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The jury deliberated for only an hour before delivering its verdict in the case, which went to trial earlier this week. Unsworth brought the suit against Musk in Septemberafter the Tesla and SpaceX CEO had called him "sus" suspicious and a "pedo guy" on Twitter earlier that summer. Musk also characterized the spelunker as a "child rapist" in e-mails to Buzzfeed reporter Ryan Mac, and practically requested the lawsuit in August with a tweet that said, "Don't you think it's strange he hasn't sued me?

In his testimony during the defamation trial this week, Musk apologized to Unsworth and said he did not believe the cave explorer was a pedophile. Musk and his defense team, led by attorney Alex Spiro, argued that "pedo guy" was simply heated rhetoric and not meant as a statement of fact.

They also argued that the phrase "pedo guy" is widely known as slang for "creepy old guy. The clash between the two men began when Unsworth criticized Musk for involving himself, and his employees, in an effort to rescue 12 boys and their soccer coach from flooded caves in Thailand in July Unsworth's expertise and knowledge of the caves proved instrumental in extracting the soccer team.

He is credited as being a leader of the rescue effort. Musk and his employees developed a device that they billed as a mini-submarine or escape pod, and which they thought could transport the kids out of the caves. On July 8,Musk wrote in a tweet, "Mini-sub arriving in about 17 hours. Hopefully useful. If not, perhaps it will be in a future situation. Before the rescue was completed, Musk had directed employees to compel Thai officials to say nice things about him and his mini-sub, even as storms continued to bear down.

After the rescue, Unsworth was asked during a television interview on CNN about the mini-sub and Musk. He said Musk could "stick his submarine where it hurts," and viewed the escape pod as "just a PR stunt.

The verdict could set a precedent where free speech online, libel and slander are concerned. Vernon Unsworth vs. Elon Musk was one of the first major defamation lawsuits --brought by a private individual over a tweet-- to ever go to trial.

In closing arguments, Unsworth's attorney, L. Lin Wood, made an emotional appeal to the jury, calling Musk a "liar" while standing just a few feet away from the CEO.

He also referred to Musk as "the billionaire bully," and said that by labeling Unsworth a "pedo guy" on Twitter, where Musk had tens of millions of followers, "He dropped a nuclear bomb on Vernon Unsworth," and the fallout would last for decades.

Musk's lead attorney, Alex Spiro, in closing arguments characterized Musk's offensive tweets as merely insulting and not statements of fact.Vernon Strange is a popular Australian actor. He is actually best known as a television personality who has been currently appearing the very popular Australian television series named Aussie Gold Hunters. This television series is a reality television series where three different teams gamble to strike a deep and big in the wild west of Australia.

The series has been running for the last four years. Its first episode was filmed in the year Vernon has been appearing in this television series along with other stars like Matt Dickson and Tylor Mahoney.

Documentary Aussie Gold Hunters finds nuggets under the desert and on screen

The television series is still in its first season and people are loving how the actors have been performing. Vernon has also been well praised by the audience. He has in fact appeared in more than eight of its episodes and seems to be very much busy right now filming for more. He is really a hard-working actor and is currently focused on his career.

He wants to grow more and more every day and also shows a lot of passion for his work With these abilities, Vernon is becoming successful day by day as his acting skills are also improving a lot.

He spent his entire childhood there. He is a popular actor who has been appearing in the very popular Australian television series named Aussie Gold Hunters. His exact date of birth has not been known. However, he seems to be in his late twenties. It is believed that he received his entire education in Australia. The estimated net worth of Vernon has not been known yet.

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In justifying his response, the reason behind Wayne's decision lay with both Eastwood's star persona, as well as the changing landscape of the Western film genre, as well as the particular film in question. John Wayne is famous for being one of the first huge stars of the Western genre of cinema. Finding his start in the s, just as movies that had synch-sound replaced silent films, he was the face of an entire era of Western cinema during a time when the genre dominated the cinema landscape.

Films like John Ford's Cavalry Trilogy glorified certain ideals of that time, including black and white morality, American Exceptionalism, and a positive view of Manifest Destiny. The s and '70s and brought a new era, heralded by movies like Sergio Leone's Dollars Trilogywhich were a darker and more violent form of Western.

