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La pregiata tradizione della produzione di orologi e della precisione svizzera si combinano in questa collezione impeccabile. Questi piccoli orologi analogici di perfetta realizzazione non solo durano a lungo, ma continueranno a entusiasmare le generazioni future con la loro accuratezza. Whenever true love is involved, purely rational arguments recede into the background. Choosing a mechanical watch may be determined by emotion in many respects, and yet — a glance at the technology behind it explains why it fascinates the men of the world so much.

Added to that are your own subjective style, a weakness for tradition, and ideally for the phenomenon of time itself. Hand-wound or automatic mechanical watch — a fundamental decision: Whereas electronic movements are powered by a battery, ever since the invention of the first pocket watch mechanical watches have been driven by a spring.

There are generally two types to be distinguished here — with mechanical wristwatches wound by hand the necessary energy is introduced manually from outside on a regular basis; a mechanical automatic watch, on the other hand, translates the movement of the wearer into the drive energy required via a rotor.

The challenge here is to transfer the external impulse into an even oscillation that remains constant irrespective of the position and location of the watch. This is where the balance wheel driven via the spring comes into play, a small flywheel that acts as a mechanical timekeeper.

Automatic movements — Made in Switzerland: All mechanical watches from Victorinox have an automatic Swiss movement to ensure the greatest precision and accuracy.

We prefer to use the last of these for our Swiss mechanical watches with a chronograph function. Robust cases made from stainless steel protect the watches safely against knocks and other external influences. Because durability is a Swiss quality.

Transparent caseback — an homage to technology: As we mentioned at the beginning, the small high-performance mechanism, which ensures the heartbeat of mechanical mboso tamu, exerts a special attraction on enthusiasts of this type of watch, and also on us as the manufacturer.

Useful complications — additional functions for every lifestyle: While in general usage complications are not at all attractive or desirable, in the world of watches this term summarizes all the functions in a watch above and beyond the display of hours, minutes, and seconds, those functions that give the timepiece further added value.

Examples of this are the date display, stopwatch function or moon phase display, power gauge or second time zone. Every additional function makes the mechanics and thus the movement more complex; what looks very simple on the surface of the display places great demands on the technology within. Innovative materials — state of the art in research and development: As with all our products, with every one of our individual models in the Swiss Army Watch collection we place the greatest value on the consistent application of our brand values.

The most recent coup to prove the iconic design and intelligent functionality, innovation, and tradition in mechanical watches is the creation of a watch strap made from wood, which combines pioneering spirit and comfort with the sustainable conservation of resources. We have already taken a step in a similar direction with the AirBoss range, which we have fitted with a strap made from ecologically tanned leather.

Mechanics of Passion

And who ever says that you have to choose one thing or the other in life? Caricamento in corso…. Questo sito richiede JavaScript. Orologi meccanici Victorinox La pregiata tradizione della produzione di orologi e della precisione svizzera si combinano in questa collezione impeccabile.

Filtra risultati Filtra risultati Cancella tutto Prezzo. Collezione orologi Airboss 8. Alliance 4. Carbon 1.Qui immagini e info sul progetto. Here images and info about the project. ENG We are pleased to introduce 'Cinquecento' — 4 new designs for cc-tapis and inspired by the use of perspective during the Renaissance period by artists such as Domenico Veneziano, Ludovico Mazzolino and Giovanni Bellini.

OrgatecCologne 23 — Inspired by the traditional sled usually made in curved wood, the idea was to bring strength and dynamism — which are essential in speed sports — into a contemporary stool. We have been asked to design a collection which is focused on the main material, the curved glass, but also explores new possibilities combining it with different materials such as wood and leather.

We will also unveil the first product of the new collaboration with Disciplinea new modular shelving system made in beech wood and aluminium. Motivating their decision, the jury highlighted the high quality of the design together with the modularity of the in-line shells that make it possible to illuminate rooms with different lighting engineering requirements. The four-day workshop is organized in different acts involving activities of production and discussion.

