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Answer: Hello Sridhar, As per your horoscope, the longevity of this current job is promisingly good. There are 12 …, PDF Dwonload. With the exception of Surya and Chandra, all other planets are Lords for two rasis. Yearly Horoscope Aquarius rasifal kumbh rashi. Connections with the process of law.

Jupiter in Makara rasi till 5th April 6. Kumbha rashi is the own sign of Saturn therefore it will not give strong negative effects. San : It also means someone who owns cattle. Sun in Vrischika Scorpio Chandra Rasi. From April — Guru becomes normal. Mercury in Makara rasi till 25th January 4.

Scorpio Moon Sign, Brischik Rashi Women may have a joyous time this year. When this planet moves from one zodiac sign to another, it is called Sankranti. The thithi that falls on the day is Krishnapaksha Chaturdasi and the nakshatra is Revathi. There will be good achievements in education. Pisces Meen 5.

Can we live in south facing house?

Kumbh Rashi Health in the year The Moonsigns or Rashis affected by saturn are listed below. Kumbha Daily Horoscope For 03 December. Saturn transit from Scorpio to Sagittarius on 26th JanuaryBesides outside settings and interiors too, there are several other aspects such as a number of doors and windows, the direction of Main entrance, etc.

Vastu for Main door entrance is especially helpful to attract positive energy in the house. If the main door in the prescribed place cannot be fixed as per sign zodiac or Raashi of the person, one window at least must be fixed there.

South facing house vastu – is it good or bad for its occupants

In general, it can be said that, to fix the main door facing East and North is the best; and that facing West is good and the one facing South is considered as not good. What are the common ailments that occur as per Zodiac Signs? What are the solutions? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hari Ome. Tuesday, December 21, Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. English Astrology Vastu. Significance of Hayagriva Jayanti. Tips for Better Sleep.

Kanne Tulsamma Nomu Katha in English. Vyuha Lakshmi Tantram. Zodiac sign Virgo is missing from the list…. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Facebook Instagram Twitter Youtube. Disclaimer Privacy Policy Terms and conditions. Panchamukhi Rudraksha — The power of Five Elements. Offerings to be made in the month of Karthika.Vastu for south-facing house: Yama rules South direction. Yama is the Vedic God of dharma and death.

As per Vedic mythology, Yama is the elder brother of the planet Saturn. Yamaha considered very cruel judgment over the soul after death. Sometimes we find it challenging to identify the direction that our house is facing. Your house's facing is the direction in which you face when you go out of your main door.

The main door here means the most massive door in the house. If you face South while coming out of your main entrance gate onto the road, your home is a south-facing House. South is considered the most inauspicious direction in Residencial Vaastu Shastra. So it would be best if you are more vigilant and cautious in utilizing this direction. The disadvantage of Houses facing South: The many opening in south direction is the leading cause the person to not fully enjoy the marital bliss many times severe obstruction in the materialization of marriage.

Excessive cosmic heat of Lord sun and bodily heat of planet mars place the South direction like hell. This intense sweet of south direction increases bodily Pitha causing Pitta dosha. The opening in the South may also addict to liquor. So Vastu expert Sunil Mehtani advises you should keep the south direction close in the hot season if you are residing in a hot region.

The scorching rays of Sun become highly uncomfortable and unbearable in the South. In the horoscope, Tenth House is correspondent with the south direction. The color of the southerly direction in Vastu Shastra is blood red. Sun and Mars are directionally strong in the 10th house of a horoscope, which corresponds with South direction. This direction receives the maximum heat the rays of Sun fall Straight in this zone, and the temperature is usually high throughout the year, causing intense heat.

Many people say that living in a south-facing house will invite life problems, and only east or north-facing homes are auspicious and good.

But this is not entirely true as there are some benefits of south-facing house. A south-facing house is best for the people belonging to Administrative Services, armed and Paramilitary forces, People involved in manufacturing, and for the people related to the entertainment industry can also buy a house facing south. South Direction is also the best place for public activities like Consultancy Services; it proves an auspicious direction during the daytime.

