How to do sai baba pooja at home

Sai Puja Vidhi is a very simple procedure. The mainthing required for this worship or puja is faith and devotion. Then only all the wishes of the devotee will be granted by the great saint or fakir, Sai Baba.

The devotee should wake up at 5 a. The Prasad offered should be a mixture of butter and sugar. Panchaarti is preferred for this worship that is 5 wicks are used for all the aartis.

After the completion of the aarti, the reading of SatChatira commences. The procedure of Abhishekam is done around 8 a. During abhishekam, the devotee should chantthe slokas vishnusahasranamam, rudram or purushasuktam. The order for abhishekam is first milk. Then tender coconut, followed by orange or lime juice, then yogurt, rosewater and last of all gangajal is given. After abhishekam, the idol of Sai Baba is decorated with garland, cloth and kept in the shrine.

After applying kumkum and chandan to the statue, a coconut is broken and kept on both the sudes of the statue. All along paragraphs from SatChatira should be read out. This Aarti is done around 1p.

Then prasad, such as brinjal, rice, chapatti and pooriand any two vegetables are offered. Reading again starts immediately. After the noon Aarti chapters 50 and 51 should be read out by the host. The devotees can take turn to read the Sai SatCharitra and pin drop silence should be maintained in the hall.

After the completion of reading all the chapters,the Shirdi Sai Ashotharam is chanted with flowers and sundal or chana is offered as Prasad.

The session concludes with the Dhoop Aarti. The whole procedure takes Thus, Sai puja vidhi is undeniably simple but should be followed whole heartedly with a lot of devotion to obtain the blessings of Sai Baba.Baba has showered blessings on me twice this year, firstly visiting Shirdi on my trip to India and now on the 26th JanuaryI had the privilege of having Sai bhajan at my house. About 25 sai devotees attended the bhajan.

The bhajan started at 7. My experience and miracle with Shirdi Sai I wish to share with all my sai devotees my experience on the day of bhajan. I faced two miracles on the day of sai bhajan. Since I was busy preparing naivedyam for sai ,I totally forgot about the dream until the bhajan started in the evening. I saw little boys coming through the door; I wondered in which boy baba has come to my house.

I took blessings from all the little boys who visited my home that day especially one boy who was wearing a orange t-shirt. I believe sai baba appears in any form, at any time, at any place and blesses his devotees. Thanks sai for visting me and blessing me. Baba appears a glowing light After the bhajan and dinner ,When I went to sleep in the nightI lie on the bed ,close my eyes for few seconds and I could feel some light ,opened to see some very small light on the ceilingI wondered what it is was bcos it was so tiny ,but within seconds this tiny thing increased to cover the whole ceiling of my bedroomit was nothing but sai ……….

Sai you are the light of my life. Thanks for the vision. I made a sketch of my vision, the black color in the pic is ceiling and baba in the form of yellow glow light. Hope my pic is understandable. This was one of the best day and best moments of my life. I had the pleasure to be a part of this group. I appreciate the great efforts this group makes to unite all Sai devotees. Hope this group continues to grow and spread the love and teachings of Sainath Maharaj. Please do comment and share your experiences with Sai.

Hi Aparana, You are so blessed and lucky to get the vision of Baba. Sorry i missed the bhajan at your place. I wish you and your family all the best in the world.

Good Luck. Thanks, Sarala. I am ever living to help and guide all, who come to me, who surrender to me and who seek refuge in me.

Sai Divya Pooja Procedure on Thursday

So just remember him. So come back on Thursday!! Sai Ram. Om Shri Sai Ram….Post a Comment. Sri Sai Divya Puja. For Happiness, peace, prosperity and fame, Miraculous puja Many devotees did this puja and got their wishes fulfilled. Sri Sai Mahima. Also difficulties and doubts finally bring true faith in us, Every one has to go through a lot of struggles in life. If we have strong faith in baba and pray to him with devotion we will get good results.

Some say Sai is a bhagwat bhakt some say he is Lord himself. He is the lord who came in human form to help his bhakts and made Shirdi his home. Bhakts experience his leelas even now.

Sai baba always takes care of them. Those who have true devotion to baba get all kinds of happiness in life. Sai leelas are great, He fulfills the wishes of each and every one of his devotees. So kind and loving is our Sai baba. Sri Sai Divya Puja Procedure. This is a really great and miraculous puja. Before doing the divya puja take a small white piece of cloth the size of your palm.

