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Hot Bachelors Series 1: Chloe Mae's world revolved on books and books alone-that is, until the three-month dare to date the playboy Lance Cedrick changed it all. Will their new reality end up happily, or will the truth break them miserably? She's famous. She's a model. She's hot. She's sexy. She's a spoiled brat. She's rich. And She's a girl that every boys want. He's mysterious.

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And He's a taxi driver. He's not a what! She did all the possible ways para hindi lang muling magkrus ang landas nila but destiny is not at her side dahil heto sila ngayon at magkaharap.

Everyday is a fight. Every second is a riddle, and every minute is death. And being the boss makes it worse. Everybody wants my downfall, and everybody wants my fame.

But I will not go down without a fight.

๐™Ž๐™ข๐™ช๐™ฉ ๐™Š๐™ฃ๐™š ๐™Ž๐™๐™ค๐™ฉ๐™จ ๐™Ž๐™ฉ๐™ค๐™ง๐™ฎ (๐™๐™–๐™œ๐™–๐™ก๐™ค๐™œ)

Naranasan mo na bang mabakuran ng hari ng kagubatan? Hindi ni Tarzan, kundi ni Lion King! Help me", sabi ni Megan at tinaas ang kamay upang magpabuhat. Samantala, tumutulo na ang pawis ni Celvin sa noo dahil sa nerbiyos. Kitang kita niya kung gaano dumilim ang mukha ng kanilang boss.

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Dahil sa gulat And I'm going to win you back. Aagawin kita sa pangit na iyon! Thank you! Because in silence, I found no rejection. Not yet complete. Very very slow update. You may or may not read this book, yet. My heart was beating so fast. Oh my god! Run fast lissana!Drug dealer.

Jordan Johnson. Starting college. Sweet, sometimes. Smart mouth. Makes friends everyday without trying. And keeps Jaxon coming back for her. She makes him want to have her by his side the whole time an To the world he was a beast but for her he would do anything.

He could have the world but all he wanted was her. They say the things we want most are the things we can't have.

For she was so afraid of him that even the thought of him could have her running for the hills. Little did she know that she was the only one w When Daniella Selene entered the most famous university in town she immediately turned to be the apple of the eye of everyone, including the heartthrobs who claimed her as their possession.

Don't you get it huh? I'm obsessed with you! You unleashed the beast inside me! Binabaliw mo 'ko! Lorenzo Giovanni Dizionario, he enjoyed and loved his enemies games. Malupit kung magalit, wala itong sinasanto kahit na sino. Heronisa Blythe Sakal, a girl with a dyslexia. She's beautiful, an angel sent from above. She's timid and shy. Sa magulo at delikadong mundo ni Lorenzo, sila'y pinagtagpo. Kaya bang mabago n Erin Graciella Santos, she's blind, she's beautiful.

She had a gentle heart and an innocent soul. Alejandro Lucas de Rossi, the heartless Mafia Boss. He doesn't care with anyone else. He had this cold eyes, a short-temper and a dominant side.

What happens when Erin caught the eye of the heartless Mafia Boss? Will she She's mine!In Kendrick Natividad's motto, 10 years age gap was nothing to possess, and become obsessed with his little girl, Hyacinth De Silva. You're Mine Series 1. Mayor as her father and now running for Governor the beautiful, wild and party animal, Tamara Adeline Reid's life will put in great danger. Need someone to protect her, Oozing with hotness, The cold silver eyed Police, Slate frost will be her bodygu But on the flip side, Territorial is protecting what's already yours.

What if one day, an infamous racer, Bad boy owned you and ready to punch any man who approaches you? Vanessa Jasmine Aravalo is living a simple life with her mom. A college student who wants to be on top upang maging proud ang magulang niya sakanya.

Ngunit mula ng magdise-otso ay naging kakaiba ang kinikilos ng kanyang ina at napapansin rin ng kanyang kaibigan ang laging nakasunod sakanya. Lahat ng ito ay ipinagsawal Honey Lou Andrade went to Australia to start a new life with her daughter.

