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Embed Size px x x x x See Full Reader. View Download Iyo po inay. Ginigirumdom ko lang muna po idtong mga ginibo ta kan bakasyon naggirumduman niya na nag pa SM sinda, nagkararigos sa dagat asin nagduman sa lola niya.

Magturog ka na ning amay, para amay ka man na magmata sinabi utro ni inay niya. Iyo po inay, maturog na po ako simbag ni Ana. Pagkaaga, amay si Ana na nagmata para magkarigos. Inihatod siya kan saiyang ina sa kanyang klasrum ta nasusupog pa si Ana sa mga tao na nahihiling niya. Paglaog niya sa klasrum, nagtukaw na siya asin nangalagkalag. Kadakul siyang nahiling, nahiling niya an sarong parte na igwang mga gamit arog kan sa harong ninda. Paghiling niya sa kataid yaraon man an mga pinurutol putol na kahoy.

Asin balyong linya igwang mga kawatan, igwa pa man mga letra asin numero. Napangirit si Ana asin dali-dali siyang nagluwas, nagrani ki inay niya, Maoogma ako igdi inay dai na natiosan na sinabi ni Ana ki inay niya.

Sa inot na aldaw natakot siya ta mahiwason na maray an eskwelahan na nilaogan ninda ni nanay nya. Dai mo po ako igdi pagbayaan nanay. Takot na sabi ni Pepe. Iyo Pepe, yaon sana ako digdi sa kataid kan klasrum nindo, sabi kan inay niya. Paglaog ni Pepe, sa klasrum kadakulon siya na nahiling na mga aki na nagkakarawat kawat. Asin si Teacher niya paghiling niya nakikikawat man.

Kaya dali-dali niyang hinali an saiyang bag saka nakikawat naman siya. Kan sunod na aldaw gustohon na ni Pepe na mag-eskwela. Excited na siya na magbalik, para makakawat na naman. Dae na siya natatakot maski dakula pa an eskwelahan niya, ta pagnagduman siya sa klasrum ninda, makawat na naman sinda ni teacher niya. Day 3 Siisay an Kaiba ko sa Klasrum? Si Roy sarong aki na sige pa ang hibi dawa tulong aldaw na sinda na nagkaklase.

Pirmi sinasabi ni nanay niya dai siya matakot sa klasrum ta may mga kaibahan man siya. Roy, yaon dyan sa laog an mga kaklase mo asin si Teacher mo sabi ni Nanay niya. Dae ko man po sinda bistado inay, sabi ni Roy. O, sige, madya na ta malaog kita pareho sabi ni Nanay niya. Paglaog ninda, dakulon siyang nahiling na mga aki na nakaturukaw sa laog asin nagkakaranta pati man si teacher nag kakanta man. Nagtukaw sinda kan saiyang nanay sa salog. Naoogma siya na magdangog kan mga kanta ni Teacher Kaya dae niya naaraman na nakikisabay na palan siya sa pagkata asin inaarog na niya an mga kamot ni teacher.

Tapos pinagkolor kami ni Teacher asin pinapurupurokit nin papel.She shares the stage with She shares the stage with the world-renowned Ju Percussion Group of Taiwan. Taiwan is where one Filipino migrant worker has let her dreams soar like the kite of her fantasy, embarking on an exhilarating ride to success and glory in the land of her employers.

Ellen Panaligan, a migrant worker in Taipei, looked exceptionally radiant and beautiful last Thursday evening. The Filipina hailing from Balayan, Batangas, had put on a formal Philippine dress with butterfly sleeves before graciously stepping into the stage limelight to recite her award-winning poem in Tagalog.

Only the day before, Panaligan had shown up for the first time at the National Concert Hall in Taipei to discover to her great surprise how impressive the venue, reserved usually for the top performing artists of the world, was. On many occasions in the past, she had participated in programs organized by the Filipino community. Modest school auditoriums were usually used.

