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May I ask for a Sora x daughter reader? Then he learned that she got taken away by Young Xehnort. Originally posted by soraz. Today was the last day of school before spring break and you were super excited to spend it with you dad, Sora.

Darling - Ardyn x daughter! reader

Sora took you to the bus stop for you to go to school. Have fun! Once he saw the school bus take off, he headed off to do some missions. While you were at school, you had a mysterious substitute teacher. My name is Mr. You and your classmates were confused. Whenever you or one of you classmates would ask about your real teacher, Mr. Nort got slightly offended. Soon the day ended but you can leave, Mr. Nort called you to his desk. Quite the opposite really.

Your teacher wanted me to give you this. You soon fell unconscious letting the cupcake fall out your hands. But then again, you never know when someone might poison it. He picked you up and headed to his secret hideout.

Sora stood at the bus stop waiting for you. What is going on? He was about to call his friends but a note fell in front of him. EXP lv Posted on March 17, with 4 notes. Sora x Daughter! Reader Warnings: angst.If you have any requests for certain characters or story lines, DM me. You were happy. You had your father, and your uncle.

They were the only ones you really needed. You could still remember that day as if it were just yesterday that Uncle Somnus had jailed your father, leaving you all alone. It had been a beautiful summer day, and you and your father were just relaxing in the field of flowers, talking and playing, when Uncle Somnus rode up and restrained his older brother.

You had screamed for him to stop, but it was as if he couldn't hear you. You didn't even get to say goodbye, to either of them. Like your father, you were immortal, but you had no idea why. Your father, his purpose was clear: he was to be the sacrificial lamb for the Chosen King. At least, that's what the Draconian had told you when he had gifted you immortality all those centuries ago. Yet he hadn't told you why you were important. Now, you lived in Insomnia as a normal citizen, getting by as well as you could without rumors spreading about your appearance that barely changed as you aged.

But every few decades, you would escape to Lestallum or Altissia, before coming back home. You were walking around, trying to enjoy the Founder's Day festivities, but all you could think of was how Somnus had treated your father.

But you didn't hold a grudge towards the royal family, just your uncle. As you walked, a pillar of flame caught your attention, and you followed it to see the Infernian attacking city goers, along with a man. When you tried to get a closer look at the man, he was suddenly in front of you, and you froze. We are long overdue for a chat, don't you agree?

You look well," his words were accompanied by a tender smile, belying the destruction that surrounded the both of you. But it was soon replaced by a frown. I'm sorry. Even during the ten years without the sun, you lived in Insomnia. The daemons never once bothered you, letting you go about your routine. Some would even go so far as to get out of your way whenever they were in your path.

But it was the faces you saw one day that had you stop. From where you were, you could see the Crown Prince and his entourage making their way to the Citadel, and you followed. You stepped from the shadows slowly, bringing your fist to your chest as you bowed to the Chosen King. Please, allow me to accompany you and your soldiers to the Citadel. He didn't even question your name. You watched as Noctis took down your father, and then as words were spoken between the two men. Once Noctis had stood and walked away, you approached your father's body.

You only shook your head.Bodies were found in the dumpster located behind the office building with no traces of fingerprints or a single trail of blood. Guess we gotta question the residence of the complex. Those two buildings are the closest to the main office and would be easy to hide a body without being caught by other residences. They are sweeping the scene as we speak and hope to find more clues while we question the residences.

Arriving at Castle Lakes, the partners exit the vehicle and approached the scene.

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Cops were crawling everywhere as they desperately searched for a lead. They met with the lead detective before beginning their rounds. While Hank handled the three hundredth building, Connor dealt with the four hundredth.

Knocking on the first door, he was greeted by a middle-aged man. The smell of cigarettes and alcohol wafted through the apartment as Connor received a whiff of the pungent brew. The android scanned the man and saw he was intoxicated. May I enter, Mr. Now inside the apartment, Connor realized how much of a pigsty it was. His nose scrunched up as the brew of sickening odors greeted him more strongly than before.

The android heard talking from one of the bedrooms down the hall. Connor knocked on the door, startling the little girl and causing her stuffed animal to fall out of her hands. She hid on the other side of the bed and peered over the sheets as the android entered her room.

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Noctis: Lets his kid play at public playgrounds but also builds an indoor one at their home It would be located at the garden seen in Brotherhood Ep.

Or what about a little tower with a long slide? Purple, yellow, red color blocking? No bragging though! No more sulky Noct, all smiles and giggles Noct - until he has to go back to his duties. A meeting right after he spent time with his kid?

Sign him right up for it! Play dates with friends from school? Protective af Becomes a little kid himself when playing with his kid s Just imagine two little Promptos building a sand castle?!

Gladiolus: Oh boi. That guy loves adventures and nature. Who needs a public playground in a crowded city when the entire world is one? Climbing trees, climbing rocks, building a treehouse Camping! So much camping! So much panic on the first few trips.

Final Fantasy XV fic recommendations

Good job, Gladio. Female or male. Yes, the big guy will be scolded for that. He builds a small fort and treehouse in their garden Now they can have fun without leaving their house, yay!A little random idea I got and discussed with themissimmortal. She said write it. Then I tortured atlerion with it, and this is the result. It will be a two part short story as it felt natural that way. You two were happy…. Tagging: itshaejinju cupnoodle-queen nifwrites blindbae hypaalicious diabolik-trash-heap louisvuittontrashbags rubyphilomela neko-otaku13 insomniacapparel xnoctits insomniascure ridingchocobros dirtyffxvconfession ponkita stunninglyignis fieryfantasy sweetchocobae atlerionangelic-guardienne.