She thought she would stay in the country forever, but it changed when Gregory took her daughter away from her that made her upset. She thought she would never see her daughter again so she made up her mind that her daughter deserves a better w Anong ginagawa mo dito? My bestfriend's girlfriend? Sana hindi ko nalang siya nakilala.

Sana hindi nalang siya ipinakilala sa akin ni Zane. He is Yuri It's just a mission for Addison, nothing more, nothing less. Not until she met the two island guys that make her world upside down. R Explicit Content. Si Cassandra Joy Villa ay hindi naging maganda ang karanasan mula pa pagkabata niya.

Hindi niya naranasan kung paano maging masayang bata dahil maaga itong namulat sa katotohanan. She sacrificed everything at a young age in order to save her mother's life. Even if her self-worth and dignity are no longer there. Kyle Aldrin Salvador has been suffering from his mental disorder which is Dissociative Identity Disorder or also known as multiple disorder. Something happened to him when he was 6 years old. That's why he stayed so distant or aloof to anyone.

He's afraid to his surrounding that someone might hurt him again. But he m A genius man, husband, father, developed what had to be the perfect example of an AI.Montgomery Series 1 "You made me realize that I have to achieve the worst to achieve the best He has everything. She's a stripper. He's a millionaire and a CEO. What will happen if their worlds collide? Update is every Sunday, Tuesday and Friday eveni Are you going to accept a deal and a contract with Deimos Adonis Kreios?

Highest Rank 1 in General Fiction. Ito ay kwento ng isang katulong na natukso sa kanyang amo na may girlfriend na sobrang conservative at mahinhinโ€ฆMahulog kaya siya ditto? If there's one word that could describe Tori's life, then "miserable" is a perfect highlight. Hindi lang miserable ang nararamdaman niya, even her way of releasing her memories out, oh, "miserable" couldn't even justify sex and alcohol.

She's a tease, many men says. And she has so much hate in her that she didn't eve I'm Laura Garcia, and A stranger is looking for me! Should I hide, Or Should I show up?

Sophia will do anything to escape an arranged marriage to the arrogant billionaire, Enrique Monteiro, but he has more control than she knows.

He has l How can you Change that? Would you still Play the Game end of semester test english 12b Used to Play? Cleo thought that their paths won't ever crossed again. But destiny played a trick. You can't run, you can't hide. In the end, the only way to escape me is death and we both know you don't want that, do we? Audrey now starts to struggle that kind of life when This story is officially under construction!

Read at your own risk! Katherine is what you would call a normal girl. She is popular but not queen.She had a memory in the past that she could not remember anymore and it made her feel incomplete. Until one day, she accidentally met the hottest man alive on Earth. He was no other than Car Tyron Zapanta was a one-woman-man kind of guy. He doesn't do cheating and flings. He believes that a man should only love one woman.

The longest relationship he had was three years and still going strong. But, his belief about love was challenged by cupid when Raine Lynn Dizon crashed into his life. When h Eight years ago, Iuhence met Mhelanie Tschauder at his mother's birthday party. She was the most stunning and ravishing woman his eyes ever laid on. In just one night, she managed to awaken emotions that only a man who had a heart could feel-apparently, he had none.

Eight years later, they met again. The feeling was s Train Wolkzbin eluded marriage for eight years. Hindi siya magpapakasal kahit pa mamatay lahat ng kaibigan niya. Kahit pa magunaw ang mundo, hinding-hindi siya magpapatali sa isang babae. He was enjoying his bachelorhood. Pero mukhang magkaiba ang isip nila nila ni Krisz Romero. Walong taon na ang nakalipas pero pi Lander Storm hated the color red. Pinapaalala kasi ng kulay na iyon ang pagkawala ng mga magulang niya.

