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Vintage Pens

My next box is already half full. He loved the pet shop and ended up spoilt to bits. One to remember. Lunch with some bubbles at the Ritz with my granddaughter. Get Your Free Postage Pack. Parker 51 Fountain Pens.Introduced to the auction house as a specialism by auctioneer, Bill Nelson, he holds bi-annual auctions of fountain pens and related items in March and September.

This specialism has grown out of an initial sale in which a private fountain pen collection amassed over 15 years went under the hammer and was well-received by buyers across the UK.

Pens are a good investment for any collector looking for items that will appreciate over time. And our two fountain pen auctions capture the golden age of production. Dunhill, Burnham, Sheaffer, and more. Highlights may include a Parker 51, which for a mass-produced item has proven to have terrific longevity and robust functionality. Or a Montblanc Meisterstruck; they can sell into the hundreds.

Asked for his top tips for collecting fountain pens, Andrew, the owner of the initial collection that inspired these now-popular auctions recommends looking into repair and restoration as a way to add value. He directs people to the marble-finished fountain pens of the ss, which continue to attract strong interest: "Jim Marshall and Lawrence Oldfield wrote a good handbook on repairs that's worth buying.

Simple repairs such as ink sac replacements are easily achieved and add real value while also bringing the pen back to good order. Bill is always on hand for these auctions and can advise on condition and estimated values — for anyone looking to start collecting or to add to their own collection on fountain pens, these auctions are well worth a look.

Bill joined Auctioneers in late and took up the role of Salesroom Manager around that time. Known as Grandad throughout the building, he and his team are working hard to implement his development plan for the year old business.

Are you looking for a valuation? Register now for auction alerts and commission bidding Sign Up. Meet the expert. Send email Our team. Image upload. LotSix early Mabie Todd Swan fountain pens including the self filler 2 and an early Swan pen pocket clip. From the blog. Latest News. Read View All.

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A Friendly Suggestion for Beginner Vintage Fountain Pen Users

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Tags: writer, author, book, books, ink, nib, feather, vintage, items, tools, writing tools, pen, fountain pen, fountainpen, dutch, nl, wieskunde, feahterpen. Writers gold Poster By Wieskunde.Put some vintage fountain pens on your desk. Because lawyers write for a living. And while not much can be done about the haptic aesthetics of a computer keyboard, your jotting down can be leveled up with the stroke of a vintage fountain pen. This shortlist of pens is in no way exhaustive. A vintage pen is an investment you can write with.

Good pens are brilliantly designed works of art that keep their value over time. Some pens gain value, and a rare few writing implements become iconic collectibles passed around by high-rolling stylophiles. You should immediately buy a super expensive fountain pen. They manufacture some of the most coveted and pricey writing instruments in history.

I am suggesting you invest in a beautifully rendered artifact of civility and letters at a much lower price point.

The five pens listed here are widely recognized affordable collectibles that gain value and write beautifully. No pen has sold more than the Parker 51, which collectors consider the best pen ever made.

More than million pens were sold from its first run in to its last in There are many versions of the Parker 51 and some are rare and expensive.

This exhaustive list for serious collectors explores most of them. The Imperial IV is a favorite of mine for the way the nib is part of the barrel. Sheaffer pens were the first mass-produced plastic fountain pens and that nib is not their first design feature to gain notice.

Their original pens, the Jade Seniors, sported a white inlay indicating they had a lifetime warranty. The white dot became a recognizable feature in offices and schools of post-Depression America when the economy was tough and cheap pens that lasted a lifetime were valuable.

Sheaffer manufactured a few limited editions, like the W. Sheaffer 18K Commemorative Fountain Penwhich came in a beautiful wooden box displaying the original Sheaffer patent illustration and shipped with a lovely bottle of ink.

Waterman fountain pens are historically significant since their founder, L. Waterman, pretty much invented the fountain pen as we know it today. Waterman was livid, but instead of buying a new pen, he invented one. He added hairline grooves to the nib that let air into the ink chamber, allowing for a smooth flow of ink. Until WWII, Waterman pens were the top-selling fountain pens in the world, selling up to a thousand a day.

