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You slowly returned to your senses, trying to place your surroundings in your memory. Nothing looked familiar and for some reason everything seemed to be jerking back and forth. As you tried again to make sense of where you were and why you were there, a noise drew your attention.

You knew that voice from somewhere and slowly things began to click in place. You had met him a month ago while you were navigating your way through the city, bumping into him purely by chance. You had been so happy to see another member of your clan was still alive. Maybe if you had just looked past that shared misery you would have been able to escape before it was too late. His name was Kurapika and he was quite clearly a Kurta like you, given his crimson eyes.

He seemed so normal to begin with. As if he truly and genuinely found joy in discovering another clan member had survived the slaughter. But once you began to talk to him and get closer with him, he began to change. He went from such a kind and trustworthy person into a controlling and manipulative prison warden in such a short time. As if he believed he was the only one who could keep you safe by any stretch of the imagination. He invited you to have a meal with him and just generally recount the days when your clan was still alive and well.

18+ | multifandom anime blog — Only You.

The food was good, the conversation was wonderful, but once it got to the dessert was when things began to blur. You slowly turned your head, the world seeming to leave color trails as you moved. Everything still being a jumbled and mixed up mess with you trying to piece together the random fragments.

Your body felt heavy and your eyes could only open a little bit.


At first, you were confused when you saw the blonde above you. His head was slightly hanging in exhaustion, blonde hair obscuring his eyes as he let out deep groans and huffs. His hands were planted on the bed on either side of your head, his hips were desperately rutting against yours in time with his soft moans. It was then you seemed to get your sense of feeling back, suddenly jolting from the rhythmic drag and pull sensation you were previously unaware of.

The sudden wave of discomfort and pleasure knocked the air out of your lungs, leaving you gasping and whining. However your voice seemed to break whatever spell Kurapika had been under as he came to a full and sudden stop. You took the moment of stillness to breathe, sucking down as much air as you could into your oxygen deprived lungs. As you managed to get your breathing somewhat under control, you gained a certain sense of clarity to the events that were currently taking place.

Kurapika was completely buried inside of you, still not moving from the position he froze in, bright crimson eyes dilated. The hurt in your voice seemed to have triggered some kind of long buried emotion in Kurapika.

He sealed his hand over your mouth to keep you from continuing to scream, your struggles and attempts to free yourself weakened by whatever he had drugged you with. His crimson eyes blazed intensely as he stared heatedly at your figure, keeping your complaints muffled with his hand.Your eyes widened frantically, wincing as you felt your thighs stretch over his shoulders.

You squirmed under his body that had been leaning deeper and closer to yours, clammy hands grabbing and pushing against his biceps. T-too deep, too… too- Deep! You let out choked, strangled sobs as you felt his dick slide in deeper, his tip drilling against your sweet spot without issue. You would say it would be you, seeing as how you were on pinned down to the bed by a large, muscular man fucking you until you saw stars. Your clenching fuck-hole suffered from his pace, fast and deep, just the way he always liked it.

You sobbed out his name as you felt him thrust particularly hard, you could tell he felt it too, from the way his breath hitched. Kaito, oh my god- K-Kaito, Kaito, Kaito—! Your begs for his names were frantic, and you could feel the knot in your stomach start to unravel, eyes glossing over as your jaw dropped open, body spasming and squirming underneath the astronaut as you felt your climax wash over you.

An uncontrollable whimper had escaped the binds of your lips, as Kaito suddenly wrapped his arms around the smooth skin of your back; the man had practically been embracing you. Small moans kept falling out of your lips like running water as Kaito continued his pleasurable, but loving pace.

Tear me apart-! O-only me! Breed me, please-! That greedy little hole of yours will take it all, I know it will. His small chuckle seemed out of place for what he had been saying, but even so, you felt love swell in your body, as well as in your abused hole. I… love it so much! Kaito could only shakily grin at your reaction, still feeling his load going; the feeling had been so intense, the man almost collapsed on top of you.

He whispered small praises into your ear, large hands on your back pulling your body closer to his as if he was holding something precious he never wanted to let go of. Kaito felt a small prideful feeling swell up in his z14xep cam chain as you tightened your legs around him to help him shoot inside you deeper.

He thought it was cute, endearing and— god, so fucking hot all at the same time.

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You had to take it all. He wanted you to take it all. Kaito made a small confused noise as he felt your fingers swipe at the skin connecting the two of you. Still panting, he craned his neck down to try and see what you were doing. With a loving sigh, he flipped the both of you over so you had been laying on top of him instead, his flaccid cock still resting inside you.

Your face flushed at the sudden squeeze, shivers running down your spine. He seemed to like that.SmutMD Log in. Log in Remember Me. SmutMD Sign up. There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think!

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The Summer Heat can Make You Crazy – UF!Sans x Reader NSFW

Y View all young incest young girl old man married young yandere yoga youtuber youtube yoni puja yennefer young daughter your youtubers you young boy your wife young girl yu-gi-oh yvonne strahovski yoga pants young wife.Unless you are comfortable with it, please don't read nor share this story. Ban was itching for you. You were downstairs and had just gotten there, true, but he was simply attached. He kept reminding himself that you would be back literally any second, but every instinct of his was telling him to go out and search for you.

