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Service Manual No. This installation manual along with the user manual should be left with the product after installation for future reference. Mitsubishi Electric is not responsible for the failure of locally or field-supplied parts. Ask an authorised installer or technician. If the unit is installed improperly or modified after installation by the user, water leakage, electric shock or fire may result.

The outdoor unit should be securely fixed to a hard level surface capable of bearing its weight. The cylinder unit should be positioned on a hard vertical surface capable of supporting its filled weight to prevent excessive sound or vibration. Do not position furniture or electrical appliances below the outdoor unit or cylinder unit. Only use accessories and replacement parts authorised by Mitsubishi Electric and employ a qualified technician to fit the parts.

Electrical All electrical work should be performed by a qualified technician according to local regulations and the instructions given in this manual. The units must be powered by a dedicated power supply and the correct voltage and circuit breakers must be used.

Wiring should be in accordance with national wiring regulations. Connections must be made securely and without tension on the terminals. Earth unit correctly. General Keep children and pets away from both the cylinder unit and outdoor units. Do not use the hot water produced by the heat pump directly for drinking or cooking.

This could cause illness to the user. Do not stand on the units. Do not touch switches with wet hands. Annual maintenance checks on both the cylinder unit and the outdoor unit should be done by qualified person.MDV air conditioners have a self-diagnostic system. This means that when faulty, the air conditioner issues an error code. On the MDV air conditioner error code, it is fairly easy to identify the problem.

This page provides MDV equipment error codes of different types:. Error codes are needed if your split system has breakdown, how to fix the problem that you need to know including the consumer that would not be inflated in the service center. Possible breakdowns of refrigeration equipment are determined by error codes, it is not necessary to be a specialist to determine the cause of the cause of failure.

The main directions of troubleshooting are simple The problem must be sought in temperature sensors. And all that is associated with them on the control board, the signal, break or short circuit, does not pass. E-0, EL, while air conditioning or starts and works for some time, or does not start at all, then we are looking for a solution to the problem with the work of the System Systems in the Power Part: Causes are different From the full not passing the signal to start to critical current characteristics on the system shutdown.

As an example: the bearing of the fan of the indoor unit, the fan impeller rotates but with insufficient speed, the Hall sensor or the torque sensor does not supply the control signal, split the system after minutes it gives an error E E-L, the problem is found.

If you did not find your air conditioner in this long list, do not worry, click on the source link P1 Inspection of the thermistor room temperature RT1 1 Bad contact of the thermistor 2 Damaged thermistor 1 Check the thermistor. Normal resistance should be the following.

Error fault code on Mitsubishi Electric ducted air conditioning systems

P2 The internal thermistor of the coil RT2 P3 signal transmission error the remote dispatcher does not respond to the internal controller signal. Frequent breakdowns of air conditioners of the budget series are due to the fact that the split-systems of lower price category breaks much more often, since almost all nodes, parts, coolers mechanisms are minimized. E1 or EL - take carefully to this malfunction in the operation of the air conditioner, it is usually not related to the quality of the cooler, this is an external error of the system associated with poor-quality voltage in the power supply.

EA error code Why does not work Mitsubishi? Check the temperature and pressure sensors Error code EB Fault Split system. Incorrect installation, check the correct connection Check the temperature and pressure sensors Error code E6 malfunction.

When checking is closed. Error code E7 MitSubishi air conditioner fault. Error code E8 MitSubishi-Heavy air conditioner fault. Error code E9 conditioner fault. Total reasons can be attributed to the fault of the electrical part and the malfunction of the refrigeration circuit.Here on the page there are lists of error codes for different models of Mitsubishi air conditioners.

Mitsubishi fault codes are described separately for each model and accompanied with detailed description of technique behavior and possible causes. In case if the item has error codes and flashes, the tables contain both of the signals. Several causes are given for every error code. The lists contain also the solutions and recommendations on checking the items. You can solve the situation by changing or repairing a remote control or by checking the wires.

Normal resistance should be as follows. Signal transmission error Remote controller does not respond to indoor controller signal. If the resistance is normal, replace the outdoor controller board. Non-defined error code - noise interference - power down Ecodan for 30 seconds then switch back on. Serial communication fault between Ecodan main board and Ecodan inverter board - mainly due to loose CN2 or CN5 cable. Over heating at heat exchanger - lack of water flow, air in the system, flow rate incorrectly set, blockage or pump problem.

Low pressure switch failure - check connection on the board and continuity of switch. High pressure switch failure - check connection onto board and continuity of switch. Both pressure switch contacts are open at the same time - check connection onto board and continuity of switch and for a potential board failure.