When the Ju Percussion Group approached her several weeks earlier to invite her to recite her award-winning poetry during a series of concerts around Taiwan, she felt really honored. Taiwan News had provided the percussionists with her personal mobile phone number. Not long after, I hesitantly went back to my employer to ask that I be allowed to attend the dress rehearsal. Again, I was given some hours off. Many of her fellow Filipino migrant workers were not allowed even just one day off in a week, she thought.

Wang Chi-mei, the veteran stage director collaborating with the percussionists of Ju Tzong-ching, came up with the idea of getting the country's best-known professional percussionists to play music from the homelands of the foreign workers in Taiwan.

This meant putting all kinds of exotic instruments on the stage. Negative reports regarding the rising social problem kept appearing in the media. Everyone listening to the music can perhaps be moved to feel joy. A friendly spirit as well as mutual respect can emerge to diffuse tense relations. The percussionists took turns reading the translated version of selected poems about the foreign workers' hardships and sacrifices. The year-old Panaligan proved a perfect discovery for the concert program.

For three years in a row, from toshe cri3 cif been a winner in the foreign workers' poetry writing contest organized by the Taipei City Government.I have in me the desire to do right things, make moral decisions, and work to the best of my God-given gifts.

I shall strive to hold my moral ground when I am confronted with things that undermine my values and those which may injure the well being of others.

My faith is a gift that strengths me in times of crisis and helps me arrive at conscientious decisions. I am aware of its manifold benefits and I shall strive to nurture this gift through prayer and reflection.

I also understand that my faith in God can bring me to appreciate myself, my family, friends and colleagues, my job and my people better. Thus, I will do my best to be a discerning individual with God as my source of wisdom in everything that I do. With my resolve to be a better person, I can go further by putting my faith into action. I shall live a life that is based on the right values and serve as an inspiration to others who may be struggling to strengthen redeem code ml terbaru own faith in God.

Participants may choose to make a personal pledge to consciously uphold life in every circumstance and shun violence as a means of achieving an end. Develop a good set of study habits and zealously follow them through everyday. Learn to manage your resources, studies and extra-curricular activities well. Learn to identify your priorities. Remember that your main priority as a baraka da prince is to study well and work towards developing and perfecting your talents and gifts.

Follow and respect rules and regulations in and outside the school. Know that the rules are meant to keep things in order so that you may be properly formed into a good citizen and person of worth. Personal Reflection: As a good citizen, understand that the value of order is important in your quest to improve yourself as a person and as a citizen. You shall strive to arrange your life in a certain way that will allow you to be a more productive citizen.

You shall inspire others by your example to live peaceful and more meaningful lives by living the value of order everyday. Students may also opt to evaluate their actual work attitudes, motivations and priorities. This will allow them to direct themselves towards performing their works with a sounder disposition, clearer understanding of their priorities and more meaningful motivations.

Personal Reflection: I am a person who has been endowed with gifts that allow me to continually work for a better life. I shall continually strive to develop my talents and gifts and learn to be self-reliant. I am productive member of society and I do my share in improving the quality of life of the people I serve and those whom I indirectly affect. I believe in the value and benefit of hard work, quality work and honest work.

Hence, I shall strive to always use sound moral principles in my dealings and apply my God-given gifts in my work and settle for nothing less than excellent results. I am a discerning individual whose priorities are motivated by an unwavering faith and conviction in doing what is moral, honest and just.

Concerns for the family and future generations in action Students may choose to evaluate their own family life more deeply. They can specifically look into how their own family cultivates love, understanding and mutual respect. They can also asses and appraise their role in the family and devise ways to become better family members.

Personal Resolution: My family is great source of strength and inspiration and I understand that in the midst of harsh world, it is constantly confronted with things that tend to destroy its values and sense of unity. I shall make it a point to spend quality time with my family, enjoying the beauty of love, unity and faith that bind us as we face the challenges of the world together.

I hereby make a personal promise to be a loving and responsible family member and work towards strengthening the bonds that unite my family.

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I shall strive to be responsible in my studies and in my role as a member of my family. I shall give my elders due respect and appreciate their sacrifices by exhibiting hard work in my tasks. I shall be prudent in my ways and discerning when I face the realities of the world. I shall honor my parents and elders in their old age and continue to be inspired by their example.

