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US UK. Switching between stores will remove products from your current cart. Item : Marantz AV Beautiful and wonderful sounding loudspeakers! I've had an full surround set of the older Q's for years and finally decided to upgrade. After a ton of research, I decided to stick with KEF's go with what you know and love and upgrade everything But, I absolutely love the look and sound.

I don't these would disappoint anyone. Nice Big, black, and sexy. Kef Q Sound was solid but a little boring. The highs were a little soft for my taste. Expensive, but worth every penny! I'll address everyone's concern As soon as you open the packaging you realize these are next-level quality. Most grilles ELAC specifically are made of a cheap flimsy plastic frame with pegs for inserting into a grommet on your speaker.

These are made of MDF and machined very nicely. The MDF is coated in thick black paint and wrapped in a really nice fabric. Not just cheaply wrapped either, they are inserted into a channel, so the fabric stays tight and won't release.

The magnets are strong and hold very well to the speaker. Coming from a person that has made their own custom speaker boxes and grilles, these are worth every penny. KEF still gives more bang for the buck.

For as long as I can remember, quite a while to be honest, KEF has always stood for super performance and super value.Klipsch and KEF are well-known brands of speakers loved for decades world over. The question around Klipsch vs kef bookshelf speakers has been a common one for ages. So today, we will jump into a detailed comparison of Klipsch and KEK speakers.

You can also check out the following comparisons:. Klipsch speakers first came to existence back in to when Paul W. Klipsch designed a corner horn speaker. Since then, Klipsch has evolved in many ways and today is still a quality speaker with widespread users across the globe.

The company was the first to adopt a computer for the design and testing of loudspeakers in the early s. By then, the company introduced a very sophisticated technology known as pair matching. In those years, KEF and other three speaker producing companies pioneered the use of innovative materials and techniques in audio. Klipsch is one of the bestselling speakers of all time and famous for quality sound, as well.

The big question is whether Klipsch is still the best speaker, or are there others that do well on the market? When you ask individual users, you may get varied answers that are not accurate. And probably maybe audiophiles who incline on Klipsch sound quality. Many people consider Klipsch speakers for their quality design and sound. However, their price is way higher than an average speaker that you find on the market, but if you secure a Klipsch speaker, it is a deal you will never regret.

The surprising thing is other brands have emerged after Klipsch, but they cannot compete with the Klipsch quality. Klipsch speakers have been around quite a long time, immediately after the Second World War.

So, they are one of the most prestigious brands in the market. Klipsch interesting articles for school magazine in english are designed to use tweeter hornswhich makes brass and horn instruments to sound more realistic. They are a good fit for high frequencies, and that is why you will find Klipsch speakers preferred in some music genres and films for high-frequency sound.

Those trying Klipsch speakers for the first time find them expensive, but after comparison with another version on the market, finally, they see value in them. All Klipsch products are at the premium budget range, and their focus is providing customers with quality sound.

Also, when you compare other brands selling in the same range, Klipsch does better in terms of sound clarity. Over the years, Klipsch has come up with various products, and almost all of them produce a clear sound.

When you test the competitors ranging at the same range as Klipsch, you may struggle to tell the sound difference. It is prudent, though to spend more time scrutinizing further to avoid ending up with speakers you will come to regret later.

KEF is known as a loudspeaker producing company of very high-quality speakers. In the s, the company was leading in the UK market and the USA, though approaching the s trouble in distribution gave other players a leeway to dominate the market e. That is past now as today; KEF is more solid with its Muon flagship speakers with the help of Russ Lovegrove design and wireless speakers, which are doing very well on the market.

Some of the top-selling KEF products are:. Others are headphones and more powerful KEF strong brands. If you want floorstandingin-wall, on-wall, and whatever KEP speaker that suits your needs to be ready to empower your home with great music. KEF speakers have impeccable stellar audio performance, and this can attribute to quality designs. The company has innovative transducers and woofers that give exceptional sound results. The LS50 design does well with high deep tones.

