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The individual may be a Combat PragmatistGenre SavvyStreet Smartor simply very practical, and will neither delay nor take unnecessary chances when their objective is at hand. For example, the villain really does think that Murder Is the Best Solutionand no, they aren't going to do any Evil Gloating or exposit on their plan before shootingthank you very much. An opponent might be confused to the point they outright ask "You're really going to just shoo —" They might try to stall their No-Nonsense Nemesis by offering suggestions like "Wouldn't it be more fun to suspend me above a vat of acid and slowly lower me?

Mind you, this is mainly on the tactics of the individual in regards to a direct approach and not necessarily personality. They can be highly eccentric or insane, but still have a pretty direct approach in the sense that blow it all up is a direct way of dealing with heroes as a villain and a favorite among the psychotic.

Expect the moment they drop the no-nonsense to indulge themselves to be the moment things go wrong for them. See also Killed Mid-Sentence. Compare Shut Up, Kirk! The video game "Lost Dimension" features a mechanic in which certain members of your main character Sho's party are a traitor and the Ghidra extensions Bad, The End, forces Sho to "erase" one party member on each floor.

If, however, you arrive before the End with all traitors, he tells Sho that he has not a single ally beside him. Everyone then joins The End at his side and when Sho asks what he's hiding from him, he tells him that he owes him no explanations and hopes he wallows in despair as he remains ignorant of the truth. He then has one of the traitors stab Sho to death, declaring only after Sho is dead that he will return to the past to take over Sho's life.

Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Sinestro : I will have [the Green Lantern ring] after your death! Kyle : Wait!

Don't you want to talk first? Banter back and forth to show me your innate superiority? Sinestro : No. They have extreme prejudice towards anything considered nonsensical or silly and destroy anyone who so much as cracks a joke. If they so much as sense the slightest bit of idiocy or ridiculousness from someone, they'll attack them with full force.

The main example being Torpedo Girl who is this to such an extent she even hurt her father, Landmine Dandy, for this back when she was a child. Granted, she is prone to her own eccentricity such as her "I'm a torpedo" Running Gag She does still end up being defeated back when she's an antagonist by being overwhelmed with cosmic levels of absurdity.

The Biggest Content Update to Date Heralds a New Era for Space Strategy MMO OGame

Torpedo Girl : I can't win. These guys are so obtuse, there is no logical way to defeat them. Comic Books. He personally kills Link's uncle, believing him the only last descendant of the Knights of Hyrule that could wield the Master Sword.

When he gets reports of Link retrieving the first Pendant, he realizes that Link might be of the bloodline as well, and immediately sends his soldiers out to apprehend Link and burn the library, which holds the Book of Mudora that contains the knowledge needed to retrieve the next Pendant.

Punisher : I've got all the therapy you'll ever need right here, comedian. Joker While he's known to drag things out for one reason or another, Naruto doesn't screw around in Reaching for a Dream after Danzo tries to have Xanna kidnapped and used as a hostage. Danzo's actually impressed that rather than go through official channels to see Danzo punished, Naruto skips straight to an assassination attempt that would've succeeded if Danzo didn't sacrifice Shisui's eye via Izanagi to survive.

Even still, Naruto left behind no evidence linking him to the attempt. Heroic example with Jonathan in Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Abridgedto the point where stopping to have an Internal Monologue will lead to a fist to the face.

Lampshaded by Dio. Dio : Seriously? Let me finish my sentences!AdventureQuest Worlds. Age of Wushu Dynasty. Aion: Legions of War. Alliance of Valiant Arms. AllStar Manga Heroes.

America's Army: Proving Grounds. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Ark: Survival Evolved. ARK: Survival of the Fittest. Ascent: Infinite Realm. Astro Lords: Oort Cloud. Atom Fishing 2 Champions. AxE: Alliance vs Empire. BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! Battle of the Immortals. Battlefield Play4Free. Battlefleet Gothic: Armada. Battleline: Steel Warfare. Berserk: The Cataclysm. Blacklight: Retribution.

