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Abbie is both classically and functionally trained with a background in a wide variety of genres.

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Some of her favorites are christian contemporary, musical theatre, impressionistic art songs, contemporary classical, acoustic pop, and jazz. Abbie is married to Ben Anderson and they currently live in Nashville, Tennessee. They enjoy quality conversation, time outdoors, movie nights, and dancing in the kitchen.

Our goal is to train singers as vocal athletes, performers, and artists. Private vocal coaching is done through an eclectic approach of teaching methods drawing from old and new practices in the field.

Vocal cross-training is promoted in our studio, allowing students to explore many styles of singing they love. Among our highest aims is to combine healthy singing technique with genre-appropriate nuance and honest expression. Finding what it takes to be open-hearted in this performance art requires practice.

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Nothing can replace hands-on experience and we believe building an immunity to performance nerves comes from facing them. Establishing a comfortable stage presence comes with trial and error, familiarity and success. To help address this, we hold regular studio events.

Through these gatherings we promote a community where our singers inspire each other and learn together. At our live venues we use professional sound equipment to give our clients a safe place to practice interacting with gigging essentials.

We also have resources to help in-state clients build up their portfolios through in-house demo recording. Having exciting goals to work towards keeps our singers growing regardless of their level. Perhaps most importantly, this package experience enables our singers to give of their talents in new and important ways. As we capture your song, we hope you will be empowered and prepared to share it with others.

Skip to content Who Started It All Our Studio. Our Values In Singing. Facebook Instagram Thumbtack.The court heard this contract is not due to expire until January 31, The injunction also prevents 98FM from doing any act or thing which induces or procures Pavilion from refusing to perform or further the contract with FM In an affidavit read to the Court by Mr Stewart, chief executive of FMDermot Hanrahan, said his station had entered into a contract with Pavilion under which it was to render the services of Ciaran Gaffney otherwise Chris Barry to his station for a period ending on January 31, Pavilion and Gaffney had wrongfully purported to terminate and resign from this contract.

On Friday last, a press release from Fleischman-Hillard Saunders made on behalf of the defendant declared that Barry will be hosting 98 FM's late night talk show programme from 10pm to 1am, Monday to Thursday, with the new programme beginning on May 5 next. If Chris Barry or Pavilion were permitted to break the contract of Junethere was a serious risk that the number one position in the market place, at present held by FMwould be lost, he said.

The Radio Ireland discussion group at www. The operators gave the following explanation:. They have been held up to public odium, scandal and contempt as a result of which they have suffered and continue to suffer, loss and damage. The possible loss of Hosting Services is of concern to us. If the weaker people spent half as much energy on the stations output as they do to office politics then maybe things could improve or at the very least their shortcomings might become so evident that they could no longer be tolerated.

Let me give you a small example as to how the dangers of letting non radio heads run free within a station: In Sunshine the News output was always treated with a certain amount of respect and the result was that the News was never fantastic but it was never bad either.

Now compare this to Century the biggest non-event in Irish radio history, I was in Century the day after they closed and I was shocked at the amount of waste in the place. In the production area I hamza name ringtone five or six Revox B77s and a couple of PR99s,I then came across a couple of more B77s in one of the on-air studios.

My first thought was no wonder this mob went to the wall if this is an example of the overheads they had because if you compare the output of Sunshine and Century and the respective popularity of the two stations there can be no doubt which was the more successful and at a fraction of the cost. This I put down to the people involved. So I think that the success or failure of any new stations will depend a great deal on who is in there doing the job.

And again this brings me back to the subject of the Famous Five and who they might be. So far the only two names put into the hat are Dave C and Dr. Don neither of which I had in mind Don is now Don Moore Faith Healer 7th son of a 7th son and doing quite well from it on the Continent-Dave is doing relaxation tapes. Surely you can do better than that. Lets have some names Regards Gandalf Last changed: November 16, The studio will be used for one programme a day a different one each day plus local production work.

The Voice of Peace

There is also an Optimod in the rack. Its an extremely nice job, obviously no expense was spared. Transmissions continue on Subject: Pulse to announce closedown tonight 6pm!!Meeks, Jr. William Bruce Meeks Lump on upper sternum. Wolfert Dan Ingram. Jon Wolfert Jonathan Wolfert. JAM founder Jonathan M. Britain Radio Radio England. It was also the home of Thompson Creative which entered the radio station ID business in the mids.

This famous address has been synonymous with jingle making since the early s and was formerly home to PAMS Productions from It was the deodorant company, Odorono, who took offence that Chris Stamp made a request for endorsement dollars. When the US-backed Radio London arrived off the coast of England, there was an unsuccessful attempt to merge its sales operation with that of Caroline before Radio London started transmissions.

