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Chapters will of course have trigger warnings depending on the content HIGHLY recommend you listen to the playlist as you read!

Other then the kinky smut LMAO. No for real though, this is as fluffy as it gets. Pains and aches serving a reminder of all the apologies that were owed from her. Instant dread and distaste for confrontation swirled in her stomach. Ah but she deserved it all.

The night was blurry, but from recollection, it was only Teddy. From where? She stepped out of her room, pleased with the sight of her roommate rolling a joint on the kitchen table. The weed would ease the sting of the bruises and busted lip. You guys fucked for like a week straight.

Frost-Queen — Obsessions (Reader x Spencer Reid)

Thought you guys were gonna get married. Masochist, remember? Kena understood the satire of her response. She saw the unknown number and smiled putting it on speaker for Kena to hear. The line went silent and they awaited the confused stutter of some telemarketing con artist. And a confused stutter came. Spencer Reid? Kena looked at her friend in confusion, but she was busy replaying the events of the previous night. Spencer had called Teddy, from the parking lot of a shady…her memory stalled, liquor store.My dad is one of the most confusing people ever when it comes to the shows I watch.

He openly admits to liking the crime shows - Bones, Criminal Minds, the likes - and gets really into some shows like Grimm, or True Blood.

Merlin gives Arthur sass? Snort-laughs at the TV. Uther being a rude ass? Literally leans forward in his seat so he has to prop his elbows on his knees to get comfy. I have that show. Warnings: i was legit just writing so theres a lot, season five spoilers, reader was shot and is still dealing with effects from it, suggestive dialogue, criminals obviously, guns, worry of unreciprocated love, thoughts of cheating but no actual cheating, age gap legal ofc! I really actually love it though lol so I hope you guys like it!

Summary: what is a plot. Uh you have liked aaron for a while and this is like, how you get together. You put your hair up into a ponytail, letting out a gentle sigh. You looked at yourself in the mirror, the bullet proof vest on your chest and a gun at your side. It was a normal view for you. This was the same thing all your coworkers wore, the same thing you wore everyday. You looked over at her, slightly surprised she was around. There was a slight sting to it but you had gotten used to the dull pain in your shoulder.

I promise. She picked up some things working endlessly with profilers. You remembered that night all too well. It was like it was last night. Feeling yourself drift in and out of consciousness, hearing the voices of your team members telling you to hold on. Wanting to answer them and not being able to. It was a regular unsub.There was an immense thunderstorm happening outside the BAU headquarters and neither of you had been looking forward to driving home in the torrential rain.

Man, how you hated thunder. The lift had grinded to a halt seconds after it had started and the power outtage had shorted the lights.

Where Reid excels, Gubler falls short

You remembered hearing a high pitched shriek from the 6ft1 man standing next to you and seeing the panicked look on his face when then emergency lights had flickered on… Apparently being trapped in a lift was not his biggest fantasy. Reid insisted on hitting it back on and off every ten minutes or so as he constantly rambled about how many elevator related accidents there were each year.

We might as well try and get some sleep. And w-what if we need to go to the ba-bathroom? Spencer hit the emergency call button on again and you winced at the sound. You sighed. His brown eyes snapped up. I just hate the thought of being stuck in here at all. When I was in high school I got shoved into a fair amount of lockers, so being trapped inside any small space for a long period of time just brings back memories. You smiled sadly. You hated hearing about the bullying and pain your friend had been through in high school.

Standing up to street your legs, you knocked the call button off again.

How Criminal Minds Fans Think Reid Helped The Push For Representation On TV

Suddenly the main lights flicked back on illuminatating the small space which had been your home for the past two hours. A second later the lights flicked back off and the lift jammed again, the sudden loss of motion making you knock into Reid. The emergency lights came back on as you steadied yourself against the wall. You reached out and placed your hand on his arm in an attempt to calm him down. What if the cable snaps or the power is out for days and no one can get to us.

What if….Gratuitous references to the scientific method during fun naked times. Sure, you used to try to ignore your crush on Spencer. It was just that your mind wandered, sometimes. You used to find yourself imagining how he might touch you, how he would sound, how he would taste…. In your fantasies, he would blush when you asked him what he wanted — hesitate when he tried to answer — smile and stutter as he undressed you — and you predicted that if you ever were to end up in bed with Spencer, you would theoretically be the one to take the lead.

A month ago, when the two of you got together, you discovered that your hypothesis had been completely, totally, gloriously wrong. You always assumed he was the kind of guy who would ask for permission before he tried anything. Well, not about the asking for permission thing. And yeah, he did have a brief moment of speechlessness when he first saw you naked, but there was no trace of hesitation when he finally did speak. It was the way he said it, too: that hoarse breathless tone of his, the way his voice cracked and crackled around the words.

