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Toggle navigation Novel Online. Winchester reader Soulmate AU. Supernatural One-Shots Fighting it is Useless pt. Ketch woke up with a pounding headache.

His throat was scratchy and dry and he felt the need to throw up. He couldn't remember the last time he'd drank so much.

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It had to have been years ago. Groaning, Ketch opened his eyes. It only took him a fraction of a second to realize that he was not in his room.

Or even in the British Men of Letters American base. He looked around the room. Pretty basic with slight feminine touches here and there. Ketch's gaze landed on a photo on the nightstand. The photo made the urge to vomit even stronger. It was a picture of you and your brothers. Ketch now knew he where he was. He was in the Winchesters' bunker, and by the look of things, your room. Ketch groaned again and brought one knee up.

Resting an elbow on his knee, he put his head in his hands as memories of the night before came flooding back. That was what it took for Ketch to finally make a decision. He left his room, heading for bike. Where are you off to this time of night? Mick scoffed. As soon as Mick parked the car, Ketch was out of it.

He stumbled toward the door and knocked, loudly. It opened a minute later to reveal a very sleepy and irate you. Ketch, what are you doing here? He practically fell in the door as he surged forward. Running his hand over his face, Ketch sighed. How had he sunk so low? He'd never been that drunk before. All over a woman. A soft knock on the door echoed through the room, making Ketch moan. The door opened quietly and you appeared. Ketch was confused about the smile on your face.

You never smiled at him. You came over to the bed. You'll need this. You rolled your eyes fondly before turning back to Ketch.

Bathroom's across the hall.Summary: A Soulmate AU in which the name of your soulmate is tattooed onto your ribs. The reader meets the man she has been wondering about for her whole life. She is finally able to put a face to the name that inks her body. She assumes that for once things may work out in her favour.

But, fate has other plans. The Winchesters pull into the parking lot of yet another dive bar, in yet another no name city.

My Accent Is Cooler Than Yours — Soulmate AU’s!

Letting out a low whistle as he exits Baby, Dean spots a dark blue Lincoln Continental parked near the entrance. He runs the soft pad of his finger along the glossy paint. But, Dean can still appreciate the classics. The bar is filled with the usual characters. They are the people you would find in any crappy bar across the country.

Satisfied with the predictability of small towns, Dean joins his bother at the far end of the bar. Sam signals to the bartender for two beers. Within seconds, he has found two easy marks over by the pool table. Dean ruffles his own hair to give himself a more dishevelled and unbalanced look. He winks at Sam with a mischievous smile before leaping off his chair. Before Dean can approach the men and challenge them to game, a girl carrying three beers skips past him.

He watches you stride up to his marks and hand them each a beer. Dean has never felt comfortable swindling women. He assumes you are with these men, so he decides to abort his mission. He is about to turn around and return to his brother when he notices something odd out of the corner of his eye. Your movements are subtle and delicate. They are nearly imperceptible to the untrained eye. However, Dean is no novice. A few minutes later, you come skipping past him again. You are trying to make a quick escape before the men notice what you had done.

You bat your lashes just to push your exaggerated acting over the edge. Dean laughs to himself before replying. That is, until my stealthy getaway was so rudely interrupted.Dean sighed as he ran his fingers through his hair looking down at his bandage covered forearm, he felt bad for his soulmate if he had one they must be freaking out at the new addition to his many battle wounds. The appearance of words on his other forearm drew his attention away from the stark white bandage and he felt the corners of his mouth twitch at seeing them.

That looks pretty bad. Standing up he walked over to his duffel digging out the marker he had stashed away in there, he cast a glance at Sam who was sleeping soundly on his bed unaware of the fact that him and John had just returned home. Uncapping the marker he glanced at the bathroom door where the water was still running in the shower, he sighed a little before writing his response. Dean jerked in surprise jumping up from the bed, pulling his sleeves down at the same time and hiding the marker in his front pocket.

Dean hid his look of relief by nodding his head and rushing to the bathroom. He sighed in relief once the door was closed behind him, reaching into the shower he pulled the soap out of there and one of the washcloths before he went back to the sink and turned on the hot water.

He smiled at the response from his soulmate. For Dean it was a way for him to keep them safe, for his soulmate they thought it was a cute way to keep the animosity, and they both agreed that waiting till they were in person to tell each other their life story was the best way to save ink.

