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Find centralized, trusted content and collaborate around the technologies you use most. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. When I try to run my application with in-app billing I am getting the error: "This version of the application is not configured for billing through Google Play. Check the help center for more information". I have the billing permission already in the Manifest file and I have a signed. Thnx zlgdevKyoneMinosL for updates.

The same will happen if your published version is not the same as the version you're testing on your phone. You need to sign your APK with your live certificate. Then install that onto your test device. You can then test InAppBilling. If you are testing your application by direct run via eclipse to device In debug mode then you will get this error. If you are using android. If you are using your own draft in app item you can test all the way but you will be charged and so will have to refund it yourself afterwards.

You cannot buy items with the same gmail account that you use for the google play development console. For all of you who concerned about debugging - You CAN run and debug and test the code in debug mode. This of course relies on the fact that you have already added and activated your products, and your code is ready for integration with those products.

Since I have added the signing details in the Project structure, I was thinking that every time when I run, expected signed apk is getting installed. But build type 'debug' was selected. Neither do you have to load and re-load a signed release apk from your developer studio to your test device.

You CAN debug preliminary Google Play in app billing services using the debug app as loaded from your developer studio directly to your test device via ADB. If you are experiencing errors that prevent this, likely you have done something wrong in your code. As suggested by Chirag Patel, provided you have your billing code properly established, perform all testing using the android.

Check for this ID throughout your billing operations to pass it through signature, token and payload checks, since this data is not provided by the Google test system. Purchases will be simulated but not actually charged - however to clear and re-test the purchases, Google indicates that you must refund them from your Google wallet. In my case I saw the same message due to the different signatures of the installed apk and an uploaded to the market apk.

Had the same problem, and it was not solved before i read the post from DZDomi. It suddenly occurred to be that there is a setting in the Google Developer Console that you need to enable. In the "In app purchases" section, there's a line for your product and to the far right there's a status for it. Add a product to your app on google play: Administering In-app Billing. Set a custom debug keystore signed: Configure Eclipse to use signed keystore. Cross reference LINK.

Configure gradle mantra for bliss sign your debug build for debugging. I exported it with the keystore with which i published in alpha mode it must be published before you can test it.

Lsposed manager app

The problem also occurs, when you have added an in-app purchase after you uploaded the apk, but you have not published the application in the play store alpha, beta and production. Otherwise you wont be able to purchase or query for the In-App purchase.Skip to content.

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Copyright cMateor. Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in. PDroid created by svyat. Official PDroid thread is. The Auto-Patcher was created by pastime and mateorod. Thread and support for the Auto-Patcher can be found at.

CM9 patches updated. Thanks kobik77! Added insecure boot. Added support for aosp-jb This needs testing, and may not be. Major script overhaul in preparation for additional mods!

For Cygwin, replaced h2b function with simple bash math. Added 3G Dongle support for Nexus 7 trevd. TabletUI support for Nexus 7 maybe more.

Google Voice support for Nexus 7. Added provisional file copy menu to widen patching base. Logging improvements. Added aosp-mod patches for pdroid patching of AOSP kangs. Revert f aapt- temporary due to reported issues.

Some error check on the old RIL delete functions thanks bundrik. MAJOR reworking of patches and improved query.Google is starting to make it much harder for Magisk to hide your root and unlocked bootloader for apps that check for system modifications. You must use the latest Magisk stable or beta. Niantic seems to be catching up pretty fast now because you cannot use an older version of Magisk anymore.

If the Magisk stable version does not work, you must use the beta version. Problem 1: Incompatible screen after X minutes of playing the game. If you do not have TWRP or something similar, you must have your stock firmware ready. Magisk downloads:. Always remember to do these again:.


This is only for devices that have a Custom Rom that has an old version of Magisk installed:. Edited: Dmitry Mostov Last update: Telegram: mostovvvo Email: mostovvvo gmail. Welcome visitor you can Welcome visitor you can login or create an account.

Welcome visitor you can login or create an account. Rooted Android with Magisk Problem Fixes Rooted Android with Magisk Problem Fixes Google is starting to make it much harder for Magisk to hide your root and unlocked bootloader for apps that check for system modifications. Not everyone has this problem and at the same rate. I don't know what exactly is causing this problem. Some people get the incompatible screen at random times.