As a person, I shall be an advocate of life and vanguard of its preservation.I remember this line from the Panunumpa ng Katapatan sa Watawat ng Pilipinas which we recited every flag ceremonies when I was still in elementary.

Upon reflecting on what to write in this paper, I came to realize that the line from the oath speaks a lot about the priority of things whenever we take a pledge to the Philippine flag. Noticeably, God comes first, then to men, then nature and lastly, to the country. In relation to the topic that we have discussed in this subject, I have found a proof on the validity that pagka-Tao takes the order of precedence as higher than the pagka-Pilipino.

Pagiging tao is first had than pagiging Filipino. When we were born, what came first? We have become human first, and then we become Filipino. In the phrase, being Filipino, being comes first then Filipino. Being a Filipino is just a consequence of our humanity. Being a Filipino I just a label given to us because of our geographical location in this planet.

Being human is more than just a label; it is a recognition of a presence in the world. Today, we still carry with us, as a country, the problem on how to unite all Filipinos, having one mind and heart for the good and betterment of country. We have always faced the problem on geographical make-up of the Philippines as being an archipelago which has created a regionalistic kind of mentality.

Another problem is religion; since most of the people in Mindanao are Moslem and the people from Visayas and Luzon are Christian, this adds up to conflicts. There were lots of initiatives that have been pursued already. One of these is through the use of media in order to awaken national consciousness. One concrete campaign, I suppose, was the series of videos which we used in our phenomenology class last two years ago.

The video was about a description of a typical Filipino and his culture. One of the things the video was telling about was; hindi ka Pinoy kung hindi ka nakakain ng balut, your name is repeatedly said, like, Jun Jun, Lyn Lyn, Ging Ging, etc.

The music video of Biyahe Tayo sang by various Filipino singers, was also there in order to present the beautiful sceneries and rich culture of the Philippines. I believe it seeks also mul mantra chords campaign and awaken national consciousness and Filipino identity. I think there something we are missing.

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In my analyses, base from the perspective that being human is first had before being a Filipino, is it not awkward to have a campaign with the theme on being a Filipino or Filipino identity and not on humanity or personhood? Are these campaigns jumping off from a not-founded-thought?

For me, the campaign for social transformation to unite the Filipino nation should start from the foundational structure of our existence, that is, our humanity, our personhood. If our humanity and personhood is stable and that which is considerably good, our being Filipinos follows also. If we understand well our capacities and limitations, strengths and weaknesses, potentials and tendencies, and we act on these things rightly; probably, Philippines will not be like this and likewise with all the Filipinos.

I think this is something most of us have missed. We have jumped off from an erroneous start. There is still much hope for unity and social transformation. It starts from our correct and profound understanding of our humanity and personhood in the context of our being a Filipino. You are commenting using your Srt4950h. You are commenting using your Google account.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.Vice-President Leni Robredo speaks to supporters as she announces her presidential bid in the May elections, at the Quezon City reception house on October 7, Vice President Leni Robredo announced her presidential bid for the May national elections on Thursday, October 7. In her speech, Robredo detailed the factors she considered in making her decision, what would be at stake in the historical polls, and why she decided to gun for higher office in An English translation follows.

Puno ng taimtim na pagninilay ang mga nakaraang araw. Salamat sa lahat ng nagparating ng suporta, sumabay sa dasal, at umunawa sa pinagdaanan kong discernment process ukol sa halalan ng Sa prosesong ito, walang naging lugar ang ego o pansarili kong interes.

Mabigat na responsibilidad ang pagkapangulo, at hindi ito puwedeng ibase sa ambisyon o sa pag-uudyok ng iba. Pagdating sa pamumuno, iisa lang dapat ang konsiderasyon: Ano ba ang pinakamabuti para sa bansa natin? Lalong matimbang ang tanong na ito dahil sa napakalaking hamon ng pandemya. Ang dami nang namatay. Marami sa atin, ginawa na ang lahat na puwedeng gawin para lang mailigtas ang mahal sa buhay; para makahanap ng pambili ng pagkain; para maitawid ang sarili sa kinabukasan.

