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Casafico is a privately owned business with its head office in Melbourne, Australia. They have been successfully converting waste resources into premium render coatings and building materials for several years. The extensive knowledge and personal experience have established them within the industry as having a solutions based approach.

Casafico understands that saving time and money is imperative to customers and for this purpose their products and methods have been designed to be lighter and faster for the applicator to use. Leveling Coat - Highbuild render, LC is the first step to take when preparing a wall, it allows you to build up to 50mm we use this as a 8mm min coating standard.

Smooth Coat - smooth preparation render. SC is the second step to prepare a wall ready for the finishing coat. Q: Take example of lightweight panel and rendering products, what are your reasons for choosing Aalborg White cement? The decision for us to use white cement was an easy choice, we manufacture a premium product, choosing pure white cement enables us to produce the highest quality products and offers consistency for our customers.

Aalborg white cement is our safeguard that there are no impurities hidden within the cement and the chemistry of our products remain the same and allows us greater quality control.

Aalborg white cement is our competitive edge we choose to use this in our entire range. At Casafico you can witness daily, our team working closely with our customers to achieve the exact gurung barga chakra and colour that their customer wants, we welcome the trade coming in under our guidance making their own samples, or ongoing training and hands on personal approach to solving customer issues and help win business for our customers is unique to Casafico and valued by our clients.

Background Casafico is a privately owned business with its head office in Melbourne, Australia. Coharo Coatings Leveling Coat - Highbuild render, LC is the first step to take when preparing a wall, it allows you to build up to 50mm we use this as a 8mm min coating standard Smooth Coat - smooth preparation render.

SC is the second step to prepare a wall ready for the finishing coat Concrete Finish - Finish coat render to achieve concrete look London Finish polished stucco - Finish coat render to achieve a polished venetian plaster look Tecoblock - Lightweight cementitious building block Polystat - Fire panels residential cladding Q: Take example of lightweight panel and rendering products, what are your reasons for choosing Aalborg White cement?Marmorino Concrete Finish is an Italian product specifically designed from Advanced Spirito Libero to cope with Australia's harsh weather conditions.

Due to its easy application it also saves time and labour. It is a lime-based satin material cement free with a high concentration of marble to dry hard over time whilst maintaining the benefits from the slaked lime, of mending itself which is ideal in case of capillarity. Due to the high demand in the Australian market, Concrete Finish has been designed to deliver one of the highest yields in its field.

Suitable for interior and exterior use. It comes in a paste, already tinted concrete and therefore ready to apply! Cera del Vecchio with a Painting Sponge and buff it or seal it with Marmorino Shield after 48h on the exteriors. Marmorino Concrete Finish. Home Products Marmorino Concrete Finish.

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Apply first coat of Concrete finish with a Venetian Plaster Trowel. Apply a second coat of Concrete finish smooth with Water and polish it with the trowel.

Apply 1coat of wax: Cera del Vecchio with a Painting Sponge and buff it or seal it with Marmorino Shield after 48h on the exteriors. Please contact us if you need one of our certified applicators. Quick View Add to Wishlist. Login to see prices. Kit Concrete Finish for 14sqm feature wall.

Follow Us. This error message is only visible to WordPress admins Error: No posts found. WordPress Image Lightbox.Achieve a smooth concrete look finish or low lustre finish for external or internal walls of your project. Cerano has been specially formulated to achieve a smooth finish, ideal for creating the on trend concrete look or an off-formconcrete look over a wide variety of substrates.

Highly versatile, Cerano is ideal for introducing different textures or finishes to your project. A two coat Interior System, or for the exterior we add an additional coat of Rockcote Polymer render and finishing coats of Resene Concrete clear for enhanced durability and protection from the elements. View Architectural Specifications. View architectural specifications and drawings. Previous Next. Featured Projects. Rockcote Otsumigaki our Japanese inspired plaster was selected and applied to the wall and ceiling surfaces creating a soft, and calming space.

Rockcote Otsumigaki is hand applied and polished creating luxurious finished surfaces to the stunning work space. Architecture and Craftsmanship - Christchurch is in great hands to overcome the challenges placed on it post quake. View all projects. Receive our Newsletter. Creating beautiful and durable exteriors you can trust.In this article, we will explore the different types of rendering servicesfinishes and guide you through the one that will be best for your home. Due to changing weather conditions in the UK and regular wear and tear, it is inevitable that your home will naturally degrade over time.

Thankfully, there are steps you can take to protect your home from such elements, maintain them properly and raise its property value at the same time. One of the common ways is to give your house a new rendering finish.