Ecodan high pressure fault - mainly caused by incorrect water flow rates - check with flow setter. Ecodan high compressor discharge temperature - mainly caused by refrigerant shortage or dirty condenser. Noise interference. Non-defined error code. Noise interference - power down outdoor unit for 30 seconds.Your air conditioning unit serves an integral part in your home. It makes your home cool and comfortable, helps you sleep better, and improves your work performance.

If your air conditioner is not working correctly, your house will be unpleasant, and it may lower your productivity. Regular air conditioner service ensures your system will not stall unexpectedly. Air conditioners use error codes to alert you that something is not working accurately.

One of these error codes is Error 8. If you have a mini split air conditioner, an error 8 will occur when there is a fan speed malfunction. Mini-splits have an indoor air-handling unit or evaporator and an outdoor condenser or compressor. If the outdoor fan or the in-door fan slows down for too long, the air conditioner will stop and display the Error 8 code.

Dirty indoor air filters will restrict airflow in your air conditioner, which affects the fans. It can also clog the system; meaning that the AC cannot pull enough air to keep the room at the right temperature. Bear in mind that when your AC works too hard to cool your house, it will lose its longevity. If the fan motor is not working, you will have a fan speed malfunction. Your fan motor may fail if there is a voltage problem, water dripping into the windings, or the run capacitor is not working.

You will also experience fan motor problems if there is a loss of lubrication in the belt drive bearings. Ensure that you have an air conditioner technician come in and fix your unit if you have a faulty motor. A technician will be able to find the cause of the problem and offer air conditioner vendor registration in qatar companies. Incorrect installation can result in wiring problems that affect how your AC works.

These issues will result in failed compressors and damaged boards. These will require replacement. Make sure that you have your air conditioning unit installed by trained and experienced technicians.

Mini-Splits have two or three control boards, and these may fail and need replacement. When they stop working, you may experience an error 8. To reset an error 8, turn off the air conditioner and disconnect the breaker.

Wait for 3 minutes and switch it on again. If you do this and the error code shows up, you will need to troubleshoot the unit further to find the problem. To troubleshoot your air conditioning unit check the fan blowers and air filters. If air filters are dirty, that might be the reason you are having the problem. Inspect the fan motor and test it. Regular air conditioner service will ensure that your unit works for a long time without any issues. Good service will extend the life of your air conditioner and keep you comfortable.

Give us a call on if you would like our expert technician to have a look at your unit. We are always here to help you. What Does Error 8 mean? What causes an Error 8? Any of the following things can cause a fan speed malfunction. Dirty Indoor Air Filter Dirty indoor air filters will restrict airflow in your air conditioner, which affects the fans.Beko AC Error Codes Fault Code,When the condition of the air conditioner ib is abnormal, the temperature indicator on the indoor unit will blink to display the corresponding error code.

Please check the blow list to identify the error. H1 stands for defrosting status. This is a normal phenomenon. E5 This can be terminated after restarting the unit.

If not, please contact qualified person for service. U8 It can be terminated after restarting the unit. H6 It can be terminated after restarting the unit. C5 Please contact qualified person for service.

F1 Contact qualified person for service. F2 Contact qualified person for service. Note: If there are other error codes, please contact qualified person for service. Warning When a down event occurs, please turn off the air conditioner and cut off the power immediately, and then contact the dealer or qualified person for service.

Check the following points before repair or service. If the Error persists, please contact your dealer or service center. See air filter cleaning instructions. This is the sound of freeze flowing inside the air conditioner unit. This is the sound of dehumidifying water being processed inside the air conditioning unit. Out of battery? Beko Washing Machine Error Codes.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.Check interconnect, electrical circuit. Open circuit. Eb Code Incorrect installation, shutdowns, protection tripped. EU code Error start by time, within 5 min. Turn off the power, disconnect the Mitsubishi Electric split system, remove the batteries from the remote control. Then do the operation after 5 minutes. All split system settings will revert to factory defaults.

Mitsubishi Electric inverter type, fault table. No signal, short circuit. E8 Code Error, reception sensor does not work, check if power is coming to the sensor. There is no signal. Code E0 No signal from the control panel signal reception Change the remote control batteries.

E3 Code Wrong signal. The air conditioner PU does not correctly generate a signal. E5 Code Check mains voltage. Equipment malfunctions are possible.

Error List of Air Conditioning

Ed code The signal generation sequence is broken. Stepper finder failed. Correction, - see Mitsubishi Electric EC Code, - return to the factory default air conditioner settings.

Check sensor for integrity. The tightness of the sensor is broken, the sensor and the connecting cable are so dirty and wet that they close it. Replace sensor if necessary. P2 code The frostbite sensor of the indoor unit, the sensor has triggered. Dirty indoor unit, poor air passage due to frostbite. Check the Mitsubishi Electric split system circuit for gas leaks. Frostbite usually begins due to a lack of gas or air conditioning requires attention, - prevention.The P8 fault is quite generic and can be the front for a multitude of different issues.