He capped the marker and set it on the counter before he soaped up the washcloth and began washing his arm clean. Looking in the mirror he scrubbed his face clean wincing when he washes out some of the smaller cuts on his face and when he pressed to hard on the quickly forming black eye.

He sighed looking at his now clean appearance, he never felt worse for his soulmate than he did after a hunt like tonight because if his face looked like shit then so did his soulmates. Please stay safe and take it easy. He stood there and watched as their words disappeared off his arm before he washed the rest of his words off his arm and finished cleaning up.

Pulling on his pajamas he walked out of the bathroom and threw his clothes in the duffel bag, he cast a look over at the couch to see his father passed out on the couch and he shook his head at the bottle of beer dangling between his fingers tips.

He poured the rest down the sink before throwing the bottle in the trash and he glanced down at his bandaged forearm as he walked to his bed for a much deserved sleep. Lifting his pillow up he rolled over and chucked it at Sam who easily deflected it with the pillow he was holding. Sam huffed in annoyance besides him before smacking him with a pillow again. Dean turned his back to his father and rolled his eyes as he walked wildgame innovations xb380 crossbow to his duffle bag and taking a sip of his coffee as he did.

Five minutes later and Dean was walking out of the bathroom freshly showered with fresh bandages on his forearm with a long sleeve shirt covering it. She watched Sam closely, waiting to see what his reaction would be and she watched as his eyes widened and he leaned in a little closer to get a better look before he cursed under his breath. She raised an eyebrow at the two of them, watching as Dean copied Sam.

Why me? What did I do? Rolling her eyes she turned her attention to her food. Sam watched the interaction between the two of them for a few short seconds before rolling his eyes and elbowing Dean in the side. Dean jerked whipping around to face Sam and glaring at him and Sam just glared back the two of them having a silent argument.You are used to the darkness surrounding you. The world never had colors or even bright light for you.

When other people can describe the blue sky or the white snow, you can only imagine the things they try to describe. While your fellow student tries to describe her last trip to the Grand Canyon you slide your fingers over your book, loving the way the braille feels under your fingertips.

There are faster methods to read a book, or rather let technology read it for you, but sometimes you just want to feel the pages and use the knowledge your mom taught you during childhood. You are smiling as the words appear in your mind. The story is about soul mates and how the world turns into a more colorful one when you finally met each other.

Wishing this would be true you keep on reading the book until an odd noise catches your attention. People believe only as you are blind you will not recognize what they are doing but your hearing is better, advanced even.

There was an odd noise and I know it. Maybe it was a bird of prey or something, dunno. We see us later. Go and have fun with your Sweetheart, I know you want to. I will come to our room later and we can hang out. Silence greets you and for a moment you are relieved.

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As much as you like your friend, sometimes you seek having some time on your own to enjoy the silence. Turning your attention toward your book you hear the odd noise again, this time a bit louder and you get up, grabbing your book to follow the rustling of wings. Your heart beats faster as you walk toward the entrance only to bump into someone or rather something.

Your nose brushes over the soft material and your hands grasp for hold only to feel feathers under your fingertips. Not knowing what just happened you wonder why you feel warmth float your body. I am your soul mate; this means you can see my soul and mine is blue as I am an angel of the Lord. My friends are at your place to grab a few things. I will protect you from now on.

Do you trust me? I felt incomplete without you, my love. Cas x blind soulmate reader and when she first meets him she runs anycubic chiron stepper motor his wings and just fluff.

Reader Warnings: awkward situations, fluff, soulmates You are used to the darkness surrounding you. Vor 1 Jahr on Februar 08, at pm.Requested By ancient-reader: Hey i had a angsty soul mate idea. It was as normal as any other day.

You got up, you cleaned your room, you and your roommate left for class, you slept during most of it, you got back to the dorm, studied, slept some more. There was nothing wrong. Everything was going as smoothly as it possibly could. You had been watching a movie with your roommate, some cheesy chick flick she recommended. So far, it was hard to follow, mostly because you found the main character annoying as fuck. Carrie, your roommate, was slurping pot noodles, her flaming red hair a mess around her head.