He saw his love one's blood scattered on the pavement and he couldn't erase it from his memories. And then he met the beautiful lady in red dress, Vienna Sugon. Pinigilan niya pero nahulog ang puso niya para sa dal Calyx Vargaz was a self-proclaim playboy, self-centered and charismatic. He was downright handsome with his beguiling pitch-black eyes and set of dimples. According to a bachelor magazine, he was worth billions and that made women swoon over him But not all women.

Not Etheyl. Etheyl had sex with Calyx. A one-night One word to describe Anniza Gonzales: voluptuous. Hindi lang puso niya ang nasaktan kundi pati ang pride niya bilang isang babae.

Kaya ng gabing nalaman niya na niloloko lang siya ng kaniyang f There are three words to describe the famous Dr. Ymar Stroam who owns the very successful and well known YS Pharmaceutical.

And snob.Not for reader with Anger Management Issues. Read at your own risk. From behavioral disorder to mental disorder, Third's condition became worst to the point that he reached the severe disorder and becomes a psychopath.

Rilley Villafuerte-a psychiatric nurse conduct research and several tests to know Third's condition. Until she discovered a new disorder.

He has this Psychotic Obsessio Sa loob ng 3 taon ay minahal niya ng palihim si Brent Lorenzo hanggang sa umabot sa puntong pinasok niya ang bahay nito at nalaman niya ang isang bagay na lubos Please read at your own risk. And I'm Joker and you're gonna be my Harlene Quinzelle A psychopath is seen to suffer from a lack of empathy because of psychological, genetic a Would you mind a drop dead gorgeous male stalker?

RNS 1 Ingrid is being stalked by a mysterious stranger. She thinks he's a psycho and is deeply afraid of him. However, her curiosity got the better of her which makes her seek him instead. What she don't anticipated is that by doing so, she gives him the power to mes He's a drop dead gorgeous billionaire and you are his Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Are either the product of the author's imaginations or used in a fictitious manner.

Any resemblance to actual Persons, Living or Dead, Or actual events is purely coincidental. Do not Distribute, Publish, Transmit, Modif Rishi Azaki apo ng pinakamayamang tao sa japan,sa kabila ng pagkakahawig nya sa isang manika ay mayroong deperensya ang mga paa nya. Hindi sya makalakad at kinakailangan pa nya ng alalay o ng wheelchair ,pero nabihag nya ang puso ng isa sa anak ni Zerred Deathrone nasi Zane Sky Deathrone na palaging mainitin ang ulo Creepy White lady Sadako Yan ang tawag kay Ivory Clorothea Killver, isa syang mayaman pero ulila na sa magulang,lagi lang syang nakakulong sa malaki pero nakakatakot na mansyon.

Madalas rin syang pagkamalan na multo dahil sa mahaba at itim nyang buhok na mayroong bangs na tumatakip sa kanyang mata. Napakaputi nya ri Even Tho She is already married and have one child. Highest ranking 1 as on 4th July "Tell me you are mine" the cold, sharp, merciless blade tried to force me into submission.R o freightliner dash gauges o g u e from the story Stalking the Mafia Boss Completed.! Not Now.

Nagbibigay ng malalaswang istorya. Submit your stories to [email protected] "Tito Tama na po sobrang sakit na po Kina-umagahan, hinatid kami ni tito Fred sa โ€ฆ Interest. My Wattpad stories - possessive,Mafia,C. Log In. Loncat ke konten. February 25, Leave a comment Leave a comment Ang mga story na ito ay gawagawa ko lamang. Kwentong Kilabot, pag-ibig at SPG.

Spg stories unrated. Having group of friends and comrades a good-read story that so called love, your everything.! Personal Blog. Just For Fun. Wattpad Books Possessive series. Create New Account.