As we mentioned above, the P8 fault can mean many things when it pops up on your Mitsubishi Electric wall controller. The P8 fault is activated when the indoor coil sensor does not change temperature for a set amount of time after the compressor is or should be switched on. Put simply, if the indoor unit does not get hot or cold within a predetermined time frame approx. The reason for the compressor not running can be anything. To further diagnose the unit you will need to look at the outdoor unit PC Board.

On older fixed speed Mitsubishi Electric units, the P8 error code generally points to a fault with the outdoor unit.

If the lights are Solid, this is not a fault and represents the units operating condition. If the light is flashing, a fault is present. Depending on the fault you find on the outdoor PC Board will determine how to rectify the issue. This means you have a 3 phase system installed and 1 of the phases are missing OR wired the wrong way. Check for 3 phase power to the unit and rectify if 1 or more phases are missing. This means 1 or more of the sensors is registering as open or short circuit.

You will need to measure the resistance of each outdoor sensor to determine which is faulty. HP or High pressure safety means the unit has measured a dangerously high pressure at the outdoor unit. This can be caused by various problems including a lack of airflow from the indoor unit on heating or the outdoor unit on cooling. This can be caused by a seized compressor, contaminated refrigerant, faulty compressor contactor, bad input voltage or anything that can put excessive load on the compressor.

Discharge thermistor fault. This fault means the discharge line has reached an abnormally high temperature. This fault can be caused by a lack of refrigerant or possibly a faulty discharge thermistor. Defrost sensor is open or short circuit. Outdoor PC Board electronics fault.

This fault is rarely ever seen. We have not come across a Mitsubishi Electric unit with this fault displayed… It is important to ensure the correct tests are completed to determine what part requires replacement.

It can be an expensive exercise to replace a working component when the fault could actually be an energy supplier issue. Ensuring the correct parts are diagnosed is vital to make certain you do not waste money on unnecessary parts or repairs. We specialise in Temperzone, Hitachi and Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning units and know how they tick. Do you have a P8 fault displayed on your Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning unit?

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Compressor overcurrent interruption/Abnormal of power module. Mitsubishi Air Conditioning error codes · P1 Intake sensor error · P2 P9 Pipe (Liquid or 2-phase pipe) sensor error · E6 E7 Indoor/outdoor unit communication error. Thermistor fault at indoor/outdoor unit - check fault code address UNITED KINGDOM Mitsubishi Electric Europe Living Environmental Systems Division.

What does error code "U8" What does error code "U8" signify for a Mr Slim model PKA A18 HA? - Mitsubishi Heating & Cooling question. tdceurope.eu › files › product-docs › mitsubishi_electric.

A CHECK button. B Refrigerant address. C TEMP. button. D IC: Indoor unit. OC: Outdoor unit. E Check code. F Unit address. Fig. ERROR CODE. ERROR CODE. 1) Check the transmission wire. (Indoor controller does not respond to remote controller signal.) 2) Check with another remote controller. If 'EO" is still. Mitsubishi Ecodan heat pump error codes / fault codes ; U8, Ecodan fan motor problem ; U9, Over voltage or under voltage ; UD, Overheat protection.

Technical Support. Spares & Warranty. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning Error Codes – RA Systems. Mitsubishi Electric Fault Code Check List Index: Mitsubishi Mr Slim P Series (A) Error Codes Mitsubishi Mr Slim P Series (K) Error Codes.

U8 is a factory generated code it means nothin if you press the check button and this shows it means there are no faults in the error history. Looking for the error code in your Mitsubishi air conditioning unit?

Daikin Altherma heat pump error codes / fault codes

It might be here. U8, Outdoor unit fan safeguard stop. (2)Abnormal condition. Unit condition. Outdoor controller board. A-Control Service Tool. LED1 (Green). LED2 (Red). Error code. When the power is turned on. When.

Error Codes for Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners. Error Codes Mitsubishi Electric until Code P6 U8 - Outdoor unit fan protection stop. If other check code appears. replace the origi- nal remote controller. P3. Signal transmission error. (Remote controller does not respond to indoor.

1 Check code, error unit, refrigerant address, unit model name, and serial U8. (). Outdoor fan motor. Abnormal if rotational frequency of the fan.

INV LED. Location of trouble. Description of trouble. Error. Code Displays indoor heat exchanger sensor temp at the time the error code was displayed in. U8, Outdoor unit fan safeguard stop ; U6, Compressor overcurrent interruption/Abnormal of power module ; U7, Abnormality of super heat due to low discharge.