Ford fiesta tail lights not working

Brake lights are one of the most critical safety features that your Ford Fiesta has. They let other drivers know when you are slowing down, and that they need to slow down too. The most common cause for this is a bad brake light switch. Just back up really close to the garage door and push the pedal. You should be able to see the brake lights illuminating the door. If none of the brake lights are working, we are going to follow the circuit from the fuse box back to the brake pedal.

At some point the power is not getting from point A to point B. We just have to find where that is. Please note that tail lights can work even if the brake lights are burned out. It is entirely possible that all the brake lights burned out at the same time. The first thing that you should do if all of the brake lights are not working is check the fuse.

You can pull it and visually inspect it to make sure that it is not broken. Even if it looks fine, if you have another fuse of the same amperage, swap it anyway. What works better is using a simple electrical test light to determine if the circuit works. Just hook the clip of the light up to a good ground and touch the two metal tabs on top of the fuse.

There is no need to pull the fuse for this. If it is not, replace the fuse. Make sure to put the same size fuse back in. The most common location is the brake light switch. The good news is they are inexpensive and easy to replace. We need definitely need a test light at this point.

The video below shows exactly how to do this. He has the brake light switch out of the vehicle, which makes it way easier to see.

You do not need to do this. Basically, there are two wires, one is alway hot. When you press the brake pedal down, it sends this power r p312 haplogroup origin the brake lights. This is the most likely failure point. If your vehicle has cruise control, it may appear as though there are two brake switches. The other one is to tell the cruise control to turn off when you press the brake pedal. You may need to consult your manual to determine which one is which.

But, as a general rule, the cruise control switch will not have power going to it when the key is off like the brake light switch does. If there is a ground wire running to the brake light switch, make sure that it is secured tightly and corrosion free. You know that it has power before this point since the third brake light is still getting power. Look in the trunk if applicable. Check any grounds the harness has in there. Good luck fixing your vehicle!Many city dwellers favor the Ford Fiesta because it conserves fuel, and it is easy to park in tight spaces.

Before you replace the light bulb on your Ford Fiesta, you should know if the replacement bulb is suitable for your vehicle. When Ford commenced production of the Fiesta inthe company used light bulbs for its low beam headlights.

The appropriate bulb size for high beam headlights on Ford Fiesta models manufactured between and is Between andthe company installed 97 light bulbs on their tail lights. InFord Fiesta switched to the light bulb and used this bulb size until Fiesta still uses the light bulb size on its taillights to this day.

Check here for the best prices of Ford Fiesta light bulbs on Amazon. Do you want to save fuel while driving your Ford Fiesta? Then, consider disabling your daytime running lights. Do you want to know what each of the light indicators on your vehicle means? If the eco-system indicator light appears, it means that you need to shift up a gear to conserve the fuel in your vehicle.

This light helps drivers check their fuel usage. So, if you want to avoid consuming excess fuel while driving your Fiesta, you should watch your speed.

If you notice this light flashing while driving, disable any unnecessary equipment and take your car to a Ford dealer. The brake warning light flashes when you apply your parking brake without turning off the ignition. This light will disappear once you switch off the ignition. If your brake warning light blinks while driving, it may signify that you have not released your parking brake. Another reason why your brake warning may appear when you are on the move is insufficient brake fluid.

When this happens, stop the car and turn off the engine. Wait for about 20 minutes to let the engine cool down. Check your coolant levels and refill them if they are low.

If your Fiesta overheats when your coolant level is normal, it means that your car has a malfunction. Call your mechanic to come and fix the car. Make sure to also read our article about where the Ford Fiesta is made.

To switch off headlights on your Fiesta, find the lighting control nob on your dashboard and turn it off. You can find your lighting control nob on the left side of the steering wheel in your Ford Fiesta.

Also check out our article about how long the Ford Fiesta lasts. The auto light sensitivity system activates your automatic headlights when driving in a place with little light.

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The auto light sensitivity system rarely triggers the headlights when it can still detect light around a driver. If you want to use your automatic headlights when it is only slightly dark, you may have to activate them manually.

However, some states do not allow the use of headlight covers. So, check that your state permits headlight covers before getting them for your car. Please also read our article about the Ford Fiesta in snow and winter driving. This article highlights basic information about the lighting system of Ford Fiestas.