The new station introduced British audiences to slick American-style top 40 radio with electronic jingles produced by Dallas-based PAMS — and was an immediate success. PAMS is a U. Shirk's powerful vocal delivery was also heard in the form of station IDs and liners for other stations in Indiana and Ohio as well Initially known as "Radio 8" with PAMS jingles, within a few months the station's final transformation into "The Big 8," with new jingles sung by the Johnny Mann Singers, was complete, and the station was on a rapid ratings upswing.All rights reserved.

All company names, assorted logos and ServiceMarks are the property of their respective owner s. All Rights Reserved. Media Preservation Foundation. Media Preservation Foundation downloadable. From time to time the Media Preservation Foundation will produce, for sale, compact discs containing some of these recordings. However, the recordings are not the property of the Media Preservation Foundation. They remain under the control of either the original owners or current rights holders.

We are both proud and grateful to be able to produce these compact discs containing materials that are of popular items or important works. Have a question about something you have heard on the web site?? If the Media Preservation Foundation has a copy of a specific jingle, have a request or need help with a station a mystery jingle??

Contact the foundation at tcarman jingles. Barry I. Celine Dessault on lead vocals March 10, CRC Series Futuresonic DJ Themes. Jim West's Holiday Music feat. Dallas jingle singers. Joseph P. Cuff's "Q-Cuts". KSTP St. PAMS - Assorted cuts remixed from the multitracks.

Just For You" Series 46 Promo. Tony Griffin Productions - Misc Composite. Tracy E. Moog Only mix. Precussion Heavy Mix. The Sundance Organization's "Quick Shots". Cuff "Image II". Set 1. Set 2. Revised MAYSpecial Phila Radio Montage.

Click Here To Listen! You can't talk about Philly, without the mention of WIBG, the city's first big "rock and roll" radio station. Joe Niagara, Bill Wright Sr.

The battle lines were set, and the "Pop Explosion" format of WFIL slowly, but surely took over first place, as the music leader in the Delaware Valley. Oldies never sounded better. Stereo radio was here, marking the beginning of the end for music on the AM band. It was time for a new AM oldies station to be born. Along with a new format, and a new custom Jam jingle package, came a young talent named, Mike St.

Mike had a natural talent, and became, and still is today, a "true legend" of Philadelphia radio. They found it, and in a big way. The station was even using resings of old Pams jingles, to help with presentation. The battle between the two stations lasted less than a year, when WIOQ was sold. For more information, visit "The Classic Philadelphia Radio" website. All Jingles are used by permission, by their respectful Owners.

Used By Permission. Gene Hart passed away on, July 14,Until any jingles that were heard on a radio station in the United States of America had been produced locally. An example of this was KLIF, a station that went live in The station had its own staff singers, which might seem strange now, but it was fairly common practice back then.

In Bill Meeks left KLIF and founded a company called PAMS, which promoted itself as a commercial music production house and advertising agency whose initials originally stood for Production, Advertising, Marketing and Sales, the four areas that Bill felt clients needed help in.

In later years, the S was changed to mean Service. The company was based in Dallas, Texas. But this was not by accident, rather, it was by the design of a gentleman called Bill Harris, who was the local director of the American Foundation of Musicians. He pushed for musicians to be paid transcription rates rather than the much higher national advertising rates. Had this not happened inits quite possible that PAMS might have been based in New York or Los Angeles and as such it might have meant that radio stations today would be traveling to those locations rather than Dallas for their jingles.

This was to become known as the Series 1 package. However the package had no consistent logo melody. The package was produced specifically for the station, therefore it was not a custom package, but a syndicated package. In all, PAMS created 49 numbered packages with numerous variants, many named packages for clients across the world. Among the stations that used PAMS jingles were. For over 10 years the future of the company and the jingles themselves were left hanging on legal threads.

It meant extensive legal research had to be carried out to determine who held the valid copyright to the PAMS material. It was eventually determined that the original PAMS corporation, that had been bought by Jonathan Wolfert, still owned the jingles. PAMS had to resort to legal proceedings to resolve all the conflicting claims. A settlement was reached in February and since then, JAM have sold re-sings of the classic jingles out of Dallas, Texas, whilst a company called KenR offer re-sings out of Toledo, Ohio.

Report an error. Ian Beaumont Contact More by me. William Meeks was my grandfather and a wonderful man to boot….


I will be eternally grateful. Looking for the words to the Grffin shoe polish companies radio jingle played in Texas in the late thirties and forties. Your Comment Your Name.

Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. A Transdiffusion Presentation Report an error. Author Ian Beaumont Contact More by me.The aim of the radio station, rumoured to have been set up with the financial help of ex-Beatle John Lennon, was to communicate a message of peaceful co-existence to the volatile Middle East.

The station's output was a popular music format presented by a team of professional, mostly British, DJs broadcasting live from the ship. The second studio, used for production, had a Gates turntable, reel to reel tape recorders and a NAB cartridge recording unit. The Voice of Peace was Israel's first offshore pop station and the first commercially-funded private broadcast operation. Initially, the station transmitted on AM and The MW signal was broadcast from a centre-fed horizontal antenna slung between the fore and aft masts, a similar design to those used by Radio Veronica and, later, Laser The station normally ran at 35 kW until late when it was decided to operate just one transmitter at a time, keeping the other in reserve.

