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This story is from July 24, Lord Ganesha is one of the most worshipped deities in the Hindu religion and is also known as Vighnaharta, which means, remover of obstacles. His symbolic figurine has an elephant's head with a curved trunk and big ears on a big human body.

A mouse is his chosen vehicle and his favorite offering is laddus. He is also the first to be worshipped during any auspicious event. It is believed that the blessings of Lord Ganesha are the most powerful ones. Here are 8 benefits you can gain by worshiping Lord Ganesha: 1. Prosperity Everyone wants a healthy and prosperous life. When you offer prayers to Lord Ganesha, you tend to work towards achieving success. You will find that your determination towards achieving your goals is elevated.

Good fortune Lord Ganesha is also known for blessing the devotees with good fortune and wealth. If you will dedicatedly worship Lord Ganesha, you will surely achieve fortune, and will never return empty-handed. It will become easy for you to work your way towards an abundance of wealth and power in your life. Wisdom The elephant head of Lord Ganesha stands for wisdom. So, if you worship Lord Ganesha, you are likely to gain wisdom.

Destroy all your obstacles Lord Ganesha is known as Vighnaharta. So, when you worship Lord Ganesha with complete faith, he guides you towards the right path. He gives you the courage to conquer your fears and overcome all obstacles in your life. You will become patient It is the large ears of Lord Ganesha which symbolizes a patient listener. And if you offer prayers to him and focus on your inner strength, you will develop the same level of patience. You will become knowledgeable You start walking on a path of transformation when you worship Lord Ganesha.

And with determined effort, you will climb the stairs of knowledge. Your soul will be purified It is believed that anyone who worships him with immense dedication will have the cleansed soul.

You will gradually start to remove negativity from your life, which will further purify your soul. You will have a peaceful life When you worship Lord Ganesha, you start getting a sense of responsibility towards achieving your goal.

And your life becomes peaceful, both personal and professional. Spotlight What you must know about crypto airdrops Top Digital marketing trends you need to know! Is cryptocurrency the future of money? Secret Santa gifts? Grab these Oneplus products.Lord Murugan is also popularly known as Subramaniam that is a common name in South India.

He seems to have been a popular war god who was also the elder brother of Lord Ganesha. Excluding Tamil Nadu and some other places in India, Skanda is not as popular as his brother in other parts of India. Nevertheless, he is a highly decorated and powerful God with many divine qualities.

Thus, here is 10 interesting facts about Lord Kartikeya Muruga which everyone should know. Lord Kartikeya was said to be one of the most beautiful-looking and handsome gods. He is often described as exuding boyish charm yet with a serious face, quite unlike his happy-go-lucky chubby brother Ganesha.

One Asura named Tarakasura, who Lord Brahma gave a boon that he would only be killed by someone as strong as Lord Shiva.

Murugan and His Two Wives – Valli and Devasena

Son of Lord Shiva would only be as strong as Lord Shiva. Hence, he would not have a son without a wife. However, it is believed that Lord Murugan manifested for the sole purpose of killing Tarakasura. Tarakasura knew that Lord Shiva was an ascetic, and he thought he would not marry or have children. Hence, he would be invincible. However, Shiva was not a God who could let injustice prevail.

Lord Shiva married Goddess Parvati. Lord Shiva took her to a cave and asked her to meditate. As they both meditated, a ball of fire emerged out of their cosmic energies. In the meantime, the other Gods being insecure from Tarakasura, sent Agni, or the God of fire, to get hold of the ball of fire. So, He handed over the ball to Goddess Ganga. Kartikeya is also known as Shanmukha or God with six faces. Unable to bear the heat, Agni gives the radiance to Ganga.

Then Goddess Parvati took the form of this water body as she alone could bear the energy of Shiva and Shakti. Finally, the fireball took the form of a baby with six faces — Eesanam, Sathpurusham, Vamadevam, Agoram, Sathyojatham, and Adhomugam, and hence the name Shanmuga or Shadanan.

Kartikeya was cared for by six women symbolizing Pleiades Kritika in Sanskrit and thus got the name Kartikeya. The Vehicle he rides is a peacock called Paravani.Can any one tell me the official email address of Lord Murugan Temple Thirupparankundram?

I have some religious inquiries about the upcoming Aadi Krithigain functions at this temple would appreciate their official email address or a contact number of the priest from this temple. Thank you in advance. A very informative post. Thank you for sharing the post on Thiruparankundram temple. Located about 10 km away from main Madurai, the temple is situated atop a hill. Check information about Thiruparankundram temple timingslocation etc.

Hii there Nice blog Guys you can visit here to know more chandi devi. Even in his subtle form, Swami continues to touch the hearts of the indigent people through the initiatives undertaken by His ardent devotees.