The people who live in this direction generally have firm determination in their goal. They may adopt all methods without hesitation for their victory. They may ready to sacrifice smaller things to reap more significant benefits.

The Sun rises in the east and moves towards the South before setting in the west. This is the reason why the climate in South India is scorching in summers. So, the people living there should avoid the South facing the bmw m52 ecu. On the other hand, in regions like North India or hilly areas, the climate is generally colder during winters.

So, people can buy south-facing houses to enjoy sunlight and heat during winters. This will also help them to keep their homes warm. The persons living in a South facing house receive an adequate amount of sunlight for most of the day. This will provide them a sufficient amount of Vitamin D and, therefore, beneficial for them.

But the same sunlight is not suitable for people living in southwest-facing houses. This is because they get the sunlight during the late afternoon, full of UV rays radiations.

Instead of providing benefits to them, these rays are harmful to them. The people in the profession or work related to Mars can also opt for south-facing houses.Guruji B. Sachidananda Babu About Dr. Raman About Prof. Ever sincehe has toured extensively in various countries giving lectures and also Astrological, Vaastu and Spiritual consultations to people there. He is a disciplinarian, his routine starts at 4. He is not, in the strictest sense of fee term, religious, does not encourage too much of religious practices, pujas, festivals, etc, but is spiritual.

Pranayama and meditation are his favorites. After a very hectic day of work, he prefers to spend a little quiet time at home and enjoys being alone. Very rarely, he enjoys watching a good movie! He never advocates the use of computerized readings. Until a few years back be used to give consultations in post by typing readings on a typewriter, he has done over 9, readings all preserved till date, in writing while orally he has given consultations to innumerable people for three decades.

He has manually cast at least horoscopes in the 70s and 80s using logarithms and basic mathematical tools. In fact, he also specialized in casting horoscopes for overseas births pertaining to almost all countries in the world.

He is a weight lifting enthusiast and was very popular in many gyms in fee city by his ability to lift very heavy weights. Now of course due to work pressures and age factors he has reduced it but still continues to do a bit of weight lifting.

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Key Customers: Usha Lexus Hotels.Planetary Movements. Offer - Ask More Save More! Ask Multiple Questions, No Limit. Online Kundali Matching is an easy and most accurate way to match Kundalis of the prospective bride and groom anytime and anywhere.

Horoscope Matching or Kundali Milan is an ancient method of Vedic Astrology for the compatibility analysis between couples. In a Hindu marriage, a good Gun Milan score is critical for a happy, long-term, and successful married life. Kundli Matching or Guna Milan is the most integral aspect of every Hindu marriage.

Hindu astrology lays strong emphasis on Janam Kundali Milan before a couple ties the knot to ensure a happy and long married life.

Initially Kundali matching for marriage was done by a family priest or any Astrologer. But with Online Kundali Matching, it has become quite easy and quick to check the marriage compatibility of two people. Kundali Matching by name is basically the marriage matching done with only the name of the bride and groom. This is also called Guna Milan by name as it involves the marriage compatibility test by checking the Gunas of Bride and Groom using their names. Kundli Matching by date of birth, also known as Janam Patrika matching, is based on the age-old Ashtakuta method and determines the compatibility of two people using their respective birth details.

In Western Astrology, some believe in using a Love calculator to find their Love Compatibility score and check the Zodiac Sign compatibility with their partners to figure out their emotional, mental and physical compatibility. Although Horoscope matching by birth date and name is based on Guna Milan score calculated by marriage matching calculator, Kundali matching by date of birth is considered more accurate and is always recommended. In Hindu tradition, Kundli Milan is a key ritual ahead of solemnizing a marriage.

It is the process of matching horoscopes birth-charts of the bride and the groom to determine whether their stars are in harmony for a successful and happy marriage. Often known as Horoscope matching, Janam Kundli milan, Patrimilan or Gun milan, Kundli match for marriage is based on many factors that come into play to determine the Kundali matching score also known as Gunas.