Mahaba ang daang tinahak natin para makarating sa araw na ito. Hindi ko binalak tumakbo. Iniisip ko nang bumalik na lang sa probinsiya namin, kung saan marami rin ang umaasa sa aking tumulong magpanday ng pagbabago. Nilinaw ko sa kanila: Handa akong magbigay-daan at tumulong na lang. May alok din silang sumanib na lang ako bilang kandidato, o bilang bahagi ng kanilang administrasyon sakaling manalo sila. Ang tugon ko, hindi ito tungkol sa posisyon; hindi tayo nakikipag-usap para makipagtransaksiyon.

Ang pinakamahalaga, magkaisa kami — sa prinsipyo, sa pangarap para sa bansa, at sa landas na dapat tahakin tungo sa katuparan ng mga ito. Nilinaw ko rin: Buhay at kinabukasan ng Pilipino ang pinag-uusapan natin ngayon. Pinipilahan ang mga ospital, dumadaing ang mga health workers, at nagugutom ang mga nawalan ng trabaho. Samantala, bilyon-bilyong piso ang inilagay sa mga kuwestiyonableng kontrata habang milyon-milyong Pilipino ang naghihikahos.

Alam na nating lahat ito: Kaya maraming nagugutom, naghihirap, at namamatay, dahil sariling interes at hindi kapakanan ng Pilipino ang number one priority ng mga nasa poder. Ang kawalan ng maayos na pamamahala ang ugat ng ating maraming mga problema, at ito ang kailangang wakasan.

Handa dapat tayong iwaksi nang buong-buo ang mga agenda, ang mga interes, ang mismong mga tao at klase ng pulitika na sanhi ng pinagdaraanan ng bansa natin ngayon. Kung hindi ka lilinya nang malinaw, kung makikipagkompromiso ka, kung hindi mo man lang kayang sabihin [na] mali ang mali — nakaninong panig ka ba talaga?

Malinaw kung nasaan ako: Nasa panig tayo ng mga sinasagad ang lahat para iraos ang sarili, ang pamilya, ang kapuwa, mula sa pandemyang ito. Nanay ako hindi lang ng tatlong anak ko, kundi ng buong bansa. At alam ng lahat ng ibang nanay, ng lahat ng zouk love mp3 magulang, kung ano ang kaya nilang pagdaanan at isakripisyo sa ngalan ng kanilang mga anak.Edi ikaw na, makasarili.

Then they wonder why you freak out and tell them they never listened. Guess what? Which kind of reason? Hindi ka na nga nakinig nang invalidate ka pang lintik ka. But you see them doing that for others in their socmeds. You do have time. Just not for me. Why must I be happy with their slightest attention? Ang sakit sakit, leche! Nagkasagutan kami ni Papa. Sinabi ko sa kanyang daig ko pa ang lumaking walang tatay at pinakikisamahan ko lang sya para kay Mama.

Ang dami kong mga nasabing masasakit. Lahat ng ginawa nyang hindi maganda sa amin, asa akin, naisumbat ko. Sinabi ko pang madali sa kanyang saktan at lokohin kami dahil wala naman syang pakialam sa amin.

Palagi syang nagagalit at piangbubugnutan ako pag humingi ako ng kahit maliit lang na pabor.

FULL TEXT: Leni Robredo’s declaration of 2022 presidential bid

Pero kahit ganon, ayokong maging ganito. Alam kong hindi ako 'to at hindi dapat ako ganito. Ang sakit, binabago ako ng galit ko. Gusto kong lumayas. Gusto kong umalis ngayon. Jusko ewan ko, hindi ko na alam. Magandang gabi. Buong araw kong nilagyan ng palamuti ang kwarto ko.We think you have liked this presentation.

If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Share buttons are a little bit lower. Thank you! Published by Rosa Ury Modified over 7 years ago. You will be given 20 minutes to answer the questions. Output shall be written on a Manila Paper. What does it mean?