InKeith York's repair of the combiner enabled the two Collins units to be run together again, resulting in a large mailbag from Turkey, Crete, Greece and Cyprus, areas the Voice of Peace message hadn't reached for nine years. A second 20kw Harris FM transmitter was also installed onboard the ship.

During the station's heyday, many notable personalities were involved in broadcasting on the station. John and Yoko Lennon signed hundreds of 'Peace' posters, held on the ship, which Abie Nathan could sell on to raise revenue for the station should times become hard. Thanks to Tavas Advertising, this situation never developed and due to their hard work, The Peace Ship was able to function into the early s on Tavas-generated revenue pre-May During the mids, the station boasted more than 20 million listeners stretching from the Middle East to southern Europe and Turkey due to the 4GG format used by the professional broadcast team drawn from Britain and Australia and led by Keith Ashton.

The VoP had several mostly short lived rival offshore radio and even television stations during its time on air. The most well known of these was the right wing station Arutz Sheva Channel 7. Steve Greenberg, who would go on to become a Grammy winning producer and president of Columbia Records, was another early's broadcaster aboard the ship. Kenny Page is acknowledged as being one of the station's longest serving presenters, having worked on board from the s to the s. Paul Rogers ex-Radio Elenore, Liverpool spent one year on board frombefore moving on to become Dave Collins on Radio Caroline and is currently still working on radio in the UK.

A Reunion in Amsterdam 'The Radio Day'celebrated the launch of a new book by Hans Knot of station memories in November 4, and the conference was attended by many media interests including Channel Two Israel who interviewed Don Stevens, Chris Pearson and Steve Silby and showed the newsreel worldwide. This resulted in Don Stevens making contact with his long lost child Sarit, one whom he prayed for every day, through the good offices of Channel 2, and he was overwhelmed to discover he was part of a three child family.

Joe Cashin By: Joe Cashin. Taken on November 16, All rights reserved. Stream CPMG ID Jingle Sampler by Radio Jingles USA on desktop and mobile. Play over million tracks for free on SoundCloud. Listen to CPMG ID Jingle Sampler by Radio Jingles USA playlist on desktop and mobile.

From the Jingle Connection in to The Jingle Network in and beyond with the revived history parts 1 to 5 of WAY Audio and CPMG – refreshed for.

I know I've got it on a cassette Ben Freedman narrated and sent to me some 30 years ago.

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(Any jingle collector of a certain age knows EXACTLY what I'm talking. tdceurope.eu › watch. Listen to music by Cpmg on Apple Music. Find top songs and albums by Cpmg including Aldo (feat. Cpmg), Gold Standard and more. Your browser does not support the audio element.

Words & Music Demo. CPMG. Your browser does not support the audio element. Assortment Demo. PAMS Productions, Inc based in Dallas, Texas, was one of the most famous jingle production and for the next 12 years, PAMS jingles were produced under the CPMG/PAMS. /PAMS-CPMG #18/25/26 re-dos (Dallas) - Byboth AM and FM were using fulltime oldies formats. The original PAMS was out of business but a company.

There are also the more familiar cuts from jingle company CPMG (PAMS) featuring the line 'with music, news and information. CPMG — Carr Purcell Meiboom Gill [sequence] based in Dallas, Texas, was the most famous jingle production company in American broadcasting. Buy Demo Tape in Music Cassettes and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! CPMG Jingles Demo Tape (Cassette) *VERY, VERY RARE* (Used, VG). WNBC Time Machine PAMS Jingle Composite () While the station bought many PAMS jingles, sung by both the KenR vocal group in Toledo and the CPMG.

Until any jingles that were heard on a radio station in the Group (CPMG), had started offering re-sings of the PAMS packages.

Dan Ingram Jock Reel [WAV]. CPMG/PAMS Composite Jingles [WAV]. 19?? CPMG/PAMS "Goldmine" Re-Dos [WAV]. JAM "Do It Again" CUSTOM Jingles [WAV].

Listen to music from cpmg's library ( tracks played). Get your own music profile at tdceurope.eu, the world's largest social music platform. If the Media Preservation Foundation has a copy of a specific jingle, CKKS Vancouver, BC - CPMG/PAMS Series 25 "Happy Difference" & 27 "The Jet Set".

CPMG produced PAMS jingles for the original Viking Radio version of Classic Gold. by Jingle Network's Podcast. Time length icon 10m 42s. 28'/'PAMS CLASSICS JINGLES' SOLD BILL MITCHELL: 'VOICEOVERS FOR MUSIC MONTAGE'/'KILLER DEMO PACKAGES' CPMG: 'HOSPITAL RADIO SONG 2'. Radio Caroline Platinum Jingles Collection - 5 CD & 32 Page Collector's Set Over jingles appear on the most 3 Radio Caroline – CPMG PAMS Resings.