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This dish has been optimized for 4 servings. Quantity and times may need to be varied. Here you can find more information about adjusted portion sizes: here. Use provided red tie to close the bag and lay flat on an oven tray.

Carefully remove from bag and serve the Lebanese Mulokhyaon on a warm plate with sauce. Balance your menu. Side dish. See Combined Recipes. Now enjoy your meal! What is a balanced menu? A balanced menu provides a variety of food groups and key nutrients.

Room for Balance Improvement 0 - This menu has room to improve its nutritional balance to help you meet dietary and nutritional recommendations. Good Balance 45 - This menu has great nutritional balance, providing a good variety of food groups and key nutrients. Great Balance 70 - What is the energy content breakdown? The energy content breakdown shows the amount of the macronutrients i.

Nutritional tips. Go back. Lebanese Main course. Lebanese Mulukhiyah. Recipe Adimo. Save to Basket. Ingredients - 4 Servings. Mloukhiya, frozen and thawed. Chicken breast, cut into pieces. Garlic, finely chopped.The present invention is based on Molocia, a tropical vegetable rich in various nutrients, and is added to red ginseng, which is known to be beneficial for health while having a bitter taste and saponing scent.

The present invention relates to a health food composition containing Molochia and red ginseng with unique aromas. Molokia is a rather unfamiliar tropical greenish-yellow vegetable that has recently spread in our country and contains many health-conscious ingredients, and is known as the king of vegetables in Egypt.

The research on the efficacy of Molokia has been actively conducted, and many research papers have recently been published in domestic and foreign research institutes. In terms of content, Molokia is a vegetable rich in vitamins and minerals. Compared to other vegetables, total carotene and vitamin A are richer than 'seesaw' and 'parsley', and are about three times more than spinach and vitamin B1.

It is also a vitamin vegetable due to its high content of B2 and C. In addition, the content of inorganic calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium is also abundant on average, and calcium is reported to be about 8 times more craftbeerpi 3 plugins spinach. However, because of its health benefits, Molokia is a tropical vegetable that is cultivated in Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa. Because of these environmental conditions, Molokia was not available as a health food because of poor supply.

Therefore, it is desired to use Molochia, a nutritious vegetable that is beneficial to health, as a health food. Accordingly, the present invention is to be able to use Molokia as a health food, the object of which is known to be beneficial to health while the main ingredient is Molokia, a tropical vegetable rich in various nutrients and has a bitter taste and saponing scent By adding red ginseng used as a herbal medicine, it is to provide a health food composition containing Molochia and red ginseng rich in vegetable nutrition and unique in taste and aroma.

Hereinafter, a health food composition containing Molochia and red ginseng according to the present invention will be described in detail. The Molokhia-Corchorus olitorius L. In the s, Molokia was cultivated in Japan, and our country has been cultivated on a small scale in some farmhouses since Molokia is rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals such as calcium, polyphenols and carotenoids. Molokia, in particular, is rich in viscous polysaccharides, and these unique viscous substances can promote bowel movements and improve constipation.

In-Wook Choi, Ph. The finding of moleccia prevents sedimentation and promotes excretion into the stool, suggesting that ingestion of Molokia may be effective in preventing diseases of the circulatory system such as hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

In addition, the team fed dietary supplements with cholesterol and dietary molokia to dietary animals and measured plasma, liver, and fecal cholesterol and lipid content, compared to the control group. He reported little or no fat fixation and significantly lower hepatic cholesterol and triglyceride content.

Naturally, the results revealed through animal experiments are expected to be beneficial to humans. The book "The Secret of Carotene" by Dr. Pyeongsan-woo, a Japanese doctor who won the American Cancer Society Award and revealed the relationship between green-yellow vegetable intake and cancer, and carotene, It is said to detoxify eggplant poison.

Kids: Molokheya Everyday? Think Again!

Here, carotene is one of substances called carotenoid pigment which exists only in a plant, and is a substance contained in a lot of molochia.Are high blood pressure levels making your life a mess? Do you think your cholesterol levels are sapping the energy and vitality from your life? What if there is one single ingredient that can help you combat these issues, in addition to numerous other common problems? We are talking about molokhia leaves here! This little known vegetable is widely used for its many known health benefits.

Want to know what they are? Go ahead with your read! Molokhia leaves have been found to reduce the risk of hypertension, by effectively helping reduce blood pressure. Molokhia leaves are rich in potassium, and since potassium is a known vasodilator, it helps relax the arteries. This property of potassium helps improve oxygenation and reduces cardiovascular strain 1. Molokhia leaves are rich in ironwhich not only increases RBC production, but also leads to improved blood circulation.

Iron is needed for the blood to carry oxygen and a deficiency in iron usually results in anemia. An iron-rich diet ensures that blood circulation is at the optimal level, which in turn helps you stay energetic 2. Molokhia leaves are rich in dietary fiber, and this makes them especially good for your digestive health.

