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Many theories of brain function propose that activity in sparse subsets of neurons underlies perception and action. Furthermore, activation of ensembles is balanced by inhibition of neighbouring neurons. This surprising perceptual sensitivity in the face of potent network suppression supports the sparse coding hypothesis, and suggests that cortical perception balances a trade-off between minimizing the impact of noise while efficiently detecting relevant signals.

How does activity in neural circuits give rise to behaviour? While mammalian brains are composed of many millions Herculano-Houzel et al. Two key questions are therefore: 1 What is the lower bound of activity that can be behaviourally salient?


Classical microstimulation experiments have demonstrated that focal activation of cortical regions can influence decision-making, providing a direct causal link between neural activity and behaviour Cohen and Newsome, ; Murasugi et al.

This landmark work has been complemented by more recent studies showing that optogenetic activation of dozens to hundreds of cortical neurons can be directly detected Huber et al.

A further refinement of this approach was provided by patch-clamp recording, which revealed that strong electrical stimulation of even a single neuron can be detected in a cell-type and spike timing-dependent manner Houweling and Brecht, ; Doron et al.

While these studies have provided important approximations of the numbers of neurons required to trigger and manipulate behaviour, they suffered from several important limitations. Firstly, electrical stimulation techniques are ill-suited to titrating the number of neurons stimulated and offer limited targeting specificity, either indiscriminately activating swathes of cortex or activating single neurons. Secondly, one-photon optogenetic approaches, while limiting direct excitation to genetically defined neurons, only offer post-hoc estimation of the number of neurons stimulated from histology Huber et al.

Finally, in none of these studies has it been possible to carefully assess the impact of the stimulation on the local network, an essential step if we are to understand the link between activity generated by stimulation and behaviour.

A parallel body of work has investigated the influence of neural activity on local networks in vivo, demonstrating that small numbers of active neurons can have a large impact on local network dynamics and brain state.

Single neurons can also trigger global switches in brain state Li et al. However, work investigating the impact of sparse activation on the local network in vivo has largely been done under anaesthesia London et al. Combining simultaneous targeted stimulation with readout of effects on the local network during behaviour will allow us to define the local network input-output function. This will yield better understanding of neural network operation, analogously to how measuring single-neuron input-output functions has transformed our understanding of information processing in single neurons Magee, ; Poirazi et al.

Moreover, it will allow us to determine how this network input-output function in turn influences the psychometric sensitivity to neural activity, which theoretical work predicts is crucial for understanding the link between neural circuit activity and behaviour Bernardi et al. While some studies combining readout with manipulation have made significant progress in this direction Ceballo et al.

Measuring network input-output functions at cellular resolution during perception is likely to yield pivotal insights into how neural populations generate behaviour. We took advantage of recently developed all-optical approaches combining two-photon calcium imaging and two-photon optogenetics with digital holography to allow us to activate specifically targeted ensembles of neurons while simultaneously recording the response of the local network Carrillo-Reid et al.

In trained animals we investigated how behaviour and network response vary as a function of the ensemble size stimulated.Cummins HP diesel on deck. Rig refurbished in Hydraulic leveling jacks.

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The simple de Pipe Handling Equipment - Misc. Intercontinental Oilfield. Rykar Industries LTD. Tongs - Power - Gill Tubing Tongs. Wichtex Machinery Co Inc.

San AngeloTX. Jaws Intercha YoungsvilleLA. Tongs - Manual - Please call for more information and pricing. Beeman Equipment Sales. MoabUT. With remote control. In Very Good Condition. Quipbrokers AS. BergenNOR. Monthly payments illustrated above are based on terms available to the highest qualified candidates, and are subject to additional documentation fees, terms and conditions.

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Pencarian korban erupsi Gunung Semeru terus dilakukan. Online Video Downloader How to use? Online Video Downloader by SaveFrom.Find Aaron's email address, mobile number, work history, and more. An expatriate knowledge empowerment session for foreigners will also be held for those who are looking to migrate to or purchase properties in Malaysia.

Chief Executive Officer, Vice President of Business Development, and Operations for renewable energy, telecom equipment supplier, and consumer electronics company. That's double Digiland's worth at Friday's close.

After he left army, Ismail was in insurance briefly before starting a real estate business, Nooris Consultants, with his wife on 1 January Richard believes in guiding and sharing to best of his ability. Business Asia Spring The McKinsey report also noted that the net worth Apr 15, It has a land size of 1, sq feet, with a total floor area of about 2, sq ft. By going public, Synagie hopes to fast track its growth via acquisitions and growing its top line.

PropNex Realty is the largest real estate company in Singapore Mr. At pm. Prices of new luxury condos in Singapore climb.