Sai Baba has always believed that education is an effective tool for transformation. Learning is an ever-evolving process. Each and every instance shapes our life in one way or the other. Swami established schools with the divine motive of enhancing the learning of students in terms of mutual respect and cooperation. Posted by lordsiva at Email This BlogThis! Unknown 11 January at Unknown 14 April at Newer Post Older Post Home.

Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Murugan rides a peacock and wields a bow in battle. According to the legend, Murugan is married to two deities. The first one is Devasana also called Devayani or Deivanaithe daughter of Lord Indra and his second wife is Valli she was found in a brazilian billionaire cicero, dug out while gathering the edible tubers of the valli-plantthe daughter of a tribal chief.

Lord Murugan fulfilled the prayers of both his sincere devotees and demonstrated the power of devotion to the entire world by marrying them both. There is a regular, formal spiritual path prescribed by the Vedas and the other path is the unconventional path characterized by powerful feelings and emotions towards the Lord just leaving aside the mechanic formalities.

Devasena and Valli represent these two types of devotion towards the supreme self. Where Valli took the spiritual way, Devasena chose the path of emotions and passion. Devasena was gifted in marriage to Lord Murugan by Indra after he vanquished the demons. Devasena was in her previous birth the daughter of Vishnu, the king of Gods, who too did an austere penance to get her wedded to Lord Murugan.

The marriage with Devasena happened in the most orthodox way and is described as the Vaidika type of wedding. And considering that this being Skanda was undoubtedly destined to be the husband of this lady by Brahma himself, he had her brought there, dressed her with the best apparel.

Therefore do thou duly accept her lotus-like beautiful right hand with invocation of the marital hymns. And Vrihaspati learned in hymns performed the necessary prayers and oblations.

When Skanda became united to Devasena in indissoluble bonds of matrimony, then the gods of prosperity in her own personal embodiment began to serve him with diligence. In her earlier birth, Valli was the daughter of Lord Vishnu and she undertook a severe penance to get married to Lord Murugan. Valli represents the Jiva or the soul under the veil of ignorance.

Under the guidance of the Guru Narada, the veil of ignorance is torn away and the soul marches towards liberation or Moksha. This is the symbolic idea represented by the marriage of Valli and Lord Murugan which happened in an unconventional way lmt lm8 piston is described either as Gandharva or Paisacha kind of marriages.

The Lord saw Valli in the fields and assumed the form of handsome tribal hunter. She asked him to leave as the chief was coming. After the chief left, he changed back into the hunter form and proposed to Valli but she refused. He then changed himself into an old man.

Literary Importance

She provided him with water too to which the lord jokingly remarked that she can quench his thirst for a companion too. However, this remark made her angry so the Lord requested his brother, Lord Ganesha for help. Lord Ganesha appeared as a wild elephant and upon seeing the elephant, Valli ran back to the old man pleading to save her. Lord Murugan proposed to save her only if she agreed to marry him. It was then that Valli realized that it was her beloved Lord, who was with her all the time.

Infront of her parents, Murugan assumed his true divine shape. Amazed and awed, the hunters worshipped him and begged him to come to the hamlet to be married in accordance with the custom of the tribe.

The whole village, thus, rejoiced. The young pair was seated on a tiger-skin. At that moment, the Gods appeared in the air and blessed everyone. Nampi then offered a feast — plenty of honey, millet flour and jungle fruits. After a short stay at Ceruttani TiruttaniMurugan and Valli returned to Skandagiri where they were welcomed by Devasena.

In Hinduism, it is believed that life has a meaning. There exists a purpose for[ Nandi, also called Nandeeshwara has a face of a bull and is the gate-keeper of[Facebook SDK Plugin. About Us Contact us Submit your Article. The Hindu Portal. He is Commander of the gods. Murugan is widely believed and accepted to be having roots as a warrior god in ancient Tamil kurinji lands land of hillsand later absorbed in to Hinduism as the religion spread across the ancient land of Tamilakam ancient South India.

He is most popular as Lord Murugan in the southern states of India. A number of temples dedicated to the deity can be spotted all over the South India. The story of the birth of Lord Kartikeya or Murugan has different versions. In some texts it is said that He is the son of 'Agni' or the God of fire. It is also believed that Kartikeya was not born from the womb of Parvati. The Goddess was cursed by Rati, the consort of Kama God of Love that she would never be able to bear children.

Birth Story Of Lord Kartikeya: According to the legends, there was a demon named Tarakasura who asked for the boon that he should only be killed by Lord Shiva's son. He knew very well that Lord Shiva was an ascetic and He would not marry or have children.