He was restless when you were on his mind. His hands immediately reached out, searching for any contact with you and further proving your hunch. You're holding onto me like I'm gonna fly away. He released you as an apology only for his body to tell him otherwise.

He kept his hands off when in reality he wanted to latch onto you and never let go. You nodded and looked at him. His arms wrapped around your waist and tugged you down onto the bed. You let out a yelp of surprise as he brought you in and flipped you over onto your back. You gasped as his hands already started traveling to your sensitive spots, his right hand sliding into your spandex shorts and his left coming under your shirt to tease your nipples. The feeling no bra under your top and soaking panties in your shorts made his heart jump with joy.

He knew that no other alpha on the planet could make you feel this way, that he was the only one who got to see you like this. Your whimpers and heavy breathing picked up as Ban toyed with your body. You want your alpha to breed you like a good little bitch? You complained even more when he pulled his hands away, suddenly stopping all his teasing. Ban tapped your nose and leaned in for a quick kiss before asking you another question. Do you think you can do that for me?

He leaned in and initiated a heated make-out session. His tongue darted out to pry at your lips, encouraging them to open for him. When they did, he let out a growl of approval for submitting to him. He rewarded you by sucking on your tongue and nipping at your lower lip. You could barely keep up, his overpowering scent and push of his rut put your senses into a frenzy.

You could feel his dick pressing against you and grinding slightly on you while you continued the kiss. The alpha broke the kiss and separated himself. He licked his lips and stared at you hungrily as you caught your breath and tried to calm yourself down. He stood from the bed and tugged his sweatpants down, revealing his painfully hard cock that was already leaking with his seed. You felt slick gush out from your core, definitely staining your panties and earning teasing from Ban later.

A harsh slap across the face interrupted plotly quiver stating. You were unharmed, and the hit nonetheless made you more eager than ever to obey him. With the feeling of more slick leaving you, you quickly got up from the bed and walked over to him. You went down on your knees and opened your mouth, waiting patiently for him to reward you with his cock. The Watty Awards. Try Premium. Log in Sign Up.Clark shows up to a a volatile murder and suicide attempt to late, usually everyone waits for him to fly over and save the day, yet one woman takes matters into her own hands and stirs up some troubling feelings in the man of steel at the same time.

And it begs the question Whats a kryptonian supposed to do when he finds his mate? You watched gasping in horror as police surrounded the desperate man.

He was on the bridge like on the bridge ready to jump into the water of the bay below. He waved a gun around pointing it at any who approached warding them off.

The bridge although now closed was packed the crowd grew as pedestrians gathered to watch, not to see if the police could talk him down god no.

They watched to see if superman would show wanting to get a look at the godlike man. To get a video or photo to put on their social media. The desperate man was shouting threatening to do it.

The officers were shouting warning him to put down his weapon. You were pushed back into the railing as the crowd moved growing as everyone came to see the fuss many holding up their phones filming what was promising to be stand off. You were sickened It was clear the man needed help not a fucking audience not wanting to be apart of it you turned walking away.

Then your stomach dropped. There was a rally cars for sale of panicked yelling then bullets you turned in time to see the man fall limply off the railing his little girl screeched as she plummeted with him to the freezing deep water below that separated metropolis and Gotham.

Everyone gasped moving to get a look, you ran to the railing looking as the two hit the water and disappeared. You watched as it dawned on the people around you that no one was surfacing.

The man had been shot and the little girl was probably being held under by the current. No one did anything! You quickly moved you were a strong swimmer you might be able to get her. You ignored them diving off the railing before any one could stop you taking a deep breath as you fell down to the water. It was a shock, the freezing water hit you like a brick wall but you kept going. You saw a movement a light fabric, it was her!

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She grabbed you painfully tight you moved her as you let the current carry your legs below you turning you upright. Your hands found her legs and pulled wrapping them around your waist she hung on digging her little shoes into you making you wince.

You ignored it and made a quick dash for the surface you moved quickly over coming the current that swept to the bed of the bay. You watched as the surface got closer, the sun brighter glittering on the surface then as quick as you could you broke the surface. She gasped gulping huge breaths crying and coughing up water her tiny body heaving you looked up everyone had there phones out filming.

You felt your blood boil, this is what we have come to? You looked course hero free download the girl she was wet, cold and scared.I tried to write this as fast as I could, this might even break a record.

Enjoy. Warnings : NSFW. Also, I suck at writing smut. The soft scent of roses mingled in the dimness of the chamber. White candles were dispersed like ghosts witnessing the unfolding of events; their playful flames dancing excitedly, encouragingly. The world was no more beyond the four golden walls and the plush king-sized mattress.

A soft melody, its origins unknown, hummed in the stillness of the golden chamber. The mellowness of it turning the atmosphere into a magical backdrop where ecstasy and desire were one and the same.