The room was dark, and you dismissed it as a trick on your eyes. But then, as you looked back to your laptop screen, the moving figures had all turned shades of gray. You froze, blood going cold as you stared at the screen for a few more moments, trying desperately to find something that would tell you this was a trick. You let out a strange, strangled sound from your throat, stumbling off the bed. You barely registered the protest from Carrie as her noodles spilled in your mad dash to the light switch.

The lights came on, but the only thing it did was make the grays brighter. They remained gray. Your eyes traveled frantically over objects around the space, heart beating a mile a minute. You had collapsed right there, legs giving out as your heart shattered into a million pieces, Carrie jumping towards you in a panic.

You had been cooped up in your room all day long, Carrie having told everyone what happened and to not disturb you. The administration in your college was kind enough to give you a few days off, which you accepted. You could barely see straight. It would take a while to get used to your colorless world. Your heart was weighed with loss, a million questions in your head. What had happened? How did he die? No, you would have felt him weakening. This was sudden. Car accident? Made sense. You were looking at the blanket covering your legs, your back against your headboard.

A blanket you knew was red. You stiffened when you saw the color impinge on your eyes, spilling over the blanket. You heart was beating a mile a minute, mind racing for an explanation as your head shot up.

A strangled shout left your throat, jumping up from your bed and pressing your back to a wall. Your body was breaking out in sweat, trying to rationalize what was going on. When Carrie came home that afternoon, you kept your mouth shut.Au where the first words they speak to each other is written on their wrist? So reader is a demon who is extremely well-known by both angels and demons as the most fearsome demon.

But when Cas meets them, reader is actually somehow a pretty sweet demon who has no control over their fire power and just sets everything on fire by accident? Cas and reader meet and reader accidentally sets his coat on fire the moment they meet? Anyway, hope you all enjoy! Castiel looked down to his wrist and tilted his head to the side, trying to figure out what that new marking was. It had to be something that only happened to humans, because he had never heard of anything similar happening to angels.

Concerned, the angel turned to his friends in the hopes that, with their human experience, they knew something about his sudden condition. As soon as he approached them, Dean nodded his head at him as a greeting. However, he observed the brothers in confusion as he tried to understand what was so funny about it. While Sam and Dean left him alone to his own thoughts, also laughing and gossiping amongst them, Castiel stared at the words written on his wrist.

He tilted his head to the side again and squinted his eyes, trying to imagine the scenario in which they could be said. After a month passed, Castiel had nearly forgotten about the words etched on his wrist. Surely, he still had questions, such as… Was that alleged soulmate meant for Castiel or for Jimmy, the vessel?

Either way, was his soulmate another angel or perhaps a human? What could be their story? K 560 scm did those words come to be the first one they ever spoke to him? Naturally, he had no answers for any of those questions. So he tried to forget about the whole situation altogether. Another case, another hunt.

This time, Sam and Dean were having difficulties finding the source of the problem. It was no angels business. In fact, it looked like something having to do with demons, but not ordinary demons, but powerful demons such as Knights or Princes of Hell. Castiel followed in silence, being overcome by an unknown sensation. He knew as soon as he heard the name, but they had no other choice. So the angel tried to wrap his head around the situation and resign himself to do what had to be done.

The three friends exchanged restless glances as Dean dared to light the candle, finishing the summoning spell. Then they waited impatiently, expecting to see the demon appear at any second. Soon enough, a figure appeared before their very eyes, materializing from thin air. Dean subtly reached out for his knife, ready to step in even if the demon was trapped in the pentagram.

Castiel wanted to pipe up, overwhelmed by the silence. But he found that he was speechless.Its kelly again with another one shot soulmate au. This one is about my absolutely favorite character, Castiel. He is just so sweet and perfect but so shy and gosh, hes so fun to write about. Castiel, angel of the Lord, best friend to the Winchester brothers, and unfortunately, the object of my affection.

He was just so breathtaking in every sense of the word. Not only did my world revolve around him, but I became a total fool when he was around. Even upon our first meeting, I was a mess. It was late at night, and I was pulling into the parking spot of some cheap, run-down motel the Winchesters were stopped at. This particular case was quite interesting: meaning difficult and tricky, so much that even Sam was unable to find any new leads. It just so happened that I was in town, and after not seeing the boys in a couple years, they called to see if I would give them a hand.