These newer types of Western began to feature more moral ambiguity and, at times, their themes and concepts would challenge closely held American beliefs. Clint Eastwood, the American face of this new era, became almost as big a star as John Wayne was himself at the peak of his career. It was in the early s that an attempt was made to bring these two eras of the Western together via the two actors who embodied them the most. The script focused on a gambler who won half the estate of an older man, and the idea was that Eastwood would play the gambler and Wayne the older man.

Eastwood was interested, but Wayne outright rejected the part. He didn't like the script, but even more than that he didn't like Clint Eastwood as a director and actor or how the script reflected the newer trends of the Western genre. After Eastwood tried again to pitch the film to Wayne, Wayne responded with a letter explaining his reasoning.

In the letter, a major point of contention was how much Wayne hated Eastwood's recent film High Plains Drifter. High Plains Drifter was a Western that Eastwood starred in, and it was the first one he ever directed himself.

It's an incredibly dark and violent film that is often read as a critique of the old west, or at least a very cynical portrait of it. Wayne hated it, and thought it didn't properly reflect the lives of, in his mind, noble pioneers who settled the west and expanded America's borders. He saw The Hostiles as more in line with the spaghetti Westerns that made Eastwood famous.

To him, the script was a cynical reinterpretation of the kinds of characters and stories Wayne's most famous films often portrayed. Eastwood didn't bother to respond to the letter. Needless to say, The Hostiles was never made because of this. A version of Cohen's script eventually got made into the tv movie The Gambler, The Girl and the Gunslinger but the world was never to see the two giants of the genre on screen together. John Wayne and Clint Eastwood just came up through different generations and different eras of Hollywood, and they both had very different ideas about the genre that made their careers.

The Cornwall man turned Aussie Gold Hunters TV star who sold his vape shops to buy 12 gold mines

They're icons, and will forever be the faces of both sides of the Western: its older traditions and its newer deconstructions. By Brooks Vernon Updated Sep 27, Share Share Tweet Email 0.The TV presenter is one of a host of famous faces to be taking part in this year's competition, which swaps Australia for North Wales as stars bed down in a haunted castle.

Vernon, 46, has been forced to leave behind wife Tess Daly and his two daughters as he gets ready head across the drawbridge. The star revealed his daughters were actually the inspiration behind him signing up for the show. It's a show they watch on a regular basis and they get behind the people in the camp. I think the fact I am involved in it will make it even more fun for them! Every time I talk about it, I get a double fist pump from them and they are thrilled to be involved.

But he has signed up to take on his biggest challenge yet and will head to the caste this weekend. He presented his own show on Radio 1 between andand from he fronted a show on Radio X. Tess, 51, and Vernon have been married since Septemberand together have Phoebe, 16 and year-old Amber. The family leave in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, and gave fans an insight into their home life during lockdown. She added: "This year we'll be watching Vern take part.

He is over the moon to be on the show, red gilet an' all. Good luck Vern!! By Tom Bull. Video Loading Video Unavailable. Click to play Tap to play. The video will auto-play soon 8 Cancel Play now.

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Rochelle Humes Saturdays star Rochelle Humes has taken to social media to share heartbreaking news about the death of a 'loved one' while showing pics of her family enjoying a sunny family holiday. The Masked Singer ITV viewers are delighted to see The Masked Singer UK returned to their screens for a third series but some unhappy fans have moaned that the clues are more difficult this year. Most Read Most Recent. She also mentioned that the biscuit is the most popular item in KFC.

Viral If you're wondering why bobble hats have pom-poms on the top of them, listen up. The eye-catching embellishments haven't always just been for fashion purposes.

Darts The PDC World Championships has magnificently helped us transition into the New Year - and to mark the occasion, we've sourced the top ten darts players who've made the most from winnings. Rylan Clark-Neal Rylan Clark's ex husband is reported to be putting together a new show called 'Dates With Mates' after their tough breakup โ€” and some have questioned the 42 year old producer's timing.