Hence, Tarakasura would be invincible. However after much ado, Lord Shiva finally married Goddess Parvati. Since Parvati couldn't conceive due to the curse, Lord Shiva took her to a cave and asked Her to meditate. As they both meditated, a ball of fire emerged out of their cosmic energies. In the mean time, the other Gods being insecure from Tarakasura, sent Agni or the God of fire to get hold of the ball of fire.

But even Agni couldn't bear the heat of the energy of Shiva and Parvati. So, He handed over the ball to Goddess Ganga. When even Ganga couldn't bear the heat, She deposited the fire ball into a lake in a forest of reeds.

Then Goddess Parvati took the form of this water body as She alone could bear the energy of Shiva and Shakti. Finally the fire ball took the form of a baby with six faces. Hence, Kartikeya is also known as Sanmukha or the God with six faces. He was first spotted and taken care of by six women who represented the Pleiades or the Kritikas.

So, the divine child was known as Kartikeya or the son of the Kritikas. Later Kartikeya kills Tarakasura and becomes the commander-in-chief of the Gods. Lord Kartikeya is depicted as a dark, young man with a spear in His hand. His mount is a peacock and He symbolizes power and strength. Through the blessings of Lord Kartikeya, one can achieve great strength and get rid of all his woes. His peacock represents Him as the destroyer of all bad habits and a conqueror of sensual desires.

Kartikeya represents perfection and the need for every human to move towards being perfect. His six most important shrines in India are the Arupadaiveedu temples, located in Tamil Nadu. Indians in Malaysia also pray to Lord Murugan at the Batu Caves and various temples where Thaipusam is celebrated with grandeur.Of the eight maha vratas that are mentioned in the Skanda Purana, the Kalyana Vrata is one of them. This propitious vrata is observed when the Sun shines on the Mina rashi Pisces sign on the Utthara Nakshatram during the Shukla Paksha the growing phase of the moon in Tamil month of Phalguni, that is from mid-March to mid-April.

The day is the full moon of the Phalguni 9x39 bcg. On this very day, the marriage between Devaseenaa and Lord Muruga was also commemorated. Kalyana Vrata is also celebrated as the festival of Panguni Uttiram. This day is very momentous for Hindus, especially the ones in the state of Tamil Nadu.

The festivities can also be witnessed in the southern Indian states of Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. During the festival of Panguni Uttiram, the devotees assemble at Lord Murugan temples in large numbers.

The temple wherein this festival is celebrated with great austerity is in Madurai, Vedaranyam, Tiruvarur, Tinnevelly, Perur and Kanjeevaram. In most of these temples, the rituals of the Divine marriage of the Gods and Goddesses are conducted with full enthusiasm. It is believed that the observer of the Kalyana Vrata will be bestowed with the divine blessings from Lord Shiva. Their life will be filled with good health, happiness and prosperity.

After contentedly living their life, they will be granted liberation and reach the abode of Lord Shiva, the Kailasa Dham. Young man observe the Kalyana Vrata to get their desired female partner and young girls keep this fast to get righteous and loving husbands. Also the couples who perform this sacred vratham are blessed with good children.

Lord Muruga Festival and Significance

The glory of Kalyana vrata is such that even Hindu Gods and Goddesses kept this vrata to get befitting life partners. Also Amritavali and Saundaryavalli, the daughters of Lord Vishnu also observed Kalyana vrata and were wedded to six faced lord as Valli and Devasena. These are few examples that explicitly define the glory of Kalyana vrata. The celebrations may differ in different parts of the country but the spirit remains the same. Festivals Home. Place : Ujjain [ India ] See More.The festival of Diwali also known as the festival of lights is hugely in her honor.

Early Christians used the pentagram to represent the Star of Bethlehem. The pentacle, on the other hand, is a star-shaped figure with a circle drawn around its edges. In Christianity, the trident stands for the Devil and is called a 'fork'. Middle East or Southwest Asia. Islam has no official symbols but the star and crescent is often connected to Muslims. Skanda is often regarded as having two consorts, who can confer upon his devotees the boons of earthly happiness and heavenly bliss.

A 5-pointed star represents the Star of Bethlehelm. Given we have no idea, they all equally unprovable and there is no point discussing or believing any of them. God may exist, God may not exist, God may be omniscient, God may not be omniscient, an infinite number of possibilities. In Hinduism, it is seen as the symbol of Lord Shiva. Auth Key Certificate unique auth key is: five equal horizontal bands of green top and bottom alternating with yellow; a white five-pointed star on a red square is in the upper hoist-side corner; the five horizontal stripes stand for the five different regions of the country; the red square is meant to express the loyalty and patriotism of the people; green symbolizes hope, fertility The Core Beliefs of Atheism.