Fourteen murders and seventeen injured, all separate, but of the same circumstances. Turns out the killer was a merman, as insane as that sounds. I hoped out of my little car and slung my bag over my shoulder. I would be renting a room first so I made my arrangements and dropped off my things, making sure to tuck my gun and a silver blade in my pants, just in case. Room 26, they said they were bunked in. Four down from my own.

When I knocked on the door, it was opened almost immediately. And then, I was swiftly pulled inside and into a warm hug, an abrupt but comforting embrace. I took in the deep scent of motor oil and gunpowder, a sigh leaving my lips. Arms wound around his neck carefully, and I leaned my head against his shoulder. His green eyes scanned my body and I flushed, looking to the side. Even after this long, I still got self conscious like a high school girl when someone observed me.

With a hymer rockstar rs, I rolled my eyes and hugged my waist. He pinched my hip, making me jump. I had no feelings for him, but receiving compliments from a handsome man was still quite shocking to me. I waved over his shoulder at Sam, who was working in front of his laptop. Only, my eyes widened when I noticed another person, someone unfamiliar standing to the side, watching me with slightly narrowed, yet curious eyes.

My breath was stolen away from me at the mere sight of this man. He was the epitome of gorgeous, inhumanly so. My hands fell to my sides, and my jaw was slack. This man, whatever he was, had wings. They spanned nearly the width of the room if not for them being tucked in a bit. They were the deepest of black in color, so rich that they sucked me in and threatened to never let go. Completely jaw-dropping.

Supernatural Preferences. Fanfiction. Preferences and imagines for SPN's most lovable characters. Includes Sam and Dean (naturally), Castiel and many more. Make gifs, join group chats, find your community. Only in the app. Get the app; No thanks. Supernatural Reader Fanfic — Pairing. Writing fanfics, breaking hearts, Amber's business. I Write Sins Not Tragedies, or so I'd like to believe. I write Supernatural, mainly, but a. Soulmate AU's! Demon Dean Being Your Soulmate @angelkurenai Ink Of The Soul @i-write-supernatural-fanfiction.

Everything Is Gray “Summary: Soulmate AU where the world turns black and white when your soulmate dies. Pairing: Sam Winchester x reader. Discover more posts about supernatural+soulmate+au. My soulmate Title: My soulmate Words: Pairing: Castiel x reader Warnings: language, soulmate AU A/N: Okay so I'm really super nervous.

I felt incomplete without you, my love.” Wings surround you and for the first time in your life, you feel completely safe image. SPN Forever Tags. @donnaintx. Derek Morgan. Supernatural (I'm only up to season 2, so please don't request something with spoilers)**. Sam Winchester; Dean Winchester. Outer. You shouldn't hurt my soulmateCharacters: Lucifer x Soulmate!Reader Warnings: Torture and violence.

~ SPN Masterlist ~ You didn't know how. “Satan's Soulmate,” she hummed. “I like the sound of that.” SPN Tags: @missihart23 · Masterlist · lucifer x reader lucifer.

Soulmate AU where you have a timer on your wrist counting down to when you meet your soulmate. Words: 1, Sam x Reader. Secondary Soul Pairing: Dean x Reader, Dean x Lisa Summary: A Soulmate AU in which the name of your soulmate is tattooed onto your ribs. Misunderstanding Pairing: Castiel x Reader (ft. (plus no one requested a Cas soulmate AU) Enjoy, guys! deanjensensmut: “ Carnival Of Love - Soulmate AU Jensen Ackles x Reader Written For Jordan's SPN Card Challenge @queen-of-deans-booty.

“Yeah?” A blush crossed your cheeks. “I love you too.” lucifer x reader lucifer supernatural one shot supernatural imagine supernatural drabble. Written on the Soul Pairings: Dean x Reader Word Count: Summary: Based off he soulmate AU where any mark or injury appears on their. Wings (Castiel x Reader) A/N: hiii! Its kelly again with another one shot (soulmate au). This one is about my absolutely favorite character.

Character: Castiel. Fandom: Supernatural. Categories: Reader Insert, GenderNeutral!Reader, Demon!Reader, Soulmate AU. Track Down This Murderer Soulless Sam x Reader (Soulmate AU) Summary: Sam's soul gets left in hell and you think he's dead.