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Want to learn more about all things Sling? Check out our Learning Center for things like reviews, videos, forums, manuals, and builder's blogs. A Real Airplane With handling characteristics that are perfectly coordinated and highly responsive, the Sling 2 flies more like a fighter jet than an LSA. It's not overly sensitive or "squirrely" like many LSAs. When you fly it, you'll love it because it flies like a real airplane. Sling 2 Feature Gallery. The Sling 2 - Available in Three Models.

With more options and avionics packages available than other popular LSAs, the Sling 2 can be your dream plane. Either way, it's one of the market's easiest kits to build. But if you like the idea of a shorter build time and professional help, you can work with the Custom Aircraft Builders Builder's Assistance Program.

Airborne Aircraft Factory Sling 2 (1-двиг. поршн.) (SLG2) Aircraft

However, the Sling 2 has been designed to a max gross weight of 1, so that as an E-AB, you can enjoy an extra lbs. The Sling 2 NGT is that plane. With its great lines painted in your flight school's colors, it will attract more students by showcasing the professionalism of your training program. Robust landing gear and a strong airframe mean it will hold up under the rigors of an intensive training operation.

Burning only 3. If you are a flight school operator looking to learn more about how a Sling 2 NGT can improve your program, contact Doug Goodrich at to schedule a demo. Not a builder? Don't worry. Builder's Assistance Program. Learning Center Want to learn more about all things Sling?

Learning Center. Every airplane owner is different. We are here to listen to your ideas and desires, and help you plan and build your stata boottest aircraft. Call Doug Goodrich today at to start the process or set up a demo flight. Canadian Pilots Find out how to get a Sling in Canada. Learn More.Place the pins into the main board holes and place the Arduino board on top of them. Fly it away. All systems are in high resolution and have a deep custom logic.

Integrated Back-up Battery System. Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by jcpearce, Jan 26, Designed to interface with popular experimental EFIS solutions, the xCruze provides a seamless integration with the xVue Touch as well as a variety of other manufacturers. The system is modular and can be upgraded with a tactile control bar and engine monitor. By rwcherry - Wed Nov 28, pm - Wed Nov 28, pm Flight Data Systems, an avionics and instrument manufacturer sinceis committed to creating innovative products at an exceptional value.

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Brad arrives at Dynon after a successful tenure at Appareo Systems, where he helped grow their GA business in multiple leadership roles, most recently as Vice President, Business Development. And vinyl n-numbers and letters and passenger warning placards. The Ultra EFIS contains an internal world magnetic model that allows it to calculate the local magnetic deviation and dip.

Performance Specs. Vertical Speed Indicator 7. Older aircraft use manual gauges and dials based It was found that a single EFIS, or Electronic Flight Instrument System, would allow for all the primary instrumentation of the aircraft to be easily read, without taking up much space on the instrument panel. Joe was educated at Villanova University as a mechanical engineer, who started his career in the 's at Pratt and Whitney Aircraft in … The Sling TSi is made using CNC punched aircraft grade aluminium, main spars are anodised and all aluminium parts alodined against corrosion.

Please see manual for details EarthX is proud to be the most trusted brands in the experimental aircraft market. Kwik EFIS v3. Phillip Camarda rebuilt a lycoming Engine. Now featuring Synthetic Vision, the D3 Dynon Pocket Panel lets pilots supplement their often unreliable legacy instrumentation with an affordable, portable electronic attitude indicator.

SkyView HDX features improved displays, beautiful design, unrivaled control ergonomics, and an upgraded touch interface.Sling Aircraft is a South Africa aircraft manufacturer that specializes in light aircraft in the form of kits that amateurs can construct and are ready to fly.

Ina modified Sling 2 circumnavigated the over 40 days which greatly enhanced consumer confidence in the do-it-yourself builds. A 4-seater version was subsequently produced that boasted the extra seats as well as increased cruise speeds up to mph. Aviation insurance in general, is a very specialized industry and premiums vary depending on make and model of the aircraft, hull value, use of the aircraft, pilot history and qualifications and aircraft insurance rates even take into account the loss history of each specific make and model and the loss history of the aviation industry as a whole.

Sling Aircraft insurance, like all aviation insurance, is broken down into 2 specific coverages. The first is Liability Coverage, which is standard on every aircraft insurance policy and the second is optional hull coverage, which covers damage to the aircraft itself. Sling Aircraft aviation liability insurance covers damage caused by the aircraft, outside of the aircraft, specifically property damage, bodily injury, and provides for legal defense in the event that the aircraft owner or policyholder is sued.