Concrete Render

Home rendering is the process of covering an exterior wall with cement render, acrylic render, silicone render, monocouche render or some other kind of product. They are carried out with the intention of protecting the exposed brick and other construction materials from erosion and cracking; preventing expensive maintenance or repairs down the line. Depending on your budget and requirements, you could choose between monocouche and silicone rendering which are much more superior to the conventional rendering methods made from cement and sand.

Cement and sand render is one of the traditional and standard types of rendering which is popular among homeowners who are looking for a budget friendly solution. They are mixed on site and are usually applied in several coats, and then painted once dry. Continuous maintenance is necessary to keep them looking their best. At Ralph Plastering, in addition to cement and sand rendering, we also carry out more modern techniques of rendering namely, monocouche and silicone.

Monocouche is dry powdered render which has a coloured pigment and provides reasonable breathability.

Monocouche render is very often compared to sand and cement render, and although monocouche does contain cement it is actually very different in terms of texture and characteristics. Unlike other renders, monocouche ezbass download crack tend to offer a more chalky finish than and is usually scraped to create a pitted effect to provide a finished texture.

Monocouche render comes with numerous benefits making it a good choice for the exterior of your house. Some of them are listed below:. There is no need to apply any coats of paint once you have rendered, as the colour will already be looking good. Long-lasting: Monocouche render lasts for at least 10 years.

The colours very rarely fade over that time, so the colour you originally chose will remain strong. Weather-proof: These renders act as a strong contender against the UK weather no matter how much rain or wind it throws at your property.

They are completely waterproof and weather-proof in its guaranteed life span. Flexibility: Monocouche render comes in a variety of colours and finish that you prefer; creating the perfect look for your home that suits your style and needs. Insulation: These renders have a high thermal efficiency which can also act as insulation.

This in turn will save you money on heating bills. The cost of monocouche render can vary depending on the base coat needed. Should you require a more custom quote, do get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to provide you one free of charge.

We have our monocouche rendering price list here.Technical support info ewipro. Acrylic render or cement render? There are several advantages and disadvantages of each. Here I will be going through the all of these to answer that important question!

Cement render consists of loose materials mixed on-site cement, sand, lime, etc. A rendered finish can be fine, textured or smooth, natural or painted etc. An advantage of cement render is that its a cheaper option than other renders and can be a great choice for a lower budget project. However some of the disadvantages include; it tends to crack over time and a limited range of substrates, for example only brick and block. Cement render also has to be mixed on-site, meaning possible contamination.

With acrylic render, having a Basecoat is essential. Another great thing about silicone render is its flexibility with changing temperatures, making it far less likely to crack. A great rendered finish can come from both acrylic and cement rendering even though the application process and material properties vary significantly. Die to it being the cheaper one of the two, cement render is most common in many rendering projects.

Although acrylic render use is rapidly increasing, this is likely due to its long lifespan and its other many advantages. Bearing this in mind, there are many different options for rendering your home without having to decide between cement and acrylic.

At the EWI Store we have a range of different renders ranging from silicone to silicone silicatecementacrylic or even scratch render. If you unsure of what look you going for you can use our render colouring tool also on the website and test out our range of different colours on your own home! Here is a video explaining how to use this tool. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

These cookies ensure basic functionalities and security features of the website, anonymously. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Analytics".A cost-effective option for both interior and exterior applications, Rockcote Smooth Set is a cement-polymer, powdered compound; when applied to substrates, Smooth Set will achieve the Industrial chic finish that you desire.

Network Building Supplies are a Rockcote supplierand we also have a large range of render supplies and accessories! We tint our Rockcote render on-site and can provide you with advice on render types with our huge render display.

Any questions regarding RockcoteRender or any other products, just get in touch with our customer service team who can supply the information and technical specifications that you require — 02 or send us a message.

If you are considering utilising external cladding on your next project please take a look at our Ready Reckoner and compare the difference between all the products that are compliant under the NCC. A mobile first cloud-based app for tradespeople to help you manage all your projects and project teams, which you will have access to for FREE for your first 6 months!

Rockcote Smooth Set Close-up The most prevalent aspect of obtaining the industrial look is the polished concrete finish A cost-effective option for both interior and exterior applications, Rockcote Smooth Set is a cement-polymer, powdered compound; when applied to substrates, Smooth Set will achieve the Industrial chic finish that you desire. Previous: Acoustic mount clips? Next: Why is low VOC paint the better option to use?Render coats should not be stronger than the background or any previous coat to which they are applied.