Blade and Soul Mobile. Blade: Sword of Elysion. Blast Breaker Online. Bounty Hounds Online. Cabals: Magic and Battle Cards. Call of Duty: Warzone. Candy Crush Soda Saga. Chaos Heroes Online. Chronicle: Runescape Legends. Chronicles Of Eidola. Chronicles of Elyria. Civilization Online. Combat Arms: Line of Sight. Continent of the Ninth Seal.

CosmicBreak Adventures. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies. Creative Destruction. CrimeCraft: GangWars.Currently we have semi fast strong ship and expensive who drinks shitload. Not very appealing. So I was thinking along the lines. With 2. That's way too overkill RIPs should not have their RF negated by any ships, it completely ruins their own existence. And with consumption and 8k base speed, along with the ability to collect DF directly after battle, you still get an excelent ship for fleet vs fleet.

So back to square 1 again, and Destroyers are useless RIPs are used too much as a do everything ship by some people. Nothing can take away it's unique and special ability to destroy a moon.

But outside of that, you want to protect your planet? Build defence. You want to attack someone else? Build a fleet composed of all of the much faster ships. If you send all rips on attack, then you deserve to get torn apart by a fleet which could have easily been countered with light fighters. These suggested changes to reapers make them extremely easy for properly composed fleets to crash. Which would also specialise their use, just to pick up debris on attacks. Leaving fleet combat to combat ships.

I noticed something. And being the fastest ship in the game. I'm seeing a huge depreciation on the Battleship, and even more utility to the Cruiser where before the Cruiser was already one of the most important ships in the game.

So the Reaper had it's RF against Battlecruisers removed. Why instead was this not just traded with the Cruiser? The Cruiser would still be utility heavy, the Destroyer would gain it's utlity against Battlecruisers, and the Reaper would have it's utility balanced as well of course, along with a nice deuterium consumption of and not 1. Use Bombers against Defences. Use Cruisers against Light Fighters. Every ship would have it's own utlity. No need to have yet another ship that can counter it.

This form is useless.The Grim Reaper who reaped my Heart! Unable to contain his curiosity, the man looks inside to find a young girl playing video games. Speaking to her, the man realizes that the girl has no understanding of human anatomy, and decides to use her curiosity to get himself off.

The visual novel was made by Kamuo, an independent animator making short hentai videos on Patreon. We've covered the title before, back in March. The censored version of The Grim Reaper who reaped my Heart! Keep an eye out for more interesting projects by following us on Twitter.

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I'll try it anyway.The first thing you'll need to do is open the espionage preview report of the player you want to load. This will load all the needed information into the correct fields, even the server settings. The result will appear below the bottom simulate button. It contains a number of tables which will give you an indication on what the battle result could be. Ad - why? API: load espionage report.

Class None Collector General Discoverer. Combat Weapon: 0, warning: party. Drives Combustion: 0, warning: party. Hyperspace Technology: 0, warning: party. Coordinates: : :. Clear player. Clear ships. Simulate IPM attack on defence. Resources Metal:. Planet Debris remaining Moonchance. Plunder Captured Possible Cargo's needed. Initial debris Attacking reapers mined Defending reapers mined. Planet Debris Recycler s.

Plunder Captured. How to use? Afterwards you need to enter your own fleet data before you can start the simulation. A loading screen will open where you can track the simulation proces.

Options Enable multiple workers for running simulations, this will result in faster simulations. The amount of workers that'll be used for running the simulations.The Reaper is the newest warship in the game, alongside the Pathfinder.

In addition to its powerful attack capability, it can plunder the debris fields immediately after battle.

Reaper Hero Counters

These vessels combine fire power, strong shields, speed and capacity along with the unique ability to mine a portion of the created debris field directly after a battle. However this ability doesn't apply to combat against pirates or aliens. OGame Wiki Explore. Research Construction Fleet Missions attack, etc.

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More Info [ ] These vessels combine fire power, strong shields, speed and capacity along with the unique ability to mine a portion of the created debris field directly after a battle. Only available to be made in the shipyard of general class players. Players of other classes cannot construct them, but can find them on expeditions or buy them in the marketplace. Plunders part of the debris fields immediately after a battle only in combats versus other players.