Going for a vintage Waterman means looking for one of the more coveted models, like a Patrician from the s. A Montblanc is a top-shelf fountain pen no matter which one you buy. They are an excellent investment for collectors because of their resale value.We got an interesting email in late Please be aware that the new VAT ….

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Here's an introduction to the changes on the Peyton Street Pens web site. Why did the web site change …. Sheaffer Converters can make you crazy! Sheaffer first offered cartridges in the s, and …. Flexible Nibs Italics, Stubs. New Products. Type Fountain pen handmade from special limited ebonite patterns. We do not normally carry this model for JoWo nibs. Manufacturer and Year Ranga. Choose Options.

Type Prototype model made from ebonite. Product Name Prototype mid-size model. Product Name Prototype mid-sized model. Type Vintage fountain pen Product Name Balance Lifetime, it's oversized in terms of length, but not particularly fat.

Add to Cart. Type Vintage lever filling fountain pen, restored and working well. Product Name "Flat Top" in the junior size. Type junior sized fountain pen Product Name Sheaffer "Flat Top" Junior size, this is a Lifetime pen connection timeout error code the white dot on the top of the cap. Manufacturer and Year Shea. White Dot model. Type Lever filling fountain pen, restored and working well. Product Name J series, model LJ.

This is the slender full length double jewel pen. Manufacturer and We have not been able to find anything about this manufacturer, but we're pretty sure it was made somewhere in Type Vintage lever filling fountain pen with a firm nib.

We are guessing it is from the Special and Limited Editions Shop Now. Balance White Dot Shop Now. Vacumatic Shop Now. Parker 51 Shop Now. Imperials Shop Now. Targa Shop Now. From Our Blog.It was originally written as a 3 part series but has been edited into a single post for your convenience.

Hello to all of you who are reading this article! My goal here today with The First Time Buyers Guide to Fountain pens is to help you in picking out your first fountain pen! There are so many options, and with all the great articles and reviews out there, it can be mind-boggling to a beginner.

By breaking this down into categories, you should have an easier time not getting lost during reading, and scanning through if you bookmark it for reference. By the end of this series, you should be able to make a wise choice on selecting your first fountain pen. Though I am a bit busy with business sometimes, I always make time to talk pens with people, especially beginners. Here goes:. For me, a fountain pen is really just another tool. One of the few tools that you can connect with, on a personal level.

Though I consider myself a user, and not a collector, I still enjoy the intrinsic value of owning a fountain pen.

Indeed, in this modern-day of smartphones, and super-techy gadgets, it is downright refreshing to have a delightful tool that never runs low on batteries, never has software crashes, and never gets outdated! After all, what could you not love about a fountain pen? There are hundreds of thousands of different pens on the market, and many of them have some extremely winning qualities.

What you need to do is decide what you want for your fountain laboratory reagent list. I group fountain pens into two main categories: vintage pensand modern pens.

There are ups and downs to both types of pens. I will explain here, the most important pros and cons of vintage and modern fountain pens:. I have a feeling that this is important to most of us. Form over function — yes, but I still want a pen that I enjoy looking at and handling. A classic pen, to me anyway, is a pen that shows a design that is not flashy, but not plain.

Much like a fine suit, a classic pen is just the right thing for those who love formal, but not stiff. Here is a personal favorite of mine. This pen, however, is a modern pen, being produced in the last few years. Check Price and Reviews on Amazon. Here is another classic-looking beauty. This one, however, is a vintage pen. The color is Azure blue. For all you guys reading this article — here is your type of pen!

The best example, of course, is a picture:. This here is a Pilot Vanishing Point, in the matte black color. This is a pen that I own myself and is one of my favorites.Fountain pen with metallic body lacquered in vintage colors and chrome terminals. Stainless steel nib with 1mm iridium tip. M and 38mm cartridge length. If you continue browsing, it implies acceptance of their installation.

The user has the possibility to configure their browser, being able, if they so wish, to prevent them from being installed on their hard drive, although they should take into account that said action may cause difficulties in navigating the website.