You can use them with a sub though not all of them require one. Another aspect KEF has added to make their speakers awesome is Tweeter technology in the middle of bass speakers.Forums New posts Search forums.

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Search forums. Log in. Install the app. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter Enkay78 Start date Feb 14, Enkay78 Well-Known Member. Hi all, Been a lurker for a while Started with small setups But the itch for music is ever My room size is around 18x20 sq.

Enkay78 said:. Click to expand That is a large room. Which is the speaker model? Last edited: Feb 14, The itch is because you find the current sound not conducive in a particular way or just because you can afford a new set up? Btw, I am perfectly OK with the latter being the reason!I read your article about the KEF Q speakers with great interest. Since you claimed that you have listened to many KEF models over the years, I was curious if you have also heard the Q as well as the R Here in Germany the R costs double the price of the Q and I was wondering which one you prefer and if the R is worth the extra money.

What made me especially curious about a comparison of the R with the Q is the fact that they seem similar but have very different approaches. Some people said that the R has a smoother transition between its drivers, especially if you are standing off center, than the R due to the wider baffle. I was wondering if KEF tried and managed to tackle that problem with a bigger coax driver or what the reason is for using such a big driver. Also, the R has no separate enclosure for the coax, while the Q has.

Good questions. I previously owned the R, and my brother and fellow SoundStage!

KEF Q950 Floorstanding Speaker (Each, Black)

Aside from its coaxial tweeter-midrange drive unit, the R is a fairly traditional, ported three-way design. The differences seen in the Q and Q have more to do with price and design than anything else.

Likewise, the use of passive radiators is a function of maximizing bass output and control on a budget. I am guessing that KEF chose to make the Uni-Q, woofer, and passive radiators in each of their Q towers the same diameter to allow for uniform dispersion and wave-launch behavior. Is the R worth the premium? It depends on what you value. The real-wood veneer on the R makes it look far better, in my humble opinion, than the cheaper-looking vinyl veneer on the more affordable Q The R, like the rest of the R models, is also available in high-gloss finishes, but none of the Qs are.

In a large room, where visual appeal, super high output, and maximum bass extension are required, the R is definitely worth the premium. Hans Wetzel. Visit NADElectronics.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Need Help? Write a Review. The flagship floorstander in the Q-Series, the Q upgrades the Q with a Uni-Q driver, mm bass driver and a low-distortion inductor.

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An updated version of the earlier Q, the Q out-performs its successor with its intricately detailed and clear high-resolution sound quality. The Uni-Q driver array epitomises the high-calibre quality of the reborn Q Series. This cutting-edge innovation situates the tweeter in the acoustic middle of the midrange and bass cone, which brings the acoustic dream of a single point source closer than ever to reality. Therefore you can immerse yourself in a highly detailed and accurately nuanced 3D soundscape.

Even better, the sound is equally dispersed around the room, a feat not found in other speakers. The wide dispersion performance is accentuated by KEF's emblematic 'tangerine' waveguide. A brand new low-distortion inductor on the crossover offers a pristine bass performance.

The lower treble performance of the Q is significantly improved thanks to the inclusion of the damped tweeter loading tube which provides a gentle finish to sound generated from the rear of the tweeter.Since the s when the founder of KEF, Raymond Cooke, first began revolutionizing driver design by using synthetic materials for cones and creating innovative technology including transmission-line loaded midrange drivers, KEF has been a leader in the home speaker industry. At over 3. Each speaker weighs approximately 50 pounds that sit atop a sturdy base equipped with spikes.

The Q contains an enhanced Uni-Q Driver Array designed to smooth out treble frequencies, and reimagined crossovers to provide cleaner and more accurate bass. Appearance: The finish of the speakers is what KEF calls a Daddy levi x child reader veneer.

The larger dome allows for a lower crossover point when switching between mids and highs 1. This feature is designed to prevent changes in dispersion at or above the crossover frequency. Flexibility: Featuring two pairs of speaker terminals on the back of each speaker, the Q can accommodate bi-wiring or bi-amping.

