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Skip to main content. Winlink Global Radio Email. You are here Home » Linux. Find them in the Book of Knowledge, How-to-Recipes.We can see the presence of FM radio on various smart devices. But for computers, we can listen to the radio only by using the internet. There are many types of internet radio streaming software available for all the major platforms, including Linux, Windows, and Mac OS, but choosing the best one seems difficult.

In this article, our expert team will only focus on the Linux system. Here we have tried to make a resourceful list of radio streaming or broadcasting software for Linux but you may find that this software is also working on Windows OS or macOS. Moreover, this list is not prepared following any particular order, and all the features are not exclusive. Rhythmbox is the default media player in most Linux systems.

Its main advantage is its straightforward interfaces. Rhythmbox plays internet radio with other benefits such as podcast playing, audio play. There are lots of plugins created for the Rhythmbox, which can increase its efficiency greatly. Download Rhythmbox. The VLC video player is a top-rated and widely used media player.

There is no video or audio format that VLC cannot play. To play internet radio in VLC player, at first click on the view option playlist from its navigation bar.

Then press the Icecast radio button, and after that, you will see the existing radio stations. From there, you have to click on the preferred channel, and VLC will play it. Download VLC. Different types of plugins can be used to enhance their capabilities. Its user interface is a little old but can do the task of broadcasting radio channels. A significant feature of this internet radio streaming software is that it informs the customer with an alarm before telecasting of the desired program.

Download Kradio. Odio is a relatively new radio streaming software. There are two types of themes available for Odio — white and black themes. Odio can be customized in many ways, and the user has the opportunity to choose the radio station of his choice. Download Odio. For many years the Radio Tray has been used in Linux as an online radio streaming app. This internet radio app supports almost all kinds of audio media formats and includes many types of radio stations and genres.

Its interface is very straightforward, flexible, and supports a drag-drop playlist.For an entertaining example of how Linux can power home appliances, check out the Tangent Quattro Internet radio. This device combines Internet and broadcast radio with a media server client on an embedded Linux platform to give you a variety of audio playback options.

The Quattro has a solid feel. A single speaker at the top of the unit produces rich sound. The front panel has volume and tuning knobs and a dozen buttons for station presets and other functions.

The Quattro has a couple of ways you can get at the music. You can theoretically select an Internet station from the radio itself, but the process is virtually unworkable. A better approach begins with creating an account at Recivaa portal for Internet radio stations, to which Quattro connects when you power it up to get its list of stations — including any you associate with your unit.

You can choose a few favorite stations on the site and save them as My Stations. To save a station you select, press and hold one of six numbered preset buttons on the front of the unit. However, the device takes several seconds to acquire a network connection every time you power it on.

Index of /public/ftp/pub/Linux/apps/sound/radio-cards

When you turn it on, Quattro starts with the last station you were listening to, just like a regular radio. You can switch to a different station by pressing a preset button or using the tuning dial. But Quattro can do more than play Internet radio stations. Press the Mode button a third time, and you go back to Internet stations. The tata 407 tipper olx time it connects to a media server, the Quattro scans the specified folder for music tracks, which can take several minutes if you have a large collection, then writes a cache file in the directory to expedite future scans.

You can add tracks to the queue by album or by artist. Adding a lot of albums to your queue for random play can get tedious; luckily, Quattro also lets you specify an M3U playlist for all your tracks. You can also specify repeat and shuffle. The Quattro includes a flexible alarm clock and five possible alarm time presets.

The alarm can wake you with a buzzer or play any station the radio can receive.This article will cover a list of open source music streaming applications that can live-stream free radio channels available on the Web. Many of these applications come with channel presets and also allow users to add their own custom channels. Development of RadioTray has stagnated over the years, making the application bug ridden and crash prone. To overcome these shortcomings, a new application was created with almost the same name but with more features and installable packages for modern Linux distributions.

Today Radiotray-NG has feature parity with classic RadioTray application and allows you to stream music through genre based radio stations. It also features improved groups, improved system tray support, improved desktop notifications and better parsing of metadata. Packages for other Linux distributions and source code archives are available on its GitHub repository. Goodvibes is an open source radio streaming application for Linux.

Featuring a lightweight and minimal GTK3 based user interface, Goodvibes allows you to play pre-defined radio stations as well as add your own. It also supports loop mode and a shuffle mode to randomly play saved radio stations. You can install Goodvibes in latest version of Ubuntu tree in bible executing the command specified below:. Goodvibes can be installed in other Linux based distributions by following official installation instructions available here.