Passenger liability coverage is xxd github within the total liability coverage amount. A real-world example of how this aviation liability coverage would protect you: If, as a result of operating your Sling Aircraft you damaged property or caused bodily injury outside of the aircraft, you would have the full amount of total liability coverage to pay for damages that occurred, less the liability amount paid for passengers inside the aircraft.

If the aircraft crashed and you had passengers inside the aircraft that were injured, your insurance policy would pay up to the policy passenger limit for each passenger. This liability coverage also applies as a bubble that follows the aircraft around. If the aircraft is hangered, liability coverage extends throughout your hangar and it is this coverage that airports will typically require you to have.

The second coverage on a Sling Aircraft insurance policy is hull coverage and is an optional coverage. Aircraft hull insurance covers damage to the aircraft itself and is an agreed value, not subject to depreciation. As of Januarythere are 7 carriers quoting Sling Aircraft insurance in the U.

BWI is a family-owned, nationwide insurance brokerage specializing in aviation insurance since Our dedicated Aviation Insurance Professionals are highly trained, hand-picked and experienced in helping Sling Aircraft owners and operators obtain the very best insurance coverage.

BWI offers comprehensive Sling Aircraft insurance policies for personal, business, charter, industrial aid, and commercial aviation uses. For more information or to get an actual Sling Aircraft insurance quote, please fill out a quote request online here or call us at What makes us different?Is it possible for an aircraft to be more than it appears?

Changes to Sling TSi appear to center around the use of the most powerful Rotax engine yet offered by the Austrian producer that dominates the world market for light aircraft powerplants.

Yet, notable as the new Rotax iS Turbo may be, that is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Below the surface, Sling TSi offers many further refinements and the new design is worthy of a deeper look.

A year ago, I had the good fortune to fly the Rotax in Wels, Austria, at a Rotax journalist event following the Aero Friedrichshafen airshow. Given the engine manufacturer has its base near the Alps, this made for a beautiful time aloft as well as an educational one. In two quickly linked flights, they let me compare the horsepower to the horsepower iS. Other than power output, the two engines share many common features. Both are significantly lighter than legacy aircraft engines and both use higher technology, plus liquid cooling.

New Sling NGT

Flying both in a short time was most helpful but I was not familiar with either airframe well, so it was challenging to compare performance to my experiences in other aircraft. With a fresh experience in the Sling TSi — after previously flying its predecessor, Sling 4 — I have a better understanding to pass along.

That powerplant offers turbo-boosted horses for a few minutes of launch and initial climb and then horsepower to altitude, with negligible power loss as you climb, thanks to the turbocharger. That Sling 4 impressed me more than I expected.

Usually I prefer two seat LSA over four seaters because the lighter aircraft feel more agile, cost less to buy and operate, and have modern sophistication to match the best of any Type Certified aircraft. Certainly Sling 4 was a worthy achievement by the South African builder.

That it could carry four occupants and perform well with horsepower is a testament to overall efficiency of the design.

I had a good clue changes were coming to Sling 4, although I did not know what they would entail. As the press conference ended, Mike was out of his seat like a bullet to examine the display engine Rotax had brought. It was crystal clear to me Mike intended to employ this new powerplant. Sure enough, Sling TSi is the result.

It cannot be flown with the Sport Pilot certificate. Several reasons explain why, even though the new model closely resembles the Sling LSA.

Secondly, it has much higher power. While this means an owner has to invest time in the construction of the aircraft — at least until used ones begin appearing on the market — a major benefit is much reduced cost.Whether you are looking to start a career, advance your skills or start a new and exciting hobby, we have a program for you! Once you are ready to register, we will set you up with your first ground briefing with an instructor and help you organize your schedule to complete all necessary elements to get your license or rating!

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Are you looking to a career pilot? Writing a pilot resume is quite different! Join us on November 19 at 6pm with our very own Blair Kondruk who has years […]. RSVP Here. The people are what makes the club so special. A friendly, kind, funny group that are equally passionate about flying and sharing experiences, stories, and lessons. CFC is truly a special place to fly, learn, or just hangout and watch planes. Great club! Enthusiastic instructors and well-maintained aircraft. The Club is nestled in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies and only a short drive from Banff National Park, providing a truly unique experience for our members.