The only problems identified with these speakers during testing are minimal at best. First, the grill is extremely flimsy and relies on tiny plastic posts that are probably easy to break with repeated removal.

The good news is that the speakers look better without the grill in place so removing it from the speakers permanently should be a no-brainer for most people. Other issues included a limited amount of bracing within the cabinet only minimal vibrations are feltthe floor spikes seem a lot larger than they need to be, and no rubber feet are included for installation on hardwood floors.

Again, these issues are all minor and pale in comparison to the overall performance of the Qs. Aesthetics aside, the most important thing about any speaker is how it actually sounds and the Q is no slouch in this department.

The larger than usual tweeter found in the Uni-Q driver and the addition of the Tangerine waveguide both add an element of sophistication to this speaker that is uncommon in this price range. Overall, the KEF Q produces a balanced, wide-ranging, and spacious soundstage that performs well no matter what type of music you throw at it.

Kef q950 vs r7

As far as small floor standing speakers are concerned, there are very few, if any, better places to spend your money than the Q series from KEF. Less color choice, which is a shame, but more drivers, which is an advantage. Klipsch Promedia 2. We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you. Click here to cancel reply.User Satisfaction. View More Reviews. Have a requirement?

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Ask for more details from the seller Contact Seller. Product Details. This is more true now than ever before. As the latest expression of this design philosophy, the new range immerses you in three-dimensional imagery of a richness and clarity that until now has been the exclusive preserve of speakers costing many times more The difference is the size of the drivers: class-beating mm 8in.

As front speakers in a home theatre system, these effortlessly assertive performers are capable of flooding the room with an intricate and intensely physical soundstage. As a viewer, you notice the striking clarity of the vocals and fluidly articulate midrange response. With massive bass extension heightening the drama and flawless 3-D imaging that faithfully tracks the action on screen, the illusion of being there is phenomenal.

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View Mobile No. KEF Q, KEF Q Speaker type, way, way. Number of drivers, 4, 5. Recommended usage, Universal, Speaker set unit. KEF Q vs Q The Q in my opinion sucked for music as the bass had a sharp rolloff I'd still take a pair of Rs over a Q › complete-kef-qreview-worth-price. Measurements – the size is roughly the same, but the KEF Q is lighter to carry, at lbs as opposed to the 's lbs.

Woofer Drivers. KEF Q $ Are the newer KEF speakers really 50% better than the Cantons by worse than ) to go with last year's Q's? So the question is: what upgrades did the Q get vs the Q I'm guessing it will not be crossover complexity.

KEF Questions: Q750, Q950, R900

KEF Q vs KEF R3? Hi! I'm looking to put together a system for my home nvidia messagebus. › threads › qvs-r I'm thinking about switching my setup to KEF and the choice is between Q and R (I'd like to stay under $).

Comparing KEF Q and KEF Q? Our Virginia-based experts can help you find the best gear. Get FREE 2-day shipping and free lifetime tech support with. While the R has a D'Appolito assembly, the Q takes a conventional two-and-a-half-way approach with only one bass driver driven (the other.

The flagship floorstander in the Q-Series, the Q upgrades the Q with a Uni-Q driver, mm bass driver and a low-distortion inductor. The best performer.

The question around Klipsch vs kef bookshelf speakers has been a common one for ages. Example: KEF Q vs Klipsch Reference Premiere RPF. The Q is the flagship floorstanding speaker of KEF's newest Q Series line. With a big bass driver, twin ABRs and Uni-Q driver array the Q floorstander. The KEF Q's I heard are sealed with passive radiators, and not ported. Top. KEF Q or Klipsch F I have auditioned KEF Q with Denon AVR x and Q with Marantz SR To me KEF Q is.

I measured the KEF Q's frequency response in the farfield with DRA Labs' MLSSA system and a calibrated DPA microphone. Q is the flagship model of the Q Series range, featuring the KEF signature Uni-Q driver array paired with 8" long-throw bass driver and matching ABRs. How do the Polk rti a9 compare to the kef q for mostly ht and a bit of music (lets say 85/15).

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