This is one of the least known Hinduism facts. Solid white, no lines seen. India Today. A man comes into his tent at night to go to sleep. The pentagram symbol is a five-pointed star, sometimes within a circle. Personally, I would have made it younger than that, for years ago marks the Noahic Flood, which was well before the Tower of Babel was constructed, and when God divided people by imposing a variety of languages upon Shiva destroyed the sin cities tripura.


In the modern era, some Mazdaen clerics had visited Kashmir, who include … Hinduism is a cooperative of dozens of different ideologies covering a huge range of beliefs, so exactly what should Hindus of any sect be asked to prove? The 5 common themes among all schools of Hindu thought are; Brahman. He walks in the door, the light is getting dim, it is getting dusk.

The swastika. The pentacle is frequently used as a magickal plate upon which objects are placed to be magically charged, or presented as ritual objects and offerings. The five-pointed star, also commonly called a pentagram, has been in use for thousands of years by a variety of df002 renault trafic. Commonly known as the pentagram, a five-pointed star is quite the iconic symbol.

Other religions, including Hinduism, also use the shape as symbolic of the merging Firstly, we are going to start with the one that is known by people all around the world — The Star of David.

The symbol also appears in Egyptian hieroglyphics, associated with the Goddess Sopdet. The upper and lower triangles also represent fire and water, respectively. May 17, In Hinduism, it is referred to as the shatkona, with the upward triangle in the star shape representing Shiva the masculine side of God and the downward-pointing triangle representing Shakti the feminine side of the divinity. Published on May 4, Hinduism essay conclusion, cause and effect obesity essay.

However, Hinduism has the concept of cycles. It is made by extending lines from the corners of a regular pentagon until they intersect each other at five different points. Some researchers believe this flag consisted of a red background with a green five-pointed star in the centre of it. The pentacle itself is usually made of stone or wood, having a five-pointed star inscribed on it.

5 pointed star hinduism

For a long time now, I have been wondering to myself when I will be getting married. I always knew that Lord Muruga already has selected that special.

Content tagged with Subramanya Mantra For Marriage. Mantra is dedicated to Lord Subramanya who is also known as Skanda, Kandha, Murugan. Marriage – Praying the Lord Muruga in Thiruchendur or Thiruparangundram in Tamilnadu helps people get married. · Job · Sarpa Dosh (or) Rahu/Ketu. As Indo-Scythians who are mostly recognized as Nagwansi of Rajasthan and Haryana they are shaivaites and also worshiped Kartikeya. Gradually the worship of all.

tdceurope.eu › /06/29 › the-divine-weddings-of-lord-muruga. Hari Om The Weddings I. Deivayanai Lord Shanmukha after His victory worshipped the Lord there for all His mercy and goodness to them. It is regarded as the sacred temple for marriages. People believe that marriages done here are succesfull due to the blessings of lord Muruga.

Tiruttani is the Fifth Padai Veedu of Lord Muruga. Lord Vishnu got back his conch and discus after worshipping the Lord in this site. Md emulator is commonly stated that the age of marriage has been delayed because of Worship Lord Subramanya (Muruga / Kartikeya) who is widely worshiped as the.

In an earlier post, I have given some information about Lord Kartikeya, the younger son of Lord Shiva and Parvati and the younger brother of. Worship[edit]. Tirupparankunram Murugan Temple in Tirupparankunram near Madurai is dedicated to Murugan and Devayanai.

It is believed that she was married to. In Karnataka, Kartikeya is worshipped as Subrahmanya where he is regarded as Lord of the serpents in temples like Kukke Subramanya Temple, and Ghati Subramanya. On the sixth day after the New Moon that comes close to the celebration of the Dipavali Festival, Lord Muruga vanquished the demon Surapadman and his evil army.

well, its an issue from the time i got married. my hubby is religious and very pious. he worship all the Gods except lord Muruga which is.

According to the legend, Murugan is married to two deities. The first one is Devasana (also called Devayani or Deivanai), the daughter of Lord. On worshipping Lord Muruga on every Tuesday by following a Vrat, Tuesdays of Aadi month will help to remove marriage related hindrances.

The story of Murugan's courtship and his union with the daughter of the hunters, Valli, is the most important of all Tamil myths of the second marriage of a god. 3 Tiruttani, NNW of Madras, is a very important temple of Skanda-Murugan worship, built on a hill which is said to have been the place where Murugan married. Lord Kartikeya, the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, Tarakasura knew that Lord Shiva was an ascetic, and he thought he would not marry or have.

According to the legend, Murugan is married to two deities. The first one is Valli (she was found in a pit, dug out while gathering the edible.