Weaker coats can be achieved by reducing the cement content of each coat or by using the same mix but decreasing the coat thickness. Sand for render should be well-graded category 2, in accordance with BS EN Sand with excessive fine material, clay or silt can shrink and crack so should be avoided. A sharp gritty or coarse sand is required for strength in the backing coats, but finer sand should be used for the finishing coat. Designation ii, iii and iv strength class M6, M4 and M2 mixes are generally used for rendering.

Stronger mixes are generally more moisture resistant; however, they are also more prone to shrinkage, which increases the likelihood of the render cracking.

Weaker mixes may be appropriate for weaker backgrounds in less exposed zones. The effect on the adhesion of subsequent render coats should be considered when water-repelling agents are used. Plasticisers and air entrainers should comply with BS EN and not be used in mortars containing masonry cement. The number of coats should be designed to take account of the background and exposure conditions of the site.

When applying render, previous coats should be allowed to cure before applying the next coat typically three to four days. Surfaces should be appropriately prepared to receive following coats. This can be achieved by either combing or scratching. The final coat should be applied to an undercoat that is suitably keyed. The size of the background to be rendered should be assessed to determine if it can be rendered in the time available.

This will help to establish the most suitable location for day joints. The final coat should be of uniform thickness and not used to even out irregularities, which should be accommodated in previous coats. Factory-made renders with a declared mix in accordance with Table 4, applied to the thickness recommended in Table 6, and that otherwise comply with the recommendations for site-made renders, will generally be acceptable to NHBC. Render mixes containing hydrated lime can improve the ability of the render to accommodate movement, improving resistance to cracking and crazing.

The use of lime should be in accordance with BS EN Natural hydraulic lime NHL is used without cement, which can allow greater moisture vapour movement through the structure. Specialist advice may be required for the use of NHL render. Also see:. The render mix shall be appropriate for the intended purpose, be compatible with the background and be designed to minimise the risk of de-bonding, cracking and crazing.

Issues to be taken into account include: sand mix design admixtures and bonding agents coat thickness of site-made render application of site-made render factory-made renders lime. Notes 1 With fine or poorly graded sands, the lower volume of sand should be used. Portland cement with a waterproofing agent already incorporated may be used in the undercoat, or.

For a superior finish, it is recommended that a skim coat of Unitex® Polymer Render be applied over the rendered wall. ROCKCOTE Concrete Finish is an ultra fine polymer modified product designed to create an authentic grey concrete look without the need to add coloured. The cement render content provides good insulation properties, and the strength of this cement type of rendering can be increased by using.

Cement rendering is the application of a premixed layer of sand and cement to brick, concrete, stone, or mud brick.

It is often textured. From smooth as silk Japanese Renders to the Moroccan inspired Tadelakt finish, Interior rendering to a concrete look finish is popular for a range of. Concrete rendering refers to the application of a layer of sand and cement that is mixed beforehand and is applied on brick, concrete, mud brick. Concrete Render Finish · 1. Apply 1 Coat Of Primer: · 2. Apply first coat of Concrete finish with a Venetian Plaster Trowel. · 3. Apply a second coat of Concrete.

Plaster is coating a surface with cement render or plaster finish on an internal or external wall. Plaster is for decoration and protection of every. ROCKCOTE Concrete Finish is a pre-coloured polymer modified fine cement render used to give a grey polished concrete finish.

Oct 21, - CONCRETE/DADO FINISH, polished concrete look render, VENETIAN CONCRETE. the polished cement render or polished concrete render industrial look be polished to a luminous shine, delivering a truly opulent mirror finish.

It can also be used to create a smooth finish over inconsistent substrates prior to painting. A cement, polymer-modified powder blend, Smooth Set requires.

The cement rendering system is the application of a mixture of sand, cement, lime, clay and bonding agents to brick and concrete surfaces, which is then. Cement rendering is a popular decorative and protective finish that is widely used across the construction industry.

Whether it's a modern home or an older. Ezycoat Skim Render has been specially developed for use on external/internal surfaces that require a rendered finish.

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A pre blended cement render that. Advanced Spirito Libero create artistic effects by masterfully applying Marmorino textured render finish and concrete finish to residential and commercial. At Finishing Touch Rendering, we understand that cement rendering is more than just mixing some render and whacking it up.

It is an art form that requires. Through-coloured, cement-based mortars for use as a render top coat. With flexible polymer renders available, this type of render is suitable as the final. page the Guide to Choice of Finish for criteria that most closely fit your requirements. Blockwork. Brick. Concrete. Cement/Sand. Renders. Render Boards. Cement render is predominantly done on brickwork, usually the exterior of a home or a boundary wall.

Rendering is a good way to protect.