It even happens to me. This might be a device issue or it's related to the pogo apps. Some devices run the game perfectly fine with zero issues and while other devices have this problem. This will allow you to spoof without the incompatible screen.

It is best to do this on your stock rom as many Custom Roms cannot function without root results in a bootloop. This happens with both I think they are detecting Magisk even with the latest Magisk downloads: Newest Magisk Manager allows you to type in a custom name for your app.For a list of confirmed devices that working with MAD, check out this list. Your device needs to have an unlocked bootloader and must be able to support applications running as root. It is recommended that you install Lineage OS.

They have good instructions for each device. Make sure to install the Play Store as described in the Lineage instructions. If you feel confident to do so you can use a different OS, however, Lineage is recommended. Always check the exact version of the device, some versions do not work with some ROMs. For example, Samsung has numerous versions numbers of the S5. Some are able to install Lineage and others are not. Lineage lists the device version numbers that it is compatible with.

Make sure to test it via this app before you continue. There is currently a bug in the very latest Magisk version that prevents our apps from clicking on the screen which is needed for several scanning modes. It may work on your device, you have to try it or use Magisk The hideoption with Magisk version Please activate that function by yourself in the magisk settings first!

The Smali Patcher is a little program able to patch Android's internal system files. This will allow you to use the "Mock Location" feature within Android without any apps knowing about it. Install the latest supported game version from the Play Store or download it from apkmirror. RGC must be converted to a system app after it is installed. There are two ways to do this, Link2sd or Systemizer Magisk Module.

Link2sd is a bit easier to use but sometimes fails, the Magsisk Module is more reliable but a little bit more complex to use.To further aid your app testing, we have provided an unlocked version for experimentation and academic purposes for free! No need to pay for the same features available elsewhere!

Privacy Mode - allows you to generate a complete clone of the app with a randomized name! System Mode - uses system privileges to mock location. Suspended Mocking - broadcasts a mock location for a short period of time and then suspends broadcasting so that your test app can pick up the last known location. Indirect Mocking - prevents your test app from detecing mock location being enabled in developer settings on older versions of Android. A-GPS Reset - prevents your test app from jumping to the real location.

Fix Options - up to 4 options that can be mixed and matched to prevent your test app from jumping to the real location. By default this app will allow you test and mock location on most generic apps. However there are some apps that detect mock location. To successfully mock location and test those apps, there is additional setup required which can be khwab mein rishtedar se milna tricky and your results can vary. Depending on your technical level and risk tolerance, you have 3 main options: Smali Method - Use a smali patch to hide mock locations from all apps on your device.

No Root Method - Attempt to bypass mock locations by downgrading your Google Play Services or the Android Security Patch this option heavily depends on some factors of your Android version.

Use this method at your own risk, we are not responsible for any issues you may encounter. Do not root your phone unless you are aware and understand that some apps will not let you use them until you un-root your phone or do a system-less root.

Root at your own risk! The following steps are for devices that have already been rooted either by one of the guides above or another method.

It is unlikely you will be able to use this method unless you have an older Android device which has not been updated. However if you do have an older Android device, then these steps may work for you and will not require root. Depending on your security patch date you will have to follow different steps. We now have Tasker support with teleporting to a location, starting a route, or stopping the joystick! Teleport 1. Create a new task and add an Action - Misc - Send Intent 2.

Set Action to theappninjas.

Smali Patcher without magisk or root

Set Target to Service Route 1. ROUTE 3. Set Target to Service Stop 1. STOP 3. Set Target to Service. We now have ADB Shell support with teleporting to a location, starting a route, or stopping the joystick!

STOP Examples adb shell am start-foreground-service -a theappninjas.Android Studio 3. Android Studio then displays the unpacked APK files, similar to figure 1. This is not a fully decompiled set of files, though it does provide. You can immediately use the Android profiler to start testing your app's performance. Similarly, to debug your native code, you must attach native debug symbols.