Put it in turmeric water and dry it the previous day. On the Thursday that you begin the puja. Put babas idol or photo on a new piece of cloth in your shrine.

Put chandanam and tilakam for baba. According to your shradha and financial capacity make a mala of sweet scented flowers and put it for baba. Offer lamps with ghee. Offer Agarbathi and dhoop.

Keep Lord Ganesha idol or photo or any other gods photos along with Baba while doing this puja. After having kept everything ready for the divya puja in front of baba put a 1 or 2 rupee or dollar coin in the turmeric piece of cloth and tie it. Tell baba your wish and do sankalpa to do the puja for 5, 7, 11, 21 weeks.

Keep this next to baba. You need to tie the rupee in the cloth only on the first Thursday you begin the puja. Keep some flowers for the puja.I followed the same rules as mentioned in the procedure. I started writing every day during my usual pooja in the evening while sitting down in my home mandir area. I used individual pages and put them together at the end of the pooja but felt it would have been easier if it was a book. On the 41 st day I dressed Baba at home in white and offered white flowers and offered the bundle of pages by placing them on the lotus feet of Sai.

Wish not fulfilled? I believe in Sai Baba from long years. And, I fast on thursdays from 9 years. I have been blessed with what I wanted even though there was lot of struggle for my wishes to come true. Even now I am struggling for my dystopian writing prompts with a guy whom parents had liked and even I got to know him. I am unable to make my family understand that there is nothing wrong with the guy or his family, And, Guy had his family too wants me.

I din know what to do, but after reading all this posts I too want to do this puja to get my guy back. Om Sairam Have faith and whole heartedly leave your problem on Baba, he will show you the path and relieve you from your worries.

May Baba bless you soon. Jai Sairam. Om sai ramBelieve in sairam. He knows what his child need and he definitely bless us the best. Chant him whenever you are worriedhe will definitely show a path. Sai I need your help and blessings. Sai I love him a lot. Please sai get me marry with my love soon with our parents acceptances And bless us to live happy with our married life. Sai please give me the job that I want. U know my all problems please sai bless me with happy life get me marry to my love and bless me with the job that I want.

I work for Night shift and I will not get the time to do 41days puja. So, am doing puja in the noon. Is that fine?The mystic Sai arrived at Shirdi in his childhood. Nobody knew his origin or his purpose of visit. The legend remained at Shirdi till his last breath and made a kind of bondage with the place. Sai Baba came on this earth with a mission to spread love and happiness amongst the people. He never made any differences with people regarding their caste, color, creed or religion.

He left this corporeal world in late 's. Sai Baba is commemorated in the form of his shrine at Shirdi. Though He had left His mortal body, even today thousands of devotees are experiencing His presence. Their ardent prayers being answered miraculously. These miracles speak for themselves. He is so easily pleased. No hard penance, no unbearable fasts, not even difficult concentration and control of senses. In his own words, "You look to Me and I look to you". Duration: 1 day No.

Eshwar Bhakti priests will perform your Puja as per the Vedic procedure. You can book this puja with or without a DVD. An hour-long DVD will have the main elements of your puja: Sankalpa, Abhishek or invocation mantras, presiding deity mantra chants, Homa and Aarti.

If you opt for a DVD, we will post to you, else will email video clips and photos upon successful completion of your ritual. Performing your puja ritual with love and utmost care is our motto. We perform only Individual Personalized rituals. No group rituals. Here are the key steps to help you understand the process:. You add a ritual to your shopping cart, after reading the benefits and based on your concerns.

At the time of booking your ritual syou are asked to provide your "Name, birth details, Sankalpa and instructions" on the shopping cart page. You can also mention your Gotra, Nakshatra and Rashi details there if you know.

Immediately after the receipt of your order, we start identifying the most auspicious date and time to perform the ritual. An email is sent to you within 12 hours of order confirmation, which would comprise: 1. Date on which your puja would be performed. Complete timings and duration of your ritual. Sankalpa time: When you can join us and pray for the fulfillment of your wish.

Zoom meeting details for taking the Sankalpa. Mantra and meditation instructions to follow at your end.

