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However, there are several key benefits to owning a 4x2 if you're in the market. If it's likely to stay on the tarmac or gravel, a 4x2 model is generally all you are going to need. Many 4x4s never see a dirt road or anything more than a puddle, let alone go completely bush or cross a river, so it's important to keep in mind how you plan to use the vehicle before buying.

The most obvious benefit is the cost - 4x2s are cheaper than 4x4s. With the Isuzu D-Maxthe picture is similar. Weight and payload capacity are also areas where 4x2s outshine 4x4s. The absence of additional drivetrain components needed to power all four wheels makes a 4x2 lighter on its feet. Keeping with our examples, the 4x2 D-Max tips the scales at kg, while the 4x4 is kg heavier at kg. The story is similar with the Ford, as the 4x2 Ranger has a kerb weight of kg while the 4x4 comes in kg heaver at kg.

The added benefit of having a lighter car comes in the form of how much you can throw in the back. It may seem counter-intuitive, but 4x2s often have a greater payload capacity than 4x4s. The 4x2 D-Max can carry kg worth of passengers and cargo, while the 4x4 falls a few house bricks short at kg. The Ranger has a bigger disparity, with the 4x2 rated to carry kg and the 4x4 falling short by over kg at kg.

This may not panasonic megtron 8 much, but it could be the difference between giving that burly mate a lift home legally or not. There are harsh penalties for overloading your vehicle by exceeding its rated payload. An average Australian motorist drives 15,km each year. The savings are even greater for the Ford Ranger, with the 8. It all adds up over the life of a vehicle. The benefits of a 4x2 don't stop there, however.

They are slightly less truck-like in their handling, and are also easier on consumables like brake pads and tyres. Even if you want a ute for towinga 4x2 can still be considered. The Ranger has the same braked towing capacity for both its 4x2 and 4x4 models - kg.Note : Support and Resistance level for the day, calculated based on price range of the previous trading day.

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MC Essentials. MC Technicals. Click here for disclaimer. Open 4. High 4. Mkt Cap Rs.Buying a second hand caralso known as pre-owned, has its peril. The physical appearance of the car or how it runs can cover up important things that you might miss in buying one. It should have the year and model of the vehicle, as well as its specific color and other specifications of the vehicle. If it has been previously encumbered but has already been settled, ask for the Release of Chattel Mortgage.

Of course, when you register your car, it will come with the receipt. This should also be consistent with the details on the Certificate of Vehicle Registration, such as the date of registration. Just like the Certificate, you can double check its validity by contacting the LTO. The Original LTO plate number should only be the ones attached to the vehicle that you want to buy. It should also have the sticker of the current year of registration on it. Using the plate number, you can also check more information about the car such as pending alarms, apprehensions, last registration date, make, color, year, and more.

This should be notarized to solidify its legality. Without this, the whole transaction will be null and void. It can also prove or disprove any claim about the car and will serve as your protection, in case the purchase was a fraud. If you want to check if the documents are indeed legitimate and not fabricated, you can always visit or call LTO.

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Station Wagon. You are here: Home Latest Stories Feature Documents you need to check when buying a second hand car Buying a second hand caralso known as pre-owned, has its peril. Related: How to buy a used car in the Philippines. Original receipt of registration OR Of course, when you register your car, it will come with the receipt. Latest Features. Jun 18, Family cars in the Philippines with the biggest trunks Nov 14,If you are thinking of living a life on the road the first thing you need to decide on is which vehicle is the right one for you.

Some of you may already have your van life vehicle sorted but if you are still in the pre-planning stages then we have some advice that may make choosing your newest four wheeled member that little bit easier. For some, van life is only a short term lifestyle whilst for others their van is their home, this factor will play heavily on the type of vehicle you will want to select.

Here is our list of things to consider when choosing your vehicle:. What is needed to keep your vehicle running well? This varies depending on the vehicle. We suggest to at least learn the basics of any vehicle maintenance but keep in mind that some may require a lot more TLC than others.

If your vehicle requires parts that need to be imported or lidayn spray hard to find this should also be taken into consideration. Our VW Kombi turns heads and baffles even the most knowledgable VW enthusiasts but getting parts for this Brazilian Kombi is a pain to say the least. Will this vehicle serve you everywhere you would like to go, and at all times of the year?

If you are keen on getting to those small secluded spots down by the river then an RV might be out of the question. Your new rig will need to fit your lifestyle and travel needs.

What adventures do you plan to do and where do you plan to go? Some vehicles will already have the living space interior done for you.

Others will need to be built completely from scratch. If you are planning on overlanding across the Sahara desert you may need to do some modifications. Again your preferences and budget will narrow down your options for your live-in vehicle. Just how minimalist are you prepared to be? Can you live without a proper shower and toilet?

Are you willing to be creative when it comes to keeping clean on the road? Will your vehicle be a home to you and your pup or a family of 4?

We have met families living in a van and we have met families living in a school bus. Either way your lifestyle and preference is going to play a huge part in what vehicle is best for you.

Welcome, we are Ben and Alaska, nomadic filmmakers, with a passion for Van Life, Overlanding and sharing inspiring adventures! Learn more about us and our projects. Shopping via this link help us keep our production free and it costs you nothing, so it's a FREE way to keep us rolling.

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Ways To Say Thanks. All Rights Reserved.There are different types of vehicles available in the market but not all are suggested for business purposes. One may buy a convertible for swag and style but using it for business would run down the glamour and luxury of the vehicle.