In the Project window, the IDE replaces. The IDE also includes inner classes automatically. You can now add breakpoints and debug your app as you normally would. If your APK includes native libraries. If you build the native libraries in your APK with a build IDAndroid Studio checks whether the build ID in your symbol files matches the build ID in your native libraries and rejects the symbol files if there is a mismatch.

If you did not build with a build ID, then providing incorrect symbol files may cause problems with debugging. If the APK and debuggable native libraries were built using a different workstation, you need to also specify paths to local debug symbols by following these steps:. Figure 2. Providing paths to local debug symbols. You should now see the native source files in the Project window. Open those native files to add breakpoints and debug your app as you normally would.

You can also remove the mappings by clicking Clear in the Path Mappings section of the editor window. In Android Studio 3. Android Studio detects changes in the APK and gives you the option to re-import it. Figure 3. APKs updated outside Android Studio can be re-imported.

Content and code samples on this page are subject to the licenses described in the Content License. Android Studio. Download What's new User guide Preview. Meet Android Studio. Manage your project. Write your app. Build and run your app. Run apps on the emulator. Run apps on a hardware device. Configure your build.

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Search Advanced…. New posts. Search forums. Install the app. Fix: Bootloop Magisk after installing new Firmware. Thread starter katerpanne Start date Nov 18, JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Apr 19, 1, Install librtlsdr together, sometimes if you install a new firmware and magisk, you will end in a bootloop.

This is because a module is no longer compatible with the new firmware. This module must be deactivated or deleted to get out of the bootloop. Perhaps you have a special module in magisk e.

You shall see folders by names of the modules installed on your phone Open the folder of the Magisk Module that you want to delete and tap on the button at the bottom-right of the screen. Last edited: Nov 23, Reactions: David Okiringpaciracing and capetaun.

If you generate a module with a older version active there's a chance the outdated patches will carry over to the new module. I do my best. A new script named SmaliPatcher for Android from XDA Junior Member It accomplishes this by leveraging a piece of software called PRoot. may require you to downgrade Google Play Services to an older version. A post mention from the previous guide that downgrading is not. Always check the exact version of the device, some versions do not work with some The Smali Patcher is a little program able to patch Android's internal.

smali patcher for Android code injection. (v) AOKP patches updated, patch versions restructured. # Removed most old patches. Oct 6, - Download Smali Patcher All Version | Are you confused about finding a small packer? Don't be confused, I give a collection of Download Smali. Smali Patcher V [MODULE] Latest Version Free For All Rooted Devices · GPS spoofers are · NOT compatible with the mock location · patch.

you're. UPDATING MODULE INSTRUCTIONS. Disable/uninstall any active smali patcher modules before generating a new one! If you generate a module with an older version.


{INSERTKEYS} [Tutorial] [Magisk] Smali patcher method for Pokemon Go Spoofing Unfortunately no, still requires an older version of Google Play Services for now. Earlier this year, news came out that the new OS version has essnetially 5 to 10 minutes with a simple tool called the Smali Patcher courtesy of fOmey. ALL ROMS Ultimate Jar Power Tools-Smali Patcher RC9.

#api="`$grep /system/ | $sed 's/.*=//' | $tr -d '\r'. Perhaps you have a special module in magisk (e.g. smali patcher / viper. install the old rom version, it should work and you can remove. So let's pretend we want to download the version for my phone. Extract the of Smali Patcher zip file and copy the folder to C. This method will help us play Pokemon GO version and higher, no system joystick, location service shutdown and other frauds.

To do this. Date, June 4th, (Latest version, ). Origin, Russia. Programming Language, Java/Smali. Platform, Android (+) (Formerly). UPDATING MODULE INSTRUCTIONS: Disable/uninstall any active smali patcher modules before generating a new one! If you generate a module with a older version. Smali Method - Use a smali patch to hide mock locations from all apps on your Now you need to download the older version of Google Play Services that is. The pinned android post is a bit old, does the smali patcher method still work Any future updates after version 23 may not have Magisk Hide anymore.

I am using magisk (canary version for Android 11 support) with Smali Patcher And just as a reminder, Just make sure you remove your old Smali Patcher. SmaliTools - Simple apps for backup, restore, and apply patch. Our system stores Smali Tools APK older versions, trial versions.{/INSERTKEYS}