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Please be guided. SPG active view. TrueSkin Laguna. Love Yandere Prenatal Love Overprotective Witches Luis is a vampire who can't have children, however, a human girl, you, happens to fit his description of the perfect child of his dreams, so he kidnaps adopts you. Page Transparency See More. Not suitable for 18 below. Beranda; Profil. Book Series. SPG Adventure stories. Contact Wattpad Books Possessive series on Messenger.

See more of Wattpad Books Possessive series on Facebook. Read hot and popular stories about chicklit on Wattpad. Every king needs his queen. Search for: possessive stories in wattpad tagalog. Jul 25, - 12 office romance books to read if you love authors like Sylvia Day.

Community See All. This page is for open minded only for all the content of this page are rated spg. Tito Jackson, a member of the famous Jackson 5 group, and his sons remember the death of mother and ex-wife Dee Dee Jackson, who drowned mysteriously in a pool in Gaming Video Creator. Facebook is โ€ฆ Tukar navigasi. Goal 50k 5k likes. Rated-SPG! Reading List; 52 Stories My Obsessive and Possessive Blackmailer Boss. M K 47 __ Tagalog โ–ซ English Published Completed.

Rated: SPG (Tagalog/Taglish). Reading List; 50 Stories. #possessive #series #love #jonaxx. NOTE: SPG/R Available in any PPC store | Published Under Red Room | Price: php | Pocketbooksize A night before Sebastian's wedding with France, his. R18/Possessive/Obsess Warning: SPG| R| Mature content. (This story is written in Filipino language mixed with a little English/ not. WARNING: SPG | R | Mature Content | Teaser: She was the Senator's lost -Kalev Stanislaski PS: Will be written in Tagalog and under major editing.

cempleted (SPG) (This story is written in Filipino language mixed with a little English) *UNEDITED / Not proofread My Possessive Billionaire. (This story is written in Filipino language mixed with a little English) WARNING: Mature Content | R18 | SPG | SYNOPSIS: One of the richest man in Asia. Read stories about #badboy, #filipino, and #bss7 on Wattpad, WARNING: SPG/R "Love has a powerful way of removing the mask we all insist on wearing.

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Yes, Rated SPG po ito! AHAHAHAHA "How can you hurt me like this Jeanna? How can you do this to me?" tanong nya sa akin iyan. Makalipas ang pitong taon. Possessive Stranger [SPG]. K K I had a One Night stand with a very hot STRANGER But I didn't Expected for him to be that POSSESIVE!!!

Narealize niyang di pasado ang beauty niya sa Filipino-Spanish beefcake na pinag. WARNING: SPG | R | Mature Content Inside | COVER BY: Race Darwin. RATED SPG Warning: Not suitable for young readers or sensitive minds.

Contains graphic sex scenes, adult language and situation intended for mature readers. WARNING: R18+ | SPG Obsession Series #5: My Possessive Hot Bodyguard.

Mayor as her father and now running for Governor the beautiful, wild and party animal. Obssess and Possessive. Reading List; 19 Stories "I believe, I made myself perfectly clear on how possessive I Completed Mature SPG Alert!! ceclib possessive stories Warning: SPG / R / Mature Content. [Tagalog/Completed] Graciela's new boss is young, extraordinarily handsome. R SPG NICK AND ANGEL STORY! [Possessive Series 1] MATURED CONTENT. -Kalev Stanislaski PS: Will be written in Tagalog and under major editing.

Read stories about #generalfiction, #boss, and #action on Wattpad, recommended by PurpleandLavender. TITLE: UNTIL I'M FORGIVEN (SPG) TEASER: Hindi mawari ni Amber ang nararamdaman habang ) Warning: Contains mature scenes and it's in Tagalog-English.

WARNING: SPG Content. POSSESSIVE 1: Tyron Zapanta (Rafael and Ruri Story) Language: English - Filipino The Official F Buddy - F1 | Jace and Julianna. And she can't runaway cover made by @damnedseoul Possessive Bastards Duology #1 lance "I can be her Possessive Man too '- Milo. Medyo SPG!