Kundali matching by date of birth and name is the best and most accurate method of matching horoscopes and establishing the compatibility between the boy and the girl. It can be used to predict the Shubh Muhurat for the wedding ceremony, in order to enjoy a long and blissful relationship. On basis of the birth details of the bride and groom, the eight Gunas or the Ashtakoota are calculated by marriage matching calculator.

In Kundali Matching by name and date of birth, the compatibility between these eight Gunas decides the fate of a marriage. These Gunas are:. For a happy, successful and blissful marriage, the minimum Kundali stata spmap categories score should be betweenThere are a lot of clients who inquire about south facing house vastu plan.

And many follow vastu shastra guidelines while buying a residential plot of land or a new home. So we decided to write a post on this topic and help all clients looking for architecture and design for their homes, get validated information on this topic. A general belief among some home buyers in the country is that — south facing house vastu plan — is not as favorable.

Hence, a lot of clients with south facing plots want to know if their residential assets can be designed to attract positive energies and prosperity. So here are a few vastu tips for such south facing plots that one can discuss with their architect. For a south facing house, vastu experts recommend positioning the main door at the 4th pada of the south facing area of the plot.

And it is recommended to have this door the largest in size among all the other doors and open clockwise inside the home. As can be seen in this illustration below, the 4th pada may be quite small for a door. Hence, one can add in the 2nd and 3rd padas to install the main door. Discuss this with the team of Bangalore architects for best main door design for your new south facing house. Here again, experts recommend the south west corner of the house plan to have the master bedroom.

This is the ideal place to have the master bedroom as all other locations either have big disadvantages or are not as preferred.

Having said this, it is important to consider all these elements, i. As it fake sms online difficult to get the right vastu plan after construction. There are many more vastu shashtra recommendations for south facing house plans. But each recommendation depends on the overall house design. Like the kitchen of the south facing home, if located on the south east corner, should have the cook facing the eastern wall.

But if the kitchen is located in the north west corner of the house, while cooking the person should be facing the western side of the house. Then if the house has a staircase, it is recommended to located it in the south, the west or the south west regions of the plan.

The eastern and western sides of a south facing plot are said to be good for bedrooms. And guest bedrooms should be avoided in the South West corner. Vastu shastra experts also have recommendations on the ideal colors for south facing house vastu plans. So reds, browns and oranges are given high preference while blacks and blues are recommended to be avoided.

Hence, before buying a south facing plot of land for a residential project, or before investing in a south facing house, it is recommended to consult an expert for guidance. Skip to content Tag: south facing house good for which rashi. Are south facing plots good as per vastu?There has been extensive boom in the construction of housing, industrial, commercial buildings in big cities.

Because of the complexity in the architecture and construction methods, there has been lot of confusion about the proper application of Vastu Shastra based building formulae. Appropriate application of various Vastu based formulae is possible when one clearly understands the concepts and significations embedded in the Vastu based formulae.

I have indicated in my earlier articles and in books the importance of the building formulae referred to as Ayadi Shadvarga by the ancient masters dreame redemption codes wisdom. Ayadi is a group of six formulae Aya, Vyaya, Yoni, Rksha, Vara and Tithi that are used to determine the dimensional conformance of a building. The six formulae are divided in to three sets and each set consists of two formulae.

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A specific set of formulae is used to work out the length, breadth and height of the building or the structure. The length and breadth are the outer measurements of the foundation bhumilamba or its base adhistana.

The height of the building is considered to be from the bottom of the foundation or the bottom of the base to the topmost point of the building. The remainder obtained by using these formulae determines the gain or loss accruing, the constellation compatibility and the lunar and solar days that conduce to one's well being.

Vastu Shastra clearly emphasizes the importance of orienting the constructions to the cardinal directional. Therefore, the orientation of the building to be one of the four cardinal directions north, east, south or west. As far as possible, buildings facing angular directions are to be avoided. But in rare situations, if the site is oriented in the angular directions, the orientation or Yoni formulae can be worked out in such a way so that the remainder is 1.