Streamtuner2 is an open source and cross-platform music stream explorer that allows you to browse varios radio station streams available across the Web. Streamtuner2 is not a radio player in itself, it just shows browsable radio streams in a multi-pane user interface. Streamtuner2 also allows you to bookmark and record streams of your favorite radio channels. You can install Streamtuner2 in latest version of Ubuntu by executing the command specified below:.

Streamtuner2 can be installed from the package manager in other Linux based distributions or it can be downloaded from its source code repository. Shortwave is an open source radio streaming application for Linux featuring a selection of over Web based radio stations.

You can mix and match stations to create your own library and cast the music to other devices connected to the same network.

Shortwave automatically detects titles of music streams and displays them in the sidebar. Shortwave is successor to another and now defunct radio streaming application named Gradio.

Other features of Shortwave include a search bar to search catalog of radio stations and a responsive layout that works on handheld Linux devices. Shortwave can be installed in Ubuntu from its Flathub page. To do so, execute the following commands in succession:. You can install Shortwave radio player in any Linux distribution from its Flathub listing.

Make sure that you follow the setup guide before you run installation commands. Tuner is an open source radio streaming application for Linux. Its feature set is mostly identical to the Shortwave app mentioned above.Music streaming is a lot more popular than before thanks to platforms like Apple MusicSpotifySoundCloudand Deezer. One style that never seems to go out of fashion, though, is the radio. There are millions of people subscribed to radio channels just like on music playlists and podcasts.

Because we are your friends and we want you to enjoying your radio experience, here are the 10 best apps for streaming radio on Linux. Odio is a relatively new but closed source radio streaming app with a beautiful UI resembling that of Spotify. It allows you to search for stations by country, language, and tags among other filtering options.

Gradio is an open source radio streaming app built with GTK3. Gradio allows you to edit radio station details, organize radio channels into collections, import radio libraries, etc.

Radio Tray runs in your Linux system tray to provide an easy way to stream radio channels online. It was built specifically to provide a minimalist interface for streaming online radio since there are already many music players to choose from. Streamtuner2 is a GUI internet radio browser for streaming music and videos from several service directories conveniently listed in a single window.

Delicast, customizable playback, and can work as a media player for local media content. Great Little Radio Player is a robust radio streamer that enables you to stream radio channels directly from websites that support the feature irrespective of your location.

Great Little Radio Player also has ready-made themes called coats and they are designed to resemble other famous UIs like iTunes, Spotify, etc. There are. Lollypop is a beautiful modern music player capable of playing both local media files and streaming online content from web services like Spotify.

Its main features include audio scrobbling, Last. Clementine is a robust multiplatform, Amarok-inspired music player with more features than I can summarize.

It supports streaming radio channels, updating metadata both manually and form the internet, playing audio CDs, podcasts, and CUE sheet. It is one of the most popular music players and has successfully won the title of fan favourite by delivering an awesome performance since its first release in Rhythmbox is a popular customizable open source media player for smooth music playback and management.

Its features include a clean UI, playlists, podcast collections, radio streaming, and plugin support, among tons of other features. Curseradio is a python3 Internet radio application that runs in the terminal.

Guayadeque is a robust Linux media player for managing large collections of music and it is designed to adapt to the needs of any user.

Containing all the features you will search for in a music player and more e. Rip audio CDs, smart play mode, play and record shoutcast audios, it can be used to stream radio channels and organize your favourites into collections for easy access. Which other awesome radio streaming applications do you know? Other titles you should check out include Tizonia and Yarock. Divine Okoi is a cybersecurity postgrad with a passion for the open-source community.

Written by Divine Okoi. Odio Odio is a relatively new but closed source radio streaming app with a beautiful UI resembling that of Spotify. Odio Radio Streaming Software. Gradio Linux Internet Radio Player.Schedule your live and pre-programmed shows easily with a drag-and-drop style calendar, additionally all content broadcasted is logged for efficient reporting to media licensing authorities.

11 Best Internet Radio Player Applications for Linux

Libretime's user management allows for the simple creation of hierarchical staff who can control their broadcast slots associated with them from anywhere on the planet! LibreTime is flexible, allowing you to run your internet radio station entirely from a cloud VM with its built-in Icecast server or plug its analog output into the mixer at your broadcast AM or FM station.

