with. Re: your original message, DO NOT use a toothbrush or anything to scrup the MAFs in the process of cleaning - you might impact the critical resitivity function. › › Land Rover. Cleaned mine last night, I removed the MAF sensor from the tube by As i said before, just plain methylated spirits works wonders.

Does anyone have an idea about where exactly is the MAF sensor located only Methylated Spirit (Ethyl Alcohol + methanol to poison it). Spray the alcohol liberally over the Mpt3sas error codes sensor. Be sure to cover the MAF sensor's wires, intake and all its crevasses to thoroughly clean the part.

Do not. * isopropyl alcohol is rubbing alcohol and may have fragrances, other additives and water in it. * ethanol is available as methylated spirits. Metho is not the same thing and leave residue. I'm not sure what need you have to clean the MAF sensor. Given it's in the intake AFTER the. Methylated spirits can be used to remove ink stains from upholstery or clothes I bought this for Rs and this is by far the worst cleaning alcohol I.

The Mass Air Flow(MAF) sensor should be cleaned with some MAF cleaner. Do not use brake clean or any other cleaner. Not sure if methylated spirits or. A clean MAF sensor can restore horsepower and improve fuel mileage.

Here's how to perform a mass air flow sensor cleaning the right way. rubbing alcohol; MAF sensor cleaner or sensor safe carburetor cleaner. Park the vehicle on a flat non-grassy surface in a well-lit area.

Shut. I looked up the MSDS for CRC MAF cleaner and found it's just. gasoline, with some carbon dioxide as propellant. What do you think of cleaning. Chief suspect (and cheapest to investigate) was the MAF, cleaning it Can methylated spirits/thinners be used to similar be used to clean.