Dietary fiber is a bulking agent which helps relieve irritable conditions like bloating and constipation 3. Molokhia leaves have been proven to reduce blood pressure, and they are especially rich in dietary fiber. This makes them one of the best agents for cholesterol reduction.

Dietary fiber has been found to help reduce bad LDL cholesterol, which directly reduces the risk of you contracting arterial diseases like stroke, heart attack or even atherosclerosis 4. Molokhia is rich in many essential minerals, most notably magnesium. Magnesium has been proved to help eliminate sleep disorders like insomnia and even snoring disorders like apnea.

Magnesium triggers the release of hormones that relax the body and calm the nerves. An increase in magnesium intake has been directly linked with regular and better sleep cycles 5. Molokhia leaves are rich in vitamins A, C and E. It is especially effective for the immune system.

Vitamin C is one of the most effective antioxidants that not only eliminates free radicals, but also helps instigate WBC production 6. WBCs usually attack pathogens and infections first.

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Vitamins A and E are antioxidant vitamins that prevent free radical damage. The consumption of Molokhia leaves helps boost immunity. Along with other essential minerals and nutrients, molokhia is rich in antioxidant vitamins A, C and E 78. Antioxidants usually help protect the body from cancer-inducing free radicals and restrict the spread of cancerous cells and tumors. The high antioxidant content of molokhia leaves makes it an ideal anti-carcinogen.

Molokhia is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals that have many health benefits. Some of these have been found to boost bone health and protect one against diseases like osteoporosis and arthritic conditions. Iron, selenium, calcium and magnesium are just some of the essential minerals that molokhia leaves contain 9 ,Does high blood pressure make your life a mess?

What if I told you that there is an ingredient which may help you combat these issues, as well as some other common illnesses? I am talking about molokhia leaves. This rare vegetable is used for a variety of amazing health benefits. If you want to know more about these health benefits, give this article a read.

You will definitely learn a lot from this article! Molokhia is actually a name given to dozens of leafy plants in the Corchorus species. Also known as mloukhiya, molohiya or mulukhiyah, among other translations, it is generally used in various Middle Eastern and Egyptian cuisines.

When boiled, molokhia makes a sort of broth which is a common ingredient in various soups. Molokhia originally comes from Egypt, but it has since spread all throughout the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean region.

It is only just now beginning to appear in various parts of the world, specifically in exotic import stores. Nevertheless, its versatility is not the only reason for its popularity. There are about 30 vitamins and minerals in molokhia, as well as various organic compounds which significantly contribute to the overall health.

The most noticeable nutritional value of molokhia is its levels of selenium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, niacin and fiber. It also contains vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K and vitamin E, as well as many antioxidant elements and antioxidant carotenes. These make the vegetable a well-rounded and highly beneficial part of your daily diet.

There are some reports of people experienceing allergic reactions to molokhia. As always, before you add something new into your diet, speak with your doctor.

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October 8, What are the Interesting Health Benefits of Champagne? What Are the Benefits of Bougainvillea Flowers? July 14,Eat like a Pharaoh! It is a traditional Egyptian soup that was typically eaten by royalty in Ancient Egypt, but eventually became a very common food.

When I was a teenager, my mother knew that there were two easy ways to get me out of bed once He-Man cartoons lost their allure. She would cook something that included sauteed onions or sauteed garlic. Within a few minutes as the smell permeated the house, I was up and floating towards the kitchen like a cartoon character led by his nose to follow the sentient scent of food.

When I got to the kitchen and saw the sauteed garlic, it was usually going into a pot of Molokhia. It is a low calorie food prepared using finely minced leaves of the Molokhia plant, which are then mixed with a broth, topped with sauteed garlic, and often served over rice or touch designer crack of pita bread. I think rabbit goes wonderfully with this soup. As a child, my brother always liked it best when our mother would tear up small pieces of chicken and put it in his Molokhia.

Children often eat it this way even though that was never my preference. Most people seem to agree that the taste of the soup is delicious, but where people differ is in their opinions on the texture. It is often compared to okra in this regard, but I think okra is much more slimy than Molokhia. When she told me how to make it, I was very surprised at how simple it was. If you research Molokhia online, you will find recipes that include coriander, cardamom, bay leaves, and even mastik.

My personal feeling is that the second you complicate this recipe, is the second you ruin the wonderful flavors.

The alternative is frozen Molokhia, which is actually very good, so go to your local Middle Eastern store and grab a couple of packages. The rest of the ingredients are things you would normally have lying around. Makes one pot with about calories and about 4 large or 6 smaller servings of — 67 calories each. Molokhia served over crispy pita bread. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address:. Great story and an interesting recipe.