Something about that voice always sounded so innocent.

marauder-exe — Intimidation- Spencer Reid x Reader

Can I please take these off? The first few times you slept together, it felt like he touched you for hourslike he completely forgot about his own body in favor of exploring yours, his fingers and lips and tongue teasing every inch of your skin and his eyes sparkling with fascination as he catalogued your reactions.

When he found something you liked — when you gasped or twitched under his hands — he repeated it, testing, experimenting like the scientist he is. You just underestimated his determination to master this, master youin the same way he masters everything he sets his mind to. Spencer does something with his fingers that sends sparks jittering out through your skin — it makes you throw your head back, shuddering as your muscles start to spasm with the frisson of heat.

If you enjoyed this, please reblog or leave a message here! More Criminal Minds fic here. Keep reading. Omg there-must-be-a-lock. Art request. So my friend and I may or may not have started writing an AU fanfic roughly inspired by that drawing you did of Witch! In it we have Bucky as a werewolf, maybe you could draw some witchy Clint with his werewolf boyfriend? Always make sure to give your werewolf boyfriend a bath to prevent fleas. Witchy Clint has made a special, magic-infused bubble bath to help Bucky out because his skin always feels itchy and raw when he transforms back into his human form.

Also, for anyone that wants to see the original Witchy!Anonymous comments are disabled in this journal. Your IP address will be recorded. Recommend this entry Has been recommended Send news. Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Previous Share Flag Next. And his second impression. And then his third.

Which was a little tricky so I hope he sounds vaguely in character. Written from a prompt by luckinfovely. Betaed by luckin, any and all remaining mistakes are mine, all mine. He's a weirdo, what his second wife would call a "dweeb.

Morgan seems capable but a little uptight. He likes Prentiss. She reminds him of his daughter. Okay, he doesn't have a daughter, but if he did, he'd want her to be like Prentiss. Plus, he's way too young to have a kid that old. Garcia's what the kids call "quirky" or some shit. But she keeps her mouth shut so he likes her for that.

He doesn't know what to make of JJ yet.

Fanfic: Triad [Criminal Minds]

They didn't have someone like her his first time around. Plus, she's got a great ass. But he'll keep that tidbit to himself. He keeps reciting Rossi's books like he's paying some sort of fealty.

And come on, there's no way he comes off that pretentious in print. Reid's like a verbal ticker-tape parade, words flying everywhere. Statistics on this, quotes on that. The mating habits of crocodiles.

Which drugs haven't received FDA approval. What comic book Garcia's reading.Summary: Spencer always finds something empowering at the local department store. Or, the one where Spencer takes interest in more "feminine" things, and ultimately discovers his new favourite hobby.

Chapters: 2 Word count: Tag: department stores fic. Chapter 1: Right In short, dresses just weren't made for Spencer Reid, and he was alright with that. That fact, however, didn't stop him from looking.

Word count: Hey all! After a moment of waiting and still not receiving an answer, Luke decided to sit on the couch, watching his boyfriend as if he was the most entertaining show in the world.

When a book slipped off the top of the stack, causing him to lose control over the rest, Luke finally decided to help, picking up the majority of the books and bringing them across the room with ease. This, I decided, should also change. Keep reading. Posts Likes Following Give me your headcanons!! Department Stores Masterlist Summary: Spencer always finds something empowering at the local department store. Unsub, trying to defend himself : he just appeared out of nowhere! Derek, sarcastically : I didn't know high people could run that fast Emily : Or that they could teleport in front of ATVs.

Luke, uploading pictures from his camera: it says memory card locked Spencer, drinking his 5th coffee before 11 o'clock: hocus pocus I can never fucking focus no matter how god damn hard I try. Morgan, giving a pep talk: the blue team has this down to a t, but we're American, so like, we threw all the tea over board. Morgan: you're killing it, kid Reid, leaning over to Garcia: i'm doing so much more than killing it.

See this in the app Show more. Recently Liked. His username is: xHarlemShakex 1.There are a lot of TV shows that have graced our televisions over the years and one of the favorites that stood out quickly was Criminal Minds. The show ran for 15 years, with the first episode airing in and the finale taking place on February 19, During that time, the show followed a group of FBI profilers who tried to analyze and track down the most dangerous killers and stop them in their tracks.

It was full of drama, suspense and some of the saddest Criminal Minds episodes will forever be in our memory. The kidnapping of someone one of the main characters loves is bound for some good drama and that's what this episode was. In the episode, Reid's girlfriend was kidnapped by her stalker.