The shop will host a selection of clocks made for De Padova and the new products of the collection. ENG We have been invited to design new products for the Da a collection, the new furniture brand which will be unveiled during Fuorisalone Hours: 10 am - From this starting point comes 'Piano', a wall mounted coat-hanger made in wood and white Carrara marble or black Marquinia marble and 'Sunset', a wall mirror made in polished stainless steel and white Carrara marble.

Qui alcune immagini.

Abbigliamento casual

ENG 'Squeezer' is a citrus squeezer made in plastic and silicone that comes from the new collaboration with Normann Copenhagen. The idea was to redesign the archetype of the object starting from its basic function, allowing to squeeze not necessarily supported by a flat surface. The form keeps the juice and the silicone helps to pour it. Here more images. The idea was to create a single module that allows for consecutive linking of up to two hundred units without the need for any additional eshail websdr cable.

The system works thanks to a series of electromechanical connections with curves and spacers that allows to create many open and flexible compositions. ITA La collaborazione con FontanaArte prosegue con il progetto 'Igloo', un sistema di illuminazione pick and place robot using plc pensato per adattarsi a diversi ambienti come home, retail, hospitality e office.

ENG The collaboration with FontanaArte goes on with 'Igloo', a modular lighting system designed to be suitable for many installation as home, retail, hospitality and office. Since the iF's are among how to write pain sounds largest and most important international design awards: the iF label is a seal of quality and excellence known all over the world.

ITA Siamo alla ricerca di intern per un periodo di mesi a partire dal 1 Marzo ENG We are looking for a design intern to join our team from March 1st for a period of months. The applicant will take part of the different phases of the project, mainly focusing on research and concept. We require: - Education in industrial design - Capacity of team working and in proximity of deadlines - Web research skills - 3D modeling software - Adobe Suite skills Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign - Good eye on composition, colours and materials All the CV and portfolios sent to internship studioklass.

ITA Inizia una nuova collaborazione con FontanaArte - storica azienda di illuminazione - che con l'art direction di Giorgio Biscaro ha invitato designers internazionali a disegnare la nuova collezione presentata a Euroluce ENG A new collaboration starts with FontanaArte - well known lighting company - that together with its art director Giorgio Biscaro invited international designers to design the new collection unveiled at Euroluce Here images and info of the project.

ITA Si consolida la collaborazione con FIAM Italia iniziata nelpresentando un sistema modulare di mensole in vetro curvato che sfrutta le avanzate tecnologie produttive dell'azienda.

ENG The collaborative relationship began in with FIAM Italia goes on presenting a wall shelves modular system made of curved glass, developed using fiam's advanced production technology. E' declinata in versione da parete, lampioncino e lampione.

ENG Saint-Tropez is a new lamps collection designed for Torrematoa company specialized in outdoor lamps production. It is available in three versions, wall lamp, small lamppost and lamppost.

ENG We are pleased to announce our collaboration with FontanaArtefor which we designed 'Odeon', a wall-washer lamp realized in Polypropylene and leather with fluorescent light source. Press info: press studioklass. ENG The collaborative relationship began in with Liv'it by Fiamgoes on introducing the same concept of Magique onto a new welded glass side table. ITA A Euroluce presenteremo 'Saint Tropez', una collezione di lampade outdoor disegnata per Torremato e realizzata in cor-ten o cor-ten verniciato grigio e declinata in versione da parete, lampioncino e lampione con sorgenti luminose E27, Power Led o Ioduri metallici.

ENG At Euroluce we will present 'Saint Tropez', an outdoor lamps collection designed for Torremato and entirely realized in cor-ten or grey cor-ten and declined as wall lamp, small lamppost and lamppost with E27, Power Led or metal Halide light source.Jewels specially created to listen to your inner beat and follow your rhythm.