A pyre burning bright within their knowing hearts. All left hanging. A throne empty. Awaiting letters. Unfinished Discussions. Odin would be mad, furious as a matter of fact. If he were to be alive, that was…he was king now, it mattered not. There were other matters at hand, other inviting things to apprehend and relish….

His footsteps barely audible as he circled her with crystal eyes; lost in wanting, dripping with a hunger for something lurking within him.

He stopped once he was behind. She knew full well the smile never faded away. Loki was enjoying it as much as she was. His hand cupped her breast.I had NO idea how to write this. I had to ask people to help me lmao. Well, at least for ideas. I kinda just did it like, Bakugo telling about his kink? Alright, here you go. Bakugo Masterlist Bakugo Masterlist 2.

Donation Corner. He tsked and looked away. You frowned at him. A breeding kink? You watched as he dragged his hand down his face in frustration. He closed his eyes. It was a little surprising to you. Bakugo was too much of a tsundere to mention this kind of thing. You lowered your phone. He glanced at you. You turned towards him. You blinked at him. His brows pinched further together, his scowl deepening.

You gave him a serious look. He looked away, huffing. You stared at him. You sighed and moved, setting your phone on the coffee table. He glanced at you, watching as you moved.

You surprised him by capturing his face in your hands. You pulled him to you for a kiss. He grunted at you before closing his eyes and moving with you. When you pulled away he let out a short breath. He pulled your face back down to his, his lips leading yours this time, and taking the control of the situation. His hands slid around mondraker f back, sliding up your shirt.

You broke the kiss and let him draw your shirt up and over your head. He slid his lips over your neck, your breath hitching slightly at the touch. Bakugo bit down on your soft spot, sucking slightly. A surprised noise left your lips and he chuckled against your skin. After a moment, he released your skin with a slight pop, his hands sliding up and finding the clasp of your bra. You let out a short breath. He unhooked your bra and drew it off of you, tossing it down on the floor with your previously discarded shirt.

Read Breed from the story Ban x Reader [SMUT] (Seven Deadly Sins) by corqut (hotshot™) with reads. sevendeadlysins, diane, king. had to reupload. “You fuckin' promised you would get my girl pregnant so fuckin' do it.” Keep reading. #bnha smut#bakugou katsuki x reader#izuku midoriya x reader#bakugou x.

pairing: streetracer!imaushi x reader x streetracer!shinichiro genre: smut/pwp MDNI (20+ years old, I will block all under 20/ageless/empty. but instead of being an x reader, it's all original babey:) also they're both Fluff and Smut · Breeding · Knotting · Light Dom/sub · Aphrodisiacs. request; Kaito x reader with a breeding kink?

You can't tell me this man doesn't have one. warnings; breeding kink, i made it kinda vanilla—. Day Breeding Title: The Descendant Pairing: All for One x Reader Word Count: 2k. Warnings: Noncon, incest, forced breeding, cumflation. Anonymous said: The Breeding kink fic that you did with Lucifer and Diavolo but with Warning: crack smut. Nerd Boi (SATAN X GN!READER). Warning: NSFW, heat, double dicks, eggs, breeding, somewhat dub-con.

leviathan avatar of envy leviathan x mc leviathan x reader smut. He had to make sure his semen took. tw noncon tw forced pregnancy overhaul smut chisaki overhaul overhaul x reader overhaul yandere overhaul. Kyōjurō x F!S/O: Breeding Kink (Smut, Kinktober, NSFW Scenario)Warnings: Smut, Breeding Kink, Creampie, Daddy Kink MASTERLIST *** “Good.

Brittany (She/Her) | Sfw/Nsfw posts | Reader inserts for pokémon Also, I've always wanted to write something with a breeding kink. rapturerequested by ann! pairing: bakugo x fem!reader contains: smut, praise kink, size kink, breeding kink, mating press (ooh) aftercare at.

Thinking about it it'd truly be a blessing from the gods. loki oneshot loki x reader Loki Laufeyson loki x ofc loki fanfic loki x y/n loki. (includes breeding kink, dirty talk, unprotected sex.) bucky x reader bucky barnes x you bucky barnes smut marvel imagines bucky barnes. Clark has been driven wild by an omega's scent. image. Keep reading · superman smut superman x reader superman x you alpha superman clark kent.

We have to keep going so I can make sure you're carrying my child. Don't worry, (y/n) I'll take good care of you ” x reader lemon yandere female. Breeding A/N: Alright, ima be real with ya. I had NO idea how to write this. Paring(s): Bakugo x (Female)Reader. Tags(ask to be added!). BNHA | Dabi x Reader (NSFW). Themes/warnings: 18+, explicit (?), door sex, semi-public sex, swearing, biting, overstimulation, breeding kink. part 1 of?, full fic, semi public sex, breeding kink, poly relationship Pinned Post genshin x reader masterlist everything is smut genshin impact smut.

explicit smut, minors dni. breeding kink, like so much of it to the overstimulation. shy! fem reader. mentions of pregnancy unedited.