Reid gets the help of his colleagues to try and find her and save her life, before it's too late. The team works really hard, but unfortunately for Reid, the love of his life was killed right before his eyes. We all know by now that when a main character announces they are pregnant it tends to mean one of two things: Either the actor is pregnant in real life, or something bad is going to happen. In this case, the latter happened and, in this episode, it all played out.

By the time she woke up, she was in the hospital and she just knew. Section Chief Cruz told her that the doctors were not able to save her baby and it was heartbreaking. We know two things to be true in TV shows: Both the season premiere and the finale are going to be good and that was proven true in the first episode of Season 6. At the end of the last season, the team had been able to find a serial killer who was on the run for decades—but the killer takes off with Ellie and Derek is devastated.

When they're finally reunited in this episode, all the tears were flowing. It's probably hard to love someone who has a dangerous job and that's why when the Criminal Minds ' characters get into relationships, it's always heart wrenching.

In this episode, J. Her emotions were totally felt through the screen. The intense drama continued from the previous episode into the next while J. She went home to find robbers connected to the bank inside her home, where her young son was. They were there to kill him and, again, the pain, fear and sadness were palpable. It is not often we emotionally connect with the person who is supposed to be the "bad guy" but that's what happened in this episode.

A husband and wife were on death row, days away from execution. The wife was accused of killing her infant son and the husband was in prison for kidnapping, raping, and killing young women. The twist came when the team found the infant son who was now a teenager, and it turns out she placed him for adoption to keep him safe.

She was willing to be sent to her death to protect him. This story was one of the saddest purely because of the subject matter: children and the very real issue of abduction. The episode touches on the hard to think about, but realistic, issues in the real world.

Their Scary Real-Life Counterparts. Distractify is a registered trademark. All Rights Reserved. People may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Offers may be subject to change without notice. Article continues below advertisement. There's a lot to choose from for the saddest 'Criminal Minds' episodes, but these are the standouts. When Reid had first joined the BAU, he was often afraid to speak up and spoke with a slight stutter whenever he was nervous.

Reid stuttered. "Well, I'm hoping you can. There are so many people in here. I'm looking for Derek Morgan. Do you know him? Original Characters · Unsub (Criminal Minds) · Case Fic · Angst · Fluff and Angst · Insecure Spencer Reid · Hurt/Comfort · First Kiss · Getting Together.

hotch, criminal minds fanart, aaron hotchner, spencer reid, jack hotchner, This blog is an automated list of all fanfiction posted on the Archive Of. They/them | Criminal Minds appreciation | Incorrect quotes Morgan: you're killing it, kid; Reid, leaning over to Garcia: i'm doing so. A cacophony of half-formed images stutter across his vision; bleeding birds and drifting feathers, the flickering of candles in a darkened room, the shadowed. "I- Cisco ucs 6454 think s-someone's following me," you managed to stutter out.

Your heart rate sped up and your breathing quickened. You began to feel unsafe in your. Part 1: It was a typical day at the bau for Spencer Reid until suddenly it wasn't and it all started. Intimidation- Spencer Reid x ReaderRequest: hey could you make a spencer spencer reid fanfic criminal minds criminal minds fanfiction. Disclaimer: I do not own Criminal Minds nor its characters. Reid stubbornly resists all attempts by Derek to charm him out of the mood.

IS THAT SPENCER??? criminal minds spencer reid criminal minds reid mgg mgg wallpaper spencer reid comfort mgg pics criminalmindscontent spencer reid fanfiction.

Reid stuttered as Novilene giggling at his red face of embarrassment. "Relax, I didn't mean to tease you." Novilene assured him and drinking.

Obsessions (Reader x Spencer Reid) Requested by: Anon, Check out my Masterlist for more Criminal minds imagine's and more. You realize you love Spencer Reid - really, truly love him - one cold and the book as you stutter, “B-but you read much faster than me. “Until you do.” spencer reid imagine spencer reid fanfic spencer reid x reader imagine criminal minds imagine criminal minds x reader imagine. Characters: Rossi (POV), Reid, Morgan, Hotch, Prentiss, Garcia Summary: SSA David Rossi's first criminal minds fanfiction His hearts stutter.

Your stupid stuttering is pissing me off." Reid flinched as he backed away from the dark skinned man. Looking to Rossi and Hotch for help he saw. You reduced him to a stuttering mess whenever you looked at him, spencer reid fanfiction spencer reid x reader criminal minds fanfiction.

Pinned Post spencer reid x reader spencer reid spencer reid fic masterlist not just criminal minds. if you want to read more of my stuff. For being too sexy,” I stuttered out. The girl raised her eyebrows, “If you don't mind, I'd just like to finish my book,” she said.