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Dietary precautions on the day of your puja.I received this beautiful Leaf Ganesha wall door hanging early than expected. After hanging on my entrance door, I am getting really positive vibes. Ganpati Idol's face is clearly seen on this showpiece. Thanks, PujaNPujari. This pearl moti mala is so beautiful and the quality is amazing. It's perfect for my Hanumana photo. Thanks, Puja N pujari. I am fully satisfied with this product.

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On being cured of his disease by Saibaba, he started a new tradition of worshipping Baba as Satyanarayan, as Baba is the incarnation of Parambrahma Shri Narayan. This is how the Sai Satya Vrata Puja originated. The puja is conducted once a quarter mostly coinciding with the actual Poornima Full Moon Day.

Around couples can take part in this Puja at any given time. From the time, Baba uttered the words of hope and mercy, the malady took a favorable turn.

Baba cured him in two dreams. Usually many people forget the blessings they received and also forget how there problems got solved. But Bhimaji did not forget how Baba helped him. Baba also did not expect anything from his devotees, but just grateful remembrance, unchanging faith and devotion.

People in the Maharashtra, always celebrate Satya-Narayana Puja in their homes every fortnight or month. But it was this Bhimaji Patil, who started a new Sai Satya-vrata Puja, instead of Satya-Narayana-vrata Puja, in his house, when he returned to his village.

Sai Satyavrat Pooja-archived-june Go to Top. Put babas idol or photo on a new piece of cloth in your shrine or pooja room. Put some chandanam and tilakam for baba. According to your shradha and financial. At your home, perform pooja or prayer both at the time of morning or evening. You will have a place a wooden board and keep a yellow colored. Five Day Pooja of Sai Baba · 1. This pooja is to be performed for 5 days on regular basis. · 2. One has to perform this pooja on for 5 consecutive.

1. Light two lamps. Light 2 lamps infront of Shirdi saibaba statue in your house of photo. · 2. Read the book Sai SatCharita - Life of shirdi sai baba · 3.

Please do sign up for weekly, monthly or annual Poojas. Pooja Services. Saibaba Soup Kitchen. Saibaba Soup Kitchen is a Saibaba Mandir's initiative to feed the. Five Days Sai Diya Pooja: This is a simple and powerful pooja that everyone can do to fulfil your wishes. Please follow the procedure as. The devotee should wake up at 5 a.m.

in the morning, light the lamps and do the Kakad Aarti. The Prasad offered should be a mixture of butter and sugar.

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Is there a Sai Baba Bhajan group in Minneapolis? If not I want to start one but do t know how. Could you guide me please? Reply. Preeti. Feb 8, - Sai Baba Pooja at Home, Devotees performing Sai Baba Pooja at Home, Shirdi Sai Baba Pooja at Home, Devotees Performing Shirdi Sai Baba. If there is a situation when a lady in the house cannot do pooja at home, please drop off Paaduka at the temple.

May Baba's blessings continue to be upon all!! Eat your meals. PROCEDURE OF SHRI SAI DIVYA POOJA (VRAT). •Before doing Pooja take a white piece of cloth of the size of your palm. Put it in. One must light a lamp when one worships the god. Along with the lighting lamp for Sai Baba, you can also light incense sticks to cleanse the.

If possible, go to SAI BABA's temple to have SAIBABA's darshan on these Nine Thursday. · At home, do pooja / prayer of SAI BABA as follows. - Worshipping Sai Baba gives protection and relief from diseases. - One who performs this Puja ritual gets peace and prosperity. - Sai Baba Puja is also. So kind and loving is our Sai baba. Sri Sai Divya Puja Procedure. One should do this divya puja on Thursday. One should take a vow to do the. Eshwar Bhakti priests will perform your Puja as per the Vedic procedure.

Please mention your birth details (name, date, time, and place of birth), & Sankalp. Perform pooja to Baba's Paduka with shodasa upachara at Gurusthan. Small marble Baba statue will be sent to devotees home along with a temple member for. Guide to the Sri Sathya Sai, Sathya Narayana Katha Pooja · 1 Sit in your prayer room · 2 Light a lamp or candle · 3 Light a stick of incense · 4 Place some prasad.

Sai Baba's photograph should be put, and puja performed, and Sai P0641 camaro Katha should be read on every Thursday for 9 Thursdays. Make sure to chant baba's name. 24 Carat Sri Sai Baba Pooja Box; Colour- Brown & Golden; Beautiful addition to your home décor; Product colour may slightly vary due to.