Sincethe Calgary Flying Club is proud to be a gathering place for all aviation enthusiasts. The Calgary Flying Club is a hub for flight training in Alberta. We have been supporting aviation since Tailwheel Check Out. Club Policies. Privacy Policy. Google Maps. In order to access the building all individuals must provide proof of vaccination, a negative PCR test or a medical exemption.

If you have any questions, please contact Micaela at membership calgaryflyingclub. Calgary Flying Club. Supporting Aviation in Alberta Since Learn How To Fly. Our staff would be happy to give you a facility tour and answer any questions you might have. Private Pilot License This is the first step of your flight training!

Learn More. Commercial Pilot License Your content goes here.Some mornings are just made for flying, and as I ease into a very tight echelon port with the camera ship this morning is clearly one of those.

I'd met up with photographer Keith on a stunning late spring morning at the lovely grass airfield of Fenland in Lincolnshire, and from a distance the test aircraft looked very much like the South African manufactured TAF Sling kitplane we'd flown and photographed from the same airfield last year.

In fact, the test aircraft is a Sonaca Trainer Pro, the latest? Although the Sonaca bears more than a passing resemblance to the Sling 2, up close it soon becomes apparent that the is a very different machine.

The differences between these regulations and the standards applicable to homebuilt aircraft are beyond the scope of this article, but it's obvious that a kitplane and a factory-built aircraft are not the same thing? The Sonaca is available in two versions, the 'Trainer' and the 'Trainer Pro'. The test aircraft is the latter version, which? Closer inspection reveals the dorsal fillet, ventral strakes and large wing fences at approximately mid-span that distinguish the Sonaca from the Sling.

These aerodynamic tweaks are to enhance spin recovery and improve aileron response near the stall, ensuring compliance with the aforementioned CS-VLA Amendment 1. Most of the differences are actually under the skin. Sonaca claims that around eighty per of the structure has been redesigned to meet market requirements on the one hand, and EASA certification requirements on the other.

The main wing spars, the joint with the fuselage and the carry-through spar have been redesigned, and some aluminum alloys have been changed to take account of higher aerodynamic loads, material fatigue and enhanced corrosion resistance. Other changes include strengthening the canopy arches, undercarriage and vertical and horizontal tail surfaces, installing a different propeller, and redesigning the instrumentation, brakes and.

The certainly looked very smart, while its bare metal finish glowing gently in the spring sunshine vaguely reminded me of a mids USAF fighter. Fuel is carried in a pair of litre tanks, one in each leading edge, at the wing root. The mainwheels are carried by a low-maintenance, aluminium-alloy arch on either side of the fuselage. This arrangement prevents deformation of the fuselage during a heavy landing?

All three wheels are closely spatted. The ailerons and elevator are actuated by pushrods with cables for the rudder. Elevator trim is manually actuated while the large-span slotted flaps are electric. There are ground-adjustable trim tabs on the port aileron and rudder, while the stepped static port is interesting and different. The monococque fuselage is made primarily from aluminium as are the wings, flaps, ailerons, fin, elevator and rudder, with composites used for the tips, cowling and canopy frame.

The looks robust, rugged and ready to work for a living. There's a plethora of rivets spring reactive h2 the skins mistika vr download free quite thick, while well-designed quick-access hatches and jacking points are ideal for ease of maintenance.

The aircraft not only looks new but also modern? Most airline industry analysts are predicting a chronic shortage of pilots over the next ten years, and it could be a boom time for the expanding airline academies. It must be quite disconcerting for a tyro airline pilot who has just borrowed a six-figure sum from the Bank of Mum and Dad to pay for their training, and on their first day they're introduced to a machine that is?

The Trainer Pro is very much aimed at this potentially lucrative market: its avionics are claimed to be comparable with those fitted in the aircraft students will fly later in their careers, while Sonaca claims to have invested heavily in an advanced support platform which should ensure enhanced after-sales service. The aircraft is also very nicely finished, which made the white cable ties securing the hydraulic lines to the main undercarriage arches even more incongruous.Few things are more intimate and adventurous than building and flying your very own airplane and The Airplane Factory believes that it is imperative for any Sport Aircraft manufacturer to offer a kit version.

This allows all the home-builders out there the freedom to really understand and get involved in the process of creating a flying machine! And when you eventually fly her, the experience will be that much more rewarding as you have accomplished a great deal.