Of course, in any type of asset inflation, speculation cannot be avoided, and this is likely to form a part of any property boom.

Ismail Gafoor. At the same time several singles have echoed similar sentiments. He was also director and founder of District 65 Pte Ltd, a boutique agency specialising in project Marketing The overall sales figure of units is the worst May for developers since Ismail Gafoor - PropNex. Elon Musk. We helps our investors to grow their equity by investing in Southeast Asia — the next economy booming region. Good class bungalows are the most prestigious type of landed housing in Singapore.

Bagaimana ingin cancel temujanji atau ingin menukar tarikh temujanji Maybank? Terima Kasih. Risen Capitals is a full-service property investment company that helps high-net-worth investors add the strength of global real estate to their portfolio.

Photo: Company Spanning almost five decades, Mohamed Ismail Gafoor's obsession with real estate began with a childhood mired in poverty, one strewn with tales of how homelessness drove his grandmother and uncles to the brink of destruction. Established inthe Reapfield Group has over 35 years of proven excellence in Malaysia. Categories Singaporean. Wee Cho Yaw is a Finance, zodiac sign: Aquarius. His passion as an outstanding entrepreneur prompted him to start PropNex and through sheer dynamism, has grown it into a property giant with thousands of salespersons under his stewardship.

Ismail rose from delivering newspapers as a boy to become the CEO of Singapore's largest real estate company, PropNex. Assurance the great queen seondeok full episodes download their ability to receive an income and provide for their families is therefore shaken, he says.Product Brochure.

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Sealing machine high Quality of Sealing. Accurate sealing of. This machine is auto operating system and manual operating system both can be provided. Very fast production and low maintenance. Description · "Power Shift" Transmission -Enables operator to change gears during Tong Operation · Improved Drive Alignement -Minimizes wasted power and provides. Category: Gill Power Tongs · Model Sucker Rod Tong · Model M Sucker Rod Tong · Model Power Tubing Tong · Model Power Tubing Tong · Model RSHD Power.

NOV Gill Services Handling Tools. Model, and power tubing tong Manual leveling jack to change centerline of pipe. The Model Power Tubing Tongs feature an adjustable clutch and is available in either air or hydraulic assist for the back-up tool.

Also fitted with a “Power. INTRODUCTION This manual contains information regarding the GILL Model Power Tong. Full benefit of long life and dependability of this unit can only be. Runs off same power unit as tubing tong.

The Gill Model M Rod Tong has enough power to breakout and make-up /8” rods easily. An experienced service rig/oilfield supply store & power tong repair shop that TUBING TONGS & BUCKING UNITS NOV-GILL BUCKING UNIT (,). The Gill Model M Rod Tong has enough power to breakout and make-up /8” rods easily. The control is accurate enough to avoid overtorquing rods. Cat. • [email protected] • phone () • fax () Page 1. Tubing Tongs / Parts. Rod Tong and. Frame Assembly. Options include manual backup or Tri-Grip® hydraulic backups.

Slide heads with rig dies are available on the UHT for handling drill pipe tool joints. 41/2. All of our tongs are fully compatible with Weatherford tong-positioning systems. Hydraulic Power Tong. Maverick MR Hydraulic Tubing Tong.

The Maverick Power tong utilizes a time test design Pneumatic or manual back up. - Roller chain final drive. NOTE: Some illustrations used in this manual may not exactly match your model Moved “Daily Inspection & Maintenance Checklist (Power Tong)” from appen. Foster R VIntage Owners Manual and Parts Breakdown. · Bax Ell 90 Deg T For Foster R Gill Power Tong · Steel Tee T Tongs - Power - Gill Tubing Tongs.

Models:, & HT For more information please call San Angelo, TX More Info. BJ RS Tubing Tongs · BJ RS Tubing Tongs. San Angelo, TX, USA Gill Tubing Tongs Models:, & HT Pipe Handling Equipment - Tongs - Manual. ( cm) 40, ft-lbs (54, Nm) Hydraulic Power Tong. in. ( cm) Backup. SPECIFICATIONS | OPERATION | MAINTENANCE | PARTS. of STONE POWER & EQUIP • 5L DRILLING • AM WEST • DC ENERGY NOV GILL Hybrid Hyd Tubing Tongs w/Backup • NOV Hyd.

Hybrid Tubing Tongs. ——HT Manual Tongs. —–Mobile Rig Handling Tools. ——Catheads. ——Gill Bucking Unit. ——Gill Repair Services.

——Hydraulic Power Tongs. ——Model Kelly Spinner. NOV Gill™ Services handling tools include power tongs, kelly spinners, catheads, tubing tongs, power units, and bucking units. NOV Gill Services is.