Glad you enjoyed the post. You forgot a very important ingredient essential to this recipe and it is the coriander. Thanks, Anonymous for your comment about the coriander. I did not forget actually, but intentionally left it out. Yes, there are some people that eat it this way, but I am not one of them. I actually mention in this post that I do not think you should add coriander.

I think Molokhia is the best when you keep it simple. Adding coriander just makes the Molokhia taste like a very similar dish made with pureed okra instead of the Molokhia leaves, which is good, but completely separate in my mind. Greetings from Israel and thanks for the recipe!Of all the discussions about which human foods are safe for dogsspinach may be one of the most controversial. If meat sources are scarce, they may eat vegetation to supplement their diet. But dogs do not need vegetables.

However, some vegetables have useful nutrients and can also serve as a low-calorie snack. Here are the two sides of the spinach controversy:. It also contains iron, antioxidants, beta-carotene, and roughage, which stimulate the digestive tract. Presumably, you feed your dog a healthy, nutritious dog food that contains everything he needs, but small amounts of spinach can provide benefits.

Soluble oxalates, which contain oxalic acid, bind with magnesium and calcium sailpoint oauth2 the blood, which limits the availability of these electrolytes.

It leads to a low level of blood calcium, which can cause a sudden metabolic imbalance. Calcium oxalate is excreted through the kidneys and a large amount can cause kidney damage, even kidney failure. Many sources agree that a dog would have to eat very large quantities of spinach to cause damage. Dogs that have healthy kidneys can easily process small amounts of soluble oxalates. But long-term consumption can cause kidney stress, muscle weakness, abnormal heart rhythms, and even respiratory paralysis.

If you weigh this evidence and decide to feed your dog spinach, preparation is important. The best way to prepare it is steamed. Boiled spinach loses most of its nutrients, and raw spinach is difficult for a dog to digest. This could lower the possibility of calcium malabsorption and kidney damage. In fact their diet should consist of 25 percent or less vegetable matter. Your vet will help you decide whether spinach will help or harm your dog.

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Hide the banner. This product page is not complete. Ingredients list:. Nutrient levels for g. If the data is incomplete or incorrect, you can complete or correct it by editing this page. Molokhia (1 serving) contains. Molokhia - 1 cup ; lb grams, chicken, 57 ; oz grams, frozen spinach, 23 ; cup 8 grams, cannon carriage kit, 3 ; 4/5 g 4/5 gram, boullion.

The most prominent nutritional components of molokhia may include fiber, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, and selenium. Nutritional Info ; Monounsaturated2 g ; Trans-- g ; Protein1 g ; Sodium mg ; Potassium31 mg. Calories, carbs, fat, protein, fiber, cholesterol, and more for Molokhia Leaves- Jews Mellow (Montana).

Want to use it in a meal plan? Full nutritional breakdown of the calories in Molokhia based on the calories and nutrition in each ingredient, including Chicken stock, home-prepared.

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Its leaves contain a high amount of vitamin A (as β-carotene) and vitamin C. It contains vitamin C up to 53mg/ g and source of provitamin. Calories in serving ( g.) - 45 cal. Rich in vitamins and minerals (%/cal) - a good source of Manganese. There are 32 calories in serving of Molokhia Leaves by Montana from: Carbs 2g, Protein 1g.

Get full nutrition facts for your favorite foods and brands. Molokhia is rich in vitamin A & E, which are essential for healthy eyes and skin. Molokhia is rich in vitamin K, which is essential to maintain. Information provided by food brand owners is label data. Brand owners are responsible for descriptions, nutrient data and ingredient information. USDA. Molokhia ; Calories. 32 ; Fat. 0 g ; Carbs. 2 g ; Protein. 1 g ; Serving Size, 3/4 cup ( g). Corchorus olitorius (molokhia) and Cichorium spinosum (stamnagathi) were chosen to determine macronutrients and their nutritional composition relative.

Molokhia leaves contain many essential nutrients and minerals that not only aid in the proper functioning of the body, but also help create new.

Molokhia is one of the most famous product of shahrazad. Nutrition Facts. Serving Size g frzn. Amount Per Serving. Calories 20 – Calories From Fat 0. Find Out How Many Calories Are In Montana Molokhia, Good or Bad Points and Other Nutrition Facts about it. Take a look at Montana Molokhia related products. showed that the molokiha leaves powder had high nutritional value; it had high contents of fiber, vitamins and total phenol.

Moreover, as a. Nutritional composition of molokhia (Corchorus olitorius) and stamnagathi (Cichorium spinosum). World Rev Nutr Diet. ; doi: / Nutritional value and calories in [molokhia] frozen. Serving Size: 1 of gram. Nutrient, Value. Total calories, 31 kcal. Carbohydrates, 5 g. 10 health benefits of Molokhia and its nutrition facts. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, Molokia is used in the cosmetics industry due to.