Colour Turquoise Beige Tangerine. Add volquartsen classic basket. You might also like. Find it at the nearest shop! Product Details Reviews 0 Longitud mm.

No reviews. For all Inoxcrom fountain pens with cartridge system. Royal blue color and quick drying. International standard compatible with most other brands. Quick drying black color ink. Glass inkwell with liquid royal blue fountain pen ink. Water-based ink, acid-free and non-pigmented, to keep your pen always in order. Glass inkwell with deep black liquid fountain pen ink. Filling mechanism that allows suctioning the ink directly from the ink.

The metallic refill with soft ink for greater fluidity and smoothness. An immediate and affordable upgrade to any pen. Ballpoint pen with twist mechanism, brushed stainless steel metal body lacquered in pear yellow with trims in chrome finish.

Metal Inoxcrom soft ink refill, with stainless steel tip and 1mm tungsten carbide ball. Fountain pen with stainless steel body and chrome terminals. Stainless steel nib with iridium tip -M width- and 38mm cartridge length. Fountain pens. Transparent ABS plastic fountain pen that allows you to see the amount of remaining ink. For international size cartridges. Excellent writing quality.

Stainless steel fountain pen laser engraved with Mava texture and chrome terminals. Stainless steel nib with 1mm iridium tip and 38mm cartridge length. Fountain pen with metallic body lacquered in bright colors and chrome terminals. Based on our best-selling Rocker model. Save products on your wishlist to buy them later or share with your friends.


Forgot your password? No account? Create one here. Product added to wishlist. Most orders are posted within one working day and all pens come with a one year warranty. We buy, sell and repair most brands of Pen but specialise in Vintage.

Vintage Pens: Specializing in mont blanc pen, fountain pen, Vintage Fountain Pens, Antique Fountain Pens, vintage fountain pen, Antique Pens. Check out our vintage fountain pen selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops.

Vintage Fountain Pens Offer a Luxurious Return on Investment · The Parker 51 Is the King of Vintage Fountain Pens · Sheaffer Imperial Is an. Vintage Pens: Parker: Counter Display Case The fountain pen is fully restored with a new ink sac. Era: Fountain Pen Nib Size: B. Get the best deals on Vintage Fountain Pen Lot when you shop the largest online selection at Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite.

Quality construction matters for longevity and how easily an antique fountain pen can be restored. Historical merit is especially valuable for vintage fountain. Vintage fountain pens for sale: + items for the collector or user, professionally reconditioned and fully guaranteed.

of results for "Vintage Fountain Pen". Wordsworth & Black Primori Fountain Pen Set [Gunmetal Gold]; Medium Nib, Gift. Shop Fountain Pens at low prices from Pen Store!

We have Fountain Pens in many different variants. Duofold Big Red Vintage Fountain pen. of results for "Antique Fountain Pen" 3 Pcs Wooden Pens Set with Pen Gift Case/Best Writing Fountain Pen, Fancy Ballpoint Pen and Luxury Gel. Oct 27, - Vintage Fountain Pens. See more ideas about fountain pen, pen, fountain.

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Refine Search · Summit · Tombow · Visconti · Wahl-Eversharp · Waterman · Wearever · Wyvern · Yard-O-Led. Vintage Fountain Pens ; Parker 5 products ; Pelikan 1 products ; Sheaffer 10 products ; Wahl - Eversharp ; Waterman 1 products. Peyton Street Pens has been restoring and selling vintage pens for over 10 years.

Ranga 4CS for JoWo #6 Nibs Fountain Pen - Cartridge/Converter. Why buy a vintage fountain pen? Up until the 's Fountain pens were, to most people, the main instruments of writing. Their design changed considerably over. Modern fountain pens with a vintage design feel. All vintage fountain pens are fully restored unless otherwise indicated. This includes tuning and smoothing of the nib and a minimum of three days testing to. Vintage Pens and pencils · A4 Fountain pen notebook gsm thickness sides – Non bleeding and flex friendly – Ayush Paper · ayush paper 50 pages.

Various contemporary and vintage fountain pens (left to right). Pilot Justus 95; Pelikan Souverän M; Montblanc Meisterstück ; Pilot Heritage ; Parker.