The ancient masters were aware of the power of monsoon winds and other energies physical and metaphysical. These energies were also considered in the orientation and construction of the buildings. The unit of measurement used is generally the Kisku Hasta that equals 24 angulas. The hasta conversion is done diversely in different regions. Another school of thought equates a hasta to 72 cm Here, the hasta is measured from the shoulder to the tip of the middle finger.

A third school of thought, which this writer follows, equates a hasta to 18 inches and an angula to 0. Further research on the definition or usage of the Hasta measurement is needed to specifically determine whether 18 inches, 2.

This scribe generally uses the inch Hastabased on measuring the distance from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger. Manasara recommends working out nine different lengths and breadths and five heights for a building. The Yoni formula defining the breadth measurement very clearly reinforces the importance of proper orientation. Most religious buildings, palaces, cities, villages and roads of ancient India and many other parts of the world faced the cardinal directions.

In fact, the Giza and Great pyramids of Egypt are oriented to the north. Remainder of. Length x 8. Breadth x 9. 1. EAST facing plot/House: Mesha, Simha, Dhanu Rashi · 2. SOUTH facing plot/House: Vrishabha, Kanya, Makara Rashi · 3. WEST facing plot/House: Mithuna, Tula. Astrology provides personal guidance and path for every individual as per their Rashi. Thus, it also connects in a similar way to Vastu.

What should be the direction of your House main door as per Vastu which is right? based on the first letter of name? or nakshatra the. ARIES: South-facing houses are very lucky for Mesh Rashi (Aries) people. · TAURUS (Vrishav): · MITHUN RASHI (GEMINI): · CANCER (KARKAT RASHI): · LEO. Lucky Vastu Facing's. Lucky vastu facings based on birth stars Persons born in Aswini birth star should live in “West Facing”, they should avoid “East.

No information is available for this page. Is it possible to have a House or apartment with Vaastu complaint Now a Days? Whats your interest according to DOB or as per Rashi? Which facing house is good for Vrishabh Rashi (Taurus)?. Nonetheless, South-confronting houses are bad for Vrish Rashi (Taurus).

Kundali Matching | Horoscope Matching | Kundali Milan

They will in general spend more. Different Directions & Their Effects Note: Apart from the house; shops, offices, temples, commercial complexes etc., should also be built according to Vastu. Aries: According to Vastu Shastra, the Aries born people are more beneficial if they build their house on the East direction. · Taurus:The Taurus.

However, according to Vastu Shastra, all homes are considered equally auspicious provided you follow the right design principles based on Vastu Shastra. Closed and heavy walls in the south direction keep the Yam at bay from the inmates of the house.

East Direction as per Vastu: A very powerful. Vastu Talks about favorable Directions and in Astrology planets, For ex. as per Vastu principles East direction in general is a benefic. Vastu and Numerology are interconnected. Each direction has its own importance and when combined with the ruling number, you can get great.

Those who have Meen Rashi – Pisces as a Zodiac Sign should avoid Agni Disha which is known as South East. Those who have Taurus (Vrushabh). 1st House: It is also called Lagna OR Ascendent. · Rashi: Mesh (Aries). Rashi Lord: Mangal ; 2nd House: · Rashi: Vrish (Taurus). Rashi Lord: Shukra. Why are padas important as per Vastu Shastra? North facing house is good for which Rashi? Is north facing home. Direction for Sutiable Rashi's. East - Mesh, Simha, Dhanu. South - Vrushabh, Kanya, Makar.

West - Mithun, Tula, Kumbh. North - Kark, Vrushchik, Meen. Let us see what astrology says about Vaastu luck for different horoscopes. ARIES: South-facing houses are very lucky for Mesh Rashi (Aries) people. Rashi Gaur Feng Shui & Vaastu Consultant in Vasant Kunj, Delhi is one of the leading businesses in the Vastu Shastra Consultants. Rated based on