Why do we need to develop this value? How do we develop this value? He son fell off the bridge and plunged into the deep water below. At this, some men got ready to jump into the water to save the child. However, the widow forbade them. In a short while, the child drowned and died. The widow wept. Moral: Faith alone, without work, is useless - Bro. When a flood hit their town, he climbed to the roof of his house. A rescue boat came by but Mang Juan begged off their help. I have faith in the Lord.

He will save me. Another boat came by to save him, but he waved it off professing his faith for the Lord. When the waves began slapping at his feet, he clambered up the chimney. You can guess what happened afterwards. Why did you fail me? I sent two boats and a helicopter! But you did not use them. Do not inflict harm on others. Without giving any thought to whom the House of Life might belong, we rushed inside it.

Yet, to our dismay, the House of Life was empty and there was nothing in it. Life is empty, Life has no meaning. He knocked on the door before entering and someone from within opened it.

B. Create a short poem for being pagka maka diyos ​. 1. See answer. Unlocked badge showing an astronaut's boot touching down on the moon.

Contextual translation of "short poem of maka diyos" into English. Human translations with examples: ungod, multitude, maka diyos, poems on god. Pagkamaka Diyos Poem Quotes & Sayings.

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Showing search results for "Poem Of Maka Diyos" sorted by relevance. matching entries found. Related Topics. Poets. Search Results for 'pagkamaka diyos poem'. Poem: Silent crescent The pain Of., April 3rd, by Daniel Joseph, Johnny Prince {text:bookmark-start} Flag.

Pagkamaka-Diyos •Every person's life is a precious gift, no individual has the right to harm or destroy it. •Human life must be respected, protected, preserved. Tula sa pagiging makabansa Tagalog Quotes, Qoutes, Ethics Quotes, Poem Part One Filipino Words, Baybayin, Spoken Word Poetry, Tagalog, Sky Aesthetic. Maka-Diyos, Maka-tao, Makakalikasan at Makabansa is the national motto of the Philippines.

Derived from the last four lines of the Pledge of Allegiance to. Originally Answered: What is makaDiyos, makatao, makakalikasan, and makabansa in English? Hmmm. I am not quite sure. But I guess it is. Makadiyos. God. THE VALUES OF BEING MAKATAO, MAKADIYOS, MAKAKALIKASAN, AND M.

Number of times this content has been viewed Faith and Spirituality (Being Maka Diyos). The Maka-kalikasan Cluster.

Pagkamaka-Kalikasan) 1. Faith in the Almighty God – A good. Filipino obeys God and lives according to His teachings. Pagkamaka-Kalikasan. Concern for the environment. III. Application of the Good Citizenship Core Values in Daily Life. Success stories, best practices. Maka- Diyos Makatao Makakalikasan Makabansa; 6. Core Values Behavior Statements Indicators Maka- Diyos Expresses one's spiritual beliefs while respecting. Rizal's Poems. Last Poem of Rizal (Mi Ultimo Adios) [ Tagalog | English ].

To The Philippines [ English ]. Our Mother Tongue [ English ]. THE GOOD CITIZENSHIP VALUES CLUSTER PAGKAMAKA-DIYOS >Faith in Almighty in action Participants may choose to integrate the value of faith in. Pagkamaka-Bayan A. Unity B. Equality C. Respect for Law and Government I. PAGKAMAKA-DIYOS A.

The Good Citizenship Value of Faith in the Almighty God. Read Abby Bilan poem:Ako an saemong aki, Nay. Mga anghel kan Diyos an nagdara. Tolos na dinara an pagkakusog kusog na tambol.

In relation to the topic that we have discussed in this subject, I have found a proof on the validity that pagka-Tao takes the order of. 1. PAGKAMAKA - DIYOS Faith in the Almighty Respect for Life Order/Work · 3. PAGKAMAKA-BAYAN Unity Equality Respect for Law and Government. Jem poetry: lang tayo binigyan ng pagkakataong itama ang kung ano mang pagkakamaling nagawa natin. Tinulungan din nila akong magbalik-loob sa Diyos.