Just extract and run sudo bash install -fiap. Key features include. Programming Schedule your live and pre-programmed shows easily with a drag-and-drop style calendar, additionally all content broadcasted is logged for efficient reporting to media licensing authorities. DJ Management Libretime's user management allows for the simple creation of hierarchical staff who can control their broadcast slots associated with them from anywhere on the planet!

Intelligent Library. Streaming Listener Statistics. Show Scheduling. Built-in Microsite. Our Biggest Fans. Download 3. Rolling Commits Want the latest and greatest? Install from the source code. Install from Source.There are a few ways to listen to Internet radio in Linuxand StreamTuner2 is one. It can tune to various online radios and record them via its integration with Streamripper.

You can save online radio streams by installing StreamTuner2 and Streamripper and configuring StreamTuner2 to record online radio using Streamripper. Options will be configured later in the case that you already have StreamTuner2 installed and went through the same screen before. Make sure you have codec. Related: How to install proprietary media codecs and font on Ubuntu.

Comment anonymously. Login not required. About Privacy Contact. How to record Internet radio in Linux. Launch your preferred terminal application. Install StreamTuner2 and Streamripper. Create a directory to save the radio recording into. Launch StreamTuner2 from terminal.

Click Save to use default configuration options if you're presented with the Configuration Settings window. Double-click on x-terminal-emulator text to activate configuration option for audio recording application.

Click on the Save button to exit the configuration screen. Navigate to the channel list and pick a channel that you wish to record. Right click on the channel click on Record. Author: Mohd Shakir Zakaria Cloud architect by profession but always consider himself as a developer, entrepreneur and an opensource enthusiast. Discuss the article: Comment anonymously. 10 Best Radio Streaming Apps for Linux · Odio is a relatively new (but closed source) radio streaming app with a beautiful UI resembling that of.

Best Radio Players for Linux · Radiotray-NG · Goodvibes · Streamtuner2 · Shortwave · Tuner · Conclusion. 10 Best Internet Radio Player Applications for Linux · 1. Rhythmbox. · 2. Shortwave · 3. Lollypop · 4. Goodvibes · 5. Tuner · 6.

Elisa · 7. Great. Best Linux Radio Streaming Software · 1. Rhythmbox · 2. VLC Player · 3.

Radio Tray: Super Easy Way to Listen to Internet Streaming Radio in Linux

KRadio · 4. Odio · 5. Radio Tray · 6. StreamTuner 2 · 7. Curseradio · 8. The software collection forms part of our series of informative articles for Linux enthusiasts. There's tons of in-depth reviews, open source. Shortwave aims to make it easy to 'find and listen to internet radio stations' on Linux systems like Ubuntu and Linux Mint. You don't need any.

odio is a free radio streaming software for Windows, macOS and Linux. For a person who does not want to open the Command Line much, installing software through. In this article, we will describe three tools through which you can listen to online radio right from your Linux Terminal. We will explain how you can. Tauon Music Box is another free and open-source radio player for Linux. The sleek, intuitive, and modern user interface of the radio player. Goodvibes is a lightweight internet radio player for GNU/Linux.

Save your favorite stations, play it, that's it. There is no function to search radio. Looking for Internet Radio player for Linux? Try Radio Tray, light, sleek and sexy. It's one of the best ways to listen to streaming radio.

Shortwave is actually a successor of the popular radio app for Linux, Gradio. Its developer Felix joined GNOME and discontinued Gradio to create. There are a few ways to listen to Internet radio in Linux, and StreamTuner2 is one. It can tune to various online radios and record them via its integration.

GNU Radio is a free & open-source software development toolkit that provides signal processing blocks to implement software radios. The radio applet can be controlled (paused, sound increased/decreased) by programs with MPRIS control (e.g.

the sound applet, kdeconnect or. Gqrx is an open source software defined radio (SDR) receiver implemented using GNU Radio and the Qt GUI toolkit. Currently it works on Linux and Mac with. Shortwave is a free and open-source Internet radio player for Linux desktop. It lets you access over 25, Internet radio stations via radio.

9 Best Online Radio Apps For Linux [FREE APPS] · 1# RADIO TRAY · 2# PANDORA · 3# STREAMTUNER · 4# RHYTHM BOX · 5# SPOTIFY · 6# TUNAPIE · 7# PITHOS · 8#. Shortwave is an open source radio streaming application for Linux featuring a selection of over Web based radio stations. You can mix and. I want Tuner to live on and be the best tiny internet radio receiver for the Linux environment. Would you be interested in joining the project as a developer or.