The kit allows the builder a bit more freedom in the assembly and registration processes. If you want to feel like a King, build a Sling! Register as:. With pulled rivets for ease of assembly solid rivets used in spar and spar box completed at factory. The Airplane Factory is proud to be the producer of high quality, high performance Light Sport and Experimental Aircraft. We take every step to ensure that each aircraft produced, whether ready-to-fly or kit version, is held to the highest of standards, above and beyond that required baadicade hawiye ASTM or the FAA.

The reason for such meticulous design and construction is because most of us here at The Airplane Factory are pilots. Every new design prototype is tested to its ultimate breaking points to ensure maximum reliability and durability, not too mention the extraordinary efforts The Airplane Factory goes to in order to make sure handling and stability are in the upper echelon of all airplanes on the market today.

In addition, each kit we produce is inspected and assured to be top quality before being shipped to the buyer. The Airplane Factory founders feel that the Sling airplanes and kits are the best on the market and believe that you will soon agree! This vision would be an airplane capable of acting as either an exciting pleasure craft or a forgiving trainer.

Mike decided to go with a stressed skin, riveted design for its proven technology, durability, and ease of construction. He also wanted to make an all-metal, low wing airplane that would have excellent visibility, sporty handling, and a sleek and sexy exterior. The aluminum he chose was Aluminum Alloy. To be more specific, T6 Aluminum, a tempered grade that has been heat-treated and aged to add a significant strength element.

Solid rivets are used on the main spars, which are standard aviation type spars with our own unique design for added strength, and pull rivets for the rest of the structure, making construction a bit easier while maintaining structural integrity. The Airplane Factory uses high quality rivets manufactured in Germany that are well known throughout the aircraft manufacturing industry.

Composites are also used throughout the airplane where appropriate, for example, cowling, fairings at the wing roots and the intersection between the vertical stabilizer and the fuselage, wheel pants, as well as the instrument panel and canopy structure. The Sling 2 LSA meets the Light Sport Aircraft requirments and comes as a ready-to-fly (RTF) airplane. With more options and avionics packages available than. Get this Sling 2 Aircraft by the The Airplane Factory USA, It can be finished as an If the buyer goes for an IFR setup, can the plane be flown in IMC.

The Sling's flying characteristics make for a perfectly coordinated, protect from stone chips and damage caused by extended IFR flight in rain and hail.

Sling2 Advanced-IFR 2 Panel. Sling 2Packages Starting @ $20, These packages will make the electrical portion of your Sling a breeze, leaving you to. The Sling 2 kit is the 'best-handling' LSA according to many. Available as a kit, quickbuild and with build assist.

The IFR-certified Sling NGT is available for $, For more information, see the website. (If you are wondering, yes. and traditional analogue gauges, making it ideally suited for IFR and Night Training. The Sling 2 has proven itself to be reliable and easy to fly. Hire a Sling 2: VH-ZSO with the Royal Victorian Aero Club, based in Moorabbin, Victoria.

Solo rates start at $/hr AUD Suitable for: Solo, Dual VFR. At Sling Pilot Academy you can get all your flight experience in actual IMC in our IFR-Certified Tecnam PT Twins.

And, since flight training and your flight. The Sling Aircraft Sling 2, formerly called The Airplane Factory Sling 2, is a South African two-seater light aircraft designed and produced by Sling.

When Errol van Rensburg contacted me about flying the new Sling TSi, I jumped at the opportunity after my experiences with the Sling 2. This machine is ready for serious IFR cross-country work! Creature Comforts— A Refined Cockpit. I flew the original Sling 4 when it was first. Can an/any NTCA be "certified" for IFR? The RTW Slings were all IFR approved.

I have 2 G3x, G5 and Nav radios on board. Model Specific Discussions about the Sling 2 and the Sling LSA. Steam Gauges, Glass Cockpit, IFR Navigators, VOR Antennas,etc. (ii) Rotorcraft with a third attitude instrument system usable through flight attitudes of ±80 degrees of pitch and ± degrees of roll and installed in.

The company's debut was in with the Sling 2 Aircraft which was a two-seat nibbi memes in the make and model and a minimum Private License/IFR rating. Sling NGT is a 2-seater special light sport aircraft that offers you the best of both world. this airplane is fully equipped to handle IFR missions. 2. DESCRIPTION.

Part 61 prescribes rules relating to the requirements for the issue and (1) the aircraft is approved for IFR flight; and. The Rotax engines are VFR only, aren't they? Saja Madi says. October 23, at pm. 2. Helicopter Model МiА1. Model MiA is approved for VFR and IFR day and Maximum Sling Load Weight.