Smart business owners prefer to have a different thermal camera apk than what they use for personal purposes. They see this as a worthy investment since service vehicles are built to be more cost-effective and practical rather than shiny and superfluous.

Most of them are also fuel-efficient since manufacturers keep in mind the main purpose that clients will be using them for. One of the most particular features that most entrepreneurs look for its space and versatility in a vehicle.

This is because there are also business owners who want a vehicle that they can use in both personal affairs and business ventures. Listed below are the best types of vehicles that are guaranteed to be the ally of small business owners:.

Hatchbacks are particular car types designed with doors at the rear. These are made to open upwards and should have ample space at the back. These are available in two types of door configuration as well; some are built to have 2-doors while 4-doors are more common.

One of the most usual businesses that utilize hatchbacks is small bakeries and cake shops.

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Bakeshop owners find their spacious rear compartment very helpful in deliveries. There are some hatchback models that may be costlier than others but a good thing about hatchbacks is that they are versatile. They can be used for business as well as personal use especially on trips where loading heavy and bulky things unto the car will be necessary. These types of vehicles are the most common choice for business owners who have plenty of stuff to load and unload every time they need to use the vehicle.

These were originally meant as a work-force transport machine. These are light-duty trucks engineered with enclosed cabins and has an open cargo area at the back. Pickup trucks are widely used all over the world in business, agriculture and for other means of transport of goods and equipment due to its fully-engineered horsepower and sufficient storage.

Mini-marts, mini-groceries and supplying and distributing of wet and dry goods are only some of the businesses that are greatly aided by pickup trucks. There are also two varieties of pick-up trucks wherein there are some with 2-doors and some with 4-doors. The name of the vehicle type already speaks for itself.

There are also models that double as a hatchback which makes it preferable for entrepreneurs with the financial capacity to afford one.Discussion in ' Off-Topic Forum ' started by lukieJan 22, Log in or Sign up. Dumaguete Info. Dumaguete Info Search. Best Posts in Thread. Messages: 3, Trophy Points: Occupation: retired. Location: Philippines.

I know this is an old thread but, does anyone know if the parts that come over here from Japan, are they new? DonApr 16, I think you will find it is 3 years, not 6yrs, it is so expensive to register due to the pollution laws they sell them off to the wreckers, in AU we use to import the jap parts for budget repairs, but were no allowed to re build a car out of parts.

I had a chop chop here and the steering arm had been cut and welded, this is a cast steering component, in any western country you would be jailed for such an act.

After seeing what they did I was scared every time I hit a big bump. DinoPhilApr 28, Best, for the lower price, is to go to Cebu city. You can visit many places that also sell the same vehicle here in Duma, but here they will be thousandS more! DonApr 29, Some of the prices I have seen for multicab pickups online are outrageous when you consider that the suggested retail price for a new Suzuki Carry pickup with 1.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? Appreciate any feedback/tips from those who many have some experience with these multicabs.

Thanks Again. Like · Reply. Tips in buying a Suzuki Multicab or any car: Noob lang. This is just based in my experience only, I'm new in automotive mechanics, you have to check the. Multi-cab, Expert Advice and Tips (Philippines) Tips about buying and maintaining a multicab from a Filipino expert. I transla. As my title hints, I really know nothing about multicab but I am planning to buy one. So here are my questions: 1.

Multicab advice recommendations? I hope it is permissible to start a thread about buying Multicabs.I tried to read thru the merged thread. I am interested in purchasing a Multicabs at Davao City, Philippines. I am sure the Suzuki Multicabs are fine, but what i'm wanting to know.

Need advice on buying A car? Let us help you find the dream car. We will contact you as soon as possible to assist you! Click here to buy a(n) Multi-Cab model at affordable price. Golden Suzuki Multicab in Cebu. Cebu, Liloan Need advice on buying A car? Default Re: tips to buy multicab biskan asa nga dealer bro okey ra basta mag dala lang ka ug mechanico ky d man ka mka sure karon biskan pa. I've been "toying" with the notion of buying a multicab pu for Tips or advice on purchasing and if you could recommend one dealer over.

my advice is repair your multicap yourself, there are some haynes manuels that you can buy,and there so easy to work on, or have it made.

i'm thinking of buying one, any tips or advice would be appreciated. Decide what your usage is, and buy one suited for that use. Ensure these chemicals are properly labeled following Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines. Labels are required to. Call it what you want, but buying second hand vehicles are always great options for the budget-conscious, Here are some of our used car buying tips.

Where can i find multicab body parts in Cebu? i want to buy bulk body parts to assemble in Mindanao for election use.

great advice ; timing belt / pump fluids. watched a utube vid, mechanic recommended same on the mitsubishi diesel. said he loved after. exhaust muffler for multicab Philippines - Buy for best exhaust TIP DIESEL WELDING TYPE FOR SUV AUV SEDAN TRUCKS MULTICAB HATCH JEEP CARS. One may buy a convertible for swag and style but using it for Click to get more helpful tips and advice for your car buying and selling. Moreover, it should not have the word “ENCUMBERED” written on the upper right section of the vehicle registration certificate.

This signifies. We will do our best to solve to resolve your problem! ❌ A negative review will not help solve the problem! - Buy Suzuki Multicab F5A/F6A Door Lock Big.