It can be sold in the marketplace. You can help OGame Wiki by expanding it. Categories Ships Combat Add category. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki.Reaper is one of the strongest close ranges Offensive heroes in Overwatch. There is also no heroes who can handle a reaper close range 1v1. The general strategy for Reaper is getting up close and dealing huge amounts of damage, he can accomplish this with his Shadow Step Ability. This ability allows reaper to flank the enemy and kill low hp targets, before going invulnerable with Wraith Form.

He does have weaknesses and certain heroes are effective reaper counters. This ability allows McCree to do the damage needed to kill Reaper before he can use his wraith form.

When Wraith Form is off cooldown, you can play more aggressively and even suicidal, since you have it available to escape almost any bad sustain if needed.

When Preparing an ambush with Reaper Ultimate Death Blossomlook for ledges or other high areas that you can jump off of to get right into the middle of the enemy team before activating your Ultimate. Reaper Hero Counter Notes:. Overwatch Tier List.

Overwatch Season Rewards. Overwatch Boost. RankedBoost Website Search Bar. Reaper Hero Counters. Since McCree has better long range damage as well he can win this match-up head on.

Pharah: Can avoid Reaper short range damage rather easily, while being able to return fire of her own. Have a look at the competitive rewards players can earn this season. Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective companies, publisher and its licensors. RankedBoost is not affiliated with the game companies, publisher and its licensors. We may use cookies to personalize content, ads, provide social media features and analyze our site traffic.

By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies. The Reaper is the newest warship in the game, alongside the Pathfinder. In addition to its powerful attack capability, it can plunder the debris fields.

Use Reapers against main fighting ships which are the Destroyer, Bomber, Battleship and Cruiser. Use Destroyers against RIPs and Battlecruisers. tdceurope.eu › › Brand › Video Game › OGame › Videos › Reaper.

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Name: Reaper. Class: General. Utility: combat ship. Did you experiment already with this ship in the public test server? ➡️Reaper: belongs to the General class, collects some of the debris directly after the combat. ➡️Pathfinder: belongs to the Discoverer class, collects. Fleet, Light Fighter, Heavy Fighter, Cruiser, Battleship, Battlecruiser, Bomber, Destroyer, Deathstar, Reaper, Pathfinder, Small Cargo, Large Cargo.

Light fighters, as mentioned above, are the best cannon fodder. When large fleets attack one another, huge amounts of damage are exchanged per wave, and. Light Fighter; Heavy Fighter; Cruiser; Battleship; Colony Ship; Recycler; Espionage Probe; Bomber; Destroyer; Deathstar; Battlecruiser; Reaper; Pathfinder. package ogame. type reaper struct {. BaseShip.

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} func newReaper() *reaper {. r:= new(reaper). tdceurope.eu = "reaper". tdceurope.eu = ReaperID. Achievement `Fear the Reaper II` earned by Ogame Annihilator. Light fighter,Destroyer,Colony ship, Heavy fighter,Bomber,Recycler, Reaper,Pathfinder, Gameforge is a video game publisher and video game developer. One of the company's first titles was OGame which Alexander Rösner had developed prior to. Document, b *OGame, celestialID CelestialID) (Celestial, error) Crawler = newCrawler() Reaper = newReaper() Pathfinder = newPathfinder().

Reaper Counters | Best Reaper Hero Counters. Strong Against and Weak Against Reaper Hero Match-Ups In Overwatch. Overwatch Counters Guide. Details of Alliance from tdceurope.eu > Yildun > Grim Reaper. Grim Reaper Rank and Increase: Resources, Economy, Fleet, Research.

Stats | GameStats. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Animated Reaper animated GIFs to your conversations. Ogame Gameforge GIF - Ogame Gameforge Gaming GIFs. OGame 18th Anniversary events & out of this World of Holidays Gifts here Discoverer) and three out-of-this-world ships (Crawler, Reaper.

Task Force Reaper is brand new Australian based Escape from Tarkov community for the Oceania Region The TFR EFT very queit vide ogame. TrashSim - Ogame combat simulator Posted:pm Post subject: TrashSim - Ogame combat simulator Reaper debris harvest limit (%). They're far too powerful They're literally immortal, have very high damage, very high survivability, something needs to be done about them.