You laughed as you sat in the palace gardens, your little baby sitting on your lip and giggling happily as she wore a Moogle onesie her big brother Noctis had given her. You loved your daughter Aurora more than you could bear at times. The little girl looked just like her father. The same beautiful green eyes and thick black hair.

You, a simple assistant, married the King of Lucis as his second wife. And the Astrals had blessed your union with this little scrap of purity. Making the child giggle more. The little girl beaming and wiggled excited as your husband and her father made his way towards you two. Leaning on his cane, his knee brace in place.

It always tugged on your heart to see him like this. The Ring and the Wall demanding so much from him. Praying silently to the Astrals that one day he could finally rest and find peace. Your daughter joining him happily as she held out her little hands at him. Regis sat down with the two of you, his movement stiff and slow.

It made your heart ache, but you did not offer to help him. Knowing he did not like it at all. Your little girl did not notice it, for her, daddy was just daddy. Wiggling off your lap, the little one crawled excitedly over to her father. Not the King. Being King was nothing if not stressful. Gently, you pressed your lips against his cheek - he automatically leaned into your touch.

He turned his face and pressed his lips softly against yours, making you giggle as his facial hair tickled your skin. Aurora let out a little huff, and you two looked amused at her.

Just like someone else I know…eep! He had aged a lot the last few years, his once black hair now completely silver. Lines on his skin and his body not as strong as it used to be.So, this started off as a headcanon post but my writing muse told me to turn it into a drabble for Noctis. Hope you all enjoy! Tagging Because I think they will like it : itshaejinju promptoargentum-is-my-husband. Originally posted by truelovexv.

It was devastating and embarrassing to be doing this alone. You were terrified to tell anyone. How could you? Noctis was supposed to get married! Well, it was after he received the blessing of Leviathan. Your relationship with Noctis had been a secret for so long before he and Luna were even supposed to marry. Keep reading.

Of how much stronger he is, his use of his semblance and his ability to be human and genuine with everyone. Proud of how he paid tribute to her with his armor and weapon.

That he stays true to his friends. Originally posted by gorillageek I decided to make some starlit Varric fanart for Dragon Age Day, ! Hero of Fereldan, shaking Zevran awake: Babe, what the fuck, why do darkspawn carry money? What the fuck, why do they need money? Zevran: Amor, please go back to sleep. Hero of Fereldan: Is it a capitalism?

Is the Archdemon creating jobs? What the fuck? I am going to get such a good grade in being a dog actor, which is completely possible to achieve, and normal to want!

I am doing a great job!

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I am proud of myself for doing such a great job! This is why I love the dog in the original casting of The Thing so damn much. I have never seen an acting dog move with such a deliberate, calm intent. It was like every single motion and gesture this animal made was intentional.

Originally posted by cinemagal. Read Cute! Chocbobros & Baby!Reader from the story Final Fantasy XV Oneshots by Hello_Starlight with reads. finalfantasy, finalfantasyxv, ignis. Read Darling - Ardyn x daughter!

reader from the story FFXV Drabbles/Oneshots { }REQUESTS OPEN{ } by YXxXxXxXxXY (YXxXxXY) with reads. [Fn] took a bit of a walk near the riverbank, it was a peaceful place, wishing she lived somewhere simple.

She continued to walk, gazing at the. Lies - Chocobros x Ardyn's daughter! reader. No. “Come to me, my dear,” Ardyn called for you, his hand outstretched. You didn't move. King Regis had often told you that Noctis was rather low maintenance as a child as all he did was sleep, and turn down vegetables. So you. Ff15 Headcanons and Short Drabbles Seems that even within your child like state, you still had the powers he gave you to keep you with.

This is an imagines/scenarios blog. Fandoms include Kuroko no Basuke, Attack on Titan, Free!, Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy X and X-2, Final. With Child || Older!Noctis x Reader Drabble/Headcanon blondechocobobutt: “ Noctis' reaction to his S/O being pregnant during the year. Babysitting (Final Fantasy XV Preference) Requested by anon: could I get Ignis: Ignis is quite a calm child and won't give any problems. [Y/N], the daughter of Ifrit going against her own father in combat.

final fantasy xv noctis lucis caelum x reader prompto argentum x. SIDENOTE: Fem!Reader The older your child became, however, the more you tried to get your baby to say “Mama”, the more Noctis tried to. Discover more posts about chocobros+x+reader. Anonymous said: May I ask for a Sora x daughter reader? One where the reader doesn't get off the bus and Sora gets very worried.

My name is Kiki and on here you'll find TG, FFXV and perhaps MysMes “You should go on Wattpad and type Traitor Renji Yomo x Reader it's. Final Fantasy XV / Noctis x Prompto / Promtis / #ffxv.

More information Batfamily X Child Reader - They Find you. More information. May 4, - Noctis x Reader ~Destined Meeting - [Author's Notes: FFXV is decision had the probability of having another chosen child bestowed with god. Oh, lordy lordy. This was wonderful!!!

Source: blondechocobobutt · gladiolus x readergladiolus amicitaffxvfinal fantasy xv. Ardyn Izunia · Reader · Female Reader - Character · Male Reader Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy X. Final Fantasy XV fic recommendations“(Reader inserts) angst fluff / Gladio x reader x Prompto; angst fluff / Noctis x reader x Ignis. Long Live the King - (Ardyn Izunia x Reader) Ch.

7 I finally finished after your previous child was murdered before your very eyes.