Necklaces, nail rings, headbands, and bracelets are designed with high-quality recycled materials and plated in 18K gold and sterling silver. Pezzi che trasmettono la danza e il movimento della vita attraverso le loro catene tubolari penzolanti. MAM ha collaborato con Six N. Five - uno dei principali studi europei di design contemporaneo - per creare una collezione magica, sognante e surrealista. Esplora gli earcuff della collezione AURA per scoprire ed esprimere i tuoi veri colori. Sconfiggi il caldo con stile grazie alla collezione UFO, moderna e funzionale.

Acquista oggi i pezzi unici in rafia della collezione. Il portacarte presenta sei tasche per le carte e una tasca per i contanti. La collezione Earth di MAM presenta un nuovo stile di cavigliere gioiello. Esplora i nostri design unici e versatili che possono essere indossati ovunque e in qualsiasi modo tu voglia. MAM ha trasformato la mascherina di tutti i giorni rendendola una vera e propria scelta di stile. Acquista la collezione per trovare una mascherina che corrisponda al tuo stile.

Una collezione futuristica ispirata al potere del Qui e Ora. Scopri la collezione oggi. MAM ti offre una nuova visione dei gioielli futuristici con i pezzi unici della collezione A Chic Life. Esplora i design vorticosi e i materiali sostenibili oggi stesso. Segui questa storia con MAM. Lo zaino unisex di MAM ti offre un look unico e una sensazione ultra sartoriale. Dalla collaborazione tra gli Universal Studios e MAM nasce questa speciale edizione di orologi di lusso unici ispirati ad un film classico.

Abbiamo progettato questa borsa crossbody in modo da essere vegana, funzionale ed elegante.Gifting made easy. Envelope size: 10 x 14 x 26 cm. The gift wrapping is shipped to you flat for easy assembly at home by following a few simple steps:. Shipping i Standard delivery. The delivery time depends on the country, as well as the location. An order that is shipped to a rural location may take longer than an order that is shipped to New York City which is close to a UPS airport hub.

The expected delivery time in business days, as mentioned in the advertisement of the product, differs per shipping country. In the tracking info, that you receive as soon as the parcel will leave the CLUSE warehouse, an indicated delivery time is shown. One watch, endless looks. Our watch straps are easily interchangeable.

Change your strap in a snap to match your look to your current mood. The ultimate lookbook, created by you. Cannot place order, conditions not met: Must have at most 10 items total. Our return period is extended to 90 days. Customer ratings. Free worldwide shipping. Collections Vigoureux Aravis. Gold jewellery. Silver jewellery. Rose gold jewellery. All Straps New Straps. Jungle Straps. Strap Size Guide. Force Tropicale. Le Couronnement. Our Story. Gift boxes Gift inspiration Bestselling women's watches Bestselling men's watches Mix and match with straps.

Total Incl.I riconoscimenti biennali saranno conferiti questo pomeriggio, alle ore I gioielli della Collezioneverranno poi resi pubblici dal 1 di Giugno sul nostro sito ufficiale. Un luogo affascinante dove il tempo sembra essersi fermato. Aneddoti e storie, si sono succedute agli interventi del pubblico che ha avuto occasione di ascoltare dal titolare della Manifattura Torrini, Fabrizio Torrini, gli approfondimenti ed i chiarimenti relativi ai vari articoli presentati nell'occasione.

Nel negozio di Ombretta si possono provare e farsi ispirare da alcuni classici della Tradizione Orafa Torrini. Torrini, l'unico, l'originale. Presentazione delle nuove Linee della Collezione Torrinia Genova. Benvenuti nel sito ufficiale Torrini 24 generazioni di Orafi. SEGUI segui. LA Pistra dell Anno Un'Occhiata Veloce. La Piastra dell'anno, L'unica L'originale.

Chi siamo. Il Laboratorio ha un'inconfondibile connotazione artigianale fiorentina, aggiornata alle nuove tecnologie per aiutare a realizzare modelli di maggiore precisione e conseguire lavori al passo con i tempi. Purtuttavia, alcune delle nostre macchine non sono mai cambiate. Nei loro lunghi anni di servizio al nostro mestiere, hanno conservato un' anima umana. Il metodo di lavorazione, mostra l'affascinante gesto estetico di una produzione artigianale. Per oltre anni la famiglia Torrini ha creato eleganti oggetti d'arte ispirati alla tradizione toscana e al senso dell'estetica.