Top Stories.By Claudia Connell for the Daily Mail. Just ask Elon Muskwho yesterday leapfrogged Amazon founder Jeff Bezos to become the richest man on the planet. But while Musk may currently be the richest, who is the flashest?

Bezos : The Amazon boss is no petrolhead. The last time he was asked about his car, he revealed he drove a seven-year-old Honda Accord. All three men own private jets and Elon Musk owns two. Musk is obsessed with 'colonising' Mars and founded his SpaceX company in He founded his SpaceX company in and last year it became the first private company to send humans into orbit when it flew two NASA astronauts to the International Space Station.

He envisages a future where people will busted newspaper bullitt county ky in floating space colonies with ecosystems similar to Earth. Elon Musk with his first wife Justine whom he divorced in after eight years of marriage. Justine, mother of his five sons, accused him of under-valuing his assets in bitter divorce battle.

Love, marriage and costly divorces. Musk : He met first wife, author Justine, when they were students. They married in and split after eight years. During a bitter divorce, Justine, mother of his five sons, accused him of under-valuing his assets. Inhe married British actress Talulah Riley, now 35, but divorced on friendly terms two years later.

Gates : No divorce bills for Bill; he has been happily married to Melinda for 26 years. When 12 boys were trapped in a cave in Thailand, Musk sent a submarine for the rescue operation. Unsworth sued for defamation but lost. Bezos : Shortly after his separation from MacKenzie, the National Enquirer published intimate texts between him and new girlfriend Lauren Sanchez, which, they claimed, proved they had been conducting an affair for many months.

Bezos then accused the U. Gates : Did you know Bill Gates is responsible for Covid? Learn About Vernon Strange - Aussie Gold Hunters Wife, Age, Family, Wiki. Is Vernon Strange Married? Net Worth, Motorcycle. Vernon Strange was a founding director of Polaris Metals, a director of Southern Cross Goldfields, and owner of a drilling contracting company Southern.

Not all the miners featured on the show are Australian. Lindsay Ironside was imported from Canada by Vernon Strange.

Henri Chassaing came from Switzerland. View the profiles of people named Vernon Strange. Join Facebook to connect with Vernon Strange and others you may know.

Facebook gives people the power. Vernon Strange, Self: Aussie Gold Hunters. VERNON Strange can't think of anything that would cause him to pull the pin on his small-scale gold-prospecting operation in the remote West. Vernon Strange โ€“ Non Executive Director The net loss after income tax for the financial period was $4, DIVIDENDS. Learn About Aussie Gold Hunters: Lindsay Ironside Age, Wiki, Husband, Married. How old tall is Lindsay Ironside?

Her Net Worth, Parents, Family. Without any delay, let us go through Kellie Carter wiki & bio, age, height, married, Instagram, TV shows, and net worth. Condensed Income Statement involve Vernon Strange, a non-executive director of SXG. Net cash flows (used in)/from investing activities. (3,). Reality TV prospector Vern Strange has thrown his star and legal power behind the fledgling gold miner caught in the collapse of Indus.

A year-old man from Cornwall has revealed how his childhood hobby of collecting rocks has led him to become a TV star and the owner of Copy link. Share. Article share options. Share this on. VERNON. TX. DUNCAN, DEBRA ANNETTE. ADMIRALTY WAY. FORT WORTH. TX. UNITED CREDIT NATIONAL BANK. VERNON Kay is a well known face on the box and voice on the radio, thanks to his long career as a TV star finished third in this year'.

Are you also wondering how much money is Kate Vernon making on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram? Or, Kate Vernon's net worth in US Dollar Dec, ? A $ or $1, bill may be worth more than its face value. given that its value outstripped the net worth of the average American during most of the. The World's Highest-Paid Athletes Earnings ; Personal Stats.

Age Source of WealthFootball. Salary/Winnings$ M ยท Endorsements$, ResidenceMiami. Vernon's strong hatred of magic and his nephew Harry Potter Vernon Dursley They were the last people you'd expect to be involved in anything strange or.

Vernon Hewett (AON) provided insightful responses. It is worth noting that nobody is at liberty to set-up an insurance cover as.