Table of Contents. Was this article helpful?My tail lights are not working Push in on the upper sides of the box to release it and lower it down then simply remove the glove box by lifting and pulling out. Fuses are good. Could it be the headlight switch? What could this be?? Ford Fiesta not starting or when ever it wants to. All lights come on and service lights, rev counter jumps up and down and even replased eart to body and engine.

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Write a car review. Search Ford Fiesta Questions. CarGurus Experts. Know more, shop wisely Search. Related Models For Sale. Used Cars for Sale.Car troubles are something we all must encounter at some point or another. Sometimes these can be minor problems, while other times, they can cost you a pretty penny. The headlights and tail lights are ones you should keep an eye on. If you are one of them, then this is exactly what you need to read.

You should run some tests to make sure if the bulbs are the main culprit or not and to do that, you will need to remove the tail light cover. The task you have is not difficult.

You have to make sure the filament in the bulb works. If you see illumination, then it is working, and something else might be the problem. So, change out the bulbs. Most of them will help you reach your desired outcome.

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More than the faulty bulbs, you will see that there is something wrong with the fuse, which makes the whole electric system of the car run smoothly without anything getting damaged. Its main job is to break when the flow of current is too high. This breakage protects the electric system. Now, if you want to check the fuse, then there are two places you can find them in the car. The first one is in the panel found in the cabin inside the car. The second place is just under the hood of the car.

That is where all the important parts of the car are placed. All you need to do is identify which one the fuse is. You should see a black box that has a lot of wires. The fuse can be reached when the cover is removed. Moreover, the fuse obviously controls different parts and systems of the car, so you have to look for the right one. This is something you should find in the owner's manual or might look for it on the internet.

Use a fuse tester to see if it is up and running or not. The way to find out if it works or not is to see if the tester lights up or not. If it does, then it is fine. However, if it does not light up, then you will have to buy a replacement for it.

Say you checked out the fuse, and the bulbsthen you find out that both of them are absolutely fine, then the next thing you should be looking into is the socket. Sometimes failure in the socket might lead to the tail lights not working.You are not logged in. Hi all, having an annoying problem lol; My side brake lights are not working, thought it was strange to have both out!

Have had a play with the 2 switches behind the pedal, one seems to operate the centre and I'm guessing the other switch the side ones?? So I thought the switch might be broken, have joint the circuit without the switch and still nothing lol??

Has anyone experienced similar or have a solution? Thanks in advance!! You sure it's not the bulbs? You said the center brake light was working so it's definitely not the fuse unless they're fused seperately? Have you tried switching your sidelights on to see if they work?

Tail Lights Not Working But Brake Lights Are: Fixed (Answer)

Yeah middle works fine, don't think they're separately fused. Sidelights are working fine and the brake light filament looks unbroken on both too. Seems very unlikely both bulbs would of gone id of thought but I'm baffled lol! Quote: Yeah middle works fine, don't think they're separately fused. If your sidelights are working fine but the brake lights aren't working it sounds like some how you've managed to blow both brake filaments inside the bulbs but the sidelight ones are still intact.

You probably need new bulbs mate. Yeah might have to try it. It's the brake lights that don't work, side lights are fine. Just seems strange, there's 2 switches behind the pedal I'm guessing they operate the brake lights when it's pressed and one switch turns on middle light and other the 2 side brakes, but when I joined the circuit without the switch still nothing!

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Rear lights or tail lights, are an important safety feature on your vehicle, especially when driving at night or in bad weather. These lights let other drivers know where you are on the road and illuminate brighter to indicate when you are braking.

When rear lights fail, not only can it be dangerous for you and other drivers, it can also result in a citation from a police officer. If you notice an issue with your rear lights, you should have it inspected immediately. During the day time, or when the headlights are off, rear lights only illuminate to indicate when a driver is braking. At night, or when the headlights are turned on, the rear lights illuminate constantly to let other drivers know where you are, and illuminate brighter when braking.

Your rear lights are controlled through the same switch that controls the headlights. Power is channeled through a relay to the rear lights, illuminating them when the switch is engaged.

A brake light switch, which is typically connected to the brake pedal, illuminates the brighter brake lights when the brake pedal is pressed. Blown Fuse: As a first resort, a mechanic should expect the corresponding fuse for your rear lights. When a fuse blows, it prevents the circuit from completing, in this case preventing the rear lights from illuminating.

Sometimes when a taillight lens cracks or breaks, it can allow moisture to enter the lens and cause a short circuit, blowing the fuse. Burned Out Bulbs: In the case where only one of your rear lights appears to be out, the cause is most likely a burned out bulb.