I nostri gioielli sono in Oro a differenti titoli, in 3 colori di scelta. La Manifattura. Eventi Passati. Ulteriori informazioni. Presentata a Roma La nuova Collezione Torrini's Landing in EUA. Torrini TV show a Roma. Torrini a Forte dei Marmi.I JavaScript sembrano essere disabilitati nel tuo browser.

L'orologio è solo un oggetto.

Per una migliore esperienza sul nostro sito, assicurati di attivare i javascript nel tuo browser. Casual Apparel What is casual apparel? Some define it as anything that is not elegant, for others it is a form of sportswear adapted for everyday wear, and others still think that casual means a relaxed, informal, loose-fit and above all comfortable way of dressing. For us it means being able to express our own Ducatista truclear concentrate syringe review also in day-to-day wear, ranging from clothes where every single fiber expresses your love for the Borgo Panigale brand to other more composed and formal versions, where the quality and confidence that you have in Ducati products clearly emerges.

The most important thing is to make you feel comfortable. Are you a motorcyclist? Let your casual look speak for you, even when you're not riding your two-wheeler. The most important item of your casual wardrobe is the T-shirt, and you can't go wrong with a classic T-shirt.

Sometimes, however, there is the risk of being too informal, so that's when a polo shirt comes into play and mediates between comfort and elegance, the ultimate casual chic garment.

If you are looking for something cool and freedom of movement then the tank tops are your perfect choice. For winter we recommend you go for a solid color pullover or sweater, for a casual look suitable for all seasons and all temperatures.

You can choose between simple garments for your everyday style or go for something more aggressive and fierce, such as Ducati Corse branded sweaters. There's nothing to keep you from choosing sportswear: sweatshirts and leather jackets may be more suited to your Ducatista soul. Yet it's the details that really gives your casual outfit that extra twist. Sometimes a bracelet or Racing cap can convey your personality better than any of the clothes you are wearing.

Finally, you need comfortable and reliable shoes, the casual article par excellence : Ducati Redline shoes meet all the standards of excellence you're used to. The style of the Borgo Panigale brand is unmistakable. With the right mix of casual apparel and sportswear, our shop has everything you need for your wardrobealso off the track.

Essential garments designed by Ducati and the best brands in the industry: Alpinestars and Spidi. Superior quality materials and high quality manufacturing to offer comfortable, breathable and long-lasting products.

Casual apparel for all genres and ages: you can find apparel for men, women and children in the Ducati shop. Don't allow others to define your femininity, express who you are through what you wear.

The passion for motorcycles has no genre restrictions, let everyone know with Ducati women's casual apparel. Children love to use their imagination: a Ducati Corse T-shirt is all they need to feel they are the fastest in the world, wearing a cap makes them feel like they're in the pits at a MotoGP race. Visit our shop to find the perfect gift for all those kids who are growing up with Ducati posters hanging in the bedrooms.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

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To learn more, and discover more detailed information on which cookies are used and how to eventually disable them, click on Cookie Policy. If you continue browsing, we understand you accept their use. The time has come to wish for sunny days to spend outdoors. We offer you an escape from winter with the new entry of the family: the new Hobo Bag.

Clean lines, unusual combinations and pop of colors. You can start dreaming among novelties and style icons. Discover our small leather goods in the new colors of the season! Wherever you go, there is no metal detector that takes: it would be impossible not to be noticed. In the new Borbonese Gift Guides you will find your ideal adventure companions, always ready to face even the most prying eyes with style.

For us, sustainability is an every day journey for every person within the company. We give the same attention that our artisans place on our handmade products to the impact these have on people, on communities and on the environment. We believe in the production of beautiful things, made to last over time and pass from generation to generation, giving them new life. We are convinced that well-made things guarantee a better future for everyone. For over a hundred years, we have been inspired by our hometown, Turin, Italy, in building a tradition of craftsmanship and a community that wants to live in an authentic, conscious way.

A city garden, an elegant and contemporary glimpse as the setting for the new Borbonese Spring Summer campaign. The absolute protagonist is the new Bag in soft smooth leather.

Benvenuti nel sito ufficiale Torrini

Allow Cookies. Preview Spring Summer The time has come to wish for sunny days to spend outdoors. Accessories You will look at everything differently for this new season!

Small Leather Goods Discover our small leather goods in the new colors of the season! The Hottest Gift Guides Of The Moment Wherever you go, there is no metal detector that takes: it would be impossible not to be noticed.

Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Centerfold Mini. Leather Crossbody Bag. Centerfold Mini Leather Crossbody Bag. Questa nuova collezione di MAM SOLID, composta da anelli, bracciali e earcuff di Il primo orologio ufficiale di Ritorno al Futuro è disponibile in tre. Dai gioielli MAM agli orologi, alle maschere e alle borse, U. La nuova collezione di borse MAM BE.U è realizzata in pelle riciclata di alta qualità ed è. IL LATO OSCURO DELLA LUNA NELLA NUOVA COLLEZIONE U-BOAT. Italo Fontana atterra sulla luna e svela una collezione di orologi proveniente.

Alino Mancini. Vieni in negozio e scopri le nuove collezioni di gioielli e orologi. Qualità, assistenza e riparazioni. Scopri la collezione TUDOR di orologi classici, sportivi, subacquei, di ispirazione storica, tutti prodotti in Svizzera, sul sito ufficiale TUDOR.

Memento Orologi è l'incontro tra un'accurata ricerca dei materiali e l'attenzione ai dettagli che contraddistinguono Memento Italia in ogni suo singolo.

€., Una collezione di classici show televisivo da Orologi di Lusso Nuovi e Usati: Gioielleria Bonanno Roma; orologi rolex prezzi! la maiolica dell'orologio e non solo, riproposte nei gioielli. Grotta Azzurra La nuova collezione di gioielli in Argento.

A new dimension in time

Dopo 20 anni di esperienza nel design del gioiello arriva la linea di orologi 2o'Clock. Una nuovo percorso, una nuova sfida. Vendita di gioielli, orologi nuovi, usati e vintage secondo polso. allow us to certify the authenticity of your new Rolex and to assist you throughout. Vendita e riparazione di orologi da collezione, vintage e moderni a Milano. Valutiamo proposte d'acquisto e scambi, offriamo consulenze ed expertise.

Prima di misurare il tempo, abbiamo dedicato oltre un secolo a perfezionare la Grazie alla Collezioneun secolo dopo, Allemano torna a parlare. In qualità di autentica manifattura attiva nel segmento prestige, l'acquisto del tuo orologio Glashutte Original e ti garantiamo il massimo livello di. elegante e unica la propria casa, con classe, stile e un tocco di contemporaneità. Nuova collezione di sedute Oh,it rains!di B&B Italia Outdoor. di articoli regalo che potranno trasformare un Natale normale in un Natale Magico!

Nei negozi Histoire D'Or è arrivatala nuova collezione diamanti!. Manutenzione, Riparazione e Regolazione Disturbi comuni di un orologio Questa guida è una vera posizioni - Esecuzione di nuove parti - Magnetizzazione e. L'orologio è solo un oggetto. A meno che non porti con se una storia. Una storia vera, non quella del marketing.

Nel nostro caso è uno stile di vita. Questo classico SENZA TEMPO è l'aggiunta indispensabile alla collezione di ogni Appassionato di Orologeria. "Il Manuale di Orologeria" è la guida in cui. La nuova collezione. Jumbostar. Orologio celebrativo per il ° anniversario della nascita del fondatore Paul Wyler prodotto in tiratura limitata di Gioielli di lusso dall'intramontabile eleganza e di assoluto pregio. Diamanti e pietre preziose severamente selezionate per la creazione di gioielli unici.