When the filament breaks inside a bulb, it cannot illuminate the gas inside the bulb. A burned out bulb will not affect the circuit of the entire rear light system, and the other rear light should continue to function normally. Bad relay: A relay transfers power from the battery to the lights themselves, but when a relay fails, the connection is unable to be completed.

A relay may also fail because it is not grounded properly. A wire that is not grounded properly is unable to protect the circuit and provide an outlet for excess charge that build up. A vehicle with a bad relay or bad ground may not be able to successfully power your rear lights.

Bad Brake Light Switch: If the rear lights illuminate normally but do not become brighter when braking, the brake light switch may not be functioning properly. The brake light switch circuit is completed when the brake pedal is pushed, but if the switch has been pushed out of place or is not connecting properly, the brake pedal may not be able to complete the circuit, meaning that the lights will not illuminate.

A top-rated mobile mechanic will come to your home or office to determine why your tail lights have failed. The mechanic will then provide a detailed inspection report outlining the nature of the failure and the cost of any repairs that need to be made. When checking electric components on your vehicle, especially, fuses and relays, the mechanic will bring a multimeter which will help him or her diagnose what specific component has failed.

The mechanic will begin by examining the back of the car for any superficial damage like broken tail light covers, and loose, or frayed wiring.

If there is no superficial damage, the mechanic will then begin to examine the different components along the electrical circuit.

The mechanic will begin inspecting the various electrical components of the vehicle by looking at the fuses. If he or she suspects a blown fuse, they will remove the corresponding fuse for the tail lights to see if it is blown. If so, the mechanic will then replace it with a fuse appropriately rated for the amperage. If only one of the tail lights appears to be out, the mechanic should check to see if the unlit bulb is burned out.First and Last name or company name: Contact phone.


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I have scanned the car with ForDiag, and didn't get any fault codes, exceptas my Airmass sensor is in the trunk. For keyless systems to re synchronise the key: Remove remote from vehicle,lock using the door button. fuse inside the fuse box, brake light actuator mounted above brake pedal or blown brake lights. box is behind the glove box. Did you solve this problem? Was it a fuse and if so which one?

Ford - can you help? Yeah sorry just the two rear lights not working, reverse, indicators and brakes are working fine. I'll check the fuses first later but i. › facts__wont-fiesta-rear-lights-work. If it is neither the bulb nor the fuse, the likelihood is that it is a mechanical or electrical problem. If this is the case, contact a professional for.

#1 – Bad Tail Light Fuse · #2 – Bad Tail Light Bulbs · #3 – Socket Failure · #4 – Worn Out Wiring · #5 – Control Switch Failure · #6 – Dirty or Bad Ambient Light. ford fiesta tail lights problem tail lights don't work - Cars & Trucks Have you checked the fuses check for a blown parking light fuse. If your Fiesta's brake light switch checked out ok, and there are no brake lights illuminating at all, inspect the wiring harness going from the.

To check the condition of your taillight wiring is easy. First, you need to open the trunk to gain access to the wires. If the cables are loose, that could be. It must be some corrosion on the places where the bulbs make contact to the fixture, or the ground wire to the chassis has broken or is corroded. The most common reason why your tail lights are not working but brake lights are is due to a bad or wrong type of light bulb installed. ford fiesta zetec 06 - brake lights are not working.

Hi. Today I noticed none of the brake lights are working including the one in the bake. filaments seem fine and the fuse doesn't seem broken, the centre brake light is working fine also?? Have had a play with the 2 switches behind. Trying to work out what is causing this. The bulbs still work when headlights are on(unless they are double filament bulbs? Hello!I just purchased a Ford Fiesta mk5 with k km odo. I knew there were fixes to make, but all seemed minor.

check the wire harness at the brake light. There may be corrosion build up on the connector that you can clean off, or you may find a broken. Ford Fiesta Left Driver Side LH Inner Tail Light Taillight Assembly. $ Was: $ Free shipping. or Best Offer. Buy Ford Fiesta Mk7 Rear Lights and get the best deals at the lowest prices on Mercedes-Benz Vito Rear Light Right Tail Lamp Driver Off Side O.

Driving at night with either brake lights or tail lights not working is dangerous for you and other drivers on the road. And replacement for your old halogen bulbs, it can be applied to most auto lighting, tail